Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cold Run or No Cold Run...

Temp currently 15 on intellicast, says it feels like 6, Kare11, the news station down the road says it’s 12, I don’t tend to like to run outside in anything less than 30, maybe 25…this is telling me there is a wind chill too…I hate the idea of 6 miles on the treadmill, but it’s cold out. I have along tights, my heavier pants, a thin top, a 3 season top and a windbreaker jacket, my gator, a hat and glitten…is that enough…the bottom I haven’t tried out yet and it isn’t really a wind breaker thing…I want to run 6, will take me about 50-54 minutes…can I be in that cold for that long…I have hot chocolate (should’ve held off on having one till I went for the run as I had one this morning already), could get coffee…I don't have a hot lunch and lunch will be over before I get done…decisions decisions…

Well, the decision was made and I ran outside. It was cold. Took about 1.5-2 miles before my hands were warm enough. My fingers were freezing at first, but were better after the 1.5 miles...I'm now freezing though. It wasn't a bad run though. No wind that I could feel, I managed ~6 in ~51 minutes...I could've wore my Garmin to get exacts, but with the time it takes to get a reading, I didn't want to wait around for it, so I just ran what I know is about that time frame and timed it on the gym clock from when I left to when I got back...Even with all that I was wearing though, my body was still red and itchy after, well, my legs and butt...that's where I always have a problem. And I had tights rated to -10 and heavier over pants, I didn't feel cold while running...I won't run in any colder though!! But it certainly beat the treadill.

Funny after story too. Two women were coming into the locker room and changing while I was getting ready to shower. One was telling the other she had seen a guy they know down there and the other was asking about if he was running outside or something, the one telling the story mentioned it had been hard to recognize him cause he was so bundled up and the other made a comment about not understanding the ones going out and doing that, she couldn't and that maybe conditioning or something might help her...I wanted to laugh as I had just taken my jacket off when they came in, while they were there I proceeded to take off the over pants, the first shirt, the undertop and my tights...where did they think I had run?? Some common sense!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Movie Update, Dinner, 5K and Pictures

Isn't my baby brother just adorable? He is adopted into the family, but don't tell him that, it might hurt his feelings!

Well, I saw one request for it, so guess I should give some kind of update. Thankfully I got that run in cause I was then in a much better mood and frame of mind for going to the movie. Roomie got home about the same time J got there to go to the movie, so technically she could’ve gone too, but opted to stay home. J hadn’t seen the first one (we went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean 2) so I was explaining a bit of it to him, and I was laughing a lot at it because of references to the first one, so if you haven’t seen the first, I’d recommend seeing it before the second…it was quite enjoyable though. J even ate popcorn which I hadn’t thought he would due to the transfats (it’s funny knowing a guy that is watching that kind of stuff, he even insisted on organic turkey for Thanksgiving, I don’t go THAT far!!). After the movie we went to the place next door and had a beer…well, I had a beer, he opted for O’Douls…we chatted a bit, and it was after 11 when we left, but that’s OK. I’m tired today but we had good conversation and it was decided that we will go to dinner on Friday at Vesio’s, my favorite Italian restaurant, although it has been a bad luck streak for me and dates that go there, I’ve gone there a few times on first dates and nothing has come of it, although this time I guess it’s not really a first date, if anything I’d say our run on Saturday would be more the “first date”…and we’ll see anyway. I am just still on that not really caring about dating kind of thing so don’t really feel that excitement, we’ll see what happens though. He is doing the Reindeer Run 5K on Saturday, which I think I’m going to bandit. It’s $25 and the t-shirt is just a t-shirt so I don’t want to pay for it, but they do a toys for tots drive and I am planning on bringing a toy. Other thing is the race is packed so it’s not easy to get a good time anyway, so definitely don’t want to pay the big bucks for it!! (Plus it is put on by a local gym that is way overpriced already, I’m sure some of the proceeds go to toys for tots too, but you just never know!!) $25 is just too much for a 5K. Anyway, I did tell him that I wanted to run probably 10 on Saturday and that I thought about running down to the race site and then running the race, which would get me close to 10 miles…then figured I could bum a ride home and he did volunteer to drive me home, so if I can get out of bed soon enough for it, I might do that. Can always bum a ride home with my roommate too. This means hauling stuff for going out after as well, but suppose I could stash stuff in roomies car…

Anyway, doing a treadmill run most likely today, unless I decide to run after work instead of during lunch, I didn’t bring stuff for outside and it’s cold now…was 55 yesterday, looking at a high of around 23 today…yikes…I do need to run some errands after work too, so I’m thinking treadmill and then some strength again today is best option. I hate the mill though…

Here are a few pictures from turkey day...Max, mom and dad's dog, well, actually I call him my furry brother, was very diligent in making sure the turkey didn't go anywhere...I'm sure he was just hoping against hope it woudl fall off the counter for him though. I think if dogs could have telekinesis (sp) this dog would have that day!!

This would be my furry nephew Beaux and his mommy...he looks so sweet and innocent there...but dont' be fooled. He's a bit of a spaz most of the time.

Poor Max was so tired after the day and had to curl up for a nap on dad...actually was kind of funny, he was missing during lunch, mom went and found him in the bathroom, kind of hiding behind the toilet slightly on the scale, we decided he must've weighed himself, freaked out and decided he couldn't eat Thanksgiving dinner.

And here is me, today at can see how hard I am working this morning right??

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Run Has Helped... least a little bit. Of course I came back to a couple of phone calls that kind of got was a call for a file yet again, that I checked the drawer and no one else took up, so apparently like I said, I'm the only one able to carry a file up to 12 I guess...frustrating. But I got a 6 mile run and feel a bit better so I won't be a super crabby ass hopefully tonight at the movie...although I'm still feeling fat and that doesn't help matters...

Crabby, Rainy Day

I’m in such a crabby mood today and I can’t figure out why nor how to fix it…and I’m supposed to be going to a movie tonight. Originally it was going to be a group of us going, now my roomie backed out (to be fair originally she had told me she might have to do some stuff with her mortgage tonight and might not be able to go, but what she’s doing is looking at places and I don’t understand why she can’t do that tomorrow instead since we talked about doing this last week and it wasn’t just us involved and not to mention she set up the time so that she needs me to take her dog out for her cause she didn’t go home at lunch and apparently isn’t going home after work) and it’s just me and the guy I went running with on Saturday and am supposed to be going to dinner with sometime as well, once we set a date for that. So technically now tonight has semi turned into a date as well, and I’m in a really, really crabby mood…probably slightly in part to being woken up by dog that I’m supposed to take out tonight…and the fact that I got on the scale and am not officially 10 pounds heavier than I want to be, apparently instead of losing 5 pounds, I decided to gain 5 instead….I had to work last night and I am tired of people already as I’ve already crabbed about. The weather is actually kind of warm, which I like, but overcast and going to get cold tomorrow…this makes me sad and upset as that means treadmill running moving forward and I hate that. But I hate the cold…sigh…

So today I got into work planning a 6 miler at lunch to cheer me up and instead we had a work related lunch I had forgotten about, so up in weight at a weight I can’t stand and have a lunch I have to go to…thankfully there is a good salad at the place I was able to eat, but this leaves a dilemma on my run…I’m probably going to leave my desk and do it and just stay a little later tonight, it’s either that or I rush home and end up having to cut it short cause I don’t have the time to run and then get ready to go to the movie…especially with having to take the dog out. Not to mention today work has frustrated me cause I’m the only one of myself, the other paralegal and our admin that gets called to haul files up to the 12th floor from the 6th floor…and I get tired of doing that. It’s frustrating since I still owe about 10K in school debt, I have a BS degree in business from a good school, an AAS degree and a paralegal certificate…and I get paid crap to run files up and down 6 floors…oh yippee skippee…I hate this feeling…I need a big time change in my life circumstances, a change in job that’s more challenging, a nice pay increase, finding something else I really enjoy and am good at…I don’t know…but I need it to come soon. And I need this crabby mood to go away because really it’s too late to cancel the movie. Sigh…

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Well, not so terribly lazy, I have spent part of the afternoon cleaning my closet was in desperate need and I did manage to remove a few items that I haven't worn in a long time, and was reminded of clothes I have that I so need an opportunity to wear them again!!

Barnes & Noble is annoying me more and more. After the holidays I definitely need to find something in a running store. I will not work another holiday season as B&N. It's just too stressful. Lat night I had to finally request my time off for the holidays. My grandmother, my dad's mom, turns 90 on December 13th. My family is having an open house for her on December 23rd in my hometown and I will be then staying there through Christmas. I told my manager that I had to request the time off from and she looked at the schedule from last year, which she compares to for making up the new ones, and she pointed out that I had had Christmas eve off last year. Yes, I did...I worked the 23rd all day for her in order to have that off too, even though it was my day off at my other job AND I could've gone home and spent the time with family...instead I worked till 4:30 that day. I work there's not my end all be all, it's extra money to pay off some bills....that's it...and it was quite annoying to be told this. I told her that my family celebrates on Christmas eve, my church service that I attend is at 4 pm on Christmas eve and my family is 2 1/2 hours drive from where I live...I won't miss Christmas eve with my family and this year I won't be missing my grandmother's birthday party either. If they wouldn't have given me it off, I would've quit. It's just quite annoying. To get the time off we had to "negotiate" and basically I have to sell my soul to the store for the next month, she wanted me to commit to working 3 days a week the rest of the time till Christmas, well, I told her that I can't because of stress going on at my day job, but agreed to work 3 days most of the month...I also know I'll be getting calls requesting me to come in more than the times I'm scheduled. That's the thing that infuriates me the most. I get that call a lot this time of year and almost always agreed to come in...sigh...thing is, I honestly like that manager, it just stresses me that this crap gets pulled...Thank God I managed that 15 miler to help alleviate some stress...and then I got to leave early last night too. I'm heading out for another light easy run today. And woo hoo, looks like my Vikes are going to pull off a wine finally.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Weekend

So far a good weekend. I wish it was going to be longer, as I work tonight from 6:30-11:30, have to leave in an hour and I'm not looking forward to that, but the rest of it has been fun. I didn't make it out for a run on Wednesday cause I got home and dad saw me and came in and it's not often dad and I get a chance to visit, just the two of us, so I spent time chatting with him, then went out to see my grandma and then up for happy hour with mom and dad. A few cocktails later (OK, beer) was feeling good, that's what happens when you give blood before having a few drinks...Anyway, had a nice evening visiting with mom and dad and my sister and her boyfriend and a cousin later as well. Got home and didn't get a good nights sleep because my sister's dog slept with me and he wasn't much for sleeping unfortunately, he wanted to find his mommy...

I was up on Thursday morning and went to do my Thankful Four run....I ran a 31:38, not bad, I could've probably gone faster, the weather was about right, it was low 40s and no wind, BUT I finished the last two miles at 8:00 and realized at the end that I was ready to throw more drinking before a race, but then I also remembered giving blood the day before. That most likely is what affected my running more so than the drinks and lack of sleep, although it was a combination I'm sure. Dinner was wonderful as usual, it's my favorite of the year, we had about 15 people there and managed to get through the day with no fights and got some cute furry friend pictures I'll have to post later.

Friday was interesting...I got back, took a nap and then roommate and I were waiting for the guys to get a hold of us to head out for drinks or whatever. J called and said he'd pick us up at 9:45, after he was done with work. E met us at the bar and a friend of J's, D, met us as well. E got there having ridden on his motorcycle, in the cold...the guys a bit out there!! J and I chatted and I made mentione of wanting to run 12-15 on Saturday and he said he'd join me for part of it since I was coming near his place. Was a fun evening, good conversation, a few beers...nothing like hanging out with other runners for a night.

Saturday, got up, started my run, called J to let him know I was on my way, he met me 4 miles into the run and continued with me to just past 11 miles, then we confirmed going to a movie on Tuesday, even if the others can't meet up with us. He also invited me to dinner sometime next week, so I guess I kind of have a date...we'll see what happens. J is nice, he's attractive and a good to hang out with no matter what, quite interesting too. We'll see what happens. Guess since I've blogged it, I'll have to share it later. Run was good though. I did finish the 15 miles in about 9:15 whic is really not bad considering I gave blood just 3 days ago.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Eve

So I ran again yesterday. That makes day 5 in a row…OK, I really do need to take a rest day, it has only been 3 weeks since my marathon, but I haven’t felt like it and much as I should not run today, I might have to just because it’s going to be in the 50s and nice…might even have shorts with me so I can run. I only am working half of a day today and then heading to my parents for Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving. Good food, no need to shop and haul presents, no fighting crowds, just food, wine and football. What more is necessary in life?? It’s my favorite meal of the year. I love my mom’s sage dressing that she makes. It’s the highlight of Thanksgiving to me actually. So my run yesterday was 5 miles, fairly hilly, and again holding the 8:30ish pace…I guess I’m improving. Too bad it’s wintertime!! Although I honestly don’t think I’d be ready for speed work or anything now anyway. I’ve decided I’m most likely going to run a 12-15 mile run this weekend instead of the 8 I had on the plan. I think the nice weather is going to hold and I like the idea of a nice long run outside before I get pushed inside due to the cold. Checking the forecast, at my parents it’s looking to hit 58 today. OK, there is no way I’m not running this afternoon when I get down there!! It’s going to be way too nice to skip, in fact 58 is almost good enough for me to get into shorts!! Maybe it will be shorts and a long sleeved top…I’ll have to go shorter though, I’m running a 4 Mile race tomorrow. This is a virtual race, the “I’m Thankful Four” that is a scholarship fund raiser a friend of mine is race director for. Two years ago his 16 year old daughter was killed in a car accident and now every year this race is run as a memorial to her and raises money that is given out to deserving students to help fund their college education. The actual race is in Indiana, but every year myself and other friends that know him register for and run this race wherever we are in memory of Kelsey. It can be quite an emotional run of course, and it’s a great way to kick off the day prior to eating the fattening meal ahead of us.

It should be a busy coupe of days as I leave work at 11:30, quick stop at my house to grab the dessert (frozen and I didn’t want it to thaw while I was at work) that I bring because my sister and I don’t like pumpkin pie and now my shorts and a couple of other quick things, then back in the car for the 2 ½ hour drive home. Will stop at my parents for a change, do my run and then head out to visit with grandma for a little while before mom and dad get home and my sister and her boyfriend and my brother get there and we head up for a drink at the local bar. Have to keep it a little tame since I plan on eating tomorrow and don’t want to be hung over!! I’ll be coming back home on Friday to meet up with my roommate and J and E to do something…plan had been to watch a movie at our place and get some pizza but now J has to work till 10 so we might end up just going and meeting out and having drinks and doing Karaoke…while waiting for J our plan is to either take E shopping as we have decided he needs a new wardrobe if he wants to impress the ladies, and/or subject him to episodes of Sex & the City, to teach him about women!! We’ll see what happens. Could be an interesting night as apparently J was asking roomie about me a bit, like wondering if I had fun last week, and she found out that he is done with the ex, so, who knows…guess we’ll see what happens on Friday. We also were discussing New Years Eve already last night. Roomie was married on NYE, after 10 ½ years, she’s now divorced, she has a feeling 2007 is going to be fun and she wants to ring it in right, so my plan/goal is to find a really fun NYE party or something going on as I finally have someone willing to do something fun and spending a bit more if need be!! There are a ton of fun parties I know so I now have to check into them and start getting a group together to go out as the more the merrier on NYE.

Anyway, better get to work since I only have 3 ½ hours more to get some stuff done!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

And One for the Spirit

Ah Runs…

Nothing like a run to make you feel alive and great. It is about time too. I’m maybe finding the joy of running again, and not just the “running cause I have to get my training in”…Today I was going to elliptical train and/or treadmill run and strength train because it’s Monday and typically Monday, Wednesday and Friday are for that. Well, today I just felt too good for that. I really, really wanted to run. And outside. Thankfully I brought along warm weather clothes…it wasn’t bad out, probably low 40s, I was in tights, lightweight windbreaker pants, a 3 season top and one underlayer top and was fine. I had a headband for my ears and gloves on, which I finally had to ditch about 4 miles in cause my hands were too warm. The run felt great. I ran around our island at work. It’s about .65 around and I was going to run 4 and then strength train, but ended up doing 6 and skipping the strength which I’ll do tomorrow along with the yoga I skipped this morning. I decided with the way the week is, I’m only going to get two sessions in anyway and if I do it tomorrow I can go either Friday or Saturday and it will be fine. So that’s what I’m doing. Besides, I really, really wanted to run today. And I ran at an 8:33 pace for the 6 miles…that’s day 4 in a row of running too. I suppose I really better take tomorrow off running (will cross-train instead) but it’s going to be hard cause it’s going to be nice out…I’m just so happy that these miles are going so well and feel so easy at that 8:30 pace…if I can keep this up, maybe soon 8:15 will feel easy. It makes me question the distances, and question Garmin, but I know the paths, they are the same ones I’ve always run (except the Island at work) and I know the times are changing, even if the distances were off, which they aren’t…Heck, I don’t trust the times on a race, so suppose it’s not unusual to not trust my own timing and distances not racing!!

A Run to Lighten the Mood

I have been feeling the blahs, time change, PMD (Post Marathon Depression), let down from missing my goal, much shorter days and lack of sun, cold, the approaching holiday season, whatever it is and even give it the name SAD but it's been affecting me. But this weekend is proof I must be recovered from my marathon because the paces for my 10 miler on Saturday were definitely faster than I expected. Especially considering that Friday night I went out for a couple of drinks, that turned into a few more than a couple, leading to going to a party with a couple of my friends and then crashing at a friends place, going to bed around 4:30 and waking up around 7:30…or some such nonsense like that. Anyway, it was a late night and when my friend dropped me back at my car around 10, I decided I was just going to run short Saturday and do the longer 10 miler that I planned on Sunday. I then got home, changed into running clothes and made my way out the door, having had just a bit of water and nothing to eat…as I started out, the weather was cooler, (high 30s) but not terrible, I was even out in just tights which is abnormal for me in those temps. I ran around my neighborhood and kept adding on bits here and there that managed to create a 10 mile loop by the time I headed home, although there was always an option to cut it shorter if I had needed to. When I finished, had an average of 8:30 for my paces and the entire run had been at what was meant to be an easy pace.

Mile 1: 8:49
Mile 2: 8:17
Mile 3: 8:31
Mile 4: 8:29
Mile 5: 8:26
Mile 6: 8:33
Mile 7: 8:19
Mile 8: 8:31
Mile 9: 8:27
Mile 10: 8:27

Faster than the “race” I bandited just 2 weeks before and actually pretty consistent too, at least for me. Sunday I did do an easy 4 miler at 8:58 pace, even though my plan had had me off on Sunday, so I ran a total of 5 days last week. I have another 5 days of running planned for this week as well and maybe I’ll increase back up to 6 the week after. I think my plan for running 2006 miles this year is shot though. I’m already over on the mileage for that plan and I don’t really see any weeks I want to cut and I actually think I just want to add in mileage so I'm going to be well over 2000 miles this year. My highest year ever. Maybe I’m being too conservative on the getting my mileage to 30-35 for average, maybe I’m better on the 35-40…better mileage for weight loss anyway I think. And after eating poorly again all weekend I’m once again up in weight…sigh…you win some you lose some I guess...after this week I'm really going to focus on eating better till Christmas though. And get that weight down!!

It was a fun weekend though. The party and all that was a good time. Had some fun chatting with the friend I hadn’t seen in a while and he has always intrigued me, probably because his best time was a 2:45 marathon…he has a knee issue and doesn’t fun fulls anymore, but will go up to a half with no problem…I aspire to fastness like that!! OK, not a reality for me, but it’s fun to know people that can do that. Also had a chat with my roomie on Saturday about the evening of last Tuesday and the setup…she actually told me that if I had interest in J, she didn’t care if I wanted to pursue him over E since E wasn’t of interest to me (and I think that was because of something I had said about J) and I asked about the ex though and she thinks that J may be over her. Well, I told her that I figured if he had interest in me, he would contact her about getting a hold of me, but she thinks that J is shy so we decided it’d be fun to get together again with them on Friday. Our thought was having them come to our place and we’d order pizza and watch a movie and maybe after that go out for Karaoke cause apparently the guys like going out and doing that…so yesterday she tells me she has talked to J and he’s game for doing that on Friday, but was wondering about my having such a short trip home. I’ll be heading down there on Wednesday afternoon and won’t come back till later afternoon on Friday, and over Christmas I’ll be home the 23rd through the 26th, so plenty of time spent with the family in the next couple of months. When I go home on a weekend I’m usually only there Friday evening through Sunday anyway, so this will actually almost be a bit longer trip anyway. We shall see what might or might not happen with J though. I find him interesting, and attractive, but I don’t think I care if I pursue anything there…same with my friend that is a 2:45er…there might be a bit of something there as well, but not sure I want to pursue that…Another friend wants me to meet a guy she knows, and we'll see if something happens that brings he and I together, I just don’t think I’m game for dating. And I’ve been feeling this way for a long time. I’ve been single for too long, the idea of being attached and/or having to “report” to someone, that’s the way I see dating/relationships, just isn’t that appealing. I like my freedom, I just like having people to hang out with on occasion when I want to do something fun!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wednesday Run

In other news after my blog this morning, I did go for a run today. Still feeling very fat as my scale has gone up and doesn’t appear interested in budging, no idea why…couldn’t be the crap I keep eating every night after eating well all day at work could it?? Anyway, I did loops around our island at work, it’s about .65 around. I was going to do 6 miles, ended up just doing 5 and Garmin was having issues…I trust the overall time and distance cause it did adjust itself, but pace still didn’t feel quite that fast, but I can’t dispute the time the watch states and the distance I feel was accurate too as it was showing me I had gone over 5 and then adjusted back to under 5…(there are a lot of trees) and I guess it probably felt similar to Sunday. Anyway, I ran 5 in right around 42 minutes or 8:25-8:30 pace. Not bad. It was a bit chilly but I survived…I didn’t do yoga or strength today as I had intended though cause I’m still quite sore from my workout on Monday. I might do yoga tonight after work and am going to strength train tomorrow, I’ll get two sessions in this week of 20-25 minutes and shoot for 3 sessions next week or the week after…slowly build back up right?


Well, I suppose since I opened my big mouth (well, opened word and typed thoughts) yesterday, it’s only fair if I share the story…First of all though, honestly, I don’t necessarily hate setups. Actually to me it’d be the best way to meet someone as typically my friends should know me, and if they meet someone that they think might be a match for me, I'd think they probably met someone worth meeting as it should be based on more than just that the two of us are single right? I had one set up ages and ages ago that actually was really good, unfortunately the guy was still hung up on an ex so needless to say it didn’t work out. Better timing and who knows. I will say it’s much better than meeting someone at the bar, which is how I’ve met most of the people I have been on dates with the last few years (although in my defense it has typically been a more low key bar that I’m a semi regular at and not a meat market kind of place!!), or the Internet, of which I do know that a lot of people have had much success with, in fact I know of a few weddings that have happened that way, it just hasn’t been successful for me, too many 53+ year old men, and/or creepy guys looking for just a hook up, or guys that just see what you look like and that’s it. At least at the bar they might be listening to bits about you too!! Anyway, last year I went out on a couple of dates with a guy that a friend had thought I would hit it off well with based on our personalities. I met him and he was smart and nice, but on the shy side, and very, very into TV…me, yes, I watch TV, but my life doesn’t revolve around it (although I will tape things and watch them later, but I don’t have to stay in to be able to see shows!!) and I’m out doing physical stuff as much as I can, I enjoy outdoors…so not a fit there. I suppose though, I can say I’m not one to hate setups mainly because very, very few people have ever tried to set me up…see, what does that say about me?? Not one that should be dating cause I’m not someone anyone wants to even set guys up with!! Yet another reason that I’m single!!! I’m OK with that though. That’s been my whole thing with this. I am happy with my life. I like being able to go where I want, when I want and not report to someone else. Not have expectations of someone else on me. My only thing that has sucked is not always having people to do things with. My friends aren’t always the most reliable to go out with and I don’t have anyone that I can travel with, I wish I had a few people up for travel and that could afford it, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Beyond that, I really do finally like being single more than I liked being in a couple. All that said, if on some fluke I did meet a guy that matched all that I would want and be able to deal with, yes, I would consider dating someone again, but I’m not actively looking.

Last night, we go to the place we are going to meet them, roommate and I order a beer, guys are a little late, but not a big deal. We are sitting at a round table and J, my friend’s friend sits next to me and E, the guy I was meeting sits next to my roomie and across from me. E right away goes to get popcorn (this bar has it for free) and J and I start talking, although I hadn’t fully realized that this was J, who I had met before as he had had his hair cut and just looked different from the brief meeting I had had (although talking to him I was semi thinking this was E and thought he seemed the same as J, so OK, I was at least recognizing personality as the same person!!). I finally figure out the deal and do make an attempt to chat with E, but he’s talking to my roomie anyway and J and I are having good conversation so it just maintains like that. We all ordered burgers, roomie and I had one more beer, the guys each ordered a beer (well E ordered an O’Douls as he doesn’t drink) and we chatted, some together, some separate conversations but nothing really between me and E at all specifically. J has run a number of marathons all over, just mainly for fun. He has run one in Switzerland and wants to run it again and go back there next summer. I said I’d love to go to Switzerland, I really just want to get back to Europe and would go anywhere but Switzerland is one area I’d like to go. E was talking that he and J should go, and I said I’d go, so then it was kind of the three of us, maybe roomie too, but then J did ask me if I was serious about wanting to go and he said he’d prefer going with a girl to going with E anyway…not sure what to make of that, but whatever. I’m not sure about the marathon, nothing like running a marathon at 6000 feet when you live at 0 and the second half of it is all uphill, you have 6.5 hours to complete it, but I think I could do it. J has run a 3:34 for his best and ran that one in 6…I’d figure it out…the pictures look amazing from there. I’m sure it won’t really happen but it’s a fun thought anyway. So I was finding that I had a lot in common with J. He’s also a very nice guy and while I hadn’t thought I found him attractive when I met him the first time, he is actually more attractive than I had first thought. Now this is something that isn’t going anywhere anyway though. He’s a nice guy, I’d love all of us hanging out again, but 1) from things she has said, I have a strong suspicion that my roomie does have a thing for him and even though she’s seeing someone else, might have interest in him, and 2) I know from roomie he has a thing on and off with an ex, he’s not over her and she might still be in the picture, not sure the deal. I figure while I might have felt like there might be something there, wasn’t enough to make me moon over him and knowing the situation, I’m sure it was all one sided…but it was a fun evening and we may do it again sometime. At least I’m game for it. I like hanging out with guys as friends and just chatting and having fun with no expectations. As we left, roomie mentioned how J had messed things up with how the seating went and seating can be so important, suppose roomie and I could’ve sat opposite each other and that would’ve left things open as well, but hey, whatever happens right?? I could definitely tell from many things that E and I would not be a good match anyway, just from conversation…although roomie might help him clean up and change to make him a better match for someone…but definitely not me!! Age is going to be the number one factor there, along with just general not a good fit!! Oh, also I'm thinking that roomie did have good intentions, but hadn't met him or gotten to know him well enough to know if we'd be a match other than both being single and runners...although he did have the certain qualities she thinks are important, but there does need to be a bit more, at least for me.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Oh the pain...

...but it’s a good thing. It’s not hurt pain, but the kind of pain that comes from doing a new activity. For me that was strength training yesterday. I haven’t strength trained in a long time…too long of a time…at least 2 months amount of time…that’s bad. It just wasn’t fitting in anymore. I cut back on it the week before my half to give a little “taper” and then I came back with only 2 or 3 weeks of training before taper when I would cut back anyway, so I figured what was the point so I’ve been non-strength training for that period of time since a week before my half. Yesterday I did my strength yoga and could feel it (heck I could feel it on Thursday when I did a bit of yoga to loosen up that evening), but then I weight trained for about 20 minutes after my run yesterday in the gym. I could tell my arms were going to hurt, everything felt week by about 5 pm yesterday and today my triceps (area I really want to tone up) , pecks and a little bit in my shoulders just aches. But this is a good thing. I’ll do it again tomorrow and then again on Friday and by then I probably won’t feel much of the pain anymore.

I’m about to head down for an elliptical session. I was going to run today and realized I ran Saturday, Sunday and yesterday, I better take a day off. I’m still in recovery mode for another week at least and don’t want to cause any pain or damage or setbacks on my recovery and weight loss phase right now. I have ChiRunning with me and plan to read that and my Runner’s World while working out. I really almost do wish I could run today though. I’d even run outside after work as it's not so terribly, unbearably cold right now, but unfortunately I have dinner plans tonight and can’t. Not sure how I’m feeling about this dinner thing tonight either. My roommate and I had talked about going to this place near us ever since she moved in. Tuesdays they have $3.99 burgers and fries and they have good burgers there. Well, she asked me when I was in DC if I wanted to be fixed up, immediate thought and answer for me in that questions is no, but I said we’d talk when I get back. She gives me some stats on him and number one thing is he is older than I want to date. I have been single a really, really long time. I’m set in my ways, and I don’t feel a need to have a child nor do I care if I ever get married anymore, I’ve come to terms with things and I like my life the way it is. I don’t need/want extras in there to have to report to, but I’m also open to meeting someone if they are exactly what I would want... This guy is a runner, so that’s cool, according to my roommate he’s attractive, but her and I are attracted to much different people, plus he’s 5 years older than the oldest range I want to be dating…the only plus is that he runs a 3:30ish marathon time. She is currently dating someone who is 18 years older than her, so age isn’t anything to her. She’s been out with many age ranges, but then she’s recently divorced after having been with the same guy for more than 10 years, me, I’ve been there done that and dated in the last 8 years and know what I want and what is acceptable to me. At this point I don’t really want the fatty burger and fries anyway as I want to lose some weight and that isn’t the way to do it, and I really don’t see a point in it…heck, she said we could work out a signal or situation if I wanted to stay there with him alone or if I wanted her to stay (his friend that my friend knows is going to be there as well), I’m sorry, but even that much makes it even more like a “date” and I don’t want that!! I’m totally freaked out and so not interested in doing this…I wish I had said a resounding no from the beginning. When she brought it up, I never gave an answer one way or the other and she kind of took it on herself to go ahead and arrange it…sigh…

Monday, November 13, 2006

Maintenance Time

Not for the car, or house, but for myself...that's what I'm calling this phase from now till I start training for something again in February most likely, depending on what it is and when it is!! If I even train for something!! I am starting a new plan this week and am working on building excitement for it. This is a rebuild and weight loss phase that is going to take me through the end of the year. Every week I want to implement something new to contribute to my goals of 5-7 pounds of weight gone by new years and rebuild muscle that has been lost due to lack of strength training and rebuild running fun and endurance that has been lost a bit in the push to train and in running my last marathon. I need to find the fun again...

This weeks goal is to get back into Yoga which I haven’t done in so long. The main thing with this is to increase my flexibility and be able to keep injuries to a minimum. Not that I have really had any, but I want to get my IT band issue resolved once and for it, have it lengthened and strengthened and feeling good. I have two yoga DVDs and a couple of Pilates ones. One of the yoga DVDs has two 20 minutes sessions on it, I’m going to try to get up 20 minutes early 3 days this week and do yoga, two of the days the “strength” workout and one day the “flexibility” workout and on the weekend do the 1 hour yoga DVD that I have. I also want to try to get one day of doing my Pilates Core DVD and strengthen my long neglected abs and back. I’m also going to do shorter runs/cross training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and incorporate 20-30 minutes of weight training into my workouts over lunch. The other days I’ll do runs and/or other cardio workouts, as I build miles back up into the 30-35 range for just maintenance over the winter. I’ve also been considering buying Advanced Marathoning as I know some people who had success with it. I have Daniels Running Formula, Competitive Runner’s Handbook, Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Hand Guide and ChiRunning that I have yet to read all of any of them…My goal before I buy the new one is to get finish at least ChiRunning and Daniels’, ChiRunning is a new way of running to prevent injury and Daniels’ just has a lot of stuff that is also covered in Advanced Marathoning and I think I might enjoy reading if I’d just get to it!! No more new books till I read some of the old. It might be time to organize my running stuff. I think I have enough books and magazines for them to have their own shelf…and I might need a larger book case!!

So far so good today. I managed to get up for the yoga, felt very tired from it, am definitely out of shape when it comes to that one. My flexibility is shot and my strength is lacking greatly. During lunch I ran a decent 3 miles on the treadmill and did 20 minutes of strength and am going to do ab work while I watch TV when I get home. Next week the focus is going to be nutrition!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Weekend Runs

Well, after feeling fat and slow and icky on Friday for not running or working out in two days, I did get out for a run Saturday morning, even outside even thought it was a bit chilly, I did like I had done already for two runs this week and I kept the watch at home and just ran on feel. I was still feeling slow and got a side ache toward the end, but kept right on running and made it home in probably 45 minutes or so, not a bad 5 miler. It was chilly, in the upper 30s/low 40s but there was no wind, so it wasn't too bad. I ran some errands with a friend and spent way too much money...I needed new work clothes and did get some good deals there, but then we went to Target, that had some expensive sheets on sale, 400 thread count, egyptian cotton I had to make a purchase...I really didn't NEED them, but they are sooo soft...I love expensive sheets. I won't sleep on the cheap ones anymore!! So after all that I went to another friends for her son's 3 year birthday party. Way too many people and kids there, similar to the last one I was at for her other son's 1st birthday. Anyway, after that came home and relaxed and caught up on TV I had taped this week. I'm only behind one show now!! And I really only watch about 4 or 5, so you can see my week!!

Today I got up and ran again. I was planning 6-8 and did 7. It was feeling good, a bit cool out, wind had come up a bit toward the end, but really only enough to make it chillier feeling to the skin. If I hadn't been sweaty, it would've been fine. But thankfully I was almost home!! Anyway, today I did decide to go with Garmin and I was amazed to find the first mile at 9 minutes and every mile after that under 9, including one at 8:25 or so, and it didn't feel any harder than any other this week so maybe I'm not running as slowly as I had feared. And my body might be recovering nicely from the marathon. Final run time was 1:0037 so not too bad. I'm semi getting a slight plan together (already have one of the miles) for the rest of the year and I'm going to get some strength training back into the routine this week. It's been at least 2 months since I strenght trained and that's bad. I need to focus on strength, some yoga, and getting that into my routine and just some nice easy runs and milege from 25-35 a week. At least that is my plan for the rest of the year.

I have ribs in the oven along with a baked potato, a salad made up and in the fridge and the Vikings on, looking OK against Green Bay so far...hopefully they will pull off a win. At least they have managed to score two touchdowns so far!! I need to iron some clothes for tomorrow and then go to work at 4, at least I think I work at 4 today...hopefully it's not 4:30 as I'm heading there at 4!! So don't want to work...

Friday, November 10, 2006

Tired and Sluggish

OK, I’m feeling like a slug…a slob…a lazy fat-ass if you will. I have only run 7 miles this week to date!! I have eaten junk all week. I have no control when it comes to sugar and candy anymore. It’s ridiculous and I’ve watched my weight fluctuate in ways I’m not happy with. I need to do something to end this constant need, the endless craving for sugar and chocolate. Especially if I’m going to have such a slacker week. OK, yes, I know I ran a marathon 2 weeks ago. I know I need to take recovery time or risk injury. And the tightness of my IT band doesn’t help in the wanting to get out and do it. I should’ve run yesterday instead of going to Target where I bought exactly nothing anyway. My excuse today, I used the fact that I left my MP3 at home (had taken it home to add more music and stupidly forgot to put it with my stuff to come back to work). I could’ve gone and cross-trained and read while doing that, but no…I just didn’t feel like it. I need to get past this slump. I feel fat, I feel lazy and I just don’t like it. Maybe instead of the 8 I was planning I’ll actually do 10 tomorrow and get a run in on Sunday as well. To add to all this, I’m feeling the tired of having changed the clocks, and depriving myself of caffeine all week. I had some coffee out of habit on Monday morning coming to work. I was almost up to 5 days a week that I would have it. I won’t have it once I get to work cause I don’t like just any coffee, I’m not a coffee drinker, but I do like my “Icing on the Cake” from Steep and Brew that I discovered at of all places a Food and Wine Show, but I digress. I am trying to get rid of the habit that has formed. It started innocently. A coffee on Monday to start the week and whatever day or days I work at B&N I have some in the morning to keep me awake, but it’s gotten out of control and I didn’t let myself have any after Monday. I’m fine with it, except suddenly I’m feeling a mid-afternoon slump…that’s really the time I need the coffee anyway. I usually don’t drink all that I’ve brought with me and around 3 I warm it up for a little pick me up, well I haven’t had that and I’ve had all kinds of sugar and now I feel fat and tired and lazy and the scale is reflecting my slacker status…Not to mention I just chatted with our EVP and he has 30 miles in for the week so far…and he’s traveling all the time. He’s busy…yet he’s run 30 miles!! OK, he didn’t just run a marathon, but still. I had 16.8 in last week and planned 19 for this week and so far I’m at 7….OK, I can still do 8 tomorrow and 4 on Sunday and be at plan but still…my legs are feeling sluggish, it’s cold outside and I just don’t always feel like it either. Maybe I’ll get up and come to the gym and run in the tready while watching 90210 tomorrow…maybe that will help…I’d rather run outside though…at least we don’t have snow like my home town and other nearby areas!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Good bye nice weather…

And welcome in the 40s, dropping to 30s and probably dumping snow on us tomorrow. But that’s OK I guess I’ll just deal as I did get a little bit of a run in last night even though I thought I was not going to manage it. I did an easy 3 and then when my roommate got home we took the dogs for a walk, even though it was dark we walked around Lake Calhoun and tons of people were out…it was still nice even then. I was in capris and a hoodie and sandals and was fine. And I’m one that is always cold. Oh, I ran in shorts too. I ended up skipping the run today and will do it tomorrow, most likely inside since it’s going to be colder and rainy, but that’s OK. Ran to Target at lunch with a friend instead and tonight I’m going to do some yoga and crunches while watching TV, try to stretch out my IT Band.

Finally got some pictures pulled off my camera, even with computer issues still at home, I got something working at work so here are a few of the “furry babies” and my DC trip. Enjoy.

I was enthralled with this building, sitll not sure what it is...ah yeah, that's right, the capital.

The Starting Line

Just before entering my coral

Champagne Toast!

Connie and I after mojtos, a great burger and fries and a stoli doli for good measure!

Oil and I hanging out. (Someone is quite spoiled!)

Little Miss Lola, quite spoiled, I had to put her back in bed AFTER she went out, was fed and had me up!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Last Nice Day in MN for the Year...

Finally, the elections and negative ads are done. OK, well, Virginia is still deciding and what I learned when I was out there, neither candidate is a good choice, but oh well. The rest is over and we can go back to normal programming. What were the results…well, the House was won back by the Democrats. The Senate, we don’t know yet….this is a good thing. Let me just preface saying that I’m neither Republican nor Democrat, I was independent but then they came up with an Independent party, so I’ll just call myself a “fence sitter” (which most Democrats are fine with and which Republicans I’ve talked to get on my case about, what’s wrong with wanting to make an informed choice based on the values and promises and/or hopes that the candidate is expressing in their campaign instead of just voting for a person because they belong to the Donkeys or the Elephants??), but I digress. I’m really a moderate. Very much in the middle. I believe and like things in both parties and have liked people from both parties, as long as they aren’t either extreme. With all that said, with the Democrats getting the House, at least it puts some balance back in Washington. As it was, Bush was getting about anything he wanted, and no matter who the president is (and I will just say I’m in the majority and think he’s doing a very poor job) I think there needs to be at least one of the other branches of government in control of the opposing party to get some checks and balances. In MN, our governor still presides, I don’t believe he did a good job, in his ads he comes across as likeable, he has really messed up a lot of things though, including funding for freeways that were in need of repair that he couldn’t find, raising “fees” instead of taxes, tuition at colleges more than doubling in the time he’s been in office, a bus strike that caused bus drivers to lose about 3 weeks of time that he didn’t step in and help resolve yet a week after it was resolved, he was on the job making sure the Twins were going to be broadcast so all in the state could see them cause it was terrible that they were not going to be broadcast, oh and that little stadium issue where he “wasn’t going ot lose the Twins on his watch” so without being able to vote, the Hennepin County sales tax is going up to fund it (even though this happened before and a law was uput into effect that tax payers would get to vote on that raise and then they overrode that and we didn’t get to vote on it…nice huh?)…Anyway, that’s not all him, he can’t do it on his own, he now has a Democratic house and senate to fight, so we’ll see what happens there. My reasons for not caring for him though?? It’s really a good one…

In 2004 I volunteered at the Twin Cities Marathon. I was handing out medallions, a very prestigious job cause you get to welcome the runners home, you are the most loved cause that is what they were all about. I had so many sweaty hugs and thank you’s and appreciation from the runners that it was just so incredible and I can’t wait to do it again. The one dark cloud on the otherwise beautiful day is that our esteemed governor was running the marathon. He hadn’t trained well, but was running it nonetheless, my dislike of him in play, I said I didn’t want to hand him his medal from the get go, but the way that I don’t pay attention to politics much, I didn’t really recognize him (or pay attention to his name being announced or the fact that there was a TV camera there) and was going to put the medal around his neck, and his trainer, aid or whoever was there to take it from me and he didn’t even acknowledge that I had given it to him, instead he was blathering on to the camera “if I can run a marathon, anyone can run a marathon”…yeah, thanks Tim…most people are very thankful to the volunteers. If not for them the races wouldn’t be there or wouldn’t be as enjoyable to the runners as they can be.

OK, I had intended to start and type this as a running related, or running frustrated post. I went to run today. It would be my last run outside in shorts of the year as it is supposed to hit 70 today and it felt nice enough for sure that shorts would’ve been appropriate. Unfortunately by the time I get home it’s pretty much dark and my roommate and I are going to walk her dog and my sister’s boyfriend’s dog who I am dogsitting for, around Lake Calhoun and enjoy the weather at dark…Anyway, the run didn’t happen cause I got down to the locker room to change and discovered I had no sports bra…sigh…I couldn’t skip the sports bra. It just hurts to much without and I wasn’t running the bra I’m wearing!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day

I Voted...and I'm proudly wearing my little red sticker with the white lettering that tells everyone that I my civic duty and voted. I wasn’t happy with a lot of the candidates that I had to choose from, but I went out and did what our founding forefathers fought and died to provide to us (even if it wasn’t until the 1900’s when women were actually allowed the same rights). If you don’t vote, you don’t have a right to complain right? Well, that’s not the only reason I vote, but you get the idea? I just wish there wasn’t so much negativity in the campaigning. There are studies that even show that attack ads don’t work, if anything they make people less inclined to vote for you, so why do they do it? All I want to know or hear from you is what you would like to try to accomplish when in office. I understand that it’s not even always easy to keep your promises, you have lots of other people to vote and contend with, but if you try, I’ll respect that. Also if you make a promise and it’s clear that you can’t keep it, then admit that you made a mistake in promising that thing and do what is best for the greater good and not just sticking to your guns cause you said this is what you were going to do. Things change, policies need to change with that. It’s what our forefathers decided when they founded this country right?? I was just in the city where those famous documents reside. Without them we would not be in existence as a country, we would not have the rights and freedoms that we have and I think it’s important to exercise that right. It’s why voting is considered to be not only a right, but a duty. Thing of all those out there that don’t have a choice, that can’t speak out against their government for fear of retaliation against them and their family…

And with that, I’m heading out for mid-40s, not as warm as I wanted, but guess it will do, to get a run in outside. But what do I wear…I brought all kinds of options, but might still not have brought the right options for my top…I thought it was going to be closer to 60!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Weekend Wrap-up

OK, it’s end of the day and I don’t want to work anymore…I’m feeling lazy today…well, lazy at least regarding work. I’ll get more done tomorrow. I’m more focused during the middle of the week and early in the day…

On Friday my parents were up and dropped my grandma off as she was staying with me cause my sister only has a couch and that’s not the most comfortable thing to sleep on (although my grandma does do a lot of sleeping on her couch so maybe it wouldn’t be so bad). Anyway, we went out to dinner then I went out with a couple of friends and grandma went to bed and slept through my coming home. We got up and visited a bit, then went to Trader Joe’s as grandma had not been there in years and she likes the store (have relatives in California and they used to live walking distance to one). That was fun, we looked all kinds of things and bought lots of things we didn’t need but that looked good. We then had a late breakfast and back to my house and visited more before mom and dad came and picked her up and I had to go to work. It was so nice getting to spend a whole day with grandma. When I’m home I always go visit her but I don’t get to visit with her nearly as much then cause I feel like I should be seeing everyone else too. Saturday night I worked and then Sunday did the race and watched the Vikings lose again, not sure what’s going on there…could not sleep last night for whatever reasons but that’s OK. I’m feeling awake enough today and am about to head home to go for an easy short run and then some cleaning and hopefully finally fixing my computer at home since I picked up a bunch of blank CDs for cheap today and am going to burn a bunch of stuff to back it up!!

Also managed to spend a ton of money on candles today...through a Partylite party I had...but I used it to purchase Christmas gifts. I have a number of things done now so I won't have to fight the crowds so much this year hopefully!

Bandit - Freedom 10 Mile

OK, I was bad yesterday, after a busy weekend that I will write about later, I went with a friend to watch her run the 10 mile race I had helped her find as a goal race for getting back into running after burning out and having some personal things going on in her life. She wanted a goal to train for and this was a 10 mile race a week after my marathon and something I could come and watch her at. Race wasn't till noon and we rode with a friend of hers up to it, about 40 minutes away, and were there early enough for him to register and her to get her race packet and then use the potties and hang out in the car to keep warm (even though it was to be in the 50s by race time). It was a small race, but larger field than they had previously had at about 335 runners (the nice weather I'm sure drew more out). It's a loop course around a lake and pretty much point to point. My plan was to run an easy 6 while they were out and be there to cheer them on. My friend told me I should run with her...well, I figured I could run out 3 miles and turn around and run back and that would make a nice 6, so I lined up with her and did that. We hit mile 3 and it felt OK so I said alright, 8 won't be so bad I can turn around at 4, but I had the feeling that maybe she wanted company longer and mile 4 came and went and by then well, I might as well just finish cause it's the same distance when I hit 5...I didn't use the water stops, but just kept her company and we had a nice 8.5 there was a girl ahead of us that my friend decided we should catch, I'd say she was probably 300 yards or so in front of us, not a huge amount to cover in the distance we had left and we reeled her in and got up to the finish which I veered off of just before the line so I wouldn't get in the way. Finish time was about 1:32, which it's good I wasn't racing it on my own as I would've gone too fast but that was a decent pace for having run a marathon a week ago...OK, so I was 4 miles more, big deal!! Today I was going to take off but it's set to be nice the next 3 days and I want to enjoy nicer weather for as long as I can, so I'll run and just take it easier for the next 3 days and then rest a bit more allowing for a recovery.

Normally I wouldn't bandit a race. I would've registered had I known I was going to go the full distance...but I didn't need another t-shirt anyway!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Post Marathon Depression

So my last big race of the year is done. On Thanksgiving Day I’m going to run a “virtual” race…I have a friend whose 16 year old daughter was killed in a car accident 2 years ago. He’s the race director for a race that is run “virtually” by a large number of those of us who know and love him and the race proceeds go to a scholarship fund in the community he lives in so it’s for a good cause and it will be a nice run prior to gorging on Thanksgiving Day. I’m also semi considering running a 5K that isn’t the best for time because it’s so packed and full of runner’s doing it “for fun”, even those walking for fun. The shirts are kind of nice for it though, not that I need another long sleeved t-shirt really, but we’ll see. Beyond that my slate is clear, and I think this is contribution to my post-marathon depression.

Reflections on the past year…

Chicago Marathon 2005, up to that race, I had pretty much decided Chicago was going to be my last run, after the finish, I decided that MAYBE I’d consider doing another one at some point in time. I even almost signed up for the Phoenix Rock ‘n Roll full, I did sign up for the half but later had to cancel out of it. Then I considered the Country Music Marathon Full cause of friends that were doing it, but again decided it wasn’t quite what I wanted to do. I thought about Grandma’s, because it was the 30th anniversary and it was my first race at 30, but the idea of running a repeat wasn’t so appealing. I considered the Flying Pig in Cincinnati because of friends that lived in the area and some friends that were running it, but again…decided against it, mainly because I had been focusing and kind of decided that the Marathon to Marathon in IA was the one I wanted to do. I had been semi training for something starting in January, rebuilding the mileage that I had let slide last November/December, running mainly inside, but a little outside when it was feasible with the cold. Early March I finally got to run outside in Arizona, then it was finally warm enough here for it, and I had a few breakthrough runs that made me decide, OK, this is it, I am doing a marathon and I’m doing the one easiest for my parents to come to (and Grandma’s was full by then, but so glad I chose Marathon to Marathon). Training went flawlessly. I loved every run. I hated cut back weeks. I wanted to run more. I remember very, very few runs that felt bad and even fewer that I didn’t feel like doing. When taper time came it was all I could do to slow down and cut the mileage. I was antsy. I knew it was going to be a good one. And yes, it was. I wanted to break 4 hours, I went out and set a 38 minute PR and ran a 3:42:54, only 1:55 off of Boston pace. What were the odds? I knew the training was so much better than I had ever even conceived of doing before, but man, it felt so great. And the after recovery was awful. I was so angry, down, what not from not running that I probably started back too soon. I knew my body wasn’t necessarily fully recovered but I started back into marathon training, in the heat of summer…and it never really felt “there”. I had decent runs, but none of them came out at me as stellar performances. Nothing was ever so on. I felt that I was going through the motions of training, always with that BQ goal in my head. It was just a disaster in the waiting, having such high hopes. Race day came and I just couldn’t perform. I still have no excuses for it. I did the training, but I did the training on autopilot. I know I didn’t get the tempo runs in that I should’ve. They hurt, I didn’t want to do them, but you can’t get a fast marathon in on interval training alone. Intervals might be good for distances up to the half, but it’s not what you need to do for a marathon. Longer, tougher runs are what put the numbers up, and I didn’t do that. And I made a mindset to start negative splitting my long runs, again something I didn’t push on myself because it hurt. These are the places I made the mistakes on in my training. These are the things I would need to correct to pick up the time I needed. I was at an 8:21 pace up through the half. Not the 8:12 pace that was my goal pace. I never had that pace going.

OK, so I know what it is I would need to do…the question is can I really do it all again. I don’t think I have the desire to put in those long runs again. I don’t know that I want to push out 10-12 mile tempo runs and interval training during the week…I don’t know if I want to run 50-70 miles a week, maybe more to push the goal. It tires me out so much. I get home from those days and yes, I sleep really, really good, but I don’t do anything else. I work, I eat, I sleep. Not much of a life. With this in mind, I am debating on a marathon next year or not. There are two in my mind. I have till January to make some decisions. I just don’t know what I’m going to do. I do need to distances myself from this disappointment though before I move forward in a decision. I also have to decide about Barnes & Noble. This decision I have to make soon as I don’t think I can work through another holiday season, but I might have to. Unfortunately the roommate I have, that I thought was going to be with me through June, has started looking for places to buy sooner than she had originally said she was going to, and most likely is going to move sooner than planned, this really bums me out because I really wanted to have a roommate through June. I could’ve quit B&N and had the debts almost paid off that I’ve been working on with that rent money through that time frame and not NEEDED another one. Originally when we were talking it was either move in with me or sign a lease for 9 months, she didn’t want to buy something before next spring…what changed…I don’t know and while I’m not so much mad, as frustrated maybe…I mean I did move a bed out of that room to accommodate the bed she was moving in…and I’m also accommodating the dog that I thought was well behaved but likes to bark at night, when either I come in and my roommate has been asleep, or if she comes in when I’ve been asleep…he doesn’t bark when I come in on my own…this is annoying. He also barks if I get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. This is my house, not his, it really, really annoys me. The only way I see to correct this is hand over the snout and saying NO in a forceful tone when he does it. However I don’t usually catch him still barking, so that’s hard to do, and she doesn’t do that (although I might suggest it if it doesn’t stop soon, I’m giving it a month, they’ve only been there 2 weeks)…this is a dog that has A/C set for him at 72 during the day when no one is home so he’s comfortable…

Anyway, enough right now…I’m definitely on the bummed side though. I need some decisions made. Too much in my life up in the air and I just can’t seem to figure out what I want to do and where I’m going…I’m so bad about making decisions too. I always worry about making the wrong one. Marathon or no? If yes on marathon, which one? Quit at B&N or not? Can I afford to not be there if roommate is out already in February? Moving…can I get up the courage to move out of state? Can I find a job to actually move out of state? If I don’t move out of state in spring, will I move before 2 years is up or should I buy a house in the metro like I want to do if I’m staying? Sigh…And tonight I HAVE to get my computer working so I can get my pictures off my camera. At least that is one decision.