Saturday, March 21, 2009

Who Knew?

So I'm not one that's lucky in contests etc...but what do you know, put my name in, and even though they haven't officially sent emails congratulating people drawn, my credit card has been charged. Apparently I'm running the Nike Women's Marathon in October...holy crap.

And on a note around that...Boston is 4 weeks from Monday, today was supposed to be #2 of 20 miles and it ended at 10.5...and was not good. I didn't feel the energy to do 1 more whole loop of the lakes. Thought I'd call it quits and rest, then get back out for a second run...nope...hasn't happend. And at this point, doubting it will. I was adjusted yesterday for the run...something was still off in my pelvis/SI while running, but it wasn't even that. It was flat out lack of energy and negative thoughts. So I think after Boston...however I struggle through and give an embarassing performance...that I have mom and dad coming to...I'm taking a break. Not going to run Minneapolis Marathon and just try to take the time and let running feel good again. It's just unfair that now, when the weather is finally getting good again, I just can't enjoy it.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

100% Irish for a Day 10 Mile

My first race of the year. I ran the Irish for a Day 10 Mile...they have a 5K as well and I knew I wasn't up to racing a 5K and doing well, so 10 mile it was. I like this race. Ran it the first year, 3 years ago and missed it last year for a dumb today I got to run it again and realized how much I like it. I know the route cause I run it, the shirts are nice (tech shirts) and it's a local race. All the race sponsors and such are from the local area so it's nice to support the small local businesses. It included, being Irish and all, Finnegan's beer at the end. Which is brewed locally, by a woman owner, which I think is pretty cool.

So yes, ran the wasn't great, but it wasn't awful. On a good day, I think I can run 10 miles in 75 minutes. Probably even faster. But today wasn't going to be that day. I haven't done speedwork much at all. But, the good thing about running a race distance you haven't run before...automatic PR! I managed just slightly over 84 minutes. Which my trainer said I should run (after he said 75, and then 80 which I said neither was feasible really). First mile was slow due to icy spots on the course and then slow runners who lined up badly...but I was sub 9 for it. Then the next 4 were under 8:30, but then I slowed. 5 miles all pretty consistent though from 8:27-8:31.

At the end of the race there was a beer tent. I stopped to have a beer with some friends but they had had to leave so weren't there anymore, but I ended up talking to some other people that are starting an unofficial run club and today was their first run. So I hung with them and now have joined up with the group. There are people in the group looking to BQ, girls and guys, and some do tris too, including Ironman 2010 in I think I met some new cool people. Heck, one might have a bike for me to buy too!!

Anyway, about to head out for an evening. After a buzz from the beer, I came home, took a nap and now ready for an evening of beer!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thoughts of Spring

So yesterday’s post, well, I didn’t have control over it. I was just so angry over the cold. I mean I think I’m justified. This winter we have had 34 nights where it got below 0. Not below freezing…BELOW 0!! For someone that hates cold weather, that’s too much!! A few years ago we only had 6 of them…so now I better understand why this winter has been feeling so long. But instead of complaining about it and crying and swearing over it, I’ve decided it’s time to do something about it. How to defeat Mother Nature…I had this thought…positive attitude and happy thoughts. Remember in Peter Pan (at least the book and record, yes I’m old, I actually had read along records) when Tinker Bell is dying, she needed people to believe in her, and if you believed in fairies you were supposed to help her and say I believe and clap your hands. Well, spring, I believe in you, I believe you want to come to MN and get rid of/defeat winter…so I’m clapping hard!!

And as a reminder…this is what spring should look like…

It's my favorite time of year...
I want it now!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What the F*#%??

I do have a pretty bad potty mouth sometimes, but I try to keep it fairly clean on my blog…you never know who might run across it! Heck, my mom has had access to it but I don’t think realizes it!!

Anyway, we sprang ahead in daylight savings time on Sunday. Moved us an hour closer to spring right? Today I got up, went outside, found it cold, knew it was supposed to be, but hadn’t checked temps…anyway…driving to the gym at 5:30 this morning it was -1. Air temp. No wind chill factor or anything. Put the gusting, cold icky wind made it -23. Yes, it’s March, March 11 in fact, almost halfway through the month, and IT WAS -23 THIS MORNING! Global warming? Yeah right. I’d say an ice age is definitely on the way.

I did get my butt out of bed, and to the gym, and did 5 miles on the track. A warm up mile, a cool down mile and 3 miles of some pick up…finished around 8:35 for the 5 and managed around 8 minute miles for the 3 faster paced…I’m doing a 10 mile race this weekend. Was kind of spur of the moment. I registered on Monday. I had been thinking about it off and on and finally opted to do it. I know it’s not going to be very good, I have no speed work, very little running that’s been quality…but it’ll be a PR, that’s important right? (I’ve never run a 10 mile race!) And there is beer for sale at the end…It’s not called the 100% Irish for a Day race for any other reason!! I have some friends doing the 5K as well so will meet up with them after. Wish the 10 mile started first. Seems dumb the 5K is first since my friends will be done almost before I start but oh well. I’ve been told they will wait for me at the finish and have a beer with me.

It’s only Wednesday but thinking about the weekend. I’m typing this at noon but by the time I post it (since I’m hitting the gym for a strength session after work before class) I’ll be done with class for the week. Tomorrow night get some cleaning done. Friday since I can’t drink due to the race the next day (although first and only other time I’ve run this race, I did the 5K and was out for beer the night before, had one more than I should’ve and ran my current PR so hmm….) and my friend has a few other reasons she can’t drink I suggested dinner or a movie so we are meeting up for that…and then Saturday I actually have a date, unless something comes up, we were supposed to go out last Saturday but he was not feeling well so we had to postpone…this is actually a second date, and the first one I did have a really good time so we’ll see what happens this time. I’m hoping to actually hit the Britney Spears (yes, I said Britney, she’s supposed to do a great show!) with him here in April…he has connections, ie FREE tickets (yes, I will spend a ton for NKOTB apparently but I wouldn’t spend the money for Britney, but I’d see her for free for sure!).

Saturday, March 07, 2009

First 20

That's first 20 of the year, first 20 in training for wasn't pretty. What can I say?? I made it though. I don't think another 6 would've happened, but this was just 20 and I got through it. I didn't want to wear my fuel belt, so I opted to take advantage of the snowbanks around my association and planted a water bottle and Gatorade in it to stay nice and cold. I took off for a 5 mile loop...and while running the first one, figured out the next one. I live in a neighborhood with lots of little side roads and curvy areas. While I can old go two directions leaving my house, I have lots of options within a mile. So first loop was OK. Got some water and gatorade, realized I didn't have gel with me, but opted to stay that way and not grab some from my house. Second loop was again 5, both first loops were coming back on the lower grade hill (I have a hill either direction to get home, one is a little less noticable), but the next I decided another route and came back up the harder side. This had been a 6 mile loop so I got to the water and gatorade with 4 left. I was hurting and had to walk some of the last miles...and had all the last a LOT slower than the others had been. Overall I ended up so much slower than I should be, but considering the lack of speedwork overall, the lack of decent training etc, I guess it was OK overall. I survived it at least. I'll have to get an update of the last week, some time off trying to get the hip feeling better (saw my chiropractor on Thursday and my right leg was shorter than my left by an inch, that's how much my pelvis was twisted yikes!.

Anyway, will have to get an update in of last weekend soon.