Tuesday, December 18, 2007

7 Days Till Christmas

Wow...only a week. But thankfully I'm mostly done. I have to get one thing for one friend yet and some shopping I do for others since I have access to stores that they don't, then I'm done.

OK, it has been too long since I updated my blog. I started one on Friday for the past week and then got interrupted and it was end of the day and I had no time over the weekend, literally no time at all, it was way too hectic!! And suddenly it’s the week again…and now we’re partway into it, I spent all day yesterday in work meetings and today I’m trying to catch up but we have a potluck thing too (we won’t even talk about the weight I’ve gained from lack of willpower, lack of exercise and just being lazy!) and then have to get out so I can try to wash my car, get a nap and get ready to get out for dinner tonight…sigh…I need some time off!! Wait, I get that next week.

So seriously, it’s been crazy busy with things going on. Two weekends ago I was out on Friday night with two friends I hadn’t been able to get together with in forever. We had a nice time, but man it was a later night than I had planned on!! Saturday was spent partly at the gym, biked but didn’t run, (a pathetic mile, that was it) and then taking a nap and trying to relax before a party that night. Then I hit the party…and was going to crash there…spent too much time talking and next thing I know the sun is coming up, I’m sobered up and decide I’m just going home…crawled into bed at 7:30…that’s AM…yeah. It was a good nice though. Champagne was flowing, karaoke was sung (surprised that didn’t clear the party out) and very little sleep was had. Sigh…

Last week was a busy week, not a lot of running as I’m STILL trying to get things worked out. Hadn’t been to the chiro in a while so she adjusted me and I took a couple of days off in there to let it try to take. I biked but no running…except what I had done on Monday and Friday. Friday night was my sister’s birthday and we went out to celebrate. She had gone to dinner with her boyfriend first and joined us buzzed, but fun was had (I wish I had my camera as I would post pics, maybe another time) and it was again a late night. Saturday I spent all day (from 11 till 7) at a friends baking cookies. Her boys, 2 and 4, got hyped up on sugar, but had warmed up to me thanks to the chasing them around, picking them up and tickling them…they wanted more, I wanted to stop!! Then as they were going to be put to bed and I needed to get home to meet my roommate, Colin, the 4 year old, was taking my hand and trying to get me to come upstairs with him…we were going to take a bath and go to bed…I told Heather she was going to have problems if at 4 he was already trying to get a girl into his room!! Anyway, went home, met with the roommate and went out for a bite and a drink (I was driving, she needed one) half a beer at the bar, both of us exhausted, we went home and crashed. I was then supposed to go out to dinner on Sunday night, but postponed it to tonight as I just wasn’t up for it. Way too tired. I crashed out early but wasn’t quite able to get to sleep, even though I was tired. Ah well…unfortunately I weighed myself yesterday. Between the cookies, the lunch buffet on Friday, the potluck happening today for my department (and those that happened last week), meetings and other stuff I have gained somewhere between 3-5 pounds and I’m SOOO not happy with that. I have today that’s going to be a bust, but after that, I really have to get back on the wagon of eating good (except for dinner on Thursday, roommate and I are doing that instead of exchanging gifts). No way I’m meeting my goal by end of the year, but I have to at least get control and stop going UP when I want to do DOWN!! I did run 6 inside yesterday morning, biked this morning and did 30 minutes of strength training…now to get myself back in the pool and back up to running 5 days…and get my longer weekend runs back in the mix. It’s been over a month since I ever ran 12!


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Speaking of parties, you should come on down our way and run the Chicago Marathon next year.

Who woundn't want to enjoy...

* Tens of thousands of participants, many of whom are unfit to run a marathon

* Sadistic course marshalls and bored law enforcement on course (so runners can pretend they are escaping from prison)

* Plenty of water and Gatorade... for those who can maintain at least a 8:00/mile pace. (For everyone else, there's always 7-11.)

* Expensive hotels normally occupied by convention-goers. (Nothing beats hanging out in a fancy hotel bar still wearing your Race Ready shorts and bib number.)

* World's best artery-clogging food and killer alcoholic beverages for post-race celebrations. Kill yourself all over again by combining a healthy activity (running) with lots of unhealthy activities (eating, drinking, walking the streets of Chicago, etc.)

* The only marathon sponsored by a bank that no longer exists. It's kinda like magic.

Think about it.

JustRun said...

'Tis the season. I understand.

As for the ITB, have you tried sort of starting over with basic stretching and PT exercises? When mine flares up, that's always what I come back to. Glad you're cross training-- I need to do more of that!

Anonymous said...

Wow - you have been busy! Enjoy the holiday craziness and then get focused after Christmas (or in the new year.) You'll be back on track in no time.

Take care and Merry Christmas, if I don't talk to you before then.