Monday, March 31, 2008

March 31st, And We Have...

This, for a forecast:

Yes, that's a 72% chance for snow. We are getting snow right now. It's supposed to stop a bit, then really start up this afternoon with 3-6 inches likely...and then another 2-3 this evening...umm, yeah, that means we could get a total of 9 inches!! Thankfully they are usually off, but it is snowing. It is March 31st too. We have been in spring season for 10 days now. I think God forgot us here in the frozen crappy north!! Oh why do I not live where it gets warm...where the temps average in the 60s, not the 40s...(I'd prefer 70s, but even 60s would be fine at this point!!).

However, much as this forecast could make me depressed...bringing on something like Friday, thankfully it hasn't. OK, I woke up this morning, not having had QUITE enough sleep (but getting a good amount from Saturday night into Sunday morning so felt rested) and got up and got my butt to the gym. I started with 15 minutes on the elliptical to warm up and then headed to the weight room…hottie hadn’t made an appearance and I was a little bummed, but just adjusted my workout so I could strength tomorrow too in case he is there then…I’m sneaky that way!! Anyway, did my strength and then headed back up for a 45 minute bike ride…well, as I’m coming up the stairs to the cardio floor, I come to the mat pretty much right at the top of the stairs and who should be stretching there…I was slightly shocked and a little thrilled cause he had turned his head and looked right at me and I started my, hey how are you smile, that I tend to reserve for people I know, and stopped myself last minute cause hey, I don’t know him and you know, that shyness thing hitting…he looked so hot too…I think I’ve determined another thing though…I’m assuming he’s a fairly serious biker (one day I saw him in a bike shirt) and I am pretty sure I was noticing shaved legs…which made me start thinking…hmm…I wonder if he’s a tri guy…if so…that would mean he’s in the pool some days too right?? Hmm…I sooo need to see him in the pool!! Might be time to start morning swims!! (maybe that’s where he is mornings I don’t see him!!) Regardless of the fact that I’ll never talk to him, he still brightened what is otherwise looking to be a crappy day (weatherwise that is, due to the weather I’m going to have to put off my trip to the chiro as traffic is just going to suck). In his honor, I’ve put up a couple of pictures…he reminds me of someone, but I have yet to determine who…this pic of James Marsden kind of reminds me of him in the eyes…and Johnny because my hottie has, believe it or not, even nicer cheekbone structure, (think that’s what draws to his eyes)…And finally, my favorite hottie, even though I had to remove him from my list since he’s now married…Ah Matt…I still love you!!!
Oh, and yeah, heel still bothering, I skipped a run, did only 35 minutes of bike (when I saw hottie decided I could do some ab work before he left so I could stare a bit longer) and might go back and do a bit more today. I have determined where my heel hurts though, and really don't think it can be PF. It's a spot at the back of the heel...and I can fully find the hot spot and push on it...wonder if a massage would help...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Better Days??

Another weekend is coming to an end….I could use one more day. Hopefully I feel more in tune with things and productive tomorrow. I have a lot of things I need to focus on and I can’t seem to do that lately.

So Friday was horrible. I don’t know what was wrong. As I said, hottie was there, that should’ve cheered me up and made my day right?? Well wrong. Maybe it’s just looking at something I can’t have that added to the compounding of things or something but I just felt terrible all day. Very down. I talked to a few others though, and maybe something was in the air or something because a few others were feeling the same as me (men and women) so who knows. I went to a happy hour, sat alone for a time, contemplated my beer, was going to finish it and go home, and then ended up having another couple and eventually got to feeling OK. I might have lined up a “date” for the wedding I am going to in May too. The groom’s brother-in-law’s brother…OK, got that one?? Groom, S, his brother in law G (sister’s husband) has a brother that apparently is going to be invited to the wedding, but might come as my date instead…he lives in Canada…so not like anything will come of that one, but hey, if he looks like his brother (which I’ve been told he does, only a little taller and couple years older, which is fine since G is younger than me) he’ll be a nice attractive guy to hang with at the wedding.

Anyway…back to other things. I seemed to cheer up some on Saturday and got some stuff done. Went to the gym, iced my foot numerous times (took another day off running) and did some grocery shopping…Super Target is evil…they take a lot of my money (considering I was there again today and spent only a little less than yesterday). I didn’t go out or do anything last night, other than some cleaning up around my house. Today I went for a run…it was nice out…the run was feeling good (someone had set my irritation level off the charts and I had had too much coffee that really set me to shaking) but my heel was still having issues. I just don’t know anymore. I took 4 days off running this week. 2 days completely off any workouts. I only ran 17 miles (vs the 30 I had planned and the 40+ the lat 4 weeks) and still it’s bothering. I am icing, using a tennis ball to massage and doing some stretches (including the stick on my calves to loosen them up and the foam roller a bit on my hip to loosen it up more). My plan is to see my chiro tomorrow and see if she can do something too. I’ll take tomorrow off running. Just strength train and bike, but I really want to get back to normal stuff. It doesn’t bother that much when running, just feels kind of bruised, but I’ve had people freak me out with residual stuff around PF and if it is PF I don’t want to cause any long term effects. What to do….without running though, I feel like I’m also going to get fat. I can’t get nearly the workouts anywhere else…sigh…I put on one pound this week from the days off…not a good thing!! I’m not in control of the snacking that’s for sure!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

What Can You Expect...

From a day that begins with getting up in the morning? I used to have that T-shirt…I loved that shirt…and for some reason today is starting to feel that way and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because due to lack of activity this week, but no cutting back on eating, I’m up a pound, so at 6 that I’d like gone in just over a month and a half (and 2 more by my big race day). Actually got up and went to the gym for only the second time this week (I kept resetting my alarm cause I just didn’t want to get out of bed) and lo and behold, hottie was there!! I hadn’t seen him in almost two weeks…and yay…he was there…working his abs…biking, then I assume down to strength train (by that point I had jumped on a bike, just to be nearer him, even though I was two bikes away from him AND not looking at him…I’m bummed I was in a bad place as he got off the bike just after I got on and wiped his face with his shirt, I could’ve gotten a glimpse of what I am assuming is a nicely toned tummy had I just stayed on the mats and worked my abs for 5 more minutes…sigh)…one thing I was finally able to remember to look at is his left hand…no ring!! Of course what does that mean…that he’s maybe not married (could be and just doesn’t wear a ring OR might not wear it during workouts), doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a girlfriend (or boyfriend for that matter, I’m not really getting that vibe from him, but you never know). Anyway…we all know I won’t talk to him anyway, but you’d think it would’ve started my day right. And it might have. But I started thinking…yeah…bad thing for a Friday. Where did my thoughts go?? Well, to the pathetic thing that is my love life…and I honestly don’t know why. I’m about over that I’m feeling down because it’s winter/transition time to spring (which is still is in the great north, but I’m past those feelings, or so I thought) and it’s too early for me to be wishing I was attached to someone right now (haven’t been out to see couples walking around and enjoying time in the nice days with each other). In fact, I still look at things with some of my friends and am SO GLAD I’m NOT attached…but still…something weird is going on. I think it’s the fact that while my love life is pathetic, maybe it’s the fact that I rang in the new year with Dom and the three dates I’ve been on (with three different guys) this year were far from the look and/or feel of Dom dates…

Date 1 was a long past due movie date with C…yes…the same C that I had all the stuff going on from last year…bad, bad, bad…but it was beginning of the year, I was a big tipsy and, well, you know…things happen. We went to see Juno, good movie, he paid, although made mention of that I make more money etc…so I paid for the beers we had after…he didn’t say again anything about it, but I felt obligated…

Date 2 was the wine date…yes, where I ended up with the $10 glass vs. the $6 glass (not that it would’ve been THAT big of a deal but I wasn’t trying to get something expensive when I thought the guy was paying, for that price I would’ve picked something other than what I had) and then paid for my two glasses…I did see him out one night after that but didn’t even talk to him…no interest in going out with him again for many, many reasons…

Date 3 was a dinner/drink date…we were going to go see a movie and instead hung out a bit, had some wine and then went to get a bite to eat…and he asked me to throw in $10 on it…my beers were $3 a piece and I had only eaten a little of the pizza, we went more cause he was hungry, not me…but oh well.

Yes…can we say I’ve been on dates with…well, one of my friends likes to tease me about my “losers”…let me clarify on that…the guys, youngest was 35…then one was 40, the other 41…wouldn’t you think that at that point in their lives they’d have their acts together? Well, OK, the cheap guy does own a house, the other two, well, one got divorced and let his ex have everything, no fault divorce state and even though she cheated, he got screwed, oh and lost his job shortly after that too. Then let himself get screwed by the army when he signed up for reserves and gee, what a surprise, they didn’t follow through on promises he’d been given. (supposed to see him tonight, but thinking I’m going to skip it…he’s thinking we’ll meet up and leave together…I’m thinking no) and the other, well, 40, no college degree, works as a server, rents an apartment…and he has no kids and no divorce and still can’t seem to get his act together…what is wrong with me?? Ah…let’s not answer that one!! One thing though, that I’ve finally, duh Danielle, come to a realization on. I deserve better!! Yes, I’m slow sometimes…but you know, I’m almost 34…ugh…but I own my condo, I have owned it for almost 7 years. I own my car (and I have a fairly decent, reliable car). I have two student loans but should have them paid off this year. I have a good job, with opportunities for advancement within the company and the opportunity for educational advancement through a very nice tuition reimbursement plan. I have nominal credit card debt (that I pay off every month, only reason there is a bigger debt right now is my laptop and booking a vacation and a maintenance thing on my car and it will be paid off when it comes due). I take care of myself by trying to eat healthy and running like a mad woman. I’m also fairly intelligent…but I’m also very independent which is somewhat a turn off I’ve found (even though most guys I know say they want independence they don’t seem to know what to do with it, or intelligence for that matter). All I can say is there is definitely a lacking of quality men…and I seem to keep finding guys that are either freaking out at the idea of a date (after being asked on a date and agreeing I have heard the “I’m not looking for something serious” umm…yeah…neither am I!) or a guy that is wanting some super serious right away…(I recently heard, when I say I’m not looking to get married, “you just don’t want to marry me” or something to that effect from someone I haven’t even really been on date with…yeah…not sure which is scarier!!).

So yes…this is my life…I think I need to do the ban on dating again. It just doesn’t seem worth it. Not unless there is a quality person to date…I’m not looking for anything long term. I’m not looking for that end all be all life partner. I’m really not even looking. But if something came along, that was worth it…someone to run with on occasion and do some of the things I like to that it seems my friends are never around for…maybe then? I hate that I’m writing this and even considering thoughts like this…because it makes me sound like one of those “oh whoa is me, I can’t find a guy” and that’s not it…I think what it is, is that I want all guys to be away, unless they are quality!! Someone with…potential…so how do you ban dating and still potentially find that??

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

2 Years and Still Going Strong

That's right, two years ago today I started this blog. Wow...and other than maybe a week's time here and there, I've been pretty good about writing on it. I've NEVER been able to keep a journal that long. Through the time I've made a lot of good friends, some that I know personally, others that I just know through the blogosphere...but it's been a great time. It's nice to be able to just go post your perspective be it on a run (I'm still lacking on the reality friends that I can run with) or the hottie at the gym (who I haven't seen in over two weeks now...I have to admit I skipped a couple of morning workouts this week and last though so that's probably why I've missed him).

Anyway, I couldn't get up this morning because I was out watching Atonement last night with a friend...I do want to read the book even more now, so am on the list for the audio or real version of it at the library. Very good, but I think I'm questioning a few things about it that I hope maybe the book will give me insight into that I didn't pick up from the actors. Definitely worth watching though.

One thing I haven't posted about is some heel pain I've been suffering from. I have had a few people mention Plantar Fascititis (sp) to me but to me it more feels like a bruise than anything. It's never been a huge problem, kind of lightens up and/or goes away partway into a run and sometimes comes at the end in just some foot pain. When I get up and walk, not just in the morning (the way I've heard PF can be) it's a little sore but not terrible. I've been icing it, and I took Monday off running (but biked and used elliptical) and Tuesday I took it entirely I planned for 4, ran 5 (at the gym while I tried my new shoes...I like them but I think Nike is doing away with some of the great cushioning that I have always loved about them) and and then biked for 30 minutes. I thought about going one more but want to try for an easy 7 tomorrow. We'll see what happens. But anyway...two's to many, many more!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

13 Miler

Alright, I had been thinking 14 all along, maybe even 15, but feeling a little uninspired (I'm doing a fall back on running week this week now) I did do 13. It wasn't too bad. Part of my cutting it shorter was heel pain and glute stuff still. I am going to see the chiro this week!! I managed 42 for the week, today was the 13 miler in 1:57:10...I remember when I wanted to break 2 hours for a half, and now on an easy run, I do's quite interesting. And I know some of you that read this, see the times I post, and think wow, (others are so much faster it's not even funny!) look at those times, but I'm telling you, 9 minute easy runs weren't the norm for me when I first got back to running. (after a long break, high school track and then back at it seriously again in 2002) I remember when 10 minute miles seemed just takes running...running...and more running...
And of course running is something not everyone understands. Most people think it’s pure insanity. But as my mileage gets longer. And I’m able to run further. I can go further from home. I can explore other areas. I can see new views, new neighborhoods. I think it’s part of what keeps me running. Knowing I see something new every time. Knowing I can see new places. Explore new things. All in ways I never would see or notice in my car, going to just get from point A to point B. Running is different. Running I see so much more. Like the 4-5 deer running across backyards (I live in the burbs, but not THAT far out into the burbs). Or seeing a fox, or a doe and her 3, yes, count them 3, fawns that I saw one year. I see the first signs of spring (although right now they are not out there. Damn snow! Hence more spring pics) when the buds are small and you can’t notice them from the car. I can smell the blooming flowers. I can enjoy scenery. Listen to my music. Nod at other runners, and know that only they understand why I’m out there. It’s like a secret society that so few of us see and understand. Ah…isn’t it fun being insane?

Friday, March 21, 2008

This is How MN Welcomes Spring

Yesterday was the first calendar day of Spring but today was the first FULL day of spring (it didn't technically start till sometime yesterday morning or something) and this is what it looks like outside:

Yes, it's typical of MN to welcome spring with snow...ah well. It melts. I just ended up with really wet feet on my run was an adventure for numerous reasons. First, because I didn't go to bed till 7 am...yes, that's typically the time I'm LEAVING the gym on a Friday and going to work, but instead I hadn't even crawled into bed till then. My friend Steve and I both had today off so we went out last night. All places we went were pretty lame, but we hit 4 different bars in our quest. It was fun. We surfed porn on his iPhone, looked up interesting things here and there chatted...then we got back to my place and watched some things on YouTube (like the I'm f*cking Ben Affleck and Matt Damon videos) and next thing you know it's way, way past time to go to bed. I slept till about noon, then took a nap, and finally set out to get my car (yes, drinking, I was responsible and left the car at the bar, intending on doing that all along cause the bar is only about 6 miles from my house). I turned it into a 7 mile leap over slush puddles, avoid splashing by cars, slip around on sidewalks that should've been shoveled but obviously hadn't been all winter and in essence just tried to stay as dry as possible. All things considered it wasn't a bad run...the conditions were bad, I was slightly hung over and sleep deprived and I still managed a sub 9 minute pace (not the tempo I had had intentions of doing, but that's OK).

Anyway, it was a fun night and even though I got not much done around the house, I did get a run and a stop at Trader Joe's in so it was fine. Hope others are having better weather than we are!! Spring...please come soon!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Day of Spring

And it's the start of a three day weekend!! I'm so excited as we are now entering my favorite season of all. It's the best time of year (although have to give it about a month) to be in MN because the smells, the sounds, the views (ie flowers blooming, trees starting to turn green, not to mention my birth all happened in this season) and we get some of the most perfect days of the year. If it wasn't for some of those days, I would definitely not live here any longer!!

For the first time ever I work for a company too, that gives employees tomorrow off. Yay!! I feel no need to hit the church, so I have all day to just veg and do whatever tomorrow. Tonight I'm reconnecting with a friend that I haven't seen in a while. Maybe her new perspective will help me on a few of the other issues going on in my own life (namely in the form of a few boys that are adding complications that I don't need...and none of them is my hottie!!) and hopefully help her get over the things in hers. Three full days to do whatever I want. Cleaning, finishing up those essays and finally submitting them and just relaxing...along with hopefully getting a few nice runs in...although I'm feeling a little lazy right now. Not sure what is going on but even hitting the gym after work today is not feeling that appealing. We'll see what I end up doing (I skipped this morning with plans to go tonight and bike, test my new shoes finally and do a light strenth session but I feel like none of it). Technically this should've been a fall back week (since typically I train hard for 3 and then fall back on the 4th) and maybe my body is telling me that's what I do need...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tempo Run

So I didn’t get enough sleep on Monday night. I went to a coffee place again to work on those essays and didn’t even get anything done on them because I was chatting with a few people in IM and then was hanging out with a friend…sigh…I had a double latte and then a single…when I left around 11:15, well, let’s just say a good nights sleep wasn’t going to happen!! So even though my hottie hadn’t been at the gym on Monday, and he was most likely to be there on Tuesday, I opted to reset the alarm and went back to sleep. I have been doing strength different (used to be 30 minutes 3 days a week now it’s about 15 minutes 4 days a week and specific training from Weight Training for Runners, just to see) but figured if I missed it yesterday, not a huge deal as I can still get 4 workouts in this week.

Anyway, exhausted all day, eating candy (but a healthy lunch of peanut butter sandwich on wheat and an orange) I went home and laid down for about 15 minutes, but popped up and threw on running clothes. A 6 mile tempo run was on the plan…this is how it broke down (for a basis, I’ve been planning for tempo pace, right now, to be 8:00 for up to 4 miles so far):

Mile 1 - 8:53
Mile 2 - 7:56
Mile 3 - 8:03
Mile 4 - 7:31
Mile 5 - 7:37
Mile 6 - 7:33
Mile 7 - 8:14

Yes, that is 7 miles, not 6…and yes, that is 3 miles (well 4 technically) UNDER the 8 minute pace, 3 of them quite a bit under. Mile 5 I’ll somewhat discount because that one is mostly downhill…but Mile 4 is a fairly flat, with ups and downs about equally as is Mile 6…if it was on my Garmin, and the route I ran a fairly common one that Garmin has consistently measure at the miles it clicked off, I’d say some were short…and no, I didn’t lose signal at any points either…overall time was 55:53…I hit 6 miles under 48 minutes (guess I wasn’t off much when I said 45-46 was my 10K race pace, or maybe I was off as this was just a “fun run” what would it have been in a race?). When I finished, I wasn’t overly tired…but I thought…can I really maintain that pace for 26.2 (my goal pace would be 8:00 for fall)…guess we’ll see. I had one thought on it...but not sure I want to post that here...might have to do with some frustrations on my part...I'll leave it at that!!

On a good note, the friend I was having coffee with on Monday might possibly volunteer to bike along with me on longer runs…and carry water, powerade etc…I need to hunt down a few more people so I have lots of options when I need it!!

Today I got up (and no, hottie wasn’t there) and biked for 30, elliptical for 15 and 15 of strength training and I’ll do an easy 4 after work. Then I desperately need to clean!!

Glad people are liking the look. I was needing something new…I really didn’t like the last layout and no idea why I had kept it. I’m still playing with it, but it’s definitely better so far (I like that it’s easier to read, not such long narrow columns now).

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

For those that are Irish, and those that are not, it's a day of drinking green beer...oh, and I think there is some other reason behind it but darned if know anything but the drinking end!! OK, I know, St Patrick, patron saint of Ireland or something along that line...Anyway, it's an excuse to wear green, clovers, blinky lights, etc and go out and get drunk! And in Chicago they dye the river green. One of these years I'd like to see that.

So I found these cute little things to decroate my page today. I did see an actual "kiss me I'm Irish" and technically I'm a little Irish, so that could've been mine, but I kind of liked this other one better!

I posted about most of my runs/workouts last week but in the overall I managed another 40 mile week. I'm very happy with that (as I think that's the level I need to drop the pounds I'm trying to drop!) and especially happy that I managed 2 double days last week (that is my goal for my real training when it starts). And the second one, which was Friday, I started the second run and almost turned around at a half mile...but I kept it up, told myself at least 6, topped it at 8 and even got some decent tempo miles in it (around 8-8:15).

This week is a short week at work. We have Friday off. I'm so excited!! Means I can go out and celebrate the first day of Spring on Thursday!! This technically should almost be a fall back week for me, but since I have Friday off, I might push the miles one more week and take a little more of a break next week. I'm planning to get in and see my chiro this week as well.

On one final note, definite signs that spring is almost here. Yes, that is snow, but what you don't realize is that we usually get that snow this time of year, and after it's done, spring usually comes on full force (not to mention it won't last long)...I want spring so bad I can taste it...and on that note...I'll leave you with this:

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday. So in celebration I took her out to Fogo de Chao for dinner. She became interested in it after I told her about my last trip, and since dad got a nice dinner on his birthday, it was only fair. So dad, mom and I along with another friend of mine who my mom is fond of as well, went to dinner. Lots of meat was eaten by all and for dessert mom, much to the chagrin of the rest of us, chose fresh was good though.

Yesterday was a busy day, after a night of too much drinking on Friday...darn shots!! I chatted with a few people, got a number of a boy that was way too young, and then crashed but didn't get enough sleep. Saturday morning mom and I had run to a friend of mines place to get back the items she had been holding for me while I attempted to sell my condo...since I opted to buy appliances and stay a while longer, since I can't sell anyway. My cousin stopped in to install my microwave, but we discovered, as all things in this place are, it wasn't going to fit without some modifications so dad has to do some more work to make it fit. Anyway, then dinner and a drink and I crashed for the night. Oh, and earlier in the evening I got a little love from Max (he was freaked, dad had been using power tools at my sister's place and he's scared of them).

Today was a run, planned 10 miles, for a total of 40 again for the week, this time with only 5 days of running (last week was 6) but two days of double workouts. Things are a little tight, I need to see the chiro this week, but it was still OK. Finished 10 in 9:01 pace, would've been faster but I had a 10 minute and 10:30 minute mile in there when I was texting and then chatting with a friend (he's in basic traing and just finally had his cell back today, first time in over a month) so it slowed me down a bit. Still felt pretty good.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Naked Sushi

OK, should’ve said this, to keep people from being too grossed out about it…the food was all on banana leaves, so there was the leaf between the food and the persons skin. Definitely had health safety in mind when they were doing it (considering it was hugely advertised and foodies from the papers were there to write about it, it had to be somehow sanitary!).

TGIF!! And it’s payday. And it’s bonus day (company did really well last year and my bonus, even for just half a year, was better than I thought it was going to be). And tonight I’m going out for fun with girlfriends. And the sun is out. And I’m leaving in about an hour. And…well, you get the picture!! It’s a good day! (although my hottie wasn't at the gym today, and I got up specially hoping to see him since he hadn't been in all week...hopefully Monday I'll see him again!!)

Should e be a nice weekend too as I’m taking my mom and dad (well, I’m paying for mom, offered to pay for dad but he’s buying his own) out to Fogo de Chao for dinner. Yummy, yummy, yummy. My second trip in a month!! It’s mom’s birthday on Sunday and when I mentioned going there she thought it sounded good and wanted to go there for her birthday (since I took dad out for a nice dinner on his birthday, I was agreeable to doing that for mom too). Lots and lots of meat. What more do you need?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Coffee, A Mile and Sushi

I have to say, I really, really heart my laptop...I always knew it would be a great thing to have it to be able to go and work on things away from home, but until last night I had never really experienced it. Still trying to complete those darn essays, I decided I needed a change of scened (and distraction) so I headed to Spyhouse Coffee, a cute little coffee place in Uptown that has free wi-fi and just a nice atmosphere (not to mention a FANTASTIC latte, although I should've gone decaf). I got there around 6:30 and settled in at a table, logged on, emailed, IM'd and worked on my a table, not sitting on the couch with it on my lap, what a concept!! While I didn't get them completed yet, I'm still finalizing, redlining, correcting, etc...I did spend 2 1/2 hours on getting things worked on so there was progress. With any luck I'll be able to finish them by this weekend and have them submitted early next week at the latest. I know one of my letters of recommendation are in, just have the essays, my resume and one other letter to check on.

Of course, having sat and drank a double low fat latte, I was a bit jittery and knew I wouldn't be able to sleep. Since it was around 9 and I was near my favorite watering hole, I opted to stop in, say hi and have a couple of beers to try to counter the caffeine. I ran into a friend, visited with him a bit and then got sucked into a game of pool (I warned everyone that I sucked and to prove that, after missing all but one shot, I went to bank off the side for an intentional miss to set up for my partner and managed to bank just right to knock the 8 ball in...ah well...I told my partner coaching me is not a good idea and it's been probably 2 years since I shot as it is!!). I got home around 11:30, attempted to get to sleep so I could be up for a workout, cause you never know, hottie might be there (he wasn't), ALMOST thought I was walking in just behind him, but it was a false alarm. I got a decent workout in and plan to run a 4-6 miler tonight (moved around to get my tempo in tomorrow when I'm more rested) in more warm temps (although I'll be away from work later than normal today so not sure it will still be a nice as it's supposed to be).

I got to work and realized it was the 13th and time to register for my 1 mile race as well. So I am officially doing one race here sometime in the on the map future. I am opting out of the 5K on Saturday, even though I really wanted to do it, but a friend wants to go out and I don't see her a lot and she really can't get out much so we are going out and it won't work to get up and do it. Ah well.

Finally, to the last part of my title...never thought I'd ever post something about sush, but I had to post this cause the picture was in the paper today. I might try sushi (not a big seafood fan and the idea of eating cold or raw fish is so NOT appealing to me) if I can have it served to me this way!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Day

Ah, what a great day! This morning I managed to get up early, managed a 7:45 or so pace for 4 miles, and of course, saw my hottie...then, after a busy day at work, I left the office to find it 49 degrees outside!! Yes...OK, granted tomorrow it's only going to be 40 or so, but I got home and it was 50!! You know what 5o means?? I was able, to run, outside, with SHORTS on!!! was my first run in shorts and I so loved it. I had a short sleeved shirt, light weight jacket and gloves, a baseball cap and my music going lightly in the background. I got back and had muddy water splashed up my legs and that was an awesome thing. I even held a pretty decent pace. Plan had been 6 miles with 4 at tempo, I had semi wanted to do a sub 8, but didn't think it quite feasible since I had run the faster one this morning, but first mile was 8:38 (fast warm up) then I had a 7:59, 8:04, 7:55 and 7:40 (that was mostly down hill) and an 8:30 final for a 48:50 6 miler...guess my recent estimate on a 46 minute 10K wasn't that off. Anyway, I am so desperate for spring, but today, the nice 50 minutes in the sun was a help.

OK...focus...need to work on those essays....

A Break? Finally?

From the cold that is. It was sunny and fairly warm yesterday. Not that I got to enjoy it as I was at work by 7 and here until close to 5…and it will be more of the same today (since we have wrap up meetings at 4 and they will last till at least 4:30/4:45 again today I’m sure). My intent last night was to get home, work on my essays (until I realized I had left my jump drive with the essay drafts on it at work), maybe even going to Caribou or something to work on them so the TV and other things weren’t there to distract me. So instead I managed to clean my bathroom (desperately needed it and a big nice cleaning too, spring cleaning time!!) and do some research for a contract I’m in the process of negotiating. I was up later than planned, but oh well. Got up and was at the gym today, running, by 5:20!! And hottie showed up around 5:30 and was on the bike…I was so bummed as I almost started on the bike darnit…and he apparently only used it for a warmup as 15 minutes later he was down strength training…ah well. I got to view him on the weight floor as I ran by the windows each lap. I managed a good 4 miler, somehow sub 8 minute pace for it (must’ve been the false alarm first lap when I thought I saw him on the treadmill, but it was someone else, just had a similar build from the back). 31 or so minutes…tonight, since it’s supposed to be 40+ I’m going to run another 6 miles, 3-4 at 8 minute or faster tempo. After my run I biked, was going to go 30 minutes but wanted to see if maybe I’d bump into hottie as he left the weight room, unfortunately that didn’t happen, and when I walked out to my car, I THINK I JUST missed him walking out as I am pretty sure he was walking to his car (since it’s now dark in the early morning I didn’t have a clear view, so am not 100% sure it was him, but it could’ve been!!). Ah well. As I’ve said, there is no way I’ll ever talk to him, unless he says something to me (and even then I’d probably just stammer out something stupid anyway). I do appreciate the words of confidence from everyone on what I should do, but see, for one I would never interrupt someone during their workout, and for two, I’m just way too shy to approach someone…so instead he’s just my motivation to get up early and get to the gym before work…

Monday, March 10, 2008

Running, Trips and Weekend

Alright, I’m at work, and it’s going to be a busy, busy week…and I’m angry at myself for NOT booking my ticket to NY last week as the deal I had found, really good price, is now $20 higher (OK, not THAT big of a deal) but it was also better flight times and into and out of La Guardia vs. JFK…but what do you do? I guess I should book the other one I’ve found and suck it up, live and learn…prices are just going to go up right?

Running…last week I managed 40 miles. First 40 mile week in I don’t know how long. I was pretty happy with it. My plan included 10-12 for yesterday. I wasn’t sure which I would do, but while it was cold, I had the run going well enough that I stuck with it. I ended up doing 12 over the hills of my neighborhood at a 9:05 pace. This was 3 seconds per mile slower than last week, BUT, I did walk a portion of mile 10 (it ended up being 9:36) while messing with my MP3 to get to the right place in the book I was listening to. Had I not done that it would’ve been faster and that’s all I’m looking for…improvement each week. One of these weeks I need to expand the distance…I’d like to be regularly doing 10-15 miles until I start marathon training again. We’ll see. This week might be a good one for a cutback though, since daylight savings change will probably get to me by tomorrow or Wednesday and due to a special thing going on at work this week, I might be working some longer hours and not have the time to get out and run the way I’d like to anyway.

This morning I did get my workout in. 30 minute bike ride, 40 minutes of strength training…and no hottie to even motivate me!!

Weekend was pretty fun. Had a girls night out with friends on Friday, got a little rowdy but not too bad. Felt a little ill on Saturday morning, but was up, doing some cleaning and converting some CDs to my laptop…went to the gym for strength and a run but didn’t feel the strength so just ran and then went home to meet up with my roommate to hit a movie. We saw Definitely, Maybe which both of us enjoyed. Not quite as good as Love Actually (same people made both movies) but very cute…I got a little teary eyed at it…I had a bit of a panic attack on Saturday night…this I tend to come to expect during this time of year though. I guess panic attack is the wrong work, but a tinge of loneliness I guess was more like it, and the sadness I sometimes feel after drinking…I just cleaned and converted more CDs and it finally passed. Yesterday I didn’t feel I accomplished nearly as much as I would’ve liked, but oh well…this week and into the weekend hopefully I can get some big time cleaning done, as well as finishing the grad school essays I’ve been working on for the last month. Maybe I’ll leave the house and see if that motivates me to do something more!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Give Me a Freaking Break!

It's *&#$ing March!!! I'm so sick of the negative temps that I am ready to go balistic on someone...Minnesota sucks!!! I haven't liked it, but I've been tolerant of the freaking cold temps this winter, if it doesn't warm up...I too cold to even think up a good threat. I went running outside after work yesterday and had to wear my balaclava, which isn't good when trying to do any type of speed work since you can't breath quite as normally through it (and I tend to clench my jaw to keep it a bit further off my mouth) all that said I still managed a respectible tempo run, 7 miles, 4 at tempo, wanted 8:15 pace, first tempo mile was 8:14, then 8:09, 8:05 and 7:55, was cold, I wanted to get done!! Averaged an 8:21 again which wasn't bad, especially considering how cold it was (not quite as cold as today, but defintiely single digits).

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Susan G. Komen

OK, I tend to avoid writing, at least a bit, on things too political and/or religious etc…but you know what, this is my blog and I should be able to write what I want right?

I grew up Catholic/Methodist, neither parent really religious, but went to church on occasion at each…I was given the choice and went Methodist cause I liked the Pastor, she left and I didn’t really go much and then mom started going Catholic so I followed her…so I’m technically Catholic…I don’t really follow most of what the church says, but have been pretty good in following Lent and when I go to church, it is toward Catholic…but last week I was pushed too far. There was an article in USA Today (and maybe other places) about some diocese, mostly in the south, Little Rock was the main one, but Atlanta and a couple of others were in there. They made the paper because they were telling their parishnors to STOP donating to Susan G. Komen, their reasoning you ask? Because Susan G. Komen apparently gives 1% of the money it takes in for research and other uses related to breast cancer to Planned Parenthood to provide breast exams for low income women. The best way to prevent or survive breast cancer is early detection, and some people can’t afford a doctor, this is a way to get around that…but the Church, in it’s all knowing wisdom, says don’t give because that 1% that goes to PP is evil because you know, PP provides birth control, and of course, in extreme instances pregnancy termination…So don’t give to a breast cancer organization because they are trying to provide exams. That seems right huh? Can you give money to the church for them to give poor women to get the exams?? I doubt it. Of course in all its wisdom, the Church knows that that money doesn’t specifically go where Komen tells it to go, but if anyone did any research on PP they would know that even if you are full funded, meaning you have no money to pay for any part of the services you receive, you cannot have an AIDS test, cryogenic surgery or an abortion. Those are all things you have to pay no matter how little money you have. OK, so the church has an issue with BC too, which you can get if you have no money, but it’s better than someone with no money also have a child they have to raise with no money right, and it’s better to not get pregnant with said child than to have an abortion right? Anyway…the Church’s antiquated and messed up values just have finally pushed me over I guess. Maybe I shouldn’t be so sensitive, but when you see your aunt die from breast cancer, it kind of makes you a little touchy on the subject. And when you see your aunt who survived (6 years and counting) due to an experimental drug that she received, due to research, that was probably at least partly funded by Koman (and her sister, the one that died, supported the organization fully) you get a little upset when a religion is telling people NOT to give to that organization.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Doughnuts Do Not Equal Super Food

First, I should explain that title...back a year, maybe two, ago, I discovered, quite by accident, due to a co-workers birthday...that if I were to eat cake around 2/2:30 in the afternoon, when I went for a run at 4:30 or so in the afternoon, I had a fantastic run (if I could get it work to post the link to that post I would but last time I did it, something screwed up, so I dare not try!)...that happened more than once...hence, cake is a super food. Today there were doughnuts...I should not have had one but I did...and I went home, and I started running, and it wasn't feeling great...and I thought right away, yeah, should've skipped the doughnut, but 1:06:50 and 8 miles later, with an average pace of 8:21, I guess it wasn't THAT bad. I've been running those "cruise intervals" on Tuedays at the gym, starting with a mile warmup, doing a faster mile 8:15 or so pace is what I've been getting...and I thought maybe the gym was off. Today I got home and it was calm, it was cool, but not too bad, so I ran outside. Over the hills I normally run even, and what do you know, the splits were similar:

Mile 1 - 8:54
Mile 2 - 7:55
Mile 3 - 8:54
Mile 4 - 7:47 (this was about half downhill so I give that some of the credit)
Mile 5 - 8:41
Mile 6 - 7:56
Mile 7 - 7:59 (these 2 miles were intended to be back to back fast, the second one had a patch over icy snow)
Mile 8 - 8:41

So what do you know, the gym track must be the length I've been told and my pace is doing well. I was fairly pleased with how I felt at the end. My glute is a little tight and sore, I had done a 30 minute bike ride and some ab work this morning. Tomorrow I'm strength training and an easy 4 mile recovery run. No second workout as I'm meeting a friend for a bit of shopping and maybe a drink, so definitely have to get the workout in in the morning. Means I need to be up EARLY!!

I'm posting this picture of both Max (my parents dog) and Beaux (my sister's dog and last weekends snuggle buddy) cause it's cute and Josh thinks my posts should have running, snuggle buddies and beer in them...

And to top off the post, I think I'm going to see what kind of beer is in the fridge right now!

Monday, March 03, 2008

The Continuing Saga of the Gym Hottie

Yes, it continues…my plan this morning, just in case he was there, get up even earlier so I can be in there around the time he is…so I hit the snooze one more time and didn’t quite get up (I blame this on the waking up at 1:10 to go to the bathroom and not being able to get back to sleep until 2:10 or later…and I was tired…so no idea why). But I was there at 5:35, was going to elliptical for a bit before strength and guess who I saw in the weight room…quick change of plan there!! I got back out on the floor really quickly after dropping my stuff in the locker…Now when I strength train, I mainly use the BOSU and stability ball for doing a lot of my strength…so I grabbed them and the only place I could fit them between the benches and such just happened to be next to the bench he was using…he was going between that and a Smith machine (he supersets like me!!) and each time he was on the bench I was of course enthralled but trying to not to stare and trying desperately to make sure he didn’t catch me watching him in the mirror…which I don’t think he did…realized later I again failed to notice his finger and if he had a ring or not…not that it really matters. He’s just a gym crush. There is no way I’ll ever talk to him (unless he starts the conversation, I’m just not aggressive enough to approach someone, particularly at the gym, bar, maybe, with the right amount of alcohol, but gym, no way) but he’s nice to look at…I think I’m so enthralled by him because my last gym had just a wide variety of hot men, but there was something about them that you didn’t even notice because they all looked the same, basically like models and I just put that look to not much upstairs or a lot of ego…this guy is hot, but there to workout, not trying to impress and he actually puts a lot into the effort…maybe that’s what draws me…

Oh, but thanks to him I managed 40 minutes of strength training today and a nice 30 minute bike ride (realized I should probably take a running day off since I was on day 5 in a row yesterday and 33 miles in that time frame).

Sunday, March 02, 2008


So, right now I SHOULD be working on my essays for grad school...yes, I need to get them finished. I have had intentions of getting them in all February and STILL haven't finished them...And what am I doing right now?? Surfing the internet and typing a blog...oh well. I should've brought my laptop with me to my parents and I might have had one of them almost typed today when I was discussing it with my parents...I even thought about it more on my run this afternoon's too bad my thoughts can't type for me...

I was at my parents for the weekend. After a slow trip down on Friday, I got to their house, changed clothes and went to meet them for a drink. Had a couple of beers and then went back to their house and went to bed. Had a little snuggler with me (see picture on the right), then up early the next day and went to visit grandma. Was at her house for about 6 hours, visiting, had lunch, then went back to my parents where I took a nap and then went for a quick 4 miler before getting ready for the dinner and silent auction to raise money for the town foundation. A couple of beers and then a fairly early night and up early, visit with parents a bit longer then got on the road back to the cities so I could do a run. It was supposed to be 38 and it had to have hit that or felt really nice even with the light mist coming down. I managed my 12 in a 9:02 with a last mile of 8:41.

Now, I suppose...back to those essays and maybe the homework from my financial advisor, and a quick review of a couple of work related things I didn't get to on Friday...and maybe I should think about some "real" food (the Godiva hot chocolate, cheerios and fruity cheerios didn't quite do it!).