Monday, June 29, 2009

An Interesting Concept

I get why people become vegetarian on some levels. I mean I can understand people doing it for political reasons, and I can honestly respect that, as long as they don’t push their beliefs on me because growing up in southern MN I grew up on meat, and while I eat much less now than I used to, I still like my burgers, steaks, chops and many other parts of a pig, cow or chicken that can be grilled up and taste yummy! Also, I’m a fussy eater and if it wasn’t for meat, I’d really be in trouble when it comes to getting enough protein as I would not eat tofu, I only like some beans, soy burgers, while I’ll admit I tried a Boca burger once and wasn’t horrified at the taste, it wasn’t bad and I could almost eat a whole one I think, but it’s still not beef…which I really do want once in a while.

Anyway, this weekend I was in Chicago visiting friends, one of whom is vegetarian, and I knew when she went vegetarian she mentioned it in weight loss…which I didn’t really fully understand because meat can be incorporated into a weight loss diet easy enough…but in discussions over the weekend I did discover something I wasn’t aware of. Namely the fact that meat can cause issues for some people. Now I know some people have dairy issues, and there are other foods some people can’t eat. I have a fairly hearty stomach though (except for onions in certain form, usually on pizza and in the form of onion rings and fresh ground pepper) and can handle most things, although maybe my fussy palate makes it so that I don’t eat things that would cause issues (makes me think of the movie Along Came Polly where they eat Indian or some type of food that Ben Stiller’s character has issues with…I’m sure that would be me, sorry if that’s TMI!!). Anyway, I have a friend that eats steak before marathons. Now I don’t do that, but I do usually have pasta with meat sauce. And I have had times when I’ve eaten a burger the night before a long run…or a chicken breast with my pasta…and never have had any issues. But the friends I was visiting, one who went vegetarian because of her problems with meat, and the other who usually doesn’t eat meat the night before big runs because he has issues with it too. I mean I guess I have heard that some people do have issues with meat and digesting it, it is something that some people just can’t handle…or maybe something in their body changes over time and it’s less able? I guess I’m glad that I’m OK and able to eat meat and still do well on long runs! Heck, reminds me that I had chicken parmesan the night before Boston and while 4:14 is far from my best, I definitely could’ve done better even on the lack of training I did had I not been dinking around…so guess for me it works. I do occasionally have my no meat days, today is one of them as I had eggs for breakfast, peanut butter sandwich for lunch and most likely a veggie pizza for dinner before class. So yeah, meat isn’t a thing I HAVE to have everyday, but it’s not something I think hurts my performance either. Considering I had the 3:30 nailed had the weather been more ideal at Twin Cities…I don’t think cutting out meat would make me any faster considering I’m almost at my potential (I really do think I have a 3:25 in me but not much faster than that).

I did find it interesting and enlightening to a degree though, hearing how some people don’t digest it well and it affects them in ways that are less than ideal for running. You read so many things that deny we are meant to eat meat and then the counter of that…as long as you can get a healthy diet, for those that choose to be vegetarian I say more power to them and if it does help you feel better in exercising that’s awesome too. I just know that my fussiness wouldn’t allow me to do it healthfully…I also do think my body informs me when I need something more. I really don’t eat a lot of red meat, but there are times that it just really is something I need/want…and I figure that just means my iron levels are down!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Fitness Challenge

So, yesterday I was emailing with a friend and after running her first marathon last weekend she decided she needs to get in shape and really focus cause she wants to kick it down on her next one (she got caught in the heat of Grandma's last weekend and didn't quite meet her guilt) and wants to get more fit before then. I really want to get fit for running and a few other reasons of which I might or might not share at some point...Anyway she tells me yesterday that "today is go day" and I said you know, I am focused and need to do something too. So I suggest how about we both set some goals and do a challenge of sorts...we are running the Ragnar Relay in that set a good deadline for start of goals anyway. So yesterday we set 6 goals each, and they have money penalties to Ragnar we each hand over an envelope to the other for anything we miss! I figured posting here might keep me even better so here are my goals:

1) No eating after 8 pm with the exception of Monday night since I have class, and allowed one other for special circumstances - If I cheat, it's $1 per time
2) Work out at least 6 days a week, and a workout consists of at least 30 minutes, also need to have 2 strength sessions in there - If I miss, again it's $1 per time
3) Yoga workouts, 20 minutes twice a week, or 1 class a week - If I miss, $1 per time
4) Calorie limits, 2200 or less on days I work out, 1800 or less on days I don't, with the exception of days of heavy workouts - Over and it's $1
5) Weigh in each week, even if overall I meet my weight goal - If I go over in a week $1
6) Weight goal, 128 pounds by Ragnar - Over that and I owe $5

My goal NOT to owe anything!

So today I weighed in, after a sweaty run in a heat index around 100...hill workout. I went up and over and back up and down, 4 times...about .5 mile up on one side, a bit steeper and shorter on the other. I did a total of 7 miles. I also got a yoga session in.

Then I got up this morning and ran 4 miles in some humidity...and did a strength session for 35 minutes (this was my second of the week too with one more planned strength on Friday before my trip to Chicago). Went to work, and then after work, I ran 6 miles from the gym and managed 45 minutes on the bike...that equals out to about 2 1/2 hours of workouts today.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Some People Just Can't Help Being A**holes...

Well, no, I shouldn't say that, because it is something you CAN control. You just stay out of the world and lock yourself away so those of us enjoying a nice day can enjoy it! This morning I was up and out fairly early for a run since it's going to be a hot (and humid) one today. I was out on a path near my house...easy 5 mile loop (that was slow and crappy unfortunately), down the road along the sidewalk to the park that has a walking path around it...was on the walking path, and as is my habit, I was running on the left side of the path. I mean you are supposed to be on the left on roads, so I just kind of stay that way on pedestrian paths too. Not like it matters cause people are all over the place and right down the middle on them. Thankfully this is a pretty quiet path so not a lot of people out...I had to move once or twice, a few others moved...but there was one guy that he was on the far right edge for him, which was far left for him...I would've stepped off the path, but he finally moved and stopped, turned to me and said "aren't you on the wrong side of the road"...umm...well, technically no, first, ped paths don't seem to have a "right of way" side to them, BUT if we were on the road, I was on the right side of it running on the left, into traffic right? Anyway, just annoyed me...I dislike people like that. I'm sorry, I'm out to enjoy the day, I don't need your crap...the bath is wide enough for 3-4 across the path and it was just him and me at that point...was it hard to move a couple steps over? (granted I could've moved around him too, but I partly run the left side too cause it's a circle and outer gets me more distance anyway). Ah well. It's a nice day. I'm meeting a friend to golf in a little while and then we are going to a music thing that I won tickets to. And it's going to be a nice day. Better get the sunscreen out!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hello Kitty Guilt?

Hmm…I’m trying to decide if I should feel guilty…there might be a 50 something guy walking around with this on his, bicep, butt cheek, something, after this weekend…and I’m partly responsible...

Oops…see, my boss told me this little town near where his lake cabin is has a bar where this weekend every year Brother Bear, and Sister Bear…tattoo artists, stop in and bring their ink and needles and tat up people while they are at the bar. And apparently as Brother and Sister Bear proceed through the night, drinking along with the clientele at the bar, they get more and more creative with the tattoos…My boss has a couple of buddies coming with him to the cabin this weekend and he and one of the guys decided the other guy should get something tattooed onto him…my boss asked me for suggestions. I sent him the above, he sent it to the other guy and the other guy thought it was great…my boss’ wife is ready to throw 20 bucks in toward it…after mentioning the victim’s, I mean guy getting tattooed, wife would never let him go out with my boss and the other guy again. I originally suggested Funshine Bear…so should I feel guilty? Yes, have I mentioned that I have a great boss? In all honesty I don’t think my boss would really go through with having this guy get a tattoo like that, and not in that situation, but you never know…

And wow, it’s getting so sporadic when I’m posting these days. And I’m getting even less reading done…but it’s been hectic. I have class every Monday night, after a day of work, from 5:30-9:45…OK, so we got done at 9:15 two of the nights so far which is nice, and third night was an exam so got done a bit earlier too (she lectured first). But it makes for a long night. Last week on Tuesday…hmm…I might have been home, but now can’t recall. Wednesday I went to see Bob Schneider, good band if you haven’t seen them and get a chance (out of Austin, TX). Thursday I was exhausted from the show on Wednesday and whatever I can’t remember doing on Tuesday. Friday was out with a friend to see a movie, we had drinks first and then after, movie sucked (Drag me to Hell, I had heard it was actually scary, so was not!) and Saturday I met up with and ran with a friend and then chilled for a while before getting my sister and her boyfriend from the airport and then dinner with mom and dad. Sunday I had to spend studying for my test that was not as good of studying as I had hoped. This week Tuesday I worked out with my trainer and then ran some errands, last night I met up with friends after a rough day and had a cocktail and dinner…tonight is dinner with a friend that I haven’t seen in probably 5 years? Wow. Has it been that long? Then it’s the weekend and I still haven’t gotten much done classwise…sigh…

Training…not going well. I need to buckle down on that. I haven’t really thrown much of any speed work in. I did do a tempo run at the gym last week and managed 6 miles at 8:20 pace, 4 of the miles tempo were supposed to be at 8 minute pace, trying to work that down then as time goes on, but only one made it at 7:58, the others were 8:09, 8:04 and I can’t recall the first but think it was maybe 8:15…so a lot of work to do if I’m going to PR at the half…particularly PR by about 4 minutes.

Monday, June 08, 2009

A Quick Update

Wow, time is really passing and no new update. Nothing really to report but since I have a few minutes right now, although maybe I should get up and walk, I'm in class for another 3 hours, anyway, thought I'd do a quick update. Financial Accounting on Monday nights...other than that the typical. Trying to get my running up as I'm 19 weeks from Nike and that means about 14 weeks to another I might do in September...and only 9 weeks from my goal half that I want to run this summer. I want to get a guaranteed entry into NY and only way to do that is PR in the half...1:38...I really do think I can do it if I can get healthy. I think I need to check into massage and accupuncture to see if it will loosen things up. Was at the farmer's market, brunch and an art fair over the weekend. Up way too early so took a nap yesterday afternoon and then was in bed early and slept so hard and long it felt great. Wish I could do that every night. I'm also in a sad state of confusion over something else I alluded to a while back. Not sure what I'm thinking or how I'm feeling about something...I am a committmentphobe it definitely seems. Sigh...