Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

OK, I almost missed it, but here it is, my resolution, wrap up the year thing. I had to re-read what I resolved to do last year, and you know what, I actually made most of my goals. I never manage to keep new years resolutions, but this year something was different. I believe I wrote them out 12/31/07 if you want to read them. I'm not going to put the link. Main recaps though:

1. To tell friends and family I love them. It hasn't been super easy, but I have managed to get in the habit of telling mom and dad at least that I love them every time I say goodbye to them. That's an accomplishment.

2. Get to know more runners through a running group, which I did, and also QUALIFIED FOR BOSTON!!

3. I am in grad school...and even managed respectible grades. If you really want to know, A in Stats, A- in Law (go figure)

Work was another resolution, I don't think I've done as well at, but I'm going to work more on that this year.

I still can't believe the year is wrapping up. So much has happened and so much has stayed the same. I have gotten to know more running friends, but still not as many as I'd like!! I made two trips out to Boston and get to go again in April and I am helping a friend get ready for her wedding a month from today. My birthday wish even came true (with two options, wishing to qualify for Boston and getting into grad school, which do you think I wished for? Lucky for me both came true!)

For this year...well, I think I'll hold resolution post for tomorrow, but I also owed a response on an earlier post:

Write down your top 3-10 accomplishments done in 2008. Put this in your running log. It's important to reflect on what you did well this year.

My top 3-10 Accomplishments:
  1. I qualified for the Boston Marathon. On what was really only my first “real” attempt (I came close once before and was planning to attempt it at the next one but was somewhat injured) in not the best of conditions.
  2. I managed a fantastic 25K 4 weeks prior to my goal marathon and it felt really good. I was “in the zone” and remembered why I run.
  3. I ran a half marathon and managed a new PR (and according to Garmin time/distance at least managed my goal of sub 1:40, officially I did get a new PR at least).

Write down your top 3-10 things you thought could go better in 2008. Put this in your running log. Perhaps you did not get your best 10k, or you disliked the weather for this year's marathon. Make a note of that.

My top 3 things I could’ve done better

  1. I could’ve gotten a bit better in the qualify runs and stopping freaking myself out about my training
  2. I could’ve, even though weather was bad, run a better Twin Cities and gotten a better time. Factors were against me, but I did talk myself out of it a bit toward the end
  3. I could’ve dealt with the PF a little sooner instead of still be dealing with it now

Write down 3-5 goals you want to accomplish in 2009. Include at least one time goal and one new race you plan to enter

My 3-5 goals for 2009

  1. Finish Boston, possibly with a new PR
  2. Run a sub-1:37 half to get a guarantee into New York, probably for 2010
  3. Run a sub-6 mile
  4. Run a sub-21 5K (current PR 22)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday. And Santa is a wonderful man. I am set for Boston. I have my chip, and I was given money to put toward my soon as it's available!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas to Me...

OK, I will be getting back to my goals, however, had to take a quick break away from that and blog a little running/workout related stuff.

So I mentioned the new TV that I bought myself right? It's only a 19", but flat panel, LCD Hi Def for my bedroom. However, I guess I was a really good girl because I bought myself some personal training sessions yesterday. I've had the basic routine, showing me how to use the equipment before, but never actual sessions. After my fitpoint assessment last week, I had a complmentary first session set up with a trainer (actually the head of the PT department at my gym) and we focused solely on upper body because, well, I have a wedding on January 31st that I'm in and we have strapless dresses. Anyway, they have a sale right now, 50% off sessions with a personal trainer, for new customers...well, I'm a new customer so I'm doing it. I bought 8 and am conteplating maybe 2 more, figuring on meeting with him every 3 weeks or so, that gets me through Boston and into the summer, can change up the sessions etc...did I mention he's really cute too?? :) Not as hot as my hottie at my old gym, but cute, too bad he's married!! Anyway, one other thing I'm probably going to do is a VO2 max test. They have the set up at my gym to do the VO2, the metabolic workout rates etc...they have another test for figuring out your resting metabolic rate too, but that one is just less important for what I do anyway. I can use this and figure out zones for doing heart rate we'll see. First session is 1/7/09. I have time for the workout he set me up on yesterday, and I have basically 5 weeks to the wedding to look good. Of course I don't want to outshine the bride (not possible, wait till I post her pics...her dress is so perfect for her!).

About to head to my parents. I had scheduled 8 miles for yesterday with 8x100 strides. I only had time for 6 before my training session, but did another 3 after...Today I was going to run 10, I was all ready to go and forgot to put on my Yaktrax...we have had a lot of snow (but it warmed up, was 10 today woo hoo!) over the last few days and going was very, very slow. It's like running on loose sand...I was exhausted by 6 so stopped at 8. 1 hour and 20 minutes...yeah, I had some 10:30 miles in there. Normal run for me, easy pace, yeah, the snow slows you down tremendously!

Anyway, if I don't get another post up before Thursday, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it. And to those that don't, Happy insert holiday name here. For those traveling, safe travels.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Stolen From TCM December Mile Marker

Quote of the Month:
"Even the latest finishers aren't back-of-the-packers. They're the back of the front, still among the elite 0.10% of Americans who can and does finish marathons."
-Joe Henderson (from The Quotable Marathoner)

Ready for a New Year? Our tips are simple and quick for this month.

Enjoy the holidays! This is your permission to enjoy cookies, cake, cordials and cocktails this holiday season. Just enjoy in moderation. You have done the work this year. You deserve it.

Write down your top 3-10 accomplishments done in 2008. Put this in your running log. It's important to reflect on what you did well this year.

Write down your top 3-10 things you thought could go better in 2008. Put this in your running log. Perhaps you did not get your best 10k, or you disliked the weather for this year's marathon. Make a note of that.

Write down 3-5 goals you want to accomplish in 2009. Include at least one time goal and one new race you plan to enter.

Within 9 days, the world gets a fresh start for a new year! Take advantage of it!

** I posted this as a reminder that I want to come back and actually do it. **

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Busy Cold Weekend

So I've been using my vacation well so far. Friday I braved the Mall of America and basically finished Christmas shopping, except for something for my grandma's...I think I'll get that tomorrow and just have to order one thing for a friend and I'm done. I hate shopping so it has taken time. After the shopping trip I made it to the gym, talked to my cute trainer, did some lower body, and elliptical and run, figured I'd do that on Saturday and Sunday, little did I know...Met a friend for dinner, hadn't seen her since Halloween. On the way to dinner we exploited her discount at Target and I got myself a new TV...Then we had dinner and headed to our favorite watering hole and another friend of mine met us. Late night that night!! A few too many but oh well.

Saturday dawned with a snow storm, and cold. I didn't leave the house till much later, didn't get my run due to the cold. When I did venture out it was not a fun night to drive in, but I had friends to meet for dinner and thing is in MN if you opt to not go out in crappy weather, well, you'd be in all winter. So met the friends and we went to a nice Itlian place downtown had great conversation, good food and drinks and then went to a nearby more upscale bar and hung out chatting amongst ourselves. Unfortunately we got back to find my car gone. My friends live on an unmarked section of a snow emergency route and snow emergency was declared and towing ensued. So annoying and expensive but oh well.

Got up today and had some tenative plans but ended up staying around home, except for a quick trip to the gym and a run. What really sucks is that the cold turn we are taking, again, leaves us with a winter weather advisory for tomorrow. Windchill is going to be so bad that you can have frostbite in 10 minutes. I guess I'll be at the gym for a run. I'm doing a complementary session with a personal trainer tomorrow, he's not as hot as my hottie at the other gym, but he's cute...might end up selling me some sessions!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


So it's finally here...a whole 17 days off. Of course a couple of those days already have plans...Christmas and all that. Have to go visit the family...but other than that, I have time to relax. Mainly planning to clean house, finish my shopping and see some friends who will be in town. And of course run. I have to get some good running in now, while I have the time. Hopefully I will make some progress on a few things at least.

Anyway, now to get caught up on friends blogs!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Been Pointed Out...

Yes, I'm STILL neglecting...I know I promised an update and so far nothing. So quick one and hopefully more time tomorrow.

Thursday I was just done after work and chriopractor and then errands...I needed an adjustment bad. Then on Friday till tomorrow I've been dogsitting for my parents and poor guy needs attention so no time for being online!! (plus my house needs a desperate cleaning!!).

Saturday we got together for my sister's birthday and went out for drinks after dinner and a trip to the Holidazzle with my mom (holiday light parade downtown Minneapolis during the holidays). Stayed at sister's this morning till we went to brunch for her birthday (birthday is actually today) and then came home and watched the Vikings, went for a run with Max on icy roads and then have been trying to clean (although you wouldn't know to see the place, funny how it's always messier before you managed to get things cleaned!!). I managed a 14 mile run yesterday and 4 today and finished the week with 41. Tomorrow is 18 weeks from Boston, and while I don't have a full plan together yet, need to work on that over the next few days, I'm feeling OK about the base to start up.

Anyway, will try to start catching up this week...I do promise!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


OK, hopefully will have time to start catching up with you all tomorrow and get a more proper post all my goals for the upcoming vacation days!! But final is done. It was LONG!! Like seriously I took almost the 3 hours and I never do that. I don't know if I did well enough to get my A that I wanted for that class, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Anyway, exhausted now. Time for bed so I can get up and run in the morning so I can do errands after work!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

One More Day!!

And the madness ends!! One more final and I promise to catch up on the lives of my much neglected blogger friends. I appreciate all the good luck wishes and if you can hold them out to one more day I'll love you forever!! :) Last nights final wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it could be. Still no clue what kind of grade I'll pull off, but I feel pretty good about the in class, take home I don't know about...that stuff was a bit difficult for me. Tomorrow is open book so hopefully it's not too bad. I've been trying to refresh myself on stuff but it's hard studying for an open book.

Got a nice run in before studying tonight too. Even thought it was probably only about 10 out (high of 20 today and dropping to 6 with wind chill at 0 overnight they say). I haven't been to the gym to strength train in a week and I hate that, but I've been tired and studying. I was going to go tomorrow but think I might sleep in one more day and get back to it strong on Thursday. I do have to do something. I'm in a strapless dress in a wedding in a month and a half!!

Oh, and only 7 more working days for me left this year!! Yes...because of my company having shut down from 12/25-1/1 officially, and then speculation we'll be given 1/2 off too because it's a Friday and why come in for one day? Also speculation that we'll have 12/24 off (and I've taken it off already so means I get a carry over day!) and having conserved vacation time I'll be taking off the 3 days before Christmas and I have one other day that I'm just going to use on 12/ from 12/19 through probably 1/4 I'll be off work. So plenty of time to catch up with you all!! :)

Monday, December 08, 2008

Luck Needed!!

Please send prayers, luck, whatever you've got, my way today...that final in a few hours is going to be brutal!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Running Relates to Everything

I got to thinking during a conversation with a friend today...

Think about this. Training is like studying. It requires so many more hours than any other part of the whole process. Small races, tune up races, could be compared to quizzes or midterms, and then of course you have the main event...the big race, the final exam. And, at least for me, I've realized...Boston is graduation day. It's the pinnacle. It's what I worked so hard to achieve. It's graduation day!

Can't tell I'm studying for finals can you? Back to it.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Not Much Longer...

I'm holding on and hanging in. Last night of class and we got done early. It was mainly for review finaly on Monday and Wednesday and that's it for the semester. So yes, this week will still be pretty quiet, but after finals are done and for a month and a half I should have more time to post!! Yay!! And read...and catch up. I'm working on the take home part of stats right now...would love to have that done before the weekend so I can focus on studying for stats and law over the weekend. Law is open book, but I want to know my stuff going in. I always tend to study for an open book and find that I usually don't need the book except to verify a few things. That's a nice thing, when it happens at least it is!

My house is about ready for Christmas. Lights are up. I think I'm going to work on the final for another half hour then put the tree up and decorate during TV...either what is on, or put on something I taped earlier this week...we'll see.

Keep fingers crossed for me to do well. There is a light at the end of the semester at least (even if there is still probably 2 1/2 more years of classes!).

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm Alive...

I it has been a really long time since I posted though. Will have to suffice with a quick update today though and more when finals are over in just over a more week of classes and then finals. Yikes. So while studying today I needed a study break and I hadn't run in 3 days. I NEVER take that long of a break. But Thursday I was at my parents and it was T-day and I was a bit hung over. Friday I was traveling back from my parents and wanted to clean when I got back to missed it then and yesterday I went to do my annual cookie baking with one of my friends and then went to the Gopher hockey game last just no time yesterday. Today I'm studying but had to take a few minutes (OK, an hour and 10 minutes) to get an 8 miler in. It was slow going, partly due to the light snow covering in some places. I really should've had my Yaktrax on, but didn't think about it so had a few miles that were's hard to climb hills in slippery conditions at a faster pace. I'm so glad I ran when I did though...coming down a slight hill, heard a few birds making some noise, looked up and besides the black birds I saw a beautiful bald eagle fly over. I had never seen one in my neighborhood before. Was way too cool.

Alright. Time to read some business law...before more stats studying. Ughh...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Wonderful Email...Finally!

Dear Danielle,

This is to notify you that your entry into the 113th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 20, 2009 has been accepted, provided that the information you submitted is accurate.

You can verify your acceptance into the field by searching the 113th Boston Marathon "Entrants" database on the B.A.A. web site, Additionally, an acceptance postcard will be mailed to you via US Postal Service mail.

In early April 2009, an official Number Pick-up Card and extensive information regarding the B.A.A. Boston Marathon and related race week activities will be mailed to you via US Postal Service first class mail. If you do not receive your Number Pick-up Card (required to claim number) and brochure by April 11, please contact our Registration Office at Registration related inquiries may also be directed to 508-435-6905.

Note that bib numbers will not be distributed on Race Day. Your travel arrangements should take into account picking up your number at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston on Friday, April 17 from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., or Saturday, April 18 or Sunday, April 19 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

We look forward to seeing you in April!

Best of luck in your training!

Boston Athletic Association

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Runners vs Joggers

OK...this has been a topic of conversation in numerous places I've been lately and yes, I know I shouldn't be bothered by it, what is in a name? But at the same time I think I've pinpointed why I'm bothered by it. See to me, a runner isn't someone running 5 minute miles, and a jogger isn't someone who is finishing a marathon in 6.5 hours. Speed has nothing to do with it. It's a part of who you's the community you are part of. I'm a runner because I am out there most days of the week. I run when it's cold. I pass on staying up late and drinking because I have an early morning training run. I am out in the rain. It's an obsession. It's a love. It's a way of life for me. I don't really remember back to when I didn't run. I won't go a week without running because I feel a little "off" without it.

To me joggers are the hobby people. They will do it to lose weight, but they hate it. They will go out if it's nice out. They will do it when it's convenient, and it's not a big deal if they can't do it. They are happy when injured as it gives an excuse to not run.

For a runner, even the days we hate it, we still love it. When we are having a bad run, we look forward to the next time, because that might be a good one. When we are injured, we are couting the days till we can run again (and might be out there when we shoudn't be). It's a culture. It's a way of be a runner...

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Wow I'm behind...

On people's blogs, on updates...all kinds of things...and for some stupid reason when I was wide awake at 6 I didn't use the extra time to blog...but that could be cause it was a very nice day and I had to get out and enjoy it.

Anyway, all my complanining about my foot forever, I am finally seeing a podiatrist tomorrow. I checked him out. His name was in an article the local paper ran about barefoot runners. He is a marathon runner, having done 20 of them, and then checking on his stuff on the clinic website he has also done ironman! So hopefully he is good and gives me something good to do with my foot. Without orthodics or a cortisone shot!! Those are my limits and what I won't do.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Monster Dash Half Marathon

I wanted a 1:40, well, that was my basic goal...depending on conditions. I felt good all week. Ran some good times. Thursday I had a lot of energy in me and a really good 6 miler. Wasn't sure how that would affect today.

Weather was cooler than I liked, but it's end of October. I had tights a long sleeved skin shirt and a long sleeved tech shirt. Also had gloves and an ear band. I wore my devil horns for a "costume"...this was a costumed race.

Course followed parts of Twin Cities. Was nice not running in a downpour however there were some nasty hills on the turn around so it's not an easy course. I definitely went out too fast, running mostly 7:30s and some a bit faster. On the turnaround I slowed down a bit on some of the hills and it was a struggle for sure through the last 5K and even a little beyond that. I came up the last hill, was around the corner and made a dash for the finish line. Unfortunately the 3 other races going on that day were also coming around that curve and one of them was a "fun run" so yes, much slower runners to dodge around which sucked, but I did pass a girl who had passed me earlier in the race and that was kind of fun...and I crossed in 1:41:33 on my Garmin. No posted official time yet. My former PR was 1:44:12. So while not the 1:40 I wanted it was good and for being a tougher course and just 3 weeks after Twin Cities.

Nice race except for that finish. Oh, and that they had a great food table, but the water was on it as well and the 5K (2 of them fun run and timed) and 10 miler all finished around the same time and were trying to get to that food table, with the water in the middle of it, as well. Oh, and the spectators were also holding things just a couple things I would change about the race. Overall a decent experience though.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

This One's for Me

I’m writing this so I don’t forget the little details, and as a reminder, or maybe to any who might read, an inspiration? Dreams can come true. No matter how far out they might seem.

May 16th. It was officially announced. NKOTB was on the Today show and announced they are coming back, new album out in the fall and a tour…I checked the early dates and they were as near as Chicago, but it was THE DAY BEFORE TWIN CITIES! Talk about disappointing…till the day it came out they’d be in Minneapolis. And I had friends willing to spend a bit…we decided if we were going, we were going all out and we bought the VIP package. Backstage meet and greet…and seats in the first 10 rows.

Fast forward to Tuesday, October 21, 2008. Remember, back in the day, they were my favorites. I was obsessed. Posters on the walls, t-shirts, sheets…the works. Last time I saw them I was 17…half my life ago…OK, yeah I’m old. But man, I so wanted to meet them. I would’ve done about anything for that opportunity. My biggest dream. How often do dreams come true? I mean this one we’re talking not a super attainable thing. Had someone told me 17 years ago to be patient, my day would come, I don’t think I would’ve believed it.

We got through the line, cameras checked, drink tickets in hand, backstage pass around neck, escorted to the VIP area after being given our tickets, 1st row (first 10 were guaranteed, we must’ve been the first to get in seriously), and our gift, a coffee mug and blanket. A room full of fans. Beer. Food. We were told the rules. We’d go into the room, talk a bit, pictures, then out. We were called to line up by the letter on the back of our passes…we were F. Suddenly they were coming into the room and led back to a special room off the one we were in. Within 2 beers of getting there (no idea of time!) we were in line and suddenly we were being sent into the room and there they were. Donnie was solo, so I went right over gave him a hug and said I’ve been waiting so long for this. Talked to him a little bit and then others were moving in and Joe was alone! He was my favorite. I fell for them when I saw the video for Please Don’t Go Girl, and there was a cute boy, with beautiful blue eyes…And there he was. I walked over, gave him a hug and told him that my first memory of them was that video, and the pretty blue eyes (which, by the way, for those that were fans, and liked him, his eyes are even bluer, pictures don’t do him justice!) and he smiled and batted them for me. My friends then made their way over and a story was told to him about how one of my friends used to sing one of their songs, that he was lead vocals on, sang in her sleep…then it was time for the group pic…we were lining up, I was still next to him, and he said “someone has to be in the front” and crouched down, so I crouched next to him and he held my hand and 2 pics were snapped and we were being sent out. I told him quick that I had just earned myself an opportunity to go to Boston and run…he looked impressed (OK, they have to deal with tons of fans on a daily basis, I appreciated that he actually listened and looked interested) I hadn’t had a chance to say anything to Jon, Danny or Jordan, but I had to go over to Jordan and get a hug and tell him we shared a birthday. He walked with me to the door and then it was done…So surreal…I have the memories. I looked at them. I talked to them. In a few days I’m going to have that picture to prove it, but I still can’t believe it. After I had to talk to someone. I called home and my dad answered. He knew…and I could hear in his voice even how happy he was for me. He knew what I was like then. Knew how much I loved them, and to have my dream come true…well…and he’s going to be there in Boston too. We talked about that too. I was high on life at that moment (I’d only had two beers by then, that wasn’t enough to send me over the edge!!)

We had a couple more drinks in the VIP area and then it was time to go to our seats…way, way up…we walked, and walked, and got up there…and not only were we front row, we were front row, CENTER! I had my camera…I was set.

Opening acts were OK, actually realized I recognized some of the music of the second singer (can’t think of her name ), and we headed out to get another beer and on the way out I ran into a friend (out of 13,000 people in there what were the odds of that?).

Opening finished and finally it was time. The show was over 2 hours long and they danced, they flirted, they talked to the crowd, they changed costumes…they did like they did back in the day, only a little older now, and actually, a little hotter! They played new stuff, they played old stuff, they played stuff that was part of solo projects…they were out in the middle of the crowd and they were back on stage. It was AMAZING! While I’m not so young and innocent anymore, not like I was then, but it took me back. I was there with good friends, I had something in common (5 things in common) with 13,000 people in that stadium, and it was good….If only it could’ve gone on forever. Who knew…Oh, and if only my camera battery hadn't died (it was fully charged going in, new memory card and I didn't even manage to think to record any video clips...had I known the battery might die, I would've bought a spare!!)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


When I can compose my thoughts, there will be more...and pics. I'll just say I spent a lot for it, and I don't regret one dime. Even though it would've bought a few running shoes. And if I could get the same deal for tomorrow in Milwaukee I so would!

NKOTB Baby...


Yeah, those of you guessing that would be the show. Come on it's the reunion tour of the century...yes, we are only in 2008 but for those of us women, now in our 20s and 30s, these were the boys that we grew up for nostagial's sake, tonight I'm 17...with a good fake ID!! (nothing like being able to now drink at a concert where last time you saw them the idea of drinking wasn't even in your mind!!


Monday, October 20, 2008

24 Hours

OK, a non-running related thing...I'm in a weird state right now as in just under 24 hours I'm going to once again be in St Paul (I NEVER cross the river and this is twice in a month!) this time for a concert...and I get to go backstage and meet a band that I used to idolize...I mean seriously, they were all over my's weird to think that half my life ago, I was still in that room, with those posters and now, tomorrow, I'm going to be in their real life...backstage...and then in the 10th row or better to

Friday, October 17, 2008


Mile 1 - 8:24
Mile 2 - 8:02
Mile 3 - 8:01
Mile 4 - 7:28
Mile 5 - 7:25
Mile 6 - 7:31
Mile 7 - 7:17
Mile 8 - 8:05

That was my run last night…around my neighborhood…over the typical hills that I run…I’d say I must be recovered from the marathon…

So I registered for a half next weekend. Originally was going to run it just to have something on the calendar for post-marathon blues (but then with Boston to look forward to I don’t have that) and then was going to just run it to run with a friend who is doing her first half, but with those splits, I might shoot for a PR…it was a thought in my head depending on how recovery was going (but it’s also dependent on weather, this is MN and if it’s cold I don’t run as fast or well although sometimes maybe I do since it’s cold and you want to get done and into warm stuff!). The race is an Ortho race and is the Monster half…people are encouraged to come in costume, I might actually do a little something…maybe some devil horns and a tail since that would be easy…if I was only doing the 5K and/or not shooting for a PR I’d go a better costume, but since it’s the half and trying to run well, well, you know how that goes.

Anyway, starting to get back to normal things, catching up on homework, etc after the wild weekends the last couple. First the marathon, then last weekend was wild and crazy celebration time with a friend (her new job, my BQ, some of the night might not be recalled quite so easily!!), a 10 mile run with a friend and then lazing the rest of the day recovering from the night before. This weekend will be more subdued (have options tonight but think I’m staying in and cleaning and watching some movies) but I like that idea…I have so many things I need to get taken care of and I’ve been putting off. Now is the time to do that. Fall cleaning and all…suppose need to get my fall clothes out and rearrange and clean out my closet…ughh…

Friday, October 10, 2008

Finish Stats

OK, one more before I finish on the marathon...these are the stats of my finishing position:

Top 16% of Finishers, 1276 out of 7969
Top 9% of Division 30-34, 52 out of 572
Top 7% of Gender, 228 out of 3192

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Part Two – Twin Cities Marathon, October 5, 2008

I registered for this marathon in April, I had decided it was the race last fall, maybe…so this has been a long, long time in coming! (flowers from my dad and mom to celebrate)

I was at the expo on Friday to allow rest on Saturday, skipped Salazar even though I really wanted to see him…but rest was more important. Bought a necklace that says 26.2 on it and am kicking myself for not getting back and getting the shirt from One More Mile that said “Some Girls Chase Boys, I Pass Them” on it. Saturday took my mom around the course to find spots for me to watch for them (my dad, mom, sister and brother) and then went to dinner at my favorite restaurant with a lot of friends (17 of us total I think).
Got home, got my stuff together after dinner and I actually slept fairly well on Saturday night (in fact I didn’t want to get out of bed Sunday morning). I had slept well on Friday too. My stuff was mostly together, I got out of bed, had a breakfast of a scrambled egg, 2 slices of toast and a banana. Took some Gatorade and headed to my sister’s where I was meeting my parents. Got there and realized I had forgotten my recovery drink and champagne but oh well. Forecast had chance for showers (and it had in fact already rained) but it was 51 degrees. I was in shorts, a short sleeved top and tube socks for sleeves, and a long sleeved top to throw away. Met my parents and we drove and parked downtown, got on the train and took it to the Dome. I was there about 7:20, a bit later than planned but oh well. Got there and found my training group and another friend that I had talked to. Went to the bathroom and then it was time to head out to the start. I was in Corral I, got into the start area just as the wheelers took off then 10 more minutes and off we went…I saw mom and dad right after the start but they didn’t see me and then I got focused on running slower to start (that didn’t happen unfortunately and I probably partly paid for that in the end, there was one 7:40 mile in there, yikes) and running the tangents and telling myself all kinds of good pep talk advice. At the first water stop, about 2.5 miles, I saw my academic advisor (heard her actually) yelling for me. Considering I’ve met her twice I was shocked she spotted me. I saw Alan Page (former Viking and current MN Supreme court justice) playing his tuba just past the water stop and then just on and focused. A light rain started then, but it was fine, nothing too bad and the crowds were out anyway and cheering great.

Mile 7.5 or so, just coming around Lake Harriet and heading up to the parkway and a few miles before I was set to see my parents and a good friend, it opened up and poured…climbing the hills you had water streaming over your shoes and no way to keep the feet dry. My gloves were soaked but I’m glad I had kept them and kept them on. I kept moving and by maybe 11.5 it was slowing down. I unfortunately didn’t see my friend or parents (later found out my parents had been delayed and hadn’t made it to that spot, but my friend did see me I just didn’t see or hear her).
By around mile 11-12 my legs were feeling “off”. I wasn’t sure what was wrong so took more sport beans and sharkies thinking I might be low on fuel. Running around Lake Nokomis was cold, even with the rain now died down, but there was some wind factor. Hit the half and then another few miles and noticed that my left quad was feeling very tight. I tried some more beans etc as I went on but just was focused on moving. Mile 17 it was definitely a problem, but what do you do? I just kept moving…made it over the bridge to St Paul and looked for my parents at the next spot between 20 and 21 but didn’t see them there either. This is where it was getting mentally tough. I started looking, thinking I could do 10 minute miles and still make it, thought about why I was doing this, and talking myself out of it...I reminded myself though, my dad was there, I told him I was going to get it for him, and I didn't want to HAVE to train that hard again unless I wanted I Climbed the hill to St Thomas and that hurt…by the time I got to the top I wasn’t sure what I had left and I knew there was a gradual climb up Summit. It hadn’t hurt before, but it did then…Luckily I got a boost as my friend called out my name and I heard her this time and waved and went on…I had run this entire time but decided in the interest of getting more in me, I should walk through the next water stops, so mile 22, 23, and 24 I walked through, along with just a little walk up part of one other hill…mile 24 I also took a gel and I don’t know if it was that or the fact that there was somewhat of a downhill, but my legs came back somewhat and I was able to pick my pace back up from the 9 minute miles I was at to the sub 8:30 I had been at. I saw a girl from my training group and caught her just before mile 26, on the downhill, and I said “hey Jennie, we’re going to Boston” and she couldn’t believe it (she hadn’t worn a watch). I heard one of our coaches yell out “Boston” and smiled at him and the coast downhill was great. Just before the bleachers I heard massive screaming of “You can do it Dani, you’re almost there, you have it” and I recognized my sister’s voice, turned my head and looked then looked back at the finish and it clicked on which one in the crowd she was…I crossed the finish and for some reason the official clock wasn’t going but I knew it hadn’t taken me more than a few seconds to cross the start and my watch said 3:37 and some odd seconds so I knew it was good. I got my medal, told the woman I had qualified for Boston and she said that deserved a hug and gave me one. Wandered down and got a banana, space blanket, finishers shirt, water powerade and chip removed…all with Jennie, Pete and Kevin who were all in our training group and finished right around the same time as us. I got a quick finisher’s picture and then headed out of the secure area. I was waiting for the tears to fall, but I think I was too dehydrated to cry. I walked toward the family meet area and my brother and sister were there and both gave me hugs (even though I was wet and gross) and my parents walked up just after that and gave me a hug, dad apologizing that they hadn’t seen me finish, they had had trouble getting parked and just hadn’t gotten there…had they followed my brother and sister it might have worked out (they were in separate cars to, which hadn’t been part of the original plan but I found out later there was some hassle with getting around, should’ve made mom drive so she knew better!!). Talked to MNFirefly and FullMetalLunchBox and got my official finish time of 3:37:52 from them and then headed to the post party tent. Talked to the friend that had been cheering me on and gave her my official finish time….sent texts to a few people and checked on a few others and we were off.
My brother had done some landscaping in the area so we went and looked at that then I called my grandma’s and we headed back to the truck…a long, long walk, back up the hill, but oh well. Dad and I just walked really slowly behind my mom and sister. It was a challenge to cross the marathon course, but did it and off to home…where I had mom stop along the way at my place so I could get a bottle of champagne, well, Fragalino, a great Italian sweet, sparkling wine that tastes like strawberries…I’d been saving it for a special occasion and thought this was special. Took a warm shower and then sat in my sister’s hot tub for a bit before going and grabbing food. I wanted to meet up with some of the friends in town, but by the time I could’ve gotten there it was just getting late, so I headed home, stopped by the party my training group was having, had cake, talked to others and found that all 4 girls I had been running with all summer had qualified for Boston so that was very cool.

Now it’s recovery time. I took the day off work yesterday and didn’t run. I’m going to attempt 3-4 tonight (even though it’s raining!) and clean and study tonight…I’ll recover this week, maybe do a half in a couple of weeks but then I’m working on getting my Boston plans together. I’m just so excited at the fact that I can go to Boston’s website and actually register…and they will let me because I have a time that they can verify lets me in…I’m just floored on this one still!!
Thanks to all for the support through the training too. I had some low times, I had some tough times and I had good things happen…you’ve all been there and it’s awesome to have the support all over. Thank you!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Part One – The Road to Boston

I had started a bit last night, but decided I need to really get back and post more on this than I originally maybe started. After all, this is the culmination (although seriously, I know I have a faster marathon in me, you’ll hear about things behind this in the report, but I might have to do another fast one one day in better conditions), the pinnacle, I made my goal to run the World Series/Super Bowl of Marathons…and those of you out there that do them, I know you know what I mean!!

This blog started after my marathon career started…so let’s go back 4 years…or, better yet 6 years. I had started running again (ran in high school and then just very sporadically after, in fact a friend in college used to run 5-7 miles a day and I thought she was nuts!!) and told some friends, well, I might do a 5K someday, but no way I’m going to do a marathon…that was the year I ran my first 5K, 10K and half (that 10K is still my only 10K race so my current PR is 59:30, so guess I’ll have a 15 minute or so PR on that when I run another!). I even ran 10 miles of the Twin Cities course with a friend as my last long run. My half was a 2:14:30, it hurt and no way I could see doing twice that, but it was in my mind by that point to do one. That was all when I was 28…so the year I turned 30, 2004, I decided OK, time for a full. To celebrate my 30th birthday I semi-trained for Grandma’s marathon, my parents came for it, it was Father’s day weekend and I ran a 4:48. Knowing that my training wasn’t great, I thought, well, I’ll probably do another one. It had been a fun weekend and my dad was very proud, he’s always been a supporter of any goal I set. Of course by this time I knew more about the sport and about Boston, but having run over 10 minute miles for the marathon, 8:22 I believe would get me to Boston, no way I can run that, fast for me then was 9 minute miles, maybe a couple under 9…

Fast forward and in 2005 I ran Mad-city in Madison with a 3:42 or something like that, and then Chicago (last really nice weather year for it I think too, as then it was cold and then hot), which I honestly thought would be my last race in 4:20. I had done 3 by then and thought well, that’s enough. Why would I do more?? But shortly after Chicago I thought well, maybe, I’d like to go under 4 hours. So 2006 I started training much harder, changed what I had been doing and followed a really good program. I was shooting for under 4, and as the training went on, a part of me started thinking hmmm…Boston MIGHT not be out of reach. I thought maybe I could go under 4 at one in the spring and hit BQ at one in the fall. I ran Marathon to Marathon in Iowa and had my PR of 3:42:54. I was on Boston pace there for 20 miles…I really hadn’t known that was possible even at that point. Anyway, I had already registered for Marine Corp as well, so I started in right away training and that was probably a mistake. I was tired and sore and went to Marine Corp not trained for the 3:40. Well, I was, but I spent a lot of time trying to catch the 3:40 pace group and burned out at the half…so it was a death trudge for the second half. Not fun, but still finished with my second best time to that point in a 3:56 or so.
2007 I took off. I ran a 5K and PR’d on that, but I was having hip/back issues and I did run a 25K (and technically PR’d but the prior one was terrible so it was a given). I had registered for Grandma’s, thinking to use it to qualify but I didn’t end up running because of the issues…I wasn’t running another one if I didn’t have a shot to BQ at it was my frame of mind at that point.

So see, for those of you that don’t think it’s possible, I’m telling you it is. You just have to get out there and run more. That’s what it takes apparently. It’s what I had been told, I hadn’t fully believed it, but as I’ve run more, my times have gotten faster. I know I still have a lot of PRs in me, including marathon…I haven’t fully reached my potential, so next year might be a focus on shorter races to see what I have!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Boston Bound

So title probably tells it all!! A longer report to follow, probably tomorrow, but my chip time was 2:37:53, technically got me in with 4 minutes to spare. Weather wasn't the best, cooler temps but a downpour miles 7.5-10.5 made it chillier!!

Important thing is the end result. I PR'd by 5:01 too.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Day Before

I want to thank everyone for the well wishes!! Thankfully, even though I'm awake early, I got a good nights sleep last night. This is a good thing since tonight might not fair as well.

Hopefully I'll be able to properly thank all of you for the well wishes with a really great report, sometime either tomorrow or for sure by Monday (and I promise I'll try to at least get a little blurb about it tomorrow even if I get no report till Monday).

Now, hopefully I can get this homework done.

Friday, October 03, 2008

TCM 2 Days...

OK, I have my packet picked up...and bought a few fun things at the expo. Will probably be at the expo for a time tomorrow. Still debating if I'll see Salazar or's during time that I'd like to be resting so we'll see. Weather is hovering at 50/55 for low/high, slight chance for rain, about 20-30% but that's mostly later in the day. If it's not overly cool humid the weather could be great. At least for the runners. I hope the 40s we have had for the past couple of days is gone because that's cooler than I like!!

Anyway, will post more maybe later, going to meet some friends in town to run the marathon at a happy hour/dinner. Then home to do homework...hopefully get it done tonight so I don't have to think about it tomorrow or Monday!

I have to remember, I'm trained. I'm ready. I'm going to kick butt....

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

TCM - 4 Days and Counting

Wow…a week since I wrote…and tapering continues…

The week has flown, I had a post I was going to make and didn’t remember. This class two nights a week, running group one night and something seeming to be on every Friday, and coming up on Thursday it’s keeping me busy.

Last weekend I spent most of the weekend doing homework. I was in tears of frustration over Excel. The stupid program does not work well, at least not for the things that I was trying to do. Thank God for facebook and a friend from class on there that was able to help me after some things she had found. Her and I were both trying different things and it was a horror…6 hours of my life that should’ve only taken 1-2 at most…ughh…at least, so far, my answers seem to be decent, and he’s guiding toward better answers. Just want this class to go well, and looking forward to it being over. I haven’t had a chance to really work on homework yet for this week, but I have a problem assignment, a computer assignment (but honestly both use computer so not sure what he uses to determine the difference!!) and a reading/writing assignment. Seriously. If I had homework in the other class beyond reading (and there is a test coming up) I’d be totally screwed. Once Sunday is done my focus will be 100% on it though.

So Sunday…of course the question comes…are you ready? Am I? I don’t know. Really…I don’t. I mean I should be, I should fill myself with confidence, but there is some doubt, even with that good run at the 25K. I think that’s causing me problems because what if that was my good race this year and what if it’s not like that on Sunday? I know, that’s beyond my control. As is the weather (which is changing daily, only thing I don’t like is the wind, temps are OK, even a little rain won’t be too bad, but wind I don’t want!). I can focus on sleep, eating right, carbo loading and keeping myself healthy till Sunday.

I got an adjustment on Monday. That was nice. I felt good last night on our group run. This mornings was OK. Tomorrow is off, I’ll do 2-3 on Friday and that will be it. Rest on Saturday, although I’m torn there. Alberto Salazar is speaking at the expo. He’s there from 2-3 and then signing autographs. At that time I’d like to be napping and/or have my feet up. I can’t walk all day Saturday. I know that. I need to rest myself up for Sunday and my big task…but think how cool to see him, have him sign my bib (I had Dick Beardsley sign my first bib from my first marathon, and they are the two that ran the most famous Boston Marathon, so how cool would it be to have Salazar sign?), but I think I’m going to the expo early instead and then resting. I could nap at my sister’s with my fuzzy brothers…and do homework…

Also am hoping one day to get caught up on other people's lives!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tapering Continues

Guess I haven’t written in a couple of days…maybe it’s due to being busy with school, work, taper nuttiness? Anyway, still here, still trying to keep the focus, the goal, clear the mind and believe…

The weekend was spent traveling to a friends surprise birthday party in WI and back. Just under a 2 hour drive one way, but I saw a few people I hadn’t seen in a while while there and that was nice. One a friend that I know from college and haven’t seen, maybe since her wedding, and in that time, unfortunately she has ended up divorced…and what made me sad, is that the experience seems to have changed her. Don’t get me wrong, you can’t go through a divorce and not change right? (not having been involved and married, I can’t speak from experience but knowing breakups change you, it would stand to measure that a divorce would do more!) I always knew her as this sunny, sweet, happy person…glass is half full and/or full to overflowing…always a kind word for people, but would call someone out if they were doing something that wasn’t right, so she wouldn’t get run over and taken advantage of…but now she just seems different…not the person I first met and knew, and yes, it was more than 8 years ago that I met her, so that two would account for changes, in fact I knew her first before she was even 21, and she just turned 30…but it’s always sad to see those changes in those that you know shouldn’t change, or wish that they wouldn’t change.

Anyway, got home late but Sunday morning I got up and went to the farmer’s market where yay, they had my Cortland apples that I so love (the ones I got last week were good, Zestar, but Cortland are just even that much better!!), talked to my parents, went for a run and then tackled homework…A full day of it pretty much since I spent Saturday running around (12.5 mile run Saturday morning, then a little homework and then of course the trip to WI and back). Got it done in time to relax, watch a bit of TV and go to bed. I didn’t want to get up yesterday morning, but did and went through the workday, finalized one bit of homework during lunch and then was off to class. Monday night is Stats…but while it’s a bit hard to follow sometimes, the lecture can go all over the board, I do like listening to him, and the stuff we discuss is more the application of stats instead of all talk of the formulas and theories of why. Got my first assignment back too. We are reading a book called The Ghost Map, which lays out the cholera outbreak in London in 1854 and basically what caused it…each week we read a chapter and are tasked with taking 1-2 sentences from the reading and writing about how it relates to what we are discussing or have discussed…that’s it for the direction. I wrote about 2 paragraphs on the section I took, and ended up doing really well on it. In fact I proclaimed I still know how to BS because I know I sat with that assignment having no clue what he might want/be looking for…but his grading is basically verbal, super, excellent or good…excellent basically is what you want to strive for as it will help pretty much have you at a B-B+ going into the final…I had a super…meaning I was a step above that!! I like that. Now at least I have sometime to fall back on to write going forward. I know this weeks isn’t as good as that one, but hopefully it at least earns an excellent…along with the other homework that took quite some time…the concepts are still taking time to set itself in my mind!! Or taking my mind time to remember them!!
And tonight is my 3rd to last training group run. Scary and sad…we are doing 5-7 miles at marathon pace and afterward have a speaker. Jason Lehmkuhle…member of Team USA of MN who finished 5th at the Olympic Marathon Trials…should be quite cool!
So forgot to get this posted yesterday so it's now posted today...and the talk was quite cool...I mean not often you talk to someone in such a quiet setting that is at that level...

Class was done early, run last night was entertaining as taper nuttiness and snarkyness was in place big time. Long week and the one day I had to go home and just veg I now gave up and am going to a happy hour...sigh...

Friday, September 19, 2008


Well, the taper pains are here I think. legs feel like lead!! I did go for a run last night, a tempo, that because of lost signals I think was a bit short, but on mapmyrun it came up at most .20 short of the 10 miles I thought I did, so not OVERLY short. I guess the time I had is fairly close, I mean at most it's probably 1-2 minutes off, which isn't a lot over 10 miles. At most instead of the 8:01 pace Garmin said, probably an is that?? Means I did run at least 5-6 miles of MP like I planned. I really didn't believe it though, my legs felt so tight I really didn't feel like I was running some of the sub 8 miles that were coming up.

Middle of the night I woke up, and feeling like lead still, I decided you know, this is taper week, I had planned 44 miles, but if I didn't run today, I'd still be at 40 for the week if I run tomorrow (which I am) and Sunday, which I definitely plan on, it's not a big deal. The hay is in the barn, as Nathan, one of my training coaches put it. There is only injury and overtraining and not enough rest that can come right? So I slept in this morning and took this afternoon off. Of course I snacked and feel guilty about that and feel I should go run that off...maybe I should go soak in a tub instead...see if that soaks the tightness out of my legs.

Anyway, other than that, I'm glad the week is over. I have class on Monday, training group on Tuesday (but only for 2 more weeks, that makes me kind of sad) and class again on Wednesday. Can I just say how much I look forward to Thursday?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yasso 800s

The last kind of big workout pre-taper, although I'll do a tempo run tomorrow yet too, and a light tempo next week as well...but it's really and truly cutting down...met with the training group and did an easy 2 mile warm up before hitting the track at St Thomas for the 800s, 400 recovery...this is how they broke down (unfortunately I don't have the recovery time for each since I don't have a regular watch right now, just ordered one, and I didn't use the interval function on Garmin last night).

Yasso 1 - 3:31
Yasso 2 - 3:35
Yasso 3 - 3:27
Yasso 4 - 3:27
Yasso 5 - 3:25
Yasso 6 - 3:30
Yasso 7 - 3:31
Yasso 8 - 3:28
Yasso 9 - 3:28
Yasso 10 - 3:20

Thing is, they actually felt pretty easy...I could've done a few more and none of them, not even the last, really felt like I was pushing the pace.

We had dinner at a fun place nearby after and got out of there way too late, to bed way too late and up way too early...with class tonight it's going to be a really long day I think! Ah well.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


First of all, last hard, high mileage week complete. For my PR marathon in 2006 I had my highest mileage week ever then, of 63 miles. This morning I did 5 miles , and has been the case after every long run so far, ended up feeling really good and averaged an 8:41 pace. I tell you, Endurox R4 recovery drink works. I have had it after my long runs and feel good enough for a good run the next day. Even when the long runs are done harder!! Anyway, that 5 miles put my mileage for this week at 68. I ran everyday. And since I ran last Sunday, that's 8 days of running...I think my body is ready for a rest.

After my run yesterday I decided it was time for a quick stop at the farmers market because it's mid-September and my favorite apple had to be in season by now...Cortland's. A MN apple, the only thing I really look forward to in the fall...and no, they aren't quite ready. Maybe next weekend, but not even a guarantee on that. We did have a late spring after all. And when the person at the stand mentioned that, I remembered that too and was even more upset about the color changes we noticed in the leaves on our run today. Yes, we are experiencing normal conditions for this time of year in MN, but we had a cold winter last year, a crappy winter, and a very, very late spring...don't we deserve a bit longer summer??? Don't get me wrong, I don't want summer conditions marathon day, 3 weeks from today, but I don't want fall yet when we were cheated out of spring! But such is MN...and at least we are in football season right? And I was able to get a different apple, Zestar, a newly developed one, developed right here in MN at the University of Minnesota that are pretty it wasn't a total loss at the farmer's market.

Another sign of fall...homework time.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Let the Taper Begin…Except for Tuesday’s Yasso’s!

That was the theme today, and yes, we are doing Yasso’s on Tuesday with my group, but today marks the official end to the mileage build up. Over the next 3 weeks I’ll be cutting back my mileage and of course there is a big race 3 weeks from tomorrow.

My plan, 22 miles, the group had plans for 20, so I went for a quick two mile warm up through downtown St. Paul.

Mile 1 – 9:06
Mile 2 – 10:00

Then met my group, basically at mile 26.2. Today’s run was an out and back. 10 miles backwards over the marathon course and then 10 miles back. Coming into today I had 40 miles in, not counting the race on Sunday (since that was last weeks mileage but still, it was a factor to the week). The Fartlks on Tuesday and the somewhat failed intervals in the downpour on Thursday. I had a decent meal, similar to what I want to eat the day before the marathon (at my favorite restaurant) last night, got to bed, and thought before bed that I couldn’t wait till today, getting this last long run done. The long run with the group. Plan was long slow distance of course, BUT if you felt OK, run harder coming back…up the hills. So that’s what I did.

Mile 1 – 9:15 Mile 12 – 8:32
Mile 2 – 8:54 Mile 13 – 8:52
Mile 3 – 9:10 Mile 14 – 9:28
Mile 4 – 8:54 Mile 15 – 8:31
Mile 5 – 8:54 Mile 16 – 8:39
Mile 6 – 8:21 Mile 17 – 8:08
Mile 7 – 8:51 Mile 18 – 8:10
Mile 8 – 9:42 Mile 19 – 7:50
Mile 9 – 8:49 Mile 20 – 7:53
Mile 10 – 8:53 Mile 21 – 7:54
Mile 11 – 9:08

I’m pleased with the results. We ended up longer by a mile, I was fine with that. Average pace was 8:43, which is what I had been wanting to run my long runs at. The slowest miles from today are pretty much water stops, and the best part. The hills at Mississippi River road, which are the harder ones, are the hardest we saw and I’ve run them 2 other times with the group already. Everyone always warns that Summit is bad, the hills will kill you from mile 22-24…we were running Summit and one guy said “almost to the top”…my response…in seriousness, “we are climbing a hill?” Talk about feeling good!!

And in the beginning of the run, my legs were feeling a little tired, still kind of were at the end, but the main thing is I did it, and I think I did it well. And now let the fretting and worrying that comes with taper on…we all know it happens!! Oh yeah, and that makes 63 miles for the week, matching my highest mileage ever, and I'll be doing a recovery run tomorrow.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fall…and Back to School Time

Well, September, in just a few weeks in fact, we’ll be officially in “fall” again. I know people that love the fall, I’m one of the weird ones that don’t. And honestly, I don’t consider myself a pessimist (maybe a cynic at times, but never a pessimist). I usually can see the glass as half full, or at least more often half full than half empty, but with the fall, yes, it gets pretty, the leaves look great, and the break in humidity is great for running, but it’s not like spring, we don’t have the humidity then either, and the days get warmer and you look forward to 50 degrees and running in shorts, but after you get used to summer and running in shorts in 90 degrees, running in shorts in 50 again feels cold. One morning this week I saw my breath in the air leaving for work, and the two mornings I have run, I went in shorts, but chose long sleeves for the top…and it will just get cooler…and then of course the dark…in the spring the days are getting longer, in the fall they are getting shorter. I guess what this all comes down to, and what makes it hard for me is that I live in Minnesota, of course, and here the fall is very short, and it leads into winter, and winter is very long, cold and dark, none of which I like. So while yes, the weather is great for running, the leaves are pretty, it’s leading to something very soon that I don’t like and it’s hard to enjoy the month or so of fall that we get because of that. That makes sense doesn’t it?

For this week I got a happy surprise on Tuesday. A friend of mine happens to mention recently about being on the Nike campus once…when I ask how, she mentions that’s where her friend that lives in OR works. Umm…does she get DISCOUNTS? I asked…and I wasn’t even thinking of my shoes because you know, I get an OK deal on them most times, but the Nike Tempo Track short. They are my favorite. I have 8 pairs and I still want more because they are comfy and they have so many fun colors. Well, turns out she can get the normally $28 shorts for $16…I said yes, get me some. I said around $100, basically about 5 pair, and I happily went through the 22 colors on Nike’s site, got it down to around 10 that I really wanted and put them in order saying any 5…I got the package and wore a new pair on Tuesday with my group run, we did fartleks, and let me say, that was tough after that race on Sunday!! I got home and was going to put the new ones away and counted and found 5 in the bag…but I had worn one of the new ones that night too…when I looked through them, one pair had been marked clearance there for $9, so my guess is since they were so cheap, and actually the others were cheaper than the $16 she had thought they were, she just got an extra pair. Shipped they still were only $100…so 6 new pair of Nike Tempo Track shorts, shipped to me (well my friend, but easy enough to pick up from her) for $100…what a great day!!

Oh yeah, and on the other part of my post…school is in session full swing now. I have two classes and have now been to both of them. So far so good…we’ll see how it goes!! So far I really like both profs though, so that’s a good thing.

And I’m winding up the week…this will be my last high mileage week before taper. My plan has me doing about 65 miles, which will be my highest mileage week ever. If I get my run in tonight, the distance that I have planned, there is no doubt I’ll end up in that range…the last 20 miler is on Saturday morning, the back half of the marathon course (out 10 miles the wrong way and then back 10 miles over the hilliest part of it) and I won’t miss that run. Other than that it will probably be a weekend of homework…what more can you do after a 20-22 mile run anyway??

Guess before I post this I can post my pathetic interval day...I won't make excuses for it, it just wasn't in me today. But if I were going to make them, I suppose the race on Sunday, the fartleks on Tuesday, running this morning and the downpour that started halfway into my first mile repeat all could've played a factor (the ran let up after about my 2nd or 3rd one, but by then I was drenched and miserable).

Mile 1 - 7:22 (did lose signal so think this one was long this time)
Mile 2 - 8:06 (really bad signal and felt horrible)
Mile 3 - 6:39
Mile 4 - 7:10
Mile 5 - 6:58
Mile 6 - 6:45

The last 4 were better, but two of them, mile 4 and mile 6 were down a really nice that's why 6 was as good as it was. I did manage a total of 12 miles even with the rain, but might have killed my MP3...ah well.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

City of Lakes 25K - 2008

Well, weather was about perfect. It was a tiny bit cooler than I might have asked for, but it’s better than the heat that could’ve been. Not sure on early temp, but low 50s I’d guess, no wind, some clouds. I wore shorts and a long sleeved tech shirt, I should’ve worn a short sleeved and gone with my tube sock sleeves, but either way I was OK. My plan was to start the first 2 miles at around 8:30 and then bump up to MP of 8:00 miles through mile 10 or so, and then see what I had left for the last 5.5. As you can see, that plan kind of went by the wayside…

Mile 1 – 8:16
Mile 2 – 7:57
Mile 3 – 7:50
Mile 4 – 8:06
Mile 5 – 7:55
Mile 6 – 7:50
Mile 7 – 7:45
Mile 8 – 7:21
Mile 9 – 7:50
Mile 10 – 7:25
Mile 11 – 7:42
Mile 12 – 7:41
Mile 13 – 7:31
Mile 14 – 7:30
Mile 15 – 7:23
Mile .73 – 5:06

Garmin Time for 15.72 – 2:01:16 ~ Unofficial Clock Time – 2:01:41
Garmin ½ Marathon – 1:43:26 ~ ½ Marathon Clock – 1:43:53

This race is not chip timed so that accounts for the difference in my Garmin time vs. the clock time. I was about 30 seconds or so off the clock, took that time to get to the start line from where I started. And then of course, I didn’t get the full tangents of the course so ran a bit further than the 25K. Average pace for the almost 16 miles that I ran (and I did a 1 mile warm up) was 7:43. Average pace I need for my time goal for the marathon is 8 minute miles…marathon is now officially 4 weeks out. (And the picture is of the beer stein that you get for finishing, much better than a cotton t-shirt!! If only they provided beer to put in it!!) Oh, and I put my 1/2 marathon pace breaks in there simply because I was feeling really good then, and even on the clock time, I was ahead of my current 1/2 PR.

I needed this race. It felt really good. I had to rein myself in a bit, I hope and pray I feel that same way on marathon day. I definitely picked up sooner than I planned, and while toward the end I was feeling a bit tired, you wouldn’t know it by the paces I was putting up. Oh, and I more than made up for the way I ran it last year...I definitely was in better shape, and I didn't get dehydrated, and die at the end.

Oh, and those 2 fast miles from the intervals, I did mapmyrun on them, and they were about a tenth of a mile off, so more in the 6:30 and 7:00 miles that I figured…I know there is no way I’d feel that good after paces those fast!! This week is my last really full, hard week. My last 20 miler is on Saturday. I have a group run speed day on Tuesday, and then will do more intervals on Thursday. Another speed day or two next week, and the taper begins.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Heartbreak and Head Colds

Back from my trip, and I'll try to post about it this weekend. Wasn't quite what I expected, didn't quite get to do some of the things I wanted, but my biggest thing...I got to see Heartbreak...yes...the famous hill. And I ran the last 8 or 9 miles of the was very cool. And yes, I can see where heartbreak gets its name!!

Well, interval run...I wasn't sure what to expect, I've been sick since I got back (or full of allergies), I'm exhausted from lack of wanted to just stay in bed this morning...I did a 2 mile warm up and then the intervals:

Mile 1 – 6:56
Mile 2 – 6:49
Mile 3 – 7:00
Mile 4 – 5:46 - OK, I don't believe this one, lost signal a tiny bit, but still didn't seem enough to account for such a fast time...
Mile 5 – 6:12 - This one I think is a bit off too, but I don't know what to think.

Half mile recoveries between each, and then a 3 mile cool down. I wanted the 12 felt pretty decent and was at a pretty decent pace overall. Alright, yes, those were the times I put up, I KNOW that 5:46 is a bit off, I didn't feel tired enough for that one, and the 6:12, I don't know...but I know Garmin is who knows. Anyway, I trust the first three at least. And I know a few of you are amazed at the speed...but remember, this is just for 1 mile at a time!! You would be amazed at what you can pound out one at a time!!

Oh, and classes started!! More on that later too.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thundering Intervals

Literally. I noticed a little heat lightning as I started out this morning, but was determined I'd get my intervals in this morning so I could get a light run in this afternoon before finalizing my packing and getting to bed early for the 3:30 am wake up to get to the airport.

1 mile warmup and then 4 x 1 at 7:00 pace was the plan.
Mile 1 - 6:53
Mile 2 - 7:14
Mile 3 - 7:46
Mile 4 - 6:34

OK, again not good pacing but average was 6:53 and I got 8 miles in in 1:02:52 which pleases me. By interval 3 the rain was starting and by 4 I was in a full thunderstorm...but I don't mind. Just kind of weird when it's dark and you're exerting that much it makes it hard to focus. Really messes with the mind.

Orientation went well. I got my books. Scares me because they are put together by the professor. Not just a pre-done textbook...means the guy is smart! Hopefully he's a good instructor. We had a little meet and greet session where I was talking to a girl who happens to be training for her first marathon in January, so I gave her my email and told her to keep in contact since we aren't in class together first semester. Speech by the Dean was very good. He isn't dry, had good humor and good things to say. Dinner was good, salad, wasn't crazy about the dressing so picked at it, but dinner was chicken and veggies and rosemary red potatoes, I was at a table seated next to the Dean and he said his mother wasn't there so he didn't have to eat his veggies!! A man after my own heart!! Dessert was a chocolate mousse in an edible chocolate cup...yummy!! Then we had a breakout session where they talked about the program, a professor and our advisor (each of us was in a room with our assigned advisor, there are 170 incoming 1st years), and we discussed an article we had been given to read, to simulate what classes might be like. An enjoyable evening and a part of me is kicking myself for not taking two classes...I'm almost thinking I should sign up for one more. I'd really only have one week of heavy running while having class as it wouldn't be too terrible...I have a day or so to think about it...hmmm...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Upcoming Vacation

So many posts lately about my running and not really anything else…but then I’m less than 6 weeks now from the marathon, which means 3 more hard weeks (and 2 days gone from that now!) and 3 weeks of lighter, tapering…so you can see where the obsession comes in right?

Anyway, in other news, other than running (I have 21 miles in so far this week by the way, and yeah, it’s only Tuesday…yikes, but vacation starts Thursday so need to pack them in before I go, bad time for vacation but oh well), I have orientation tonight, which I might have mentioned yesterday…in fact by the time I get this posted I will probably have already been. What’s interesting about this is that I actually had to read an article before it because apparently we have a classtype discussion about leadership after the sign in (at 4 pm, hello, we are working MBA students, that’s the reason we are taking the night program!) and keynote address by the Dean and then dinner (yeah, dinner, who knew?) we have a class. Kind of weird…meant I had to get up early today so I could run before work, that’s all I know and I have to miss my group run tonight…sad times.

In other news. I leave. On Thursday. For vacation!! Yippee…this is that trip I was supposed to be making to a wedding that is now changed and apparently I wasn’t invited to the updated small ceremony, even though I already had my ticket, but actually that works out better as I no longer have to spend $200+ a night to stay in the city and instead I get to visit my favorite city, in this country, that I have been to so far. I fly into NY on Thursday, meeting up with my friend Kurt who is getting me from the airport and is planning to take me on a 10K route that he runs in his area and enjoys. There is dinner planned and beer will be drunk, he asked what kind I like, my reply, anything not overly bitter or thick!! I like trying new beers so we’ll see what he finds…he also mentioned wine…yum…then on Friday I’m back to the airport to fly up to Boston where I will meet up with my friend Bill and possibly at some point my friend Craig and meet Craig’s lady friend perhaps…Bill lives in downtown Boston. Bill has a great slicery just a block (not even) from his building. Bill has a liquor store just a block from his building…Bill has a train station just around the corner that can get you to the North End and fabulous Canole…and he also lives on a really great 4 mile or so loop along the Charles and just down from Harvard, and not far from BU…oh, and the Boston Marathon Finish line!! My goals…see Heartbreak Hill, hopefully run a race (they have a live run for the Nike Human Race from Cambridge on Sunday) and maybe get up into New Hampshire and Maine…beach fun is supposed to be had as well. We shall see…I’m there for about 5 days so lots of time to see a lot!! I was contemplating a whale watch. That could be cool.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Love and Hate

So just a week or two ago I wrote a post about how much I hate tempo runs...I don't know if it was finally having a good one last week with my training group (which I'm going to miss for the next couple of weeks and I'm bummed about that, tomorrow I have orientation for my MBA program and then vacation and other stuff) or what, but this week instead of jumping right to the tempo, I decided a progressive, like last week, was in order and while I don't tend to always post mile splits, this was the breakdown...

Mile 1 - 9:04
Mile 2 - 8:40
Mile 3 - 7:56
Mile 4 - 7:51
Mile 5 - 7:46
Mile 6 - 7:32
Mile 7 - 7:06
Mile 8 - 7:00
Mile 9 - 7:06
Mile 10 -8:03
Mile 11 - 6:55

Mile 1 and 2 were meant for warmup. Then I wanted to do the next 4 miles at Marathon Pace of 8:00 and then 3 more miles at, well, half marathon pace, but I don't know what that is, so anything under 7:25 or so was my plan, and those were 7:00ish...not bad. First cool down was another MP so that was kind of cool...last one, I'm not sure about. I know I wasn't going fast. I also didn't lose signal, so...well, could I honestly have been going that fast and not realized? I really felt like I had slowed down for the cool was plan. Oh, and I had done an easy 4 that morning for a warm up type of run and only planned 10 for the afternoon but was at 10.2 by my car so figured I'd just finish that last mile. Could be a good week. Even with my travel!

Average came out to 7:46...I'll take that...if only I can hold that for another 15 miles...

Oh yeah, and speaking of that orientation...I better get myself reading that article I'm supposed to read for tomorrow for it. Yes, I have homework and classes don't start for another week (mine is two weeks from today actually). Save me!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

And Then There Was 20

So yes, last week was a 20 miler. This week was a shorter, fall back week, recovery and all that, for next weeks 20, but next week I’m out of town. I’ll be in Boston when my group is running. And I don’t know how easy it might be to get a 20 miler in out there (although yes, the thought had occurred to run from the finish line, 10 out and back, yes, along that course), with the going out, hanging out and all that good stuff. So my other option was back to back 20s…and getting up extra early on a Saturday so I could run 8, then pick up with the group. I didn’t know if going out after would happen or not…I was out of bed at 4:30, and at our meet spot around 5:30. I ran out 4 miles, opposite direction we would be running, in the dark…alone…and while normally I don’t think twice about that, but I was in a different area, not that it was a bad area, but well, you know…it was dark, but thankfully it was fine. I saw a few other early birds, although not many. Anyway, the 8 went like this:

Mile 1 – 9:24
Mile 2 – 8:56
Mile 3 – 8:42
Mile 4 – 8:54
Mile 5 – 8:52
Mile 6 – 8:52
Mile 7 – 8:52
Mile 8 – 8:35

A quick break, bathroom stop, quick chat with a couple of the group members, directions on the route and we were out:

Mile 9 – 8:57
Mile 10 – 9:03
Mile 11 – 8:40
Mile 12 – 8:58
Mile 13 – 8:38
Mile 14 – 7:54
Mile 15 – 8:20
Mile 16 – 8:29
Mile 17 – 8:28
Mile 18 – 8:09
Mile 19 – 8:21
Mile 20 – 7:44

Total Time – 2:54:04 for an average of 8:39 pace. Granted there were about 10-15 minutes between the two runs, but overall it really was a good run.

The next weeks are crazy and unfortunately now I don’t get to run with the group for a bit and I’m going to miss it. I have orientation on Tuesday night, then next Saturday out of town, won’t be back in time the next Tuesday for the run (missing two key speedwork sessions, but that’s OK, I can do speedwork alone) and the next longer run I’m doing a race that weekend instead…

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sunrise Intervals

I haven’t done these in a while…I did some cruise intervals a while back, but that’s kind of a cop out workout calling it intervals since it’s more toward tempo than anything. Anyway, been freaking out at the lack of intervals in my workout so decided this morning I could throw in a few light ones to get some speed work in, particularly since this is a lighter week anyway. Plan was for 3 1 mile intervals with a half mile recovery at 7:00 pace. 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down for an easy 6 miles. In the morning that strikes me as fairly easy.

Got out of bed, it was difficult, but managed it with enough time to get the workout in and have plenty of time to get ready. I ran a mile warm up at 9:20 pace, then set up Garmin for the intervals. One problem with the 201 (that apparently is fixed in the 305) is that Garmin doesn’t count the recovery as part of the overall workout and/or figure the time into everything, so I had to just do a guesstimate on overall time since I forgot to look…makes me want the 405 even more (especially having seen more about it the other day, touch screens etc…I’m thinking Christmas present to myself this year!! I do tend to get Christmas money, and I didn’t buy what I had planned with Christmas money last year either…hmm….). Anyway, this is how it played out.

Interval 1 – 6:25
Interval 2 – 6:13
Interval 3 – 7:01

Umm, yeah, have I mentioned I’m no good at pacing? I knew the first one my legs were feeling kind of tired but had no idea I was running that much faster than planned pace. Second one, well, there was a good downhill on it, OK, that was actually on the first one too, but still. Third one, that was more like it, and obviously the first two got me! Also did end on a decent uphill. During my first recovery interval, I was jogging along (only time you’ll see me use that word!!) and I saw Mrs. Bambi trotting down the road toward me. She freaked a bit, and took off and got onto a yard, but then stopped, and kind of looked at me as I jogged by, I looked at her, said good morning and went on my way and she went on hers. It makes me remember back to the morning I saw a doe and three fawns…I haven’t seen deer on a morning run in a while and it does make for an interesting morning. I’ve seen red fox in the morning too. Now all of this wouldn’t be strange except that I live in a city of 45,000 people. A first tier suburb of Minneapolis, population 350,000…a metro area of 2-2.5 million…but I do live near very wealthy neighborhoods with large yards and some nature areas, and the deer know a good address and school district I guess!!

I also couldn't wait for the sun to get up. I forgot how disoriented I get in the dark when doing a tougher workout that really pushes the O2 levels etc...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hot and Steamy

Much the way Twin Cities and Chicago were last year. Tonight was Tuesday night group run and we started from Minnehaha Falls here in Minneapolis and went over the Ford Bridge (crossing the Dam hill we ran two weeks ago) for a nice warm up of 2.5 miles to a water stop. Plan from there was 2.5 or so at marathon pace to the Franklin Bridge, the bridge you cross during Twin Cities from Minneapolis into St. Paul (mile 19) and then the back to water stop was to be at half marathon pace and after the water, for another mile to mile and a half at 10K pace if it was in you...well, the 10K pace wasn't quite there, but miles went pretty decent. Overall time was
1:22:22 for 10.3 miles and an average of 8:01 pace.

Warm ups were 8:49, 8:55 and a 9:20 split with a 6:59 (lost signal and some downhills and partly was the pick up mile) so those two splits were a bit off, but the progressive miles were: 7:50, 7:26, 7:19, 7:38, 7:36 then cool downs of 7:59 and 8:21.

I kept up with 2 of the guys for the faster paces and that was good. They took off the last mile we were running faster, they were probably just under 7 and I had it at around 7:20 again (the mile splits were a bit off as we started at 2.75 for the progressives so weren't quite a good indicator of everything). I'm happy having just over 10 miles at MP though. That is a bit of a confidence boost, especially since 5-6 of those miles were under MP. Hopefully it means good things.'s still sore at times, I have the night splint and am doing the exercises. I have 7 weeks (which most things seem to indicate how long the stuff might take to fix the issues so we'll see).

Oh, and on a side note. I just finished watching a movie I started last night called The Long Run. It's something I got off wasn't a horribly well done movie, but it's a fictional movie about a woman that is coached to win the Comrades Marathon, she's stubborn and never been formally coached, she's coached by a crotchety old man set in his ways and who just lost a job...but it really is kind of endearing.

Monday, August 18, 2008

21 Miles and 3 Hour Drives

Well, after a long week last week I am planning a cutback week in mileage and workouts for this week. I might do a couple of a little bit harder workouts (we have a tempo/threshold run tomorrow with my training group and I think I might do some cruise intervals in a shorter workout on Thursday) but for the most part this will be a much lighter week. Last week I topped at 59 miles for the week. We had a 20 miler on Saturday that by the time we were done was 21 miles. The pace was slower than I would’ve liked (9:17 is what we averaged by the end) but I felt good the whole way, could’ve run further (5 more miles would’ve been easy and under 4 hours as we were picking up the pace at the end) and had sub 9, including an 8:15 or so mile in the last 4-5. There wasn’t anyone willing to run a faster pace up at the front it didn’t seem, but having more energy in the legs at the end I guess is a good thing.

Friday night I met up with my friend who is getting married in January, her sister and sister-in-law, the three of us make up the wedding party, and we went bridesmaid dress shopping. Her dress was picked and purchased a few weeks ago, and ours ended up being bought on Friday. It was basically the dress we had already been shown that was made to match up with one of her top two dresses. It wasn’t the dress she ended up getting, but this dress will still work fine and it’s a cute dress that I could see wearing again. We went for yummy dinner after at a good Italian place (I said I wanted pasta no one else cared and I was running 21 the next morning) and I tried lasagna even thinking it wasn’t a good idea day before a long run, but it was fine (have always avoided heavy cheese things but now I know it works!!). We went shoe shopping after, just to see if there was a chance we’d find something and amazingly we did…they were more than I’d maybe have wanted to spend, but the shoe was very cute and I’m fine with it because I’ll wear them again and often and they were comfy, at least to me!!

So after all the gallivanting went home and watched Phelps win gold number 7, then went to bed, did the run the next morning, then drove 3 hours to my parents. Not fun after 21 miles but oh well…what do you do? I visited at home, then went to my grandma’s for a visit, then to have a beer with mom and dad and saw my aunt and other grandma and some family friends…then went back and got other grandma to bring her down for dinner…we had yummy ribs, sweet corn and baked beans and some really good bread and then watched more Olympics and saw Phelps get 8 and saw marathon through Paula getting finished. Maybe it wasn’t a good run for her, but at least she was able to struggle through and finish. Went out for a while with my aunt later than night and then was home and spent the night with fuzzy nephew Beaux…got up the next morning and visited with mom and dad, went for a walk with mom and Beaux and we pooped him out, it’s been a while since tubby walked 2 miles! Then dinner and a nap and last visit with grandma, stocked up on sweet corn and came back up…was later than I normally come back but since I went down later figured I better stay a little longer. Got back in time though for a quick run to loosen up the legs and managed a nice 5 miler averaging 8:30s which isn’t bad considering the 21 the day before. Now I need weekend to recover from the weekend!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


So I haven't been able to watch much of the Olympics so far...mainly because I've been exhausted and in bed so early (which will probably happen again tonight). It still is amazing to see these athletes though, and the levels they are at...but at the same time, I wonder about their lives...I mean seriously...they gave up their childhoods to be where they are...and all the pressure that they have to go through, and then the scrutiny and questions if they aren't good enough OR if they are too good. It's so much pressure, how can anyone deal with it?? Is it all that pressure that pushes them toward illegal things?

And seriously...why are the women's volleyball teams dressed so skimpily and the mens not???

I finally got my cars oil changed was so overdue...and tires rotated. I'm set for my trip to my parents that I'm most likely making after my 20 miler on Saturday (not looking forward to that one!). And while the oil and tires were being dealt with I did a nice little 10.5 miler (I was going to go ahead for 11 since I knew I'd be over 10 but legs were feeling a little dead so figured it was best to quit). I managed an 8:08 pace, plan was a tempo, I picked up pace for mile 3 (wanted 2 for warmup) and was just over 8 minutes, then I had a bad hill and wussed it and slowed way down for mile 4, 8:49, but miles 5 and 6 were 7:40, mile 7 was 7:50 and mile 8 was 7:33. I finished off the last two and a half just over 8 minute miles and all was good. Still not sure it's good for my 8:00 minute miles, but I'm getting there...just a couple more days and a fall back week that I think I really need. Legs are feeling very dead.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ups and Downs

Literally…life has them, great things can happen one day and you can be on top of the world and the next day a crash…but of course those aren’t the ups and downs I’m really talking about right now. The ups and downs I’m referencing have to do with my run last night with my training group at Hyland Park (oh and in response to a few queries, no I’m not doing a TNT thing, no way I’d be able to raise that kind of money, I’m training with the Minnesota Distance Runner’s Association fall marathon program). The plan called for 10 miles, but last time we ran there we were short with only 7.5, so I decided since I get there early anyway, I’d run 2 miles to warm up before the others got there…I was done with that almost an hour before the rest of the group was there and we were going to run but oh well. I got a good stretch in so that helped too. Group showed up and we were off…over hills upon hills…ups and downs, although nice thing is this is trails and some of that just feels so good. Weather didn’t feel too bad, was a threat of rain, but unfortunately it didn’t come, and by the end we were all drenched because the humidity was up enough. The end of the main run is over the top of the ski hill (yes, MN does have some skiing) and that at the end does kind of suck…it’s an up, slight down, more up, slight down and more and more up. But nice views when you run across the top. We got to the start, saw that we were at 7.5 again (but I was at 9.5 remember) and everyone said hey, let’s do a cool down lap around the lake (same lake I had warmed up on) and off we went…so I ended with 11.5 miles. I think it was a good workout. I got home too exhausted to eve think about eating. Ended up having some grapes and Trader Joe’s brand honey nut o’s so I would have something in me and crashed…I couldn’t even stay up to watch the swimming. Ah well.

On another note, my order from Amazon showed up. I paid $26 for a book called “The Plantar Fasciitis 5 Minute Solution”. It’s larger, large print and about 100 pages…2 of which go over the stretch for the PF that is supposed to help in 5 minutes a day (you do it 3 times a day and holds for 10 seconds 10 times so it takes 5 minutes total). I wish I could’ve spent half that and gotten just the stretch…of course if it helps I’ll say it was well worth it, and it got good reviews. The rest of the book talks about what PF is and how it comes on, studies etc…we’ll see. I also ordered a night splint. I’m not sure this one is going to do enough or not, I slept part of the night in it, and it was fine to sleep in, just not sure it was holding my foot enough, but I’ll try it a bit more and see if it works or not. I did take it off halfway through the night when I was trying really hard to get back to sleep after having woken up…and was of course exhausted this morning, but got up and went to the gym, only managed 20 minutes of strength though and the 30 on the bike were tough. I’m not running tonight, Wednesday has become my day off, but I might need to take another day off this week and have it be totally off. It’s been over 3 weeks since I had a total rest day I’ve realized (I don’t consider the strength training as tough and the biking is light too) and I think my body is rebelling, even though it doesn’t seem like it’s been that much as I certainly haven’t dropped any weight…next week is a fall back week and I’ll definitely go for the rest then, just hope I can get through the rest of this week. I’m so exhausted feeling and I think it might be some lack of sleep…wish I kept better records on my past sleep habits. I’m still freaking over my training a bit.

I think I'm going to go to bed shortly tonight to let my body relax...and tomorrow I'm only doing my afternoon run too. Hopefully that gives me some recovery.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Almost in a way that is to the core...would it be awful if I went to bed at oh...7??? I didn't sleep well last night (might be because of the 10 hours the night before).

I was just reminded (due to watching diving right now for the Olympics). When I went to lay by the lake on Saturday that there was a car wash going on. They have them all summer. Fund raisers for high school teams...I'm assuming the swim team was doing it on Saturday...they were wearing board shorts (boys) all except one that was in a in a banana hammock Speedo. Standing by the side of a busy intersection. And he was so young...I mean we're talking 14 (OK, all high schoolers look so young to me...seriously, no idea about the women that are molesting the high school students because they look soooo incredibly young, why would anyone not that age be interested in that?? Even when I was that age I wasn't interested!!). There is just something so wrong about a 14, OK, maybe 16 year old boy standing by the side of the road in a Speedo...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

New York to Boston

This month I had a wedding to go to. It was in NY. I found out the date and got the invite in February, since they needed responses by June 1 and people needed to book tickets etc…I booked my ticket not long after I knew I was officially invited…then come May, it’s announced that there aren’t enough people that can make it and they are now doing the wedding as a private ceremony that day and that they apologize to those that made flight reservations already but they hadn’t had responses and people were going to end up spending money they didn’t have to go, so hence the change.

I hadn’t even responded to the message that it was changed, the groom asked me about it (he had had others email some saying they were happy for them, some saying they were angry at the change) and I said I should be used to people flaking on me by now, I mean I didn’t say it to be mean, but it was just one of those things. Never had a response back from him. Fast forward three months and I had an email from the groom, apparently people were asking what they are doing that day, and he included a link about the the private ceremony they are having, but they are still doing a boat wedding, like the original plan, and it does include some guests…umm…yeah, my invite for that must’ve been lost in the mail, or something…really irritated now as he KNEW that I had booked my ticket already so I could’ve been included so I wasn’t flying for nothing or didn’t have a wasted trip. Ah how fun and how great friends can be.

So before I even knew about the wedding change, I was contemplating just cancelling the ticket and using whatever remained for one of many other trips I’m supposed to make (to see my friend in San Diego, or my friend in San Francisco) and just as I was about to make decisions on that (not wanting to impose too much on the friend in NY even though he told me I was welcome to stay as long as I wanted) ANOTHER friend, one that lives in Boston, emailed me asking if I wasn’t coming out there sometime soon. I had emailed him after the wedding fell apart and he had invited me up to Boston. His remembering this and asking me about it again, I thought sure, why not go up there and hang out with him. He invited me to stay as long as I could, and since I love Boston, I thought why not. I checked into the train, figuring hey, can jump on it easy and run up…it was going to be $62-89 for a 4 ½ ride, ONE WAY!! I checked flights…just over an hour and it was only $150 (round trip)???? What’s up with that??? Seriously? Does Amtrak realize the ridership it loses?? Sure it’s not that bad if you buy a pass, but I’m not there long enough to need one. Anyway, all said and done I fly into NY on Thursday morning, Kurt is picking me up around 11 am and we are hanging out, then he’s dropping me back at the airport on Friday and I’m flying up to Boston to hang out with Bill…now debating letting my friend Craig, who is the reason I know Bill, that I’m going to be up there as well. Craig is even in town right now for work and will be seeing him tonight again (guess depends on how drunk I get if I let him know about my trip or not!), and I should probably tell him. If he finds out and I haven’t told him that might be weird…but at the same time, I kind of do want to see and spend time with Bill, but at the same time too, I’d like to meet Craig’s girlfriend that he has still failed to tell me about…darn him…if things are serious he’s supposed to share!!
So I did tell him...And we all went out for a fun Girls night on Friday, well, girls plus Craig!! I didn't get up early for my run on Saturday since it was a late night and instead headed out later, around 4, and managed 14 miles at an 8:54 or so pace...I'm still shooting to get the long runs to average 8:45 and I'm hoping at least by the 20 milers I can get one of them down there...I followed that up with 7 miles around Lake Calhoun and Lake of the Isles today. Averaged 8:50 pace there. And for the week I logged 54 miles.