Saturday, January 24, 2009

Once Was Not Enough...

NKOTB, Repeat!! That's right. Seeing them once after 17 years was not enough by a long shot. Not enough for me. Not enough for one of the friends I went with…It just was, not, enough!! So…friend I went with (and also saw NIN a month later thank you very much) was watching some of the stuff on their site and they announced a cruise. That’s right. Three days on a ship with them. Talk about fun!! (OK, yes, for the 3000 women on the cruise it would be fun) But it was quite expensive…and sold out in 48 hours…(cheap tickets were $900, plus fees, plus flight there, plus hotels, yikes) but it was over my birthday, that would’ve been quite fun. But things happen, we didn’t book and it sold out. Then, they added more tour dates. But this time to smaller venues…places they didn’t see first time around. None real close, Nashville, my friend mentioned. Maybe…Niagara Falls, that would be cool. She has a friend in Toronto and what do you know, she likes them too. It was also a Saturday show…tickets went on sale yesterday. Well, you know, we did VIP last time, could we really not do it again?? So as of yesterday we bought tickets, have a hotel booked (room at the casino they are playing at in fact thank you very much, even though they are gouging it, but oh well, it’s also only a few blocks from the falls) and I’m working on flights. Kicking myself for not trusting we would get the tickets (we were on right when they went on sale, had them bought within 2 or 3 minutes of them going on sale). It’s actually good though we bought them for VIP, the other tickets that went on sale today through Ticketmaster…I was able to get 2, but not the 3 we planned and/or needed. The venue appears to seat somewhere between 2000 and 2500…unlike the 12000 we were there with last time…will be much more intimate. I’m excited. Plus hey, I get to run my last 20 miler someplace other than at home.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

VO2 Max

So remember a few weeks ago I was talking about signing up for and doing a VO2 test, well I did manage to get it in. It had had to be rescheduled because the equipment wasn’t working for about a week, but it was finally back up and I did it this past Tuesday. This meant some fasting before (easy enough since I don’t normally eat before a shorter workout anyway), no caffeine (not a problem because I don’t have to have coffee to start my day, although I think I’m starting to get that way!). It also required me not to be sick, consume alcohol, stimulants, drugs (no meth that night before, that was tough!), get a good nights sleep, etc…so I went to bed early on Monday and did get a good nights sleep and was up for the test…although I honestly was not looking forward to it. I kind of dread hard workouts sometimes, and this one, while I knew it wasn’t long, I knew it was going to hurt.

It started with me doing a 5 minute walk at a 3.0 mph to warm up. That was easy. Oh, and of course I was wearing the lovely mask…it wraps around your head and has a plastic tube coming off it that is connected to the computer, along with a HRM that is connected to the treadmill which is reading it off you. The HRM that I have wouldn’t work with the treadmill though, so I had to use one of the ones they have there. While I was warming up, I was asked what I "normally" run...well, that's hard to answer since it depends on the workout, but I said for an easy 30 minutes probably 8:30-8:45 (of course not often that I run just 30 minutes, since I go in miles and shortest is usually 4 which is usually 32-36). After the warmup so she bumped it to 4.0, I walked that a couple of minutes and then it was up to 5.0 which is the break point for me where if I really tried hard I could walk, but it’s easier to start a light job, next was 6.0 which I told her still felt pretty easy, so we went to 7.0 and asked how that was and it all felt comfortable so she said we’d stay there, and after a minute or two is when the fun beings. The incline. From 0 to 2, then up to 4, then 6 and finally 8 while she watched my HR...I need to clarify exactly when she knew it was done as she said another 10-15 seconds she could tell it was going to be done shortly, and I know it had something to do with my HR not going up as much as it had been and/or kind of peaks. It was around 180 that this was happening. This all took about 14 minutes…then I walked a bit to cool down, and got my recovery HRs recorded as well.

The main thing, other than the VO2 max that this test determines, is your AT (anaerobic threshold) from where you jump to burning more fat and fewer carb calories to almost exclusively carb calories. It also told me, how much I personally burn for calories and what part carbs vs fat for each minute of exercise when I’m in certain heart rate zones. My AT starts in Zone 4, the 175-185 HR zone, which is good, since that is actually about the zone I start pushing on harder workouts, but most of my recovery and long runs and even the early parts of a marathon are, so I burn more fat in those places, which is good since that’s my biggest workout zone! It won’t take too much training either, to push the AT up a bit and actually burn more fat in those zones. Basically how I see it is I can run fairly fast and still burn more of what I want to burn namely the fat!!

Now my VO2 max, which of course is the number most runners are familiar with came for me to be 46.2. Basically this puts me in the 90th percentile for my age group. And then running the numbers with Daniels, based on my times for marathon, half marathon and 5K, it comes pretty close in predicting. My 5K time was exactly on, the other two had me in the 44 range (guess, as I’ve said, I can run a faster marathon and half, although I know I can run a faster 5K too).

After the test, based on what I picked for my “goal” (weight loss, fitness or performance) it provided a list of workouts I should focus on. Since all are goals of mine, we put in fitness and the workouts provided aren’t even close to what I’m doing for my training, but oh well. Guess they are something to look at for a few days, here and there? I mean when you have 1 minute intervals, what can you do with that??

Thursday, January 15, 2009


So I'm thinking more and more it was PMS more so than SAD. I've actually been trying to force a bad mood this week and it's not working. Although I am in a slightly bad mood because this is MN and yes we get cold but Oh My God....this week it hasn't been above 0 since Monday. I've been inside running this week. And todays workout would've had to be inside anyway because I needed to do speed work, but I was not able to even get a workout in because it was so freaking cold my car would not start today after work. That's how cold it got...I think it was just tired by the end of the day and sick of the I couldn't stop at the gym on the way home as I was worried stopping my car it wouldn't start again. And at -6 without the windchill, I wasn't running outside. So no run...tomorrow my plan is now to get up early, get a run in in the morning and then either at lunch or after work get a strength session in and a second short run before going to the Gopher hockey game. It's also kind of a goodbye to a friend as well. It's supposed to warm up a bit tomorrow I think...I hope...I really am missing that workout today though. I wasn't up this morning in time to workout because I was out with friends for dinner last night...and wine...and cheesecake...

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Although we did have sun today...maybe PMS...but not sure that's right either.

Friday, January 09, 2009

This kind of shows...

How I'm feeling right now...I have no idea what is going on. It could be PMS, I hope that's it, but for whatever reason I'm really low right now. I could type more about it, but think I'll keep it close for right now.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Brr...and I'm Sore!

I'm freezing my arse off right now...and getting stiffer by the minute. So I had my first session with my personal trainer last night, and Darryl kicked my ass! Seriously, he's cute, but man he's mean!! Alright, not really. I'm in pain because I'm sore and sore is good, it means I worked. So what is sore you ask? Well, here's the workout. Walking high step lunges, then planks...held for 1 minute, 3 times...OK, that wasn't so bad. Walking lunges with shoulder press...then v-sit for 45 seconds...3 times...Walking lunges again, bicep curls and presses...then leg raises, held for 45 seconds...3 times...ouch!! And that wasn't enough. One more set of walking lunges with tricep curls, and 1 minute wall guessed it, 3 times. My legs, particularly hamstrings and glutes ache and best of all, he made my abs ache...that NEVER happens!! I also signed up for a VO2 max test next week. I'm excited to get that number. And Darryl is going to work my workouts around that then. Saw him tonight when I was at the gym, struggled through 5 of the 8 I had wanted to do (I was on the dreadmill and just couldn't go anymore) and then 30 on the bike and saw Darryl...he asked how I was and I told him. It made him smile that my abs were sore. He knows his stuff. Annette, do you get that same satisfaction?

Oh and one more bit of tickets to Boston are now booked. Mom, dad and I will be boarding a plane to Beantown at 6 am on April 16th and coming back at 7 am on April 21st. I figure I'll be hung over on the plane but oh well!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Starting the New Year Right

So yesterday I was a little hung over...well, maybe a lot hung over. On Wednesday I went to dinner with friends, we had drinks, then we went to a bar, we had drinks and one thing led to another and all day yesterday I recovered. Hey, I wasn't as bad as my friend that crashed out at my place pretty much sleeping till about 2:30 and it was after 3 before he was OK for us to drive to his car! :) Once in the car though, I realized I wasn't feeling well. I came home, had something to eat finally and took a nap. Around 6 I was finally feeling human and I went to the gym. I strength trained and ran a 1 mile run before biking for 30 minutes. The run was kept short intentionally. I saw my podiatrist on Tuesday and he did an adjustment to my insterts and warned that the adjustment doesn't work well for some so he didn't want me going out for a long run in them to start. 1 mile felt fine in them. I'm going to head out for 2-3 in the gym tomorrow in them again and see.

Today I managed to get up and get a 14 mile run in eventually. It was ugly toward the end. My hip is really bothering today so might be back to see my chiro on Monday! Ughh...hopefully eventually all will be good!! I was feeling so thirsty by the end (and hadn't brought water with me) that I cut the planned 15 to the 14 that I finished. It was a bit slow, but oh well. At least I'm getting back on track.

Tomorrow I'll be doing a strength session again and some crosstraining. Only 2 more days of vacation. I'm not sure if I'm ready to go back to the office or not, but I do have some major goals on things I need to accomplish and get my stuff back on track at work.

So I haven't declared resolutions yet either. One thing I'd like to do this year is a race a month. I'm not a big racer, so we'll see. I'm tentatively looking at this though:

Heart of Winter 12K - Jan 10 (so soon not sure it will happen)
7 on the 7th - Virtual race on Feb 7 that I was just reading about
Irish for a Day 5K - March
Boston Marathon - April 20
Bay to Breakers 12K - May 17
Minneapolis Marathon - May - this one I'm not sure about
June - Not sure yet
Raspberry Days 4 Mile - July
Ragnar Relay - August
City of Lakes 25K - September
Nike Women's Marathon - October
November - Not sure yet
December - Not sure yet