Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

OK, I almost missed it, but here it is, my resolution, wrap up the year thing. I had to re-read what I resolved to do last year, and you know what, I actually made most of my goals. I never manage to keep new years resolutions, but this year something was different. I believe I wrote them out 12/31/07 if you want to read them. I'm not going to put the link. Main recaps though:

1. To tell friends and family I love them. It hasn't been super easy, but I have managed to get in the habit of telling mom and dad at least that I love them every time I say goodbye to them. That's an accomplishment.

2. Get to know more runners through a running group, which I did, and also QUALIFIED FOR BOSTON!!

3. I am in grad school...and even managed respectible grades. If you really want to know, A in Stats, A- in Law (go figure)

Work was another resolution, I don't think I've done as well at, but I'm going to work more on that this year.

I still can't believe the year is wrapping up. So much has happened and so much has stayed the same. I have gotten to know more running friends, but still not as many as I'd like!! I made two trips out to Boston and get to go again in April and I am helping a friend get ready for her wedding a month from today. My birthday wish even came true (with two options, wishing to qualify for Boston and getting into grad school, which do you think I wished for? Lucky for me both came true!)

For this year...well, I think I'll hold resolution post for tomorrow, but I also owed a response on an earlier post:

Write down your top 3-10 accomplishments done in 2008. Put this in your running log. It's important to reflect on what you did well this year.

My top 3-10 Accomplishments:
  1. I qualified for the Boston Marathon. On what was really only my first “real” attempt (I came close once before and was planning to attempt it at the next one but was somewhat injured) in not the best of conditions.
  2. I managed a fantastic 25K 4 weeks prior to my goal marathon and it felt really good. I was “in the zone” and remembered why I run.
  3. I ran a half marathon and managed a new PR (and according to Garmin time/distance at least managed my goal of sub 1:40, officially I did get a new PR at least).

Write down your top 3-10 things you thought could go better in 2008. Put this in your running log. Perhaps you did not get your best 10k, or you disliked the weather for this year's marathon. Make a note of that.

My top 3 things I could’ve done better

  1. I could’ve gotten a bit better in the qualify runs and stopping freaking myself out about my training
  2. I could’ve, even though weather was bad, run a better Twin Cities and gotten a better time. Factors were against me, but I did talk myself out of it a bit toward the end
  3. I could’ve dealt with the PF a little sooner instead of still be dealing with it now

Write down 3-5 goals you want to accomplish in 2009. Include at least one time goal and one new race you plan to enter

My 3-5 goals for 2009

  1. Finish Boston, possibly with a new PR
  2. Run a sub-1:37 half to get a guarantee into New York, probably for 2010
  3. Run a sub-6 mile
  4. Run a sub-21 5K (current PR 22)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday. And Santa is a wonderful man. I am set for Boston. I have my chip, and I was given money to put toward my soon as it's available!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas to Me...

OK, I will be getting back to my goals, however, had to take a quick break away from that and blog a little running/workout related stuff.

So I mentioned the new TV that I bought myself right? It's only a 19", but flat panel, LCD Hi Def for my bedroom. However, I guess I was a really good girl because I bought myself some personal training sessions yesterday. I've had the basic routine, showing me how to use the equipment before, but never actual sessions. After my fitpoint assessment last week, I had a complmentary first session set up with a trainer (actually the head of the PT department at my gym) and we focused solely on upper body because, well, I have a wedding on January 31st that I'm in and we have strapless dresses. Anyway, they have a sale right now, 50% off sessions with a personal trainer, for new customers...well, I'm a new customer so I'm doing it. I bought 8 and am conteplating maybe 2 more, figuring on meeting with him every 3 weeks or so, that gets me through Boston and into the summer, can change up the sessions etc...did I mention he's really cute too?? :) Not as hot as my hottie at my old gym, but cute, too bad he's married!! Anyway, one other thing I'm probably going to do is a VO2 max test. They have the set up at my gym to do the VO2, the metabolic workout rates etc...they have another test for figuring out your resting metabolic rate too, but that one is just less important for what I do anyway. I can use this and figure out zones for doing heart rate we'll see. First session is 1/7/09. I have time for the workout he set me up on yesterday, and I have basically 5 weeks to the wedding to look good. Of course I don't want to outshine the bride (not possible, wait till I post her pics...her dress is so perfect for her!).

About to head to my parents. I had scheduled 8 miles for yesterday with 8x100 strides. I only had time for 6 before my training session, but did another 3 after...Today I was going to run 10, I was all ready to go and forgot to put on my Yaktrax...we have had a lot of snow (but it warmed up, was 10 today woo hoo!) over the last few days and going was very, very slow. It's like running on loose sand...I was exhausted by 6 so stopped at 8. 1 hour and 20 minutes...yeah, I had some 10:30 miles in there. Normal run for me, easy pace, yeah, the snow slows you down tremendously!

Anyway, if I don't get another post up before Thursday, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it. And to those that don't, Happy insert holiday name here. For those traveling, safe travels.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Stolen From TCM December Mile Marker

Quote of the Month:
"Even the latest finishers aren't back-of-the-packers. They're the back of the front, still among the elite 0.10% of Americans who can and does finish marathons."
-Joe Henderson (from The Quotable Marathoner)

Ready for a New Year? Our tips are simple and quick for this month.

Enjoy the holidays! This is your permission to enjoy cookies, cake, cordials and cocktails this holiday season. Just enjoy in moderation. You have done the work this year. You deserve it.

Write down your top 3-10 accomplishments done in 2008. Put this in your running log. It's important to reflect on what you did well this year.

Write down your top 3-10 things you thought could go better in 2008. Put this in your running log. Perhaps you did not get your best 10k, or you disliked the weather for this year's marathon. Make a note of that.

Write down 3-5 goals you want to accomplish in 2009. Include at least one time goal and one new race you plan to enter.

Within 9 days, the world gets a fresh start for a new year! Take advantage of it!

** I posted this as a reminder that I want to come back and actually do it. **

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Busy Cold Weekend

So I've been using my vacation well so far. Friday I braved the Mall of America and basically finished Christmas shopping, except for something for my grandma's...I think I'll get that tomorrow and just have to order one thing for a friend and I'm done. I hate shopping so it has taken time. After the shopping trip I made it to the gym, talked to my cute trainer, did some lower body, and elliptical and run, figured I'd do that on Saturday and Sunday, little did I know...Met a friend for dinner, hadn't seen her since Halloween. On the way to dinner we exploited her discount at Target and I got myself a new TV...Then we had dinner and headed to our favorite watering hole and another friend of mine met us. Late night that night!! A few too many but oh well.

Saturday dawned with a snow storm, and cold. I didn't leave the house till much later, didn't get my run due to the cold. When I did venture out it was not a fun night to drive in, but I had friends to meet for dinner and thing is in MN if you opt to not go out in crappy weather, well, you'd be in all winter. So met the friends and we went to a nice Itlian place downtown had great conversation, good food and drinks and then went to a nearby more upscale bar and hung out chatting amongst ourselves. Unfortunately we got back to find my car gone. My friends live on an unmarked section of a snow emergency route and snow emergency was declared and towing ensued. So annoying and expensive but oh well.

Got up today and had some tenative plans but ended up staying around home, except for a quick trip to the gym and a run. What really sucks is that the cold turn we are taking, again, leaves us with a winter weather advisory for tomorrow. Windchill is going to be so bad that you can have frostbite in 10 minutes. I guess I'll be at the gym for a run. I'm doing a complementary session with a personal trainer tomorrow, he's not as hot as my hottie at the other gym, but he's cute...might end up selling me some sessions!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


So it's finally here...a whole 17 days off. Of course a couple of those days already have plans...Christmas and all that. Have to go visit the family...but other than that, I have time to relax. Mainly planning to clean house, finish my shopping and see some friends who will be in town. And of course run. I have to get some good running in now, while I have the time. Hopefully I will make some progress on a few things at least.

Anyway, now to get caught up on friends blogs!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Been Pointed Out...

Yes, I'm STILL neglecting...I know I promised an update and so far nothing. So quick one and hopefully more time tomorrow.

Thursday I was just done after work and chriopractor and then errands...I needed an adjustment bad. Then on Friday till tomorrow I've been dogsitting for my parents and poor guy needs attention so no time for being online!! (plus my house needs a desperate cleaning!!).

Saturday we got together for my sister's birthday and went out for drinks after dinner and a trip to the Holidazzle with my mom (holiday light parade downtown Minneapolis during the holidays). Stayed at sister's this morning till we went to brunch for her birthday (birthday is actually today) and then came home and watched the Vikings, went for a run with Max on icy roads and then have been trying to clean (although you wouldn't know to see the place, funny how it's always messier before you managed to get things cleaned!!). I managed a 14 mile run yesterday and 4 today and finished the week with 41. Tomorrow is 18 weeks from Boston, and while I don't have a full plan together yet, need to work on that over the next few days, I'm feeling OK about the base to start up.

Anyway, will try to start catching up this week...I do promise!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


OK, hopefully will have time to start catching up with you all tomorrow and get a more proper post all my goals for the upcoming vacation days!! But final is done. It was LONG!! Like seriously I took almost the 3 hours and I never do that. I don't know if I did well enough to get my A that I wanted for that class, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Anyway, exhausted now. Time for bed so I can get up and run in the morning so I can do errands after work!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

One More Day!!

And the madness ends!! One more final and I promise to catch up on the lives of my much neglected blogger friends. I appreciate all the good luck wishes and if you can hold them out to one more day I'll love you forever!! :) Last nights final wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it could be. Still no clue what kind of grade I'll pull off, but I feel pretty good about the in class, take home I don't know about...that stuff was a bit difficult for me. Tomorrow is open book so hopefully it's not too bad. I've been trying to refresh myself on stuff but it's hard studying for an open book.

Got a nice run in before studying tonight too. Even thought it was probably only about 10 out (high of 20 today and dropping to 6 with wind chill at 0 overnight they say). I haven't been to the gym to strength train in a week and I hate that, but I've been tired and studying. I was going to go tomorrow but think I might sleep in one more day and get back to it strong on Thursday. I do have to do something. I'm in a strapless dress in a wedding in a month and a half!!

Oh, and only 7 more working days for me left this year!! Yes...because of my company having shut down from 12/25-1/1 officially, and then speculation we'll be given 1/2 off too because it's a Friday and why come in for one day? Also speculation that we'll have 12/24 off (and I've taken it off already so means I get a carry over day!) and having conserved vacation time I'll be taking off the 3 days before Christmas and I have one other day that I'm just going to use on 12/ from 12/19 through probably 1/4 I'll be off work. So plenty of time to catch up with you all!! :)

Monday, December 08, 2008

Luck Needed!!

Please send prayers, luck, whatever you've got, my way today...that final in a few hours is going to be brutal!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Running Relates to Everything

I got to thinking during a conversation with a friend today...

Think about this. Training is like studying. It requires so many more hours than any other part of the whole process. Small races, tune up races, could be compared to quizzes or midterms, and then of course you have the main event...the big race, the final exam. And, at least for me, I've realized...Boston is graduation day. It's the pinnacle. It's what I worked so hard to achieve. It's graduation day!

Can't tell I'm studying for finals can you? Back to it.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Not Much Longer...

I'm holding on and hanging in. Last night of class and we got done early. It was mainly for review finaly on Monday and Wednesday and that's it for the semester. So yes, this week will still be pretty quiet, but after finals are done and for a month and a half I should have more time to post!! Yay!! And read...and catch up. I'm working on the take home part of stats right now...would love to have that done before the weekend so I can focus on studying for stats and law over the weekend. Law is open book, but I want to know my stuff going in. I always tend to study for an open book and find that I usually don't need the book except to verify a few things. That's a nice thing, when it happens at least it is!

My house is about ready for Christmas. Lights are up. I think I'm going to work on the final for another half hour then put the tree up and decorate during TV...either what is on, or put on something I taped earlier this week...we'll see.

Keep fingers crossed for me to do well. There is a light at the end of the semester at least (even if there is still probably 2 1/2 more years of classes!).