Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

OK, maybe if I don’t call them “resolutions” I’ll be better able to handle them. I know lots of people that stay away from the resolutions due to not being able to keep them, they say setting a resolution is a set up for failure but I can’t help but be of the mindset to do this. Plus a few of my goals have been in place recently but I had to wait till the new year to actually start on them since I knew my diet was going to be out of control…even with the time off I didn’t spend as much time in the gym as I would’ve liked either. Anyway, here are my New Years Goals:

* To tell my family and friends more often that I love them. The words have never come easy, and my family has never been demonstrative about saying it, but it’s important and I really want them to always know how I feel. It’s easy to write, it’s easy to get the sappy cards for them to read, but saying it is worth so much more.

* To finally overcome this injury (although I still hesitate to call it that since I didn’t do something to myself to cause the issue) I’ve been dealing with and get myself and my running back on track. It’s been a year since I’ve had the really good year of running…that spectacular training that led to my breakthrough and PR on the marathon course and I want to improve on that time. My goal will be to take almost 13 minutes off my time…although 2 minutes would make me quite happy.

* To get back onto the good eating and working out that I was on that got me close to my goal racing weight, and had me at a happy weight for a good period of time last year. Mainly I need to sugar detox, which is my plan for early this year, cutting out the soda that has somehow gotten back into my diet and cut down heavily on all the other bad for me sugars that I keep letting into my diet. Everything in moderation, which means I don’t need to fully remove it, but a huge reduction would be good.

* To make some decisions regarding my future and the master’s I want to pursue, by either accepting not going to the school I really wanted to attend and choosing another option, or finding a way, however I need to, to better perform on the GMAT.

* To expand my circle of friends, further into the local running community. This was a goal last year too and I failed miserably on it, but with that movie “Spirit of the Marathon” coming out and realizing I’ll probably be going to see it on my own, I really do need to have more running friends.

* To increase my knowledge and better perform at my job…I think I’m doing good, but I think I can really do better, being more organized and getting some of the things finalized that were started this year.
To any and all who might be reading this, wishing you a safe and Happy New Years Eve and happiness and prosperity in 2008.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Pretty Run

And not because it felt so good (although it actually did feel pretty good, still having that glute issue) but because we have had mid-20s for highs, and it’s been very humid, put that together and things get frosty…and when there is mist as well, it leaves a very surreal run.

I got home and my roommate was in the shower…and of course I realized, gee, I kind of need the bathroom, and the two bathrooms nearest me are closed for the season, but there is a place I have used before that’s 3 miles down the road. I hadn’t been sure of distance to run, but thought hey, 6 is fine, and I figured I would be able to make 3 miles before it became and emergency…so I piled on the clothes and headed out (tights, heavier pants, glitten, skin shirt, heavier pull over and light windbreaker only because it’s an illuminte jacket and it was dark, hat and gaitor since I didn’t wear that Sunday and it was enough that my cheeks were cold)…the route is 3 rolling hills, big ups, but also big downs and I get to run both sides up and down on the out and back. I hadn’t bothered to grab my GPS so only guessing on pace, but it felt pretty relaxed, probably around the 9 minute pace, I did check the clock on the way out and when I got back, but there was the bathroom stop in the middle as well as a bit of stretching on the steps before I got inside…I just wish I had had my camera with me. There was a tree that had lights on it and with the frost, it was so gorgeous…I grabbed these off the internet, but it just doesn’t quite get the full feel of the dark (I was running around 5) and the mist…my camera probably wouldn’t have been able to get a good pic in the dark anyway.

Also great news!! Saturday is the Winter Solstice…first official day of winter is Saturday at 12:08 am. OK, winter is my least favorite season cause I’m not a cold weather girl, BUT, for one, face it, I live in MN and winter hits about November unofficially, and for two, the solstice means we are crossing the line, heading toward summer and that means…drum roll…that the days are going to be getting LONGER!!!!! Yes, I’ve had people put the damper on saying “well, it’s only a minute or two”, and while that may be true, a minute or two more daylight hours means a lot, and it builds fairly quickly and all runners know that that is a good thing as we get more daylight to run in…

The sun is peeking out today, it’s supposed to be in the 30s or so today, maybe some snow tomorrow but warm again and I just heard that unofficially we might have tomorrow off, or at least leave a bit early!! So today might be my Friday, if nothing else it’s the last full day (as tomorrow I’ll leave by 2 or 2:30) of the year. Yep, you read that right. I work for a company that shuts down from Christmas day (and we were also officially given Monday as a paid holiday so I get to carry over one more vacation day for next year) to New Years days…so 10 days off…I’ll be in my hometown Saturday through Tuesday night, then relaxing, working out, vegging and some shopping probably next week. I need the time off to get some workouts in and some stuff done around home anyway. So looking forward to it.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

7 Days Till Christmas

Wow...only a week. But thankfully I'm mostly done. I have to get one thing for one friend yet and some shopping I do for others since I have access to stores that they don't, then I'm done.

OK, it has been too long since I updated my blog. I started one on Friday for the past week and then got interrupted and it was end of the day and I had no time over the weekend, literally no time at all, it was way too hectic!! And suddenly it’s the week again…and now we’re partway into it, I spent all day yesterday in work meetings and today I’m trying to catch up but we have a potluck thing too (we won’t even talk about the weight I’ve gained from lack of willpower, lack of exercise and just being lazy!) and then have to get out so I can try to wash my car, get a nap and get ready to get out for dinner tonight…sigh…I need some time off!! Wait, I get that next week.

So seriously, it’s been crazy busy with things going on. Two weekends ago I was out on Friday night with two friends I hadn’t been able to get together with in forever. We had a nice time, but man it was a later night than I had planned on!! Saturday was spent partly at the gym, biked but didn’t run, (a pathetic mile, that was it) and then taking a nap and trying to relax before a party that night. Then I hit the party…and was going to crash there…spent too much time talking and next thing I know the sun is coming up, I’m sobered up and decide I’m just going home…crawled into bed at 7:30…that’s AM…yeah. It was a good nice though. Champagne was flowing, karaoke was sung (surprised that didn’t clear the party out) and very little sleep was had. Sigh…

Last week was a busy week, not a lot of running as I’m STILL trying to get things worked out. Hadn’t been to the chiro in a while so she adjusted me and I took a couple of days off in there to let it try to take. I biked but no running…except what I had done on Monday and Friday. Friday night was my sister’s birthday and we went out to celebrate. She had gone to dinner with her boyfriend first and joined us buzzed, but fun was had (I wish I had my camera as I would post pics, maybe another time) and it was again a late night. Saturday I spent all day (from 11 till 7) at a friends baking cookies. Her boys, 2 and 4, got hyped up on sugar, but had warmed up to me thanks to the chasing them around, picking them up and tickling them…they wanted more, I wanted to stop!! Then as they were going to be put to bed and I needed to get home to meet my roommate, Colin, the 4 year old, was taking my hand and trying to get me to come upstairs with him…we were going to take a bath and go to bed…I told Heather she was going to have problems if at 4 he was already trying to get a girl into his room!! Anyway, went home, met with the roommate and went out for a bite and a drink (I was driving, she needed one) half a beer at the bar, both of us exhausted, we went home and crashed. I was then supposed to go out to dinner on Sunday night, but postponed it to tonight as I just wasn’t up for it. Way too tired. I crashed out early but wasn’t quite able to get to sleep, even though I was tired. Ah well…unfortunately I weighed myself yesterday. Between the cookies, the lunch buffet on Friday, the potluck happening today for my department (and those that happened last week), meetings and other stuff I have gained somewhere between 3-5 pounds and I’m SOOO not happy with that. I have today that’s going to be a bust, but after that, I really have to get back on the wagon of eating good (except for dinner on Thursday, roommate and I are doing that instead of exchanging gifts). No way I’m meeting my goal by end of the year, but I have to at least get control and stop going UP when I want to do DOWN!! I did run 6 inside yesterday morning, biked this morning and did 30 minutes of strength training…now to get myself back in the pool and back up to running 5 days…and get my longer weekend runs back in the mix. It’s been over a month since I ever ran 12!

Friday, December 07, 2007


OK, again I ask WHY do I live in MN?

(notice the description for Friday night)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Where to begin…

I got back from my trip on Tuesday, but it’s been hectic and I just haven’t had a chance to write about it since I got back. Tuesday I got back around 12:30 and was at my desk by 1:30, trying to catch up on all that had come through while I was gone for 2 ½ days. Then I had a 45 minute (what is normally 12 minutes) drive home due to snow and I was exhausted and in bed, sleeping before 8…after 10 hours of sleep and getting through yesterday, getting some cleaning and unpacking done, I’m starting to feel normal again (well, as normal as I get that is!).

The trip was nothing less than fantastic. The journey started early on Friday (4:30) after having been out a little too late drinking beers with a friend…(1 am was when I got home) I even recall a split of a shot of scotch to Uncle Bruce…bad idea! Anyway, 3 hours of sleep and I was up and out the door, parked at the park and fly by 5 and to the airport and through security before 5:30…had some hash browns and orange juice to help me feel better and then flight boarded and we were on our way. First thing I have to say is I love Frontier. I had a very nice flight, never having flown them before it was so refreshing from Northworst who I normally have to fly as they have a hub here in Minneapolis and ends up being the one I fly often…but of all the flights I’ve taken lately on different airlines, I really like Midwest and Frontier now and will fly them when given a chance, even though it means changing planes in either Denver or Milwaukee…I’d do that over anything else!! Midwest serves fresh baked cookies and Frontier has TV you can watch (although I was tired so I opted to just nap instead) for $5 on your flight…25 channels, so not too bad! I made it into Spokane with no major hassles, and my bag was just coming off the plane when Dan called, then came in and met me. We got in the car and plan was to drive back to Sandpoint and pick up Leesa for lunch. There was snow on the ground but it was clear and sunny so we had a nice drive. After picking up Leesa we had lunch at a nice little pie shop, had great sandwiches, salads and of course pie then drop up the mountain to see the views from the top and pick up some snowshoes for a potential hike later in the weekend. The views were fantastic!!

On the way to their place, we grabbed some items at the grocery store and then headed to their place about 10 miles out of town. Their house is quite cute, perfect for them, with a loft bedroom, A-frame with 15’ ceilings and nice open area. We had a couple of drinks and a friend of theirs came over suggesting we should go watch a band play…I was tired as was Leesa but Dan eventually agreed to go and the two of them left, after which Leesa and I hit the hot tub…nothing like sitting in the mountains, with clear skies, snow all around, but hot water…it was great. I was exhausted from the long day and slept great after the hot tubbing and wine…

Saturday morning we got up and decided to cut their Christmas tree. Off their property. That was cool as I’ve never even cut a tree from a tree farm. After touring the property, picking the tree and getting it inside, we decided to head into town to shop a little and have some wine at the wine bars. Dan drove us in and opted to go home and hang out and pick us up later. We went into some cool little shops, bought some smart wool socks for the hike tomorrow (since I had failed to bring mine with) and drank some good wine at a number of places. It was a nice evening.

Sunday we got up and had breakfast, then started clearing the driveway. Oh, yes, I neglected the mention the snow that had started Saturday afternoon and was still coming down, we were guessing around 18” had already fallen…luckily a friend of theirs came by and helped clear the driveway with his plow! After some work on the driveway and path to the hot tub, Leesa and I did some tree decorating and Dan got a pack ready for our hike. It included hot chocolate, powerade and some power bars, in case we needed something more. We headed out around 12:45, knowing we only had till about 3:30/4 before it would be getting dark. The hike was mostly on the road, but with the snowshoes it wasn’t too difficult, then we did hike up some elevation (and apparently 2 days was enough for me to acclimate to the elevation, they live at about 2200 while I’m at about 600!) and into a small national forest where we had to go through some knee deep snow, but that was OK…it was gorgeous sitting among the trees and snow having some hot chocolate. We ended up doing about 4 miles in 3 hours and got back exhausted. Dan opted to clear the driveway again and we made dinner (well, Leesa did, I watched) and then decided a night in watching movies sounded good. Ice Age, Finding Nemo and Best in Show (none of which were ones I had seen) and then off to bed. Nothing like exercise to make you sleep good.

Monday we got up and decided a nice lunch in town was on the menu, and ended up going to a town just north as some friends of theirs were going to join us. It was foggy but kind of cool looking as the snow had turned to rain (but the ski mountain was still getting snow so they were happy as it was scheduled to open Wednesday, a day after I left, but oh well). We ate at a really great organic place and then hung out with their friends watching TV and drinking beer (their friend brews his own) but all too soon it was time to head out and get me back to Spokane for my early Tuesday flight. Dinner, the drive and hugs and goodbyes at the hotel and I attempted to sleep, but not as comfy of a bed and fear of missing my flight etc had me not sleeping well. I did nap on the flights back though and landed to this…