Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cold Weather - Part 2

If you have ever wondered what the term “bone chilling cold” means, come to Minneapolis today. Seriously, the words bone chilling and mind numbing have definitely come to mind today.

Forecast for today:

The Twin Cities Metro area and the rest of Minnesota is under a WIND-CHILL WARNING until noon for Wind-Chill temperatures down to -45 below which means frostbite is possible in just a matter of minutes to exposed
skin. Winds in the Metro will be from the Northwest at 10 to 20 mph this morning
then decrease to less than 15 mph this afternoon producing Wind-Chill
temperatures of -20 below. Skies will be sunny today with increasing clouds late
this afternoon. Temperatures will be near -14 below ( Wind-Chill -38 below ) at
8 A.M. then -8 below ( Wind-Chill -30 below ) at noon and 0 degrees ( Wind-Chill
-18 below ) at 5 P.M. Sunset tonight is 5:17 P.M. Jonathan Yuhas KARE 11
1/30/2008 5:25 A.M.
And you know how I said that, well, -1, -15, doesn’t really make that much difference? Well, there is the one factor that can change that…wind. It was 40-42F Monday. Great day. I scheduled things to be able to get a nice run in outside. I wish I had gone more than the 4 miles I did. It felt great. I met up with a friend on Monday evening, we watched a movie then went for a drink…1 block from his house. The walk there was fine. The walk back, 2 hours later…sucked!! The winds were coming up, it was getting cold and by morning it was bitter. The winds were gusting to 35 mph yesterday. Today, so far, it’s not THAT windy, but it was enough this morning that the cold was almost unbearable. I didn’t want to crawl out of bed at 5:15 to go to the gym. I didn’t want to get into my car and wish for it to warm up when there was no way it was every going to actually feel warm…I didn’t want to go from my car into the gym and work out, and I SOOOO didn’t want to go back out into the cold (particularly since this time it wouldn’t be in a garage even) after the gym (I felt that way last night too, almost considered sleeping at the gym, or staying longer to work out just because it was so darn cold). I think others felt the same, because when I was showering and getting ready, the gym was dead. And usually there are at least 5-7 other people, pretty much everyday the same people, getting ready to go about their days as well. No way I’d even consider running outside in this. Not with that wind. It might be tolerable without the wind, but when you get that wind, it literally takes your breath away. Thank God I have a gym membership again. I have really become a wuss too…but this is understandable to not be out in!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend Shopping

Ah…what a weekend. Busy, but a fun one none the less. Friday ended up going out to the local place with my roommate and a friend. It was a fun girls’ night and the bar was hopping so talked to lots of people. Was a later night than planned and then roommate and I sat up talking till later still…ah well. I just can’t sleep in either, so was awake mostly by 8, out of bed around 9 but didn’t go to bed till 3…and I could’ve been up earlier!! I went for a 10 mile run that felt good, even managed a 9:12 pace (and it was finally some double digit temps, in the 20s even!) in some places that were a bit slippery in a few spots. I got home, took a bath and then a nap and thought about going shopping…but instead was lazy and did some cleaning and just vegged around the house…till about 8 when roommate and I decided to head out for a bite to eat…after we ate, she suggested we weren’t far from the hangout, so we went down there to see who was around. It was a bit more quiet, but we chatted with a friend for a while and then headed home…

Again I was not able to really sleep in, and then tried to do the Sunday call to mom and dad and THEY WEREN’T THERE! Ended up talking to a friend about the shopping we had discussed and agreed to meet around 1:30…I stopped at Marathon Sports first, and bought some new shoes!! And a couple of tops, some sports wash and yaktrax (I had a 25% off thing and decided to splurge). Then at the mall I found 3 tops for work at one store, then two pairs of shoes that I just had to have cause they were cute AND on a good sale…OK, I might return the pewter ones because the bronze was the one I really wanted but at first they didn’t have it in my size, but the guy looked and happy day, he found them…I also got some new jeans (Lucky brand cause they were on a good sale) and a new casual top…plan had been a new winter coat too, but by this point I was tired and just couldn’t focus…too many to choose from and I’m not sure anymore what I want!! But I figure I did my part to help “stimulate the economy” by pre-spending the tax rebate that we probably won’t get (and really shouldn’t be getting since we are in a deficit anyway, but that’s a whole other can of worms). I got home from shopping and had just poured a glass of wine when a friend called about going for a margarita (for her and a Dos Equis for me) and some aps at a good nearby Mexican place…so we did that. It was a later night than normal for me and pretty busy for a Sunday, but oh well.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Woo Hoo

Twin Cities Marathon

WAVE 1 Wave 1 will consist of those who have completed a sub 3:45 marathon OR sub 1:45 half marathon, OR have a Boston qualifying time within the last two years. Qualifying times must be run on a certified marathon or half-marathon course in calendar years 2006, 2007, or 2008.

My current marathon PR, 3:42:54 set in June 2006.

My current half-marathon PR, 1:44:12 set in September 2006.

I'm in for Wave 1 without having to train super hard and stress myself for a half in the spring. I probably still will anyway, but I might not train quite as hard, and keep myself healthy for the full that I realy want to rock in the fall. This just made my day though!

9 Minutes

Apparently I’m good enough to get out of bed and be ready to go out the door in 9 minutes…well, OK, it might have been 11 by the time I was actually in the car…but I was forcing myself out of bed, but accidentally hit the snooze one more time, but I rolled out of the warmth of my bed, turned on the light, put in my contacts, used the bathroom, grabbed a Lean Cuisine pizza, apple and orange and threw them into my lunch bag, went back to my room, brushed my teeth, made my bed and got dressed in my workout clothes, put my hair in a pony tail and then realized the alarm hadn’t come back on. I have a 9 minute snooze. Just as I was ready to leave, the alarm went off. I threw the book I had been reading last night into my bag, turned the alarm off and reset it for tomorrow, put on my coat and was out there door. I think that’s pretty darn good, and fast, considering it was 5:15 am!! And I didn’t make coffee (usually only do that once or twice a week, don’t want to become caffeine dependent).

This put me in the gym about 5-10 minutes earlier than normal. So instead of the 6 or so miles I might have otherwise run, I did 7…yes, 7 miles in just over an hour. Although maybe I only get 5 of those, a guy I often see at the gym (and who had asked me one day how far I had gone) told me to keep moving as he wanted 2 of my miles today. I’m contemplating a bike ride after work. We’ll see how I feel when the day is over. Part of me wants to, part of me wants to just get home (or run a few errands). Nothing on TV tonight, and doubting I’ll feel up to doing much anyway, so maybe I should just get another workout. Yesterday I was up and did 3 miles and 30 minutes of strength with 45 minutes on the bike after work. I think I’m up to about 95% from my cold. Still some running nose, a little congestion and a slight cough, but I’m feeling better.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Call it boring and that I don’t have much to say today, unless it’s to p*#s and moan about the stupid head cold I’ve had develop (OK, I’ve been good about not complaining till now as it’s day 3 and already I’m sick of it!). Tuesday it was coming on, I felt it and started taking Cold Eze (well, Zinc, Target’s brand) and Halls Vitamin C Defense with Echinacea…hoping against hope it’s on the down swing now. Worst has been Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, one side of my head just felt the need to sneeze all day, and I had watery eyes (a co-worker asked me if I had the after lunch sleepiness as my eyes looked so bad, fun). I think it’s in part my desk area at work. My office mate also sneezes a lot and says he never sneezes at home. And yesterday while I was miserable at my desk, I was in my boss’ office and during that time I felt fine (could also be that he gave me a Sudafed to help at that time as well, but I know when I get up and walk I’m better too) I really think air quality by us is bad and I’m going to report that to our EH&S people and see what they can do.

Anyway, this head cold makes me question whether or not 1) I’ll be able to run at all tomorrow, plan was to do 10 and I’m just not sure I’m up to it in my condition 2) running in the cold might not be wise and 10 on the treadmill or track just isn’t appealing when it’s 11 laps to a mile (I have done that before, so we’ll see). I haven’t been to the gym now in two days. I’m debating if I should go tonight, I want to, but at the same time am feeling tired and like maybe I should rest one more day…I also have a happy hour I’ve been invited to, however, I’m not sure I feel up to it. I would probably leave today at 3 or 3:30, happy hour isn’t till 5, if I go to the gym then I have to shower and get myself ready to go to the HH and not sure I have the energy to do that. Otherwise I just stay at work longer, not appealing with air conditions etc, or I go run errands to kill time but with -7 temps, -14 with wind chill, not so sure I want to do that…we are under wind child advisories till 6 pm tomorrow…Big thing is I’m going to see a band tomorrow. I really want to do that, so thinking if I stay in tonight, relax, veg and recover, maybe I’ll feel better yet and be able to enjoy the band…hmm…maybe I should plan to drink fuzzy navels tomorrow…orange juice good for you right??

Now, the topic of today’s blog. Flocke is German for Flake, and this is the name that was voted to this adorable little bear cub that was born in Germany and has been raised by keepers for fear that his momma would reject him and he’d die…he’s 5 weeks old…talk about adorable. I want a baby polar bear!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cold, Cold, Cold

Yes, I know, I live in MN, yes, it is KIND OF my choice (I say kind of because I was born here and they have these tags they put on you when you’re born that make it very, very difficult to get away from the border for too long, kind of like electric fences…OK, not really, but, well, my family is here, and while I want to move, it is difficult) but it doesn’t make me happy. I hate cold. I’m not a cold weather kind of person. In fact, my body reacts so badly to cold that until people witness it, they don’t even believe me. Try I can be in cold, get in out of it, and still be shivering and uncomfortable for an hour or more…I basically can get out for a run, and I have plenty of cold weather stuff for it that I’ve collected over the years, but when I get home, it’s so uncomfortable it almost doesn’t make it worth it. I get in the shower and everything turns red, I’m itchy, uncomfortable, and still cold. I typically need to get immediately into a hot bath and drink some hot chocolate and soak for 30 minutes before I can start to feel unfrozen…that said, all last year I did manage to do it, only using a treadmill once, and that was because there was 2 feet of snow on all the paths I wanted to run on at the time I wanted to run. Now I have a track that I can use indoors, and it has kept me from running outside unless it’s been in the 20s (I am tired of the treadmill)…that said, talking to my chiro last night during my adjustment she said her and a friend are going to run this weekend just for the freak out factor that drivers are going to have when they see her (and I know exactly what she means) and I said I was considering it, of course she pushed and said I really should…we’ll see. I don’t know that it’s the best thing for the bad head cold I’m battling, but if I have my way, that will be gone by tomorrow anyway. Problem is I wanted to run 10 miles…running 3 or 4 in the cold is one thing…but 10…when this is the forecast:

Hmm…yes, you read that right, the high Saturday is in the negative numbers. That’s not figuring in windchill either. And that’s different from the highs of -2 and -5 I’ve heard. For those not familiar with this extreme cold, I’ll tell you, -5, -10, there really isn’t a difference. Once it drops below 0, cold is just cold. Add in some wind and it makes a difference, then it’s d**n cold…
Besides my little rant about cold, I had to use this space to enlighten those that have never had the fun experience of “true” cold. My friend that now lives in Idaho, but was originally from Wisconsin, and I have discussed these items in great depth before…particularly when she moved to northern Kentucky where they really didn’t understand about the cold and she “enlightened” them to some of the phenomenon. Until you’ve been in it, you just don’t understand the feeling of walking out into the cold that is so cold your nose hairs actually freeze. Yes, you can actually feel it, and it’s not a pleasant feeling!! Or it’s so cold that it actually hurts to breath. Sucking that cold air directly into your lungs can cause a coughing fit, whether you have a cold or not!! And finally, our favorite…those days that it’s so cold, you come out to your car only to find the windows frosted up, on the inside, not so much fun scraping the inside of the windows…and it’s not like you really want to be going anywhere anyway because no matter how good the car heater works, it never really warms up, and you never really feel warm…this is the joy of the true cold.

Again, I’m not sure why I live here. And anytime I hear people talk about how much they love it, I want to smack them. It’s why you’ll never, ever, hear me complain about the hottest days. It can be 100 degrees, and 70% plus humidity (yes, it does get warm here in MN too!!) and I won’t say a word, I might even, just then, turn on my A/C…I’d much rather it be hot than cold. I’m much better in the heat than the cold…and again, yes, you might ask, why do I live here?? Well…because I have yet to figure out exactly where I’d like to live that I can also afford. And I do live for spring. We have a beautiful spring (the 2-3 days we get it) and when you get that warm lift to the air, and birds are coming in, the green has come through and flowers are in bloom and you can literally smell spring in the air…nothing can compare to that.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Are we really always our own worst critics? I know that I’ve read in a few places how women are usually their own worst critic, we don’t necessarily like take credit for something easily, even when we know we did work really hard on it, while men are going to be tooting their own horns readily and easily…and it’s expected. It’s the male mindset, and I’m not saying that as a bad thing. I look at my friends and seem to see that pattern, men vs the women… And the really bad thing is, if, as a woman, we do take the credit when we deserve it, it comes across as boasting and bragging and considered a bad thing…yet men can do it and it’s fine. Why the double standard? Is it because there is still an expectation that women should be at home, and maybe don’t belong as much in the working world as we’d like to be and expect to be?? Because some of us are even stepping up and saying I don’t want kids (and you have to be really brave and ready to field all kind of questions and responses of “oh, you’ll change your mind”) and are not willing to put careers on hold to be at home with kids (when so many still seem to think that even if you work for a while, if you have a kid you should be at home!) even if we do have them. It still kind of puts you behind since there is maternity leave and time away from work when kids are sick etc…All of this seems to be an unfair double standard and unfortunately it’s both men and women that will judge those that ignore the “mold” we should maybe fit in. But I digress, I was looking at the idea of evaluations and building yourself up…I’ve always been my own harshest critic…no matter what I can’t seem to say I did a great job, or I look great or what not (unless I’m drinking of course, then I go way opposite my norm!!)…and right now, it’s that time of year at work. We are to do our evaluation, then our boss does it, and then we review and finalize it, come up with objectives for the next year and this is all submitted and by February it translates into a dollar amount increase in pay (hopefully a nice one!!)…of course we all know the standard basically is a 3% cost of living (yeah, right, like that’s all cost of living has gone up!) and no matter how good you do you really can’t get much more than that, unless you’re in a really small company where people have more control…although apparently my boss has said he’s had some luck in the past pushing through a higher amount, here’s hoping (I do really like my boss, he is one to fight for his employees!!). I spoke with him yesterday regarding the evaluations and how you go about filling them out, etc since this is my first and I had already looked at it and in typical fashion was putting low scores in, and in looking at the objectives I had, he was saying higher numbers, so when I went back to actually fill it in, I thought, well, he said this so I went ahead with higher numbers…even giving myself the highest scores on items, that, yes, I really did meet and exceed expectations. I’ve had good feedback from those I work with, including the president of the company, why shouldn’t I toot my own horn and tell people I did great, especially when it really counts for something!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekends are Too Short!

So Friday night was actually a really fun night. I had two friends come over as the plan had been a couple months ago to eat cheap pizza and watch Sex & the City. One of the two that were coming over had never seen the uncut versions…so that had been the plan that was put on hold for too long…we finally managed to do it on Friday!! So Cosmos, pizza and 4 episodes later, one friend had a headache and chose to go home, but the other friend and I went to my regular hang out, neither of us caring much about drinking, but deciding to go see what was going on and we had a nice chat, nice time people watching and just a great evening all around. I need more of those!! It even ended up being later than I expected but that was fine.

Saturday I was up and helping my sister and her boyfriend move. He bought a house and she rented out her townhouse and they moved to a much bigger space (and I swear it’s full already, no idea how they fit all that stuff in half the space!!). We loaded up, moved them and unloaded, all by 2 pm (and didn’t get started till 11). After we were done it was sunny and nice outside so I headed home and out for a run. It was planned to be 10 miles but I shortened it to 7.5 when my knee was bothering a little bit and I wasn’t properly fueled….came home to a hot back, hot chocolate and a nap and then an evening of football. I thought about going someplace to watch it, but didn’t really want a drink and knew I was going out on Sunday to watch games so I held off and went for the staying home thing instead. This was all fine as Sunday I got up, did some cleaning and then met my sister and her boyfriend for drinks and watching the game at a bar nearby…and unfortunately his Colts lost, but oh well. Went to the gym for a quick bike ride and then thought I’d stop for a while to have one more beer and watch some of the next game, but this didn’t happen when I walked in and all the bar stools were full. Oh well. It was fine. I went home, watched the game and vegged…kind of needed it. Tried to go to bed early but was just not feeling tired enough and didn’t sleep well, but I did manage to get up and get to the gym this morning…now I’m debating going to the gym a second time after work or if I’ll just go home and relax and maybe get some cleaning done that I didn’t get done this weekend…and that I’m really going to have to focus on during the week since it looks like it’s going to be a rough one this weekend!! I already had plans for watching a band on Saturday night and now had an invite for a happy hour at a place that proved to be a late night last time I went to it…sigh…

Friday, January 11, 2008

Personal Space Again

OK, maybe it's just me...but remember I had that gym incident with the locker thing fairly recently...well now two days this week I've kind of run into something again, this time with the bikes. At the main location I work out at, there are 10 regular bikes, all in a row, and granted, they aren't on top of each other like they are at another location I hit sometimes, but still, they are close enough...anyway, got there this morning at 5:45 and decided to bike then run...all 10 were free, I took one on the end...10 minutes into my ride and a guy comes along, still all of them free, and he takes the bike NEXT to me...he had headphones on, so no, it wasn't so he could be close and try to hit on me (plus I was reading a book), he was older, so that could be part of it, just lack of the understanding of the unwritten rule to leave a space if you can (a couple minutes later another guy came along and took the bike 2 over from this guy, leaving an opening)?? Anyway, not THAT big of a deal except for the fact that within about another 5 minutes he started to sweat, and smell...ughh...yet another reason I don't like running on the treadmill at the gym, when it's busy...I always get sweaty guy next to me that starts to really stink soon I'm not saying I smell great when I'm working out, cause I know I don't, but if at all possible, I leave space between myself and the next person over!! Sigh...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Advil PM Rocks!

I have taken it before, but I just had to say that yet again. It helps you sleep, you wake up rested (not feeling like you were drugged like somet things can make you), I know I won't have a problem with an addiction to it as it only works for a couple of nights befoer I'm immune and need to not take it for a time again, and it just feels so nice to sleep that good sometimes. Long ago, before Advil PM there was Tylenol PM and both are good, I just now prefer Advil because Ibuprophen works so much better for me than acetaminophen…not that I take it for the pain, but for the sleep part of it anyway. After my bad nights sleep on Tuesday though, I really felt like I needed a good one last night, and while I was feeling tired, I wanted that guarantee…so I took 1 Advil PM just before 8 (dosage is 2) and laid in bed watching TV for a bit, but then turned off the TV to go to sleep around 8:15 (8:30 on my clock, went from 10 minutes fast to 15 minutes fast for some reason, not sure why I did that, but it was intentional) and was out within 15-20 minutes (I’m NOT one of the supposed average that falls asleep in 7 minutes) and slept solid till 2, woke up just briefly and was back to sleep shortly after that and didn’t wake up till 5:30…problem was, I was going to get up at 5 and go to the gym…then I remembered when I set my alarm I set it for 5:57, not 4:57…and while I could’ve rushed and gotten there, I decided to just rest a bit more and go after work instead. I can’t do much of a run tonight anyway since I already have 10 miles in on the week and I want to run today and tomorrow and a run on the weekend of 10 miles and should NOT go much over 25 miles…kind of difficult since typically I run at least 4 miles in a run…Anyway, I was wide awake, but laid in bed for another hour, just relaxing, then, of course, was running a bit late cause I was distracted trying to find some documents to send to my financial planner (was supposed to send them Monday and still haven’t managed to get them together and sent) but didn’t quite find everything I need anyway…so need to do that tonight after my workout!!

I did manage a workout last night, even though I was tired and so ready to bag it and/or at least cut it short. I didn’t strength train, but I biked for 45 minutes and that was good. I still need to get an appointment made and get back to my chiro. Things have been feeling good for the most part on runs, not the tightness that I have had, but I still am concerned and really do want to be sure to keep things good. If I’m on the road to recovery, I don’t want a set back by NOT having an adjustment when I should…even if a friend is trying to tell me that chiros are bad…I had to explain to him well, a doctor was unable to help, PT was unable, so what, I just deal with it?? When your sacrum is out of alignment and causing issues, who else do you see? I certainly don’t need surgery or something for it if someone can adjust and get it back in place…particularly someone who is herself a runner!!

Hmm…I so want some chocolate right now…

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


For the last few months I’ve been having no problems sleeping. In fact, some people would say I’m abnormal, considering the sleeping habits of Americans (and part of the reason for more weight gain!). I like 9 hours of sleep…my body needs at least 8-8.5 and it prefers 9 or more…particularly when I’m training hard. For the last week and a half I’ve been getting up between 5 and 5:15 and at the gym by 5:30/5:45 to workout before work. And some days I’ve also been getting a workout in after work. I get to work and am a little sleepy, but soon manage to wake up and feel good and energy is up all day. By the time I get home, I’m getting tired and have been in bed some nights by 8/8:30, some nights I’m up till 9…but that’s only if I really force myself!! Anyway, last night was unusual. A friend and I had decided to see a movie, basically it came about because from a long time ago, he kind of owed me, so decided we could go this week, Tuesday kind of worked best, so I was up early, did my run, skipped after work workout to favor being able to get to the movie in time, depending on what time we went. By the time he called, it was obvious I could’ve gone for a workout, but that’s OK, I really didn’t NEED to (did a run of 6 miles and that was all I was supposed to considering the limits to my mileage so as to slowly build up and not get injured) but that’s fine. We met at the theater for an 8:05 showing of Juno. Excellent movie!! If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth it for the dialog. Very well written by Diablo Cody, who is from MN and I’ve been meaning to read her book forever so am finally on the list for it at the library. Anyway, the movie was great and after C suggested getting a beer so we got one and then was home to bed around 11…I read for a bit and then turned off the light, with alarm set for later wake up (haven’t gotten ready at home and driven right to work in a LONG time) and I just could not get to sleep. I have no idea what my problem was, but my mind wouldn’t shut down and I was awake off and on through the night. My guess is maybe the change in weather? It warmed up and is now cooling down again? I don’t know, I just know I feel tired today…I might need a nap for lunch. Still wish I could figure out what it was that kept my mind moving and didn’t let me sleep…I didn’t do much different yesterday except go to the movie, which, OK, it’s rare for me to do something during the week these days, but it does happen on occasion. I’m so lame…

Monday, January 07, 2008

Mall of America

Well, we have had some nice weather over the weekend and while I got a nice 9 miler in on Saturday (averaged a 9:30 pace, not bad, but not where I’d like to be, but I guess it’s a start), Sunday, which ended up being the nicer of the two days was a bit of a wash. Didn’t get out for it early and then had a friend call and in a moment of weakness I agreed to go to the Mall of America (affectionately called the Monstrosity of America by me) to do a couple of errands. Even though it was Sunday, and even though it was middle of the afternoon. It wasn’t terrible, although there was a cheerleading competition going on in the rotunda and that had a big crowd and happened to be right by one of the places we needed to be, but it was kind of cool cause the Gopher cheerleaders were there and they are competing at nationals on ESPN in a couple of weeks. Was kind of cool to see live. After the mall we made a stop at IKEA, which is always fun. They build the largest IKEA in the US right by the MOA so it makes for easy stops at the two. Ended up finding fun stuff there, nothing that I HAD to have (except the plain tealight candles) but stuff I felt I needed at the time…and all useful!! So anyway, while it was warm and sunny out, I was in the mall, but that’s OK. Had fun shopping time with my friend and that’s important too right? I did manage to get 19 miles in in the 3 days that I did run though, along with 54 miles biking and 3 days of strength training so not a bad week…if only I hadn’t drank too many beers on Saturday and blown my calories for the week. I do need to get back on track with my diet, that’s for sure!!

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and while it was to be close to 40 today, the temps are coming down…sigh…hopefully I can get a run in tonight and enjoy the day before we lose it…then HAVE to get some cleaning done. I need to get things in order so I can get my house back on the market and hopefully sold this time!!

Anyway, not much of an update, but I wanted to write something…maybe some other exciting things will happen in the next couple of days and I can write something more exciting then.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Realized I neglected to state that Lucid is the now legal Absinthe that is available here in the US as of 2007...think "From Hell" Johnny Depp's character drinking it...or Eurotrip and the green fairy following them!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Years Eve…What a Night!

I think 2008 should be a really great year. It’s already feeling good (although the weather sucks, but that’s to be expected in January in MN) but I ended 2007 and started 2008 so great…Even though I opted out of the 5K I had planned to run (many reasons, but mostly just feeling lazy about going out and running in the cold), but had bought a new fun dress to wear out (unfortunately I was drinking and forgot to take pictures), it was silver and with it I wore black fishnets and boots and a black and silver scarf…looked very cute if I do say so myself.

Met up with friends at their place, had a drink of Lucid (never saw the green fairy though and we did it with the sugar and water, it was OK, but not a fan of black licorice anyway so would never drink it for the taste) and after downing a bottle of Martini and Rossi Asti, we jumped in a cab and met up with the rest of the party at Cosmos in the Graves hotel, where we jumped into a black stretch limo for the short drive (well longer than intended cause the driver didn’t know where the bar was and drove past it the first time) to The Lounge, where festivities were to be enjoyed. We had VIP passes and seating, so our own table, bottle service (had to buy our way in and the VIP included free drinks at all bars, but the bottle service was paid for by our host) and snacks. It was nice being out of the crowd, and as midnight approached, champagne was placed on the table, I was talking to our host at that point and noticed one of the bottles had a very distinct label…I had never had an opportunity to sample this particular champagne before, and mentioned that and it was made sure that I received a glass of it. Also had a discussion with our host about “where I was getting my new years kiss from” and I explained that I banned the new years kiss a few years back. I used to feel like it was so much pressure to kiss someone at midnight and I wouldn’t enjoy new years if I missed that kiss…and it seems such a silly thing. If I have a boyfriend on new years, yes, I would kiss him, but the idea of kissing some stranger is no longer appealing. I’m growing up!! I had a couple of options to be in a couple of places that would’ve had a guy that I could’ve kissed…one I’d been on a date with, one, well, long story, but I’m glad I went where I did. Neither of the guys are a real viable long term thing that I see and I just didn’t want to start a year with someone that I don’t see something like that with.

Anyway, more partying after midnight, more drinking, more fun and then a cab ride home, some pizza, some drinkin’ mate to prevent a hangover and we crashed. Woke to a cold, brisk morning, all were up and decided on breakfast at Denny’s. I wanted to go for a run, but it was so cold outside wasn’t appealing, so I headed to the gym and found it closed…so I didn’t get to start my new year on the right foot like I had wanted to, but I did get myself up and out of bed for 4 this morning on the track. I plan to hit the gym after work for a strength session and bike ride and/or swim. In the next day or two I need to get a schedule of some kind together…base building, start introducing in some speed work and start to gear up for a spring half, and, if nothing else, the stuff I need to run the fast 1 mile I want to run this spring (and maybe a 5K PR around St. Patrick’s Day).