Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Boredom

Well, I do have plenty to work on, but I'm just kind of antsy and just had cake (it was one of my co-workers 40th birthday today and we had cake to celebrate, it was quite yummy...but I'm going to crash from it in about an hour!! Then maybe have a good run!). It's drizzyly/rainy out here so I got a strength session (35 minutes even) in and am planning a 3-5 miler tonight to lead up to the long run I'm planning to run tomorrow (unless Sunday looks better, but I have to work that day so it might not be the best). I really do have a lot going on tonight so the run might or might not happen. I have been contemplating a shopping trip to get something new to wear tonight...I'm tired of my clothes, none of my summery ones seem right or are something I want to wear (or can quite yet) and I'm tired of all my winter ones. I need to look good cause C might be out, I'm really, really guessing he won't be, but you never know. Anyway, yeah, I still owe that story don't I?
My MP3 seems to be caput. I can get it working, it starts up and works fine, but then when I shut it off and go to use it next time it's in "recovery" mode and it won't get out of it on the basic reset (meaning pull the battery for 10 mintues and put it back in). I can fight with my computer and get it working again, but then it does the same thing again. It's a pain and I've had the thing for 2 might just be time to get something else. I found this one today and it seems to be what I need/want (I want playlists, although the owners manuals don't seem to explain how to use them, it seems like it has them!) and the price is reasonable (I can get it at Circuit City even cheaper than it shows at Amazon and have it yet today) and I have a $25 gift card that I need to use before tomorrow's either that or the new thing I might want for wearing out tonight!!

I also need new jeans...I hate buying new jeans. I found jeans I loved about 7 years ago, but they were in the process of changing them. I haven't tried them since as I stocked up, but now, while the jeans still look fine, I have this slight problem...I've lost some weight (OK, so really not a problem per se) and now they are a bit big...and I really hate jeans when they are too big! So, now I'm on the hunt and starting to get to a point where I really need some. I tried Gap cause I've heard good things about them, but didn't like them. NY&Co I have denim capris that I love, but didn't like their jeans either. Express is what used to have the jeans I loved, I could check there again, but haven't yet. I'm going to maybe run to Target and/or Kohls to see what they might have as both places I have had previous successes on too. Now, I'm not cheap, but I do not like to spend a ton, but I'm so fussy about my jeans I would, if I found some I loved...I'm probably going to start needing new work pants too. I have some I love, but again, getting too big...

Downtown Minneapolis picture that I took on Monday night when I was outside on top of one of the bar/restaurants in the Uptown area of Minneapolis. That view is probably going to be blocked soon because of a city ordinance that was changed allowing for a 12 story building when only 4 story buildings are supposed to be built in this area...isn't that sad?

Anyway, I suppose, I should do something productive for at least another hour today...then off to shop a bit, take a nap, go for a run and get ready for the evening and whatever it might bring. Wish me luck...I might need heart is so going to get broken...(no, I'm not in love, but I'm lustful like and it's killing me!)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Farewell Jason, You will be Missed!

This is a picture of my friend Jason (on the right) from his going away party on Tuesday night. He is the J that I spent NYE with (amongst other people) and then spent most of the next day it at his place till he finally drove me back home...I think we covered the gambit of topics you could cover spending that much time with someone. He's really a great guy. That day he kept teasing me about all the men I had paying attention to me that night (none of whom panned out into anything) however, he was keeping a little secret. He had met a girl that lived in Brooklyn...he has always wanted to live in NY, and in fact visits friends there a lot. He had a trip out there already planned...he went out there and hung out with her and next thing you know his house is on the market and he's working with recruiters to find a job. Today he is driving to his new home. I got to meet the girl on Tuesday and they do seem good together. It seems so fast, but if it makes him happy, he does deserve all the best as he is a good guy (even if he doesn't seem to think so) but I'm going to miss being able to hang out with him here. He's quite interesting to talk to, and did I mention he's a defense attorney? I have these criminal instincts and things I want to do and now my lawyer left!! OK, so maybe not, but it's fun to think about right?? Of course it does give me people to go visit in NY City, so I guess it's not all bad. One of these days I really do need to go back there. I have no idea why I didn't get a picture of myself and Jason, or even those two and myself, they were my partners in crime on NYE after all...(guy on the left is the infamous C I keep making reference to). Hmm...hope neither sees this and sues me for putting their picture on the internet!!

Training Week 6 - 13 Weeks to Grandma's

Monday, March 19 – 4 miles easy at lunch and then 25 minutes of strength training. No watch but I’m guessing around 9 minute pace.

Tuesday, March 20 – 7 miles in 1:01:38 (8:48 pace) that wasn’t bad. Went out not knowing how far I’d even go.

Wednesday, March 21 – 10 miles was supposed to be an interval day, but I just wanted to run. First day of spring and it felt really good even with the rain. 1:29:48 (8:59 pace). Strength trained at lunch for 25 minutes.

Thursday, March 22 – 6 miles that felt really easy and in shorts. 52:40 (8:47 pace).

Friday, March 23 – Strength day and no run, saved up for Saturday (plus I had to work and didn’t feel it at lunch).

Saturday, March 24 – 16 miles, longest I’ve done in about a month and it felt fine and I was strong through it. 2:26:30 (9:09 pace). I didn’t bring food with me, but had some things I wanted to try in the car and I ran the chain of lakes so at one point stopped at my car to have a few (at about 11 miles) and also had stopped and bought gatorade since I didn’t have any with me. Overall not a bad run.

Sunday, March 25 – Easy run with no watch and just around home. 6 miles at around 54 minutes or so.

Mileage –49
Strength – 3 sessions, Monday 25 minutes, Wednesday 20 minutes, Friday 30 minutes
Elliptical – Nothing

Finally got a long run in. It felt fine. Was a bit slower and I never picked up the pace like I have been doing, but considering I didn’t carry water or gatorade with me OR even bring food it wasn’t bad. Still no speed work though and that is something I’m really lacking and need to bump up. I’m not going to get the 10 mile LT run in this week from the looks of it. I just don’t have the motivation for some of these workouts. I’m still running, but I just don’t seem to want to speed up.

Monday, March 26, 2007

1 Year

Wow, a year ago today I started this blog. I've never managed to write in a diary for an entire granted, I haven't posted everyday, but I have managed to do at least an update or two a week and sometimes more often. How time flies too, and things change. I'm still in MN, still in both my jobs, still in my condo, but the condo is on the market (and I had an open house that 3 people came to which apparently is actually pretty big) and of the three, one actually seemed semi interesting, I don't believe that it will lead to anything, but the fact that I've FINALLY had someone come look at it, gives me hope that maybe the May 17th deadline I had for wanting to close on it and on whatever I buy isn't totally hopeless. is a weird day for MN weather. Normally a cold month, today we are at 77 degrees...and check the "feels like" temp. Remember those posts back and January and February? 10 feels like -1, 0 feels like about a difference!! It is a BEAUTIFUL day and such a shame I have to be at work right now. But I'm leaving in an hour or less so that's a good thing. I ran at lunch in short sleeved tech shirt and shorts. And I'm not one to complain about the heat, ever, no matter how hot it gets. But to be honest, it was a little hot out for a run when you haven't acclimated to heat yet. We're talking almost 80 was upper 30s a week ago when I ran that 5K!! Nothing like having to adjust to cold and then to heat (but like I said, I don't mind at all!).
Tonight I'm going to grill out too. Probably burgers...with a friend (J)...well, we'll see where it goes. It is a male friend and we have been hanging out, but I'm holding back a bit, remember that thing I should've been posting about I hinted at last week, we'll I haven't had time (or maybe the guts) yet to post about it, but it involves another guy, that I'm unfortunately hung up on, to a degree, probably because he doesn't want a "relationship" or isn't ready for one is how I should say it...thing is, I'm not asking for one either, I don't want one anymore than he does I don't think, but dating, that's another story. But anyway, this guy, C, has hurt me, quite badly, and I haven't really gotten any good answers from him on it. And to be honest, I don't know what it is about him. I want him out of my head but so far haven't been successful at that. So did you follow all that? J is who I'm attempting to see what might happen, C is who I think I have a thing for still (OK, so I know I do) and I do feel bad about doing this to J...I have to make a decision on something soon, either I have to forget C or I have to stop hanging out with J except on a friend basis (he and I did hang out yesterday and he was asking me if I had been hurt, and then after dropping me at my car said something about being friends, or's kind of up to me it seems...I might have to share with him about C...)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Shorts Weather

Last night I made my official first run in shorts this year. It was a bit cooler than normally I would like for wearing them, but I just couldn't resist. Tights and pants for so long I wanted shorts!! I think the temps were mid-50s when I ran. Today and tomorrow it's going to be 60!! So wish I didn't have to work tonight, but thankfully I don't have to work at all tomorrow. I am planning to finally get a higher mileage run in tomorrow of 15-17 (maybe on Sunday instead but we'll see what happens) possibly around my lovely lakes, I'm sure they will be packed!!
Workouts for the week I have so far managed 27 miles and 2 strenth sessions. I should be doing strength today as well, but might just run instead. The running hasn't included the speed I'm supposed to be, but I'm getting the miles and it's feeling good. Although I've had a little weird foot issue the last couple of days. Not sure what the problem is or what I should do for it. It's the area by my 2-3 smallest toes on my left foot, the toes themselves along with a little but of the foot. No idea what is causing it, although I think I noticed it a little bit wearing the shoes I did for my race (they are lighter and less support than my normal distance and training shoes). I've worn them before though and didn't have this. I still also have a very tight hamstring/ITB on my left side. A massage I think is the only thing going to work that out. It hasn't stopped the running though and seems to feel better while running. I managed 10 in a light misty/foggy weather on Wednesday, just headed out with no real plans for how far I was going to go, 10 miles later my frustrations of the day were gone and I was feeling so much better than I had on Tuesday!! Running is a great thing. I'm encouraging some friends to do it too.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring What a Wonderful Season!

I have a lot of things I wanted to blog about…MNFirefly even suggested I send something out and see what others responses are via my blog (after she listened to me for a while on IM last night, I’m guessing she was wishing she hadn’t contacted me in the first place…still sorry about that, it so isn’t how I normally am), but right now I don’t have the time, and I also don’t want to bring down things on what is the first day of my oh so favorite season…It’s gray and overcast here, but I couldn’t be any happier than if it was 75 and sunny (OK, maybe I would be a bit happier with that, but you know what I mean). The gray and overcast just means rain on the way to melt the last of the snow and clean up things as well as get the trees started on their producing leaves, flowers to blooming, grass to turning green…it’s a wonderful season. (Not to mention the fact that I was born in this season too, but we won’t go there). While I see fall is just a lead in to winter and death of all things pretty, spring is the rebirth…beautiful flowers to look forward to, long lazy summer days to enjoy, runs outside hopefully, soon in fewer clothes!!

And as soon as I get home and get a run in tonight I am doing some massive spring cleaning!! I so feel the urge (and what good timing while my house is on the market, just makes it look better, that is if ANYONE ever comes to look at it…I’m getting frustrated at St. Joseph)…Tonight when I run, I’m going to let the new season refresh me, hopefully clean out these ill feelings still hanging over from winter and hopefully get the few little problems I’ve been having out of my mind and into a place where they deserve to be (anyplace but in my thoughts!!).

Monday, March 19, 2007

100% Irish for a Day Pic

OK, really bad picture...but I found one of me at the 5K...I didn't like any of the others, but even this one I look stiff...I know I have really, really bad running form. I've always run with tight arms and shoulders. Of course this one was painful too. Too bad you can't see the glasses I'm wearing...they are clover shaped and so fun.

OK, maybe one more...this one I just look mad!

Training Week 5 - 14 Weeks to Grandma's

Monday, March 12 – 4 miles easy at lunch and then 20 minutes of strength training. No watch but I did 10 miles then after work in 1:28:15 (8:36 pace) that felt good.

Tuesday, March 13 – 6 miles in 56:15 (9:22 pace) that wasn’t bad, but legs felt it after the tough run yesterday.

Wednesday, March 14 – 8 miles planned LT run which should put the LT miles at 7:45 or so, this run was 1:07:42 (8:28 pace) and the LT miles (5.5 of them) had one at 8:18 when I went up a big hill, but the rest were right around 8 or just under, so a little slow, but it was kind of a hilly course.

Thursday, March 15 – 6 miles that felt really easy 51:40 (8:37 pace). Was meant to be a recovery but it felt really good. I did 25 minutes of strength at lunch that day followed by the run after work.

Friday, March 16 – 3 miles easy, taper for the race.

Saturday, March 17 – 1.9 mile warm up in around 18 minutes. 22:00 flat 5K (21:52 on Garmin) race around Lake Harriet and then a 5 mile run in the afternoon with no watch as a recovery. I had intended on doing the 5 miles immediately after my race and they were going to be 10, but I just wasn’t feeling up to it.

Sunday, March 18 – Day off. First day off since Monday, the 5th so I guess I was due. A friend was in town, I had been out for St. Patrick’s day the night before and mileage was good for the week.

Mileage –47
Strength – 2 sessions, Monday 25 minutes, Thursday 25 minutes
Elliptical – 1 30 minute session

Still not much of a long run this week. We’ll still see. I HAVE to get a long run in this weekend. Sure Monday I did 14, but since it wasn’t all together, I don’t count it. The race wasn’t bad, a nice PR but would’ve been better if I hadn’t stayed out. My only for real next race I have is a 1 mile run in May. I’m still debating what I’m going to do for speed work training. I haven’t raced a mile since high school. It’s such a new concept and thought process for me. With a 6:38 first mile split on the 5K though, I would think I should be able to do something big.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

100% Irish For a Day 5K Race Report

This was the first annual for this race, which I didn’t know on signing up. The main reason I opted to do it was because, while it was $25 which is about standard for a 5K around here, there was a nice Asics Tech shirt and that was worth it as far as I’m concerned. It was run around Lake Harriet, one of the Minneapolis chain of lakes and part of the Twin Cities Marathon course. The local businesses were the supporters for it, and it was nice to draw business down there, and the goodie bag had coupons for the shops and restaurants. The main supporter of the race is Marathon Sports, my main running store for shoes at least and also listed in a recent RW article as one of the top running stores in the country. Very knowledgeable staff and the first place I send anyone looking for shoes.

OK, enough on that. The weather was cool, probably upper 20s, so I was in tights, a light weight tight top, a tech top and my jacket since I needed something with pockets. I wore my Nike Zoom elites for a lighter shoe and did a 1.9 mile warm up, took a bathroom break and headed to the start line (finished the warm up about 20 minutes before the run). I did a few strides and sorted myself near the front. It was announced right before the 10 am start that they would only have official times online for the top 500 people. I later learned 1200 had pre-registered and they thought another 1000 had come to register race day…so it was a big crowd and I’m glad I was at the front. My previous PR in a 5K was 25:17, unofficially (didn’t go by race clock since it took 2 minutes to cross the start line). I wanted a new PR, finally do the under 25:00 thing and I figured having run 10 miles at 8:08 on Sunday that 7:30 was a feasible run. I had been out a little too late on Friday night and probably had 2 more beers than I should have, but with a 10 am start I was rested enough I thought. The first mile was way too fast. 6:38…oops. I knew I wouldn’t keep that pace but it had been, in part, down a couple of good inclines and I was caught up in the start. Mile 2 was right around 7:10 (too lazy to find Garmin right now) and I had a guy breathing heavy right on my back that I would hear the rest of the race. I just had this thought/fear that he was going to just get past me at the finish and I was going to be a bit mad at that one…mainly because I knew I was going all out, thoughts of stopping and vomiting were heavy in my mind in fact!! Anyway, I pushed it out and finished mile 3, just up a slight incline (remember that hill at the beginning, what goes down, must go back up!) and I knew soon I would see the turn that would lead to the finish. Split was right around 7:12….and the finish was in sight. I had nothing left, or so I thought, to push out and a girl came up to pass me in the last few steps and finished a second in front of me…and then I heard the guy still back there (he had dropped of) and I could see him out of the corner of my eye, so I dug down deep and pushed what I had and kept just in front of him to finish in exactly 22:00 officially. (Garmin time of 21:53 with the couple seconds it took to get to the start). I checked official results and I was 64th out of the 501 they kept time for. They weren’t doing age group breakdowns or anything like that, I might attempt to figure out where I placed age groupwise though. I remembered though, that 5Ks aren’t so much fun. They are hard!! I was not feeling great. I didn’t exactly train for a 5K either. No speed work geared toward that distance, I had 37 miles this week prior to today (where I added another 10 total) and I have run ever day for the last 12. So not a bad run I’d say on tired legs. My guess is I have a shot at going under 20 minutes if I really try.

I do have to say I will do this race again though. Well, run, nice course, and a great spread at the end. Bagels from my favorite local bagel place, beer was available for purchase, but I opted out to have drinks later tonight, and some great samples and coupons, including a chance to try Naked Juice finally and a free coupon and 2 $1 off ones!!

Oh, and now the results as I can see them.

64th Overall
12th Woman (overall woman's winner was the US Women's 10000 Winner Last year)
5th in Age group 30-30

Friday, March 16, 2007

Irish Weekend

Yes, I am actually doing a race this weekend. After much debate on myself, with so many factors pulling me so many ways, I wasn't sure I would be able to do it. But I'll run my first official 5K in a couple of years now. I haven't trained for it, so I don't expect it to be fast, and I haven't tapered for it (I haven't taken a day off running in the last 10 days), so I REALLY don't expect it to be fast, but I get a tech shirt for my efforts so hopefully that makes up for it!! I'll post a report after the race, but it probably won't go up till Monday at the earliest as weekend is quite hectic.

1. My friend Craig is in town this week for NCAA (he's a swim coach) so Tuesday and Wednesday I was out showing him around town (trip to a bar I hadn't been to on Tuesday, then to two that are just fun on Wednesday and late nights)
2. Plans tonight are to go out, have some fun, but not too much fun as I do need to run my 5K and then get another 14-15 miles in in the afternoon to cover my longer run for this weekend prior to going out for St. Patrick's day festivities on Saturday night. The Local, McGovern's, Kieran's...not sure yet, but one of them, and much Irish beer (Craig thinks Irish Car Bombs too...I think...not)
3. Sunday I will be recovering from the festivities of Saturday night, so I don't expect much running or sitting in front of the computer

It should be a fun weekend though. If I survive it! Hopefully there will be some open houses to attend on Sunday and I find my new dream house, and mine hopefully gets some showings so I can really be pushing to find something quickly!

My runs this week so far have been pretty good. I did a lunchtime 4 miler and then a 10 miler on Monday night that was under 9 minute pace. A 6 miler on Tuesday that wasn't too bad considering my legs were dead feeling and it was hilly. A Wednesday 8 mile tempo run that was not quite the speed I had wanted, but wasn't bad. Last night was an easy 6 miler, that came out at 8:36 pace and last mile felt really light and easy and legs were flying (it was only 8:10 average, but I bet by the last part I was pushing 7 minute pace).

In case I'm not on before then (and who knows, I might be) everyone have a safe and fun St. Patrick's day.


Just curious if anyone else has noticed things with their Forerunners...and it could be that I just need to do an update as I know they do software updates on occasion and I haven't updated mine in forever, but I did notice one maybe that the satellites weren't ready for the daylight savings change being earlier this year...mine still has a time of one hour earlier. Not that it matters, heck, I have some clocks I don't usually bother to change, but I do find it entertaining...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Training Week 4 - 15 Weeks to Grandma's

Monday, March 5 – A little strength training and 35 minutes on the elliptical

Tuesday, March 6 – 7 miles through snow, slush and hills 1:03:19 (9:03 pace). Not my fastest, but considering conditions it wasn’t bad.

Wednesday, March 7 – 5 miles over the hills and through snow and slush again 45:59 (9:12 pace), so so run followed by light strength training

Thursday, March 8 – 7 miles that felt really easy 1:00:12 (8:36 pace) this one felt nice, must’ve been the weather finally warming up that helped

Friday, March 9 – 5 miles easy with no watch and then a little light strength after

Saturday, March 10 – 4 miles easy with no watch

Sunday, March 11 – 8 miles that felt really good and no where near as fast feeling as it was. 1:05:05 (8:08 pace) really not a bad run.

Mileage – 36
Strength – 3 sessions, Monday 20 minutes, Wednesday 12 minutes, Friday 10 minutes
Elliptical – 1 30 minute session
Walking – Around Calhoun with my roommate, 3.2 miles

Still not 100% sure what will happen with Grandma’s. As I’ve stated, I’ll continue to train because you just never know when I might decide, hey, maybe I will run it. I’m also toying with the idea of running Twin Cities this year. It requires little money to do since I live here and wouldn’t have to travel…just entry fee. But do I really want to do it? I’m debating if this is the year I should take off from marathoning…and advantage though is that I could train on the course, the exact course, not a guess of where and how the hills are. I could run it as a pre-race test if I wanted to…things to contemplate.

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Weekend

Well, another weekend that was busy and it was so nice out that I never had a chance to get online. It Started with drinks at my hangout on Friday night. My roommate and a friend of hers came out and we were having fun and I happened to run into J4…now he hasn’t been mentioned in quite some time as I hadn’t heard from him after meeting him Super Bowl Sunday. Kind of a fluke on him being there, he saw me and we started talking, he couldn’t necessarily explain exactly why he didn’t call, but he did regret not calling, so said he would call me the next day before he left. We closed the bar and went home…

Saturday morning I had an early morning wake up call from C…that is always nice to get a call at 8:30 on a Saturday morning. Apparently he can’t sleep in anymore since he gets up early for work during the week so he opts to call people then. He might be working on my mortgage when I find a place which is why he was calling, to let me know that he had the option to do it. We talked a bit and then I got up since there wasn’t much point in trying to sleep longer. I had a scheduled showing for my house on Saturday from 1:45-3, so I did a bit of straitening up and decided to call my home and talked to my dad for an hour. Got off the phone with him and shortly after that (while my roommate and I were chatting), J (we’ll drop the 4 since the other Js are not a factor anymore) called and we talked for a bit. He invited me over for dinner and suggested a movie rental or something for later. I was game for it (particularly since he was offering to make a rotisserie, rosemary chicken, sounded yummy!) and after going for a walk with my roommate around Lake Calhoun (it was a gorgeous day on Saturday) and taking a little nap, then going for a run, I went over to J’s for dinner. We ended up drinking some wine, chatting, eating a most excellent meal, he showed me the work he’s doing on his house and then we watched Man of the Year which was quite funny. Both of us were tired from being out late the night before so around 1 (OK, it wasn’t real early) I headed home with thoughts of potentially having him come with me on Sunday to look at the house I was interested in buying. (They were having an open house).

Sunday I lost that darn hour but had an excellent run. Not real far, but I did 8 miles in 1:05:05 (8:08 pace) which felt easy. It must be the dropping 5 pounds of clothes, all I was wearing were light tights, light weight windbreakers, a long sleeved, light weight tech shirt and light weight windbreaker on top. The nice weather helped too I’m sure. Later that afternoon my roommate and I headed over to my friend’s that lives on the street I was hoping to move to. J met us and we started a look on the house to see what might be good and what might not (J is a contractor so part of why I wanted his help in looking). Unfortunately we found out there was an offer in on the house. My realtor called and asked about contingent, but they wouldn’t go contingent so it’s now gone…which means I’m going to stay with my asking price and work to get as much out of it as I can so I have more money to put down on the next one along with money to use toward remodels and such I might want to do (good thing I now know a contractor!!). After the look, my friend and I went for a walk with her dog and caught up, went back to her place for a while and then I headed home to meet up with MNFirefly and FullMetalLunchbox (who if you are keeping up, have been officially dating for a couple of months now and MNFirefly is moving to Chicago for a job and to be near her new sweetie). J came with me as he had nothing going on and was game for getting out of the house and the four of us met for a few beers and some food. Was a nice evening, FullMetalLunchbox seems quite nice and I think he would be a fun drinking partner, (particularly with reading his blog) too bad we didn’t have more time!! And he was working on my running Chicago in the fall…not sure I will, but I’ll have to make a trip down for a party weekend, and they have promised to come back for my housewarming, whenever and wherever that might be. Anyway, they were kind of cute all snuggly on the booth, kind of made you sick to watch (just kidding!!).

That’s it for my weekend, but another one without a real long run. I did some strength and 4 miles at lunch (it was too nice to not go outside) and tonight I’m planning 12-15…we’ll see what happens. I’ll rearrange

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Waiting on an Early Spring

Warmer weather is on the way, it’s going to get close to 50 next week…another 10-15 degrees from there and I might get to shed even more layers and get down to shorts. Today my run felt really good though and I’m glad I got out and got it in during my lunch. It’s warming up, was close to 36 when I started, and while it was windy, it was actually a warmer wind…could be because of the moisture in the air too (relative humidity right now is 70%). Anyway, I ran away from the building on a route I use often. It runs along one of the major freeways of the city, but has it’s own bath, that finally has been mostly cleared, although a bit of it was treacherous and uphill to start (hence the slow first mile). This route also covers some decent hills. I might have to bring my camera with next time. It’s definitely a decent glut workout. I opted what seems the lesser hills on the way back though and went through some nicer neighborhoods. 7 miles in 1:00:20 for an 8:37 overall pace. Not bad for just an easy run.

Mile 1 – 9:15
Mile 2 – 8:52
Mile 3 – 8:49
Mile 4 – 8:33
Mile 5 – 8:33
Mile 6 – 8:18
Mile 7 – 7:56

I like that each mile stayed the same or got just a little faster. Mile 2 and Mile 4 probably have the worst of the climbs and Mile 7 does end on the nice downhill of the hill I climb in the first mile. Overall a nice feeling run though.

I worked last night but tonight will be at home doing more cleaning and decluttering and maybe finally getting to sleep a little early. I do have a big list of things I could do. I want to focus on actually throwing some stuff out finally too. I really am in desperate need of doing that!! So far no calls for showings on my place, but Joseph made his way into my little garden box on my patio and is now buried (managed to get the frozen dirt dug up through sheer force!) and hopefully doing his best to sell my place for me. I appreciate the good thoughts and keep them coming. Oh, and Gingerbread Man asked where Jon was going with my stuff…it is now in his “game room” at their house. He and his wife have a much bigger place, although they’ve managed to fill it up pretty well on their own, for some storage and since it’s to both of our benefits to make my house look the best it can for showings, they offered…it was very nice of them.

Oh, and did I mention it was sunny when I was out running...and my gloves came off, and I was too warm on top with just my windbreaker and a light weight top on under...(well I was sweating a lot at least!)...spring is on the way. I know we are getting an early spring (or if nothing else spring WILL be here on March 21, it doesn't have a choice!!) this year...I just know's my favorite time of year. Daffodils are such a "happy" flower...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Done Deal

My house has officially been listed for sale. My realtor came over last night. He took a truckload of my stuff to make it less cluttered looking with him and we filled out the paperwork and put it officially on the market as of last night.

I did have a slight, tiny little freakout feeling after Jon left with my stuff...but that's OK. I'm moving on to different things. It's time for something new. Clear out the past, my future is somewhere else. Even if it is just a different four walls and different address. I've had many good but also some bad times in this place and maybe getting rid of the ghosts of the past will help me to move forward. My only wish and hope is that the place my heart is so set on is still available and/or things work out for me to get it. They dropped the price again yesterday and that scares me because as the price gets lower, people are going to get more interested. I honestly can't understand why someone else wouldn't want it anyway. I mean it's so perfect. It fit me. It's mine. I can see myself living there. It felt like home even though I wasn't even there that long. I've been thinking about how I want to decorate, where things will go, how I'll arrange things. Even with the place I currently live in, I didn't have that feeling after one time there. A place has to feel right, and since then I have, off and on, viewed other places, but none of them felt right. Mom keeps telling me "if you don't get that one you'll find something else, it just means it wasn't meant to be." But this is hard for me because I know I was meant to live there. Plus I don't exactly believe in fate. Sure, signs happen, but you do make your own destiny, free will and all that. Thing is, this is something a bit out of my control. I'm going to see if they will take a contingent offer, based on the sale of mine, but they might not, the market it slow, I'll just keeping hoping.

In the meantime I'm burying Joseph tonight (tried this morning but could not get into the dirt, I'm going to use hot water to get it loosened up tonight), I have to work, but the time before I work I'll take a nap and do a bit more "decluttering" of drawers and such. I loaded up so much stuff just dumped into boxes last night to get rid of the clutter...keep with the good thoughts and everyone will be invited for the house warming at the new place! (Did I mention the new place has a 4 person hot tub on the deck outside?)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

St. Joseph

He showed up in my mail last night. There is a tradition/superstition that if you bury a St. Joseph statue on your property, you'll sell your house quickly. I don't know if it works for sure or not, but a friend did do it and sold something they had been having problems with, so maybe...regardless, quickly as I want to do this, it's worth it!! So as soon as the listing goes in (hopefully tomorrow) I'm burying him. The one thing I will really miss about my place though is my fireplace...but this place I most want has just so much more space and the location...I just hope it's still available and/or they will take a contingent offer!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Home For Sale

Last Saturday I went and looked at two houses. They are on the same street that one of my best friends lives on. One is across the street and one is one house down and across the street. The first one was OK but needed A LOT of updates. It’s priced lower and if I could get it down even lower in price, I’d probably consider it a bit more…but the second one I just LOVED. I walked in and it felt like home. It does need updates. It’s been partly remodeled but still needs work, but it’s not things that would need to be done immediately. It has a lot of liveable space, and as I could afford it, adding and changing things would be great. It’s a twin home that is part of an association, so still no yard like I kind of want, but again, for the location (close to my friend and close to my favorite hangouts) I could live with the lack of yard and other things. After we looked, my realtor came to my place to get a feel for what I need to do to it to make it saleable. It’s not too terribly much, but then again it kind of is. I need to neutralize everything and declutter, which are the big things. Then I need to touch up some paint, do some staining and a few other odds and ends. I had needed to replace a doorknob on my patio door and my bathroom and those were taken care of by my dad yesterday. I’ve decluttered the kitchen and dining area as best I can and my realtor (he’s also a good friend as is his wife) is going to store some of the stuff for me so it’s more presentable for sale. I’m spending this evening spackling, sanding and painting where I need to touch things up. Packing up a few more boxes for storage at my friend’s place and painting the new bookshelf that my dad built for me and delivered this weekend (great timing on that huh? Oh well). With any luck, I’m going to have my place on the market yet this week. (everyone think good thoughts for me in selling, there are 4 other condos for sale in my association, one of them the same size and layout as mine but I think mine has a few better elements to it) Then it’s a matter of getting mine sold in a time frame that allows me to still buy the other place. I’m hoping to maybe make a contingent offer based on the sale of mine…but I don’t know if that will work or not. Thing is, I’ll be incredibly broke and have to stay at B&N and/or find a different part-time job and/or have a roommate for sure, but I don’t care…eventually I’ll have money come around a bit and in the meantime I’ll be in a place I think is perfect for me…

Traing Week 3 - 16 Weeks to Grandma's

Monday, February 26 – 6 miles in 56:05 (9:20 pace). This was over not so great paths due to snow over the weekend. Was an OK feeling run and was over some good hills so overall pace wasn’t bad.

Tuesday, February 27 – 7 mile 1:00 (8:36 pace). This is a slight guess only cause the first mile I had forgotten to turn my Garmin on. Other miles are fine and this is over a very hilly path, the day I decided Grandma’s was no longer a go. And worked out some anger issues at someone else…but we won’t get into that. I think the stress taken off over both issues just freed me to run and even though it was hilly and still not all cleared (same route as Monday) it felt good and I felt strong.

Wednesday, February 28 – Easy 6.25 over lunch break. 55:39 (8:34 pace) It still felt good and was still over the hills, which were more clear today finally.

Thursday, March 1 – 6 in 59:05 (9:51 pace). I ran in the blizzard, outside, around home…snow striking me in the eyes or face (depending on if I had my hood up over my sunglasses on), I got home wet and cold but it was a lot of fun. Great workout!

Friday, March 2 – 4.25 miles on the treadmill in 36:45 (8:39 pace). This sucked. I hated every minute but there was no help for it cause the paths were all covered in way too much snow…that’s what happens when a blizzard strikes. One of the last places they clear are the walking paths.

Saturday, March 3 – 5.5 miles in around 45:55 or something like that (don’t have Garmin with me so I can’t quite remember the time). The pace was really good, particularly considering some of the routes weren’t real clear.

Sunday, March 4 – 7 miles 1:01 (8:43 pace) around my neighborhood and sidewalks were finally plowed so it was safer running. Things felt good but I didn’t have anything to eat before so while I might have gone further, it wasn’t really an option.


Mileage – 42

Strength – none

Elliptical – none

Well, since I’m not necessarily training now, guess nothing wrong with the week, mileage was good, speed was definitely picking up, but no long run and that’s a bad thing. I do have to get run of 15 or more in this weekend regardless of if I’m training or not. I also took this week off strength training just cause I didn’t feel like doing it. It was just not in me and I think it’s good to take an occasional break. I’ll be back at it this week.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Snow, Snow and More Snow

This is what it looked like on my run last night. We haven't had snow like this (2 that blizzards within days of each other) in 25 years. I remember the last one in 1984...MN is known for it's cold, not so much the snow. What I remember as a kid was actually a fluke thing. What this means though...yesterday was March 1st...March came in like a Lion...early spring!! (not to mention the ground hog did not see his shadow this year!!)

I can’t believe I haven’t had a chance to update my blog now in a couple of days. And here I’ve even made some big decisions and I have yet to share them but with a few. I went for a run on Monday of 6 miles during my lunch, it was painful to a degree, but we had had snow, parts of the path weren’t plowed, was a bit slippery and a pain. Tuesday I was out, things weren’t feeling much better and I was supposed to do a 10 mile with 5 at LT pace of around 7:45…umm, knew that wasn’t going to happen. I’m just so not ready for that pace right now. I then and there decided that with everything going on (and just another recent disappointment in trying to find a place to stay) Grandma’s is out. I don’t have the motivation to push my training, things are still tight and hurting a bit and I just want to run just to run. I don’t want to train for it. If I wanted to, I could run and finish it, but if I’m going to run it again I’m going to PR and that just isn’t something I feel my training is going to attain this time through. So now I’m just running to run. That decided on that run, while I didn’t make the 7:45 paces for the 5 miles, I did hit some pretty intense hills and did 7 miles at an 8:30 pace. (yeah, I couldn’t get the 10/5 because I had work on Tuesday night) The last couple being sub 8 which is fastest I’ve fun in a long time. No Garmin today so I can’t post exact paces. Yesterday I ran 6.25 miles, over the same path and should’ve been a bit easier and it actually was just under 9 minute pace so again not bad. I think taking the stress off myself might be helping. I am bummed about losing registration fee and part of me still wants to do it and I might still train it, but without a place to stay and worse yet, no one guaranteed to come with me, I just don’t see it happening. Also today I’m supposed to be doing a 10 mile and we had snow last night and are expecting more this afternoon…I’m going to go out in it, but don’t know that I’ll get 10 miles in. And tomorrow is typically an off day, I’m going to run, but I have to work too, so no time for a longer run. We’ll see what happens over the weekend too. I’m running now more for fitness and weight loss than anything and I kind of like that. I don’t like pressuring myself to have to run this or that. I want to do intervals again, when weather permits, but I don’t want to HAVE to do this type or that…

In other news…I finally made a decision on my living situation. I had been on this whole, do I buy something else here, do I stay where I am or do I sell and move out of state…well, I’ve found areas and places that I kind of like and I decided yesterday I need to get my place on the market and move to one of the areas I really want to live in. In fact I think I have found the place I want. I haven’t seen it physically yet but it’s on the same street as one of my closest friends, is in an area reasonably close to everything I like to do and places I like to be, AND is at an affordable price after I ran some numbers…sooo…that means I need to get my place in saleable shape and on the market ASAP. My goal is Monday the 12th to list, and sooner if possible but I have so much I need to do to reduce clutter and make it viewable. Wish I had had it on the market sooner of course cause the place I want I know will be gone before I get mind sold…however, I did just order one of these that should arrive about the same time I’m going to list, so hopefully that will prompt something! Oh, and I talked to the mortgage people I'm planning to work with and as I suspected I'm payment scares me a little as something was off on my calculations a little, but it's still doable and I'm still going ahead. Might mean having to stay at B&N for a while (or find a roommate which is the plan...I'll have a 2 stall garage on either of the two I'm looking for!!).
So back to the storms...We got hit on Saturday with one blizzard and Wednesday and yesterday gave us more. My boss told us to leave yesterday at about 1:30, and that was just shortly after we had gotten back from the thank you lunch they had taken us out for. It's just unreal though, how much snow we got. Enjoy the pics. These were taken from home and during the 6 miles I plodded through the snow (in 59:05...yes, it was a bit slow, and not the 10 on my schedule, but I think it probably should count for at least 8 plowing through what I was at times, and the slippery spots, and watching for the cars!).
This is what was happening about the time I decided to go run. Those would be my mailboxes and no, it hasn't been plowed yet!

My balcony around 2 pm yesterday. This included the snow from last weekend too, yes, I do know I need to get it cleared off!

You can't see it quite as well as I had hoped, but the prints on the left were from when I left the house, the ones on the right were right after I got back. It filled in that much in just under an hour. Some of them I couldn't even find. Oh, and I had taken my shoes off before running out to take the picture...I was in stocking feet in the snow!!

Balcony after all the snow was finally done, well, kind of. This was this morning and we are supposed to get maybe 3 more inches. I did make it into work though this morning. And I have running stuff with me, so am going to attempt a run at lunch.