Thursday, April 15, 2010


So looking at my posting, I was over 100 posts in the first few years, even over 200, and then last year only 52 and this year so far only 1...and I didn't even post on my anniversary as I've done every other year.

I guess I could blame school and work, I mean class two nights a week and a job that has this stuff blocked (I used to type something up and post it at lunch), it just has become difficult...

A quick little catchup. I ran my first ever 7K race on the 20th of March, that was interesting, I told people I hoped to run 8 minute miles, and a few days prior to that had what I thought was a slow run but actually was 8 minutes so figured that should be easy...ended up doing a Garmin based 7:05 for the distance I ran and official 7:15 pace.

End of March I made my trip that had been postponed because I was an idiot and misplaced my passport so missed Mexico. However I went to San Juan, Puerto Rico and had a blast so maybe it was OK that I misplaced it.

OK, this is short, I know, but I do have things I need to do before crawling into bed in a little bit. But since I've been negligent I just wanted to post something.