Friday, May 25, 2007

One More Day

Well, today really most likely is my last "work" day. I'm here till about 1:30/2, home for a quick nap, then maybe a quick run, then down to my sister's to meet her for the drive to my home town. My cousin graduates from high school tonight and tomorrow is her grad party and I haven't been home since Christmas, so it's probably about time I get home. My grandma's miss me.

Anyway, this week has been crazy and still no time to update the blog. I really need to get back on this! Monday I worked at B&N, Tuesday I was off and vegged and tried to get stuff done at home and then Wednesday was my last night at B&N and at 7:40 that night the power went out and didn't come back on till about 8:50, by that time it wasn't worth trying to reopen as it takes too long to get things back online, so we cleaned a bit and then were sent home around 9:40...nice. Instead of going home and to bed though, a co-worker and I went to have a beer and got sucked into a trivia game (that we kicked butt first round on, but sucked the next 3!). It was midnight before I got home which was bad because Thursday night the same co-worker and I were planning to see Pirates 3, at World's End at the 9:00 showing which we knew would end up being later. He doesn't work till late today, but I had to work early so it's a rough day so far, but oh well. The movie was quite good. I definitely enjoyed it. Lots of funny scenes and who can not want to stare at Mr. Depp for 2 1/2 hours (OK, maybe some guys don't, but come on ladies, even in dreads and messed up teeth he looks good!), as kind of a joke, my friend even brought me a belated birthday present, a Jack Sparrow pillow case (mainly cause I had talked about dressing up for the movie, glad I didn't, no one in our theater was dressed up), so now Johnny is always in my bed...nice huh? After the movie, which got out around midnight, my friend and I were chatting, I was giving him advice on a woman he is into, but the big problem no matter what though is he is moving to Florida next Friday, so why he wants to get involved I don't know, but hey, to each their own right? She supposedly wants to come visit, but he's not sure if it's as more then friends or just a friend thing...I gave him my best thoughts, not knowing her, and we did leave with hopes that we'll meet up one more time before he heads out next Friday, but if not, hopefully I'll get out to visit him.
It's kind of funny as while he's a friend, at one point I felt something more for him, and there was a brief time where, if not for mixed signals and hurt and anger and all kinds of weird stuff, we might have been more, we did go out a couple of times, but I just think the timing was never right and we both figured out it wasn't going to happen and have just managed to be good friends. It's weird how things like that can happen. I can't exactly call him an ex, but of people I have been out with and/or had feelings for in that way, I think he's the only one that's still a friend. And that I can hang out with and actually joke about our past and not think anything of it. It's going to be sad to see him leave town and not be able to hang out on occasion after work. But life changes, we move on, and I'm no longer part of B&N and after Wednesday he won't be either...well, he will be, he's transferring stores for a time at least, but you know...all the changes, cycles and what not that we go through in life. The people that come and go, the ones that stay, the ones that are remembered fondly, and not so fondly...they all make us who we are though right? All this waxing nostalgic as I'm preparing to make my next big jump, and watching my cousin make her next big's just so weird.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Life Changes

I should've done an update, or at least some insights last Thursday, but oh well. I celebrated another year of life last week. Hence, being away from updating for a bit as I was off enjoying the nice weather we had. Love being off work. And now the countdown is continuing. My official last day is set for May 29th. I have my exit interview at 11 am that day and most likely will say goodbyes to people and leave sometime around lunch that day then. It will be a sad and happy day. I'm happy to get away from some of the duties I have, but I'll be sad to be leaving the people I have worked with. I'll get more to that in a later blog.

On Wednesday I had wanted to go see a band that I like play, but unfortunately no one really was game to go, so instead I stayed in, chatted online to a few people, talked to a friend on the phone that was a little bummed he couldn't be with me on Thursday, he had said if he wasn't out of the country (trip to Ireland, although work related, he was still in Ireland so hey...) he would've taken me out and made it special in some way, but alas, he was gone but that was OK. Instead I went out for a beer, and rang in midnight, had one and then went home. On the way I found I had a voicemail from my friend, he wasn't quite in Irleand yet, so he called to wish me a happy birthday. I got home and had a slice of the cake that my boss had bought for me on Wednesday for us to all share at work, put a candle on it and made a wish for the next year of my life. Then I got off the phone with my friend and went to read a bit before going to bed when a couple of txts came in as well wishing me a happy day. I had a couple more txts when I woke up and then of course the roses. I did a few things then went for a nice 10 miler on Thursday, came home, grabbed stuff and went to my "happy place" at Lake Calhoun. My roommate joined me and we relaxed in the sun. Then I went and did a bit of shopping and found these shoes I just had to have...then I met my roommate for dinner at my favorite restaurant where I had good food and wine then we went for a drink at our hang out where another friend joined us. Just low key and nothing big.

Friday I relaxed more, had lunch with my parents and aunt and uncle, I relaxed more of the afternoon with a nap, then a group of us got together to go out. We went to some outdoor places, then found our local hangout closed due to a power outage, so we went to another place, then to watch a band play. It was a late night but fun, although I had a few weird things go on and remember, C, the bad for me guy...well, he's now totally out of the picture due to a conversation he had with my sister (found out from her one evening he had actually tried to take her home with him...and he knows she's my sister...the guy is a loser, yes, I know, I realize and it's done as he's also a child...really long story!) and then with me where I pointed out she was right to a degree and he just became and ass...but whatever. Moving on...Saturday dawned nice weather again, ended up down at Calhoun again then a nap after Dariy Queen with my roommate...Kit Kat Blizzard rocks!! Met up with a friend after a while on Saturday and went to a bar where we know the bartender and he got me feeling good with a few drinks he concocted...yummy though! I was much more tipsy on Saturday than I intended and realized I think I kind of miss the friend in Ireland so sent him a txt saying that...

Sunday I just vegged. I should've cleaned, but I really didn't...didn't do much of anything. Oh well...I work tonight, but tomorrow I will be cleaning!! I really need to!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


A tattoo...I've only talked about getting one for about 10 years or so. In 2000 I almost got it. I watched a friend get one, I had my design with, I talked to a guy about it, only problem, I was going to Cancun in 4 days...not a good time to get a tattoo. Then I never went back. Over the time since then, the design slightly changed, so I'm glad now that I didn't do it then because, OK, yes, I'm a girl, but I didn't want a "girly" tattoo. I have wanted a dolphin, mainly because dolphins have been my favorite animal pretty much all my life. A part of me wanted to go into marine biology to work with dolphins. In 2000 I swam with them in Cancun. In 2000 I also swam with them in Hawaii. In Cancun I paid money, in Hawaii I swam offshore into a sheltered cove and had the experience of swimming with a wild spinner dolphin pod of about 30, with 2 or 3, 3 month olds with was very cool. I also wanted something a bit more...I'm a Taurus and I found the Chinese symbol for Taurus is a circle with I decided a dolphin jumping through that was what I wanted. I also have an artistic side, so I wanted my design, done on my body...of course the artist was going to have the final say in coloring and all that, but I had the basic drawn up of what I wanted. Then I really got the push for it this year...I don't know why exactly but with a lot of the things that have been going on, I just wanted it, and I wanted it under the sign of Taurus, preferably on or before my birthday...but I didn't have an artist...I ended up talking to one guy and wasn't sure about him, but then I found a fantastic artist, that bless his heart, what tough guy tattoo artist wants to do yet another dolphin, but while he teased me about it, he did a very good job. My big thing was not wanting something "cartoony" which I have seen on some people. I wanted realistic looking and nice...Tony did a fantastic job...especially after I hemmed and hawed about it when I realized it was going to be bigger than I wanted...but I went with it...

The tattoo transferred onto my skin.

The Taurus symbol filled in. Originally I was thinking black for that, but he went with blues and coloring it the way it is to go for an "ocean" feel which I like much better than I would've had we gone just black.

The final result.

Immediately after it was done.

So the experience was interesting. It wasn't too bad, a few spots hurt worse than others, but for the most part it was bearable. I love the way it looks and now it only feels, as most people told me it would, like a sunburn. I didn't have any problems sleeping, and while I started thinking maybe it should've been just a little bit higher, I'm actually glad it's not because it's not being rubbed by waistbands of pants like it otherwise might have been. I had one friend come with me for it then I went to see another friend after and I told my sister and one other friend I was getting it today. Other than that, no one has seen it or knows that I have one other than my friends in blogland...and it's in an area that no one has to see it if I don't want them to, which I really like.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Change is Good?

Change is what keeps us moving forward. Change is what brings us to a new level in anything and everything we do. If we stay where we are, if we don't explore new opportunities, if we don't try new things, change will not happen and we will become stagnant. Be that in fitness, a career or anything in life. You have to push the boundaries or you won't find out what you can truly become right?

Well, I gave my notice, all went well with that, which I knew it would. My boss is great. I'm really going to miss him and I told him that. He told the other two attorney's I work with and I told my co-workers and my official last day is June 1, although I technically most likely will be done on May 25th, I'm taking vacation just to push out my benefits and such since I won't have the new ones start for 30 days from my hire date, which really isn't a big deal anyway since I have all my doctors appointments and such lined up to be done before I leave here anyway. We went to lunch for someone's birthday after I had told everyone. We sat, and we talked and we had a nice lunch and I thought "wow, I'm going to miss all this." There were discussions of the move (we are supposed to move floors in the building), upcoming events, etc, and I felt a little sad knowing I'm not going to be part of them. It was nice at lunch, it was comfortable, and when I came to that word, I realized, you know, this is why it's good I'm moving. Comfort is a nice thing. Comfort is something we need sometimes, but if you want to test yourself, you need to get out of your comfort level. It's been a long time since I've left a job that I really honestly like and enjoy and have not been really hard core looking for something else cause I hated it. I am not miserable here like some jobs in the past. I don't dread getting up and going to work (yes, I don't like getting up cause I'm tired, but that is the only reason I don't want to get up), sure some tasks are better than others, but for the most part, I have only a few complaints about things here. I love the location, I love my breakfast of eggbeaters and toast every morning, I love the people I work with, I love that one of my best friends in the world works only 3 floors above me and I can stop and say hi whenever I want (not that I do that often, but it's nice to know she's there)...but with all that comfort, it has really shown me that yes, it is time to move on. I'm not just in a job, I'm working on a career and it's time to push the boundaries. It's time for a change and that change is coming. I had an email from my soon to be boss in response to my email that I was accepting the offer. He asked if the salary was something to make me happy as he had really pushed for it...that makes me quite excited cause if he worked hard to get me something to get me there, that means if I work hard, I would imagine he'll work hard to get me raises to keep me there...he did say that the company rewards star I need to focus and become a "start employee"...this is my career after all!

So to commemorate the change, today I finally get my tattoo. I mentioned it yesterday. It's something I've wanted for a really long time. Considering I've had the design for about 2-3 years now (my art on my body) I don't know what prompted me to finally push to get it, but I found the artist, and I had a goal of having it before my birthday. The design is of a dolphin, because they are my favorite animal, I have swam with them twice, once when in Cancun and I paid for it, beautiful experience, but then in Hawaii I was able to swim from shore and just snorkel in and amongst a wild dolphin was a fantastic experience. I also am incorporating the Chinese symbol for Taurus into the design as it's my horoscope sign and I do feel it really does describe me. The artist I'm having do it specializes in wildlife art and also is an oil painter, a friend recommended him so today at 5 I will be meeting with Tony at Serious Ink and finally getting the work. My poor parents, I'm the last of their children not to have one...a friend is coming with me and I have my camera with, so I plan to post pictures tomorrow. Wish me luck. I'm a bit nervous!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Another Official Thing

I would like to inform you that I will be resigning from my position as Legal Specialist for ____________, effective May 28, 2007.

_________ has been a great place to work and I want to thank you for the opportunities for the professional and personal development that has been provided during the last two and a half years. I have enjoyed working for __________ and appreciate the support provided during my time with the company.

If I can be of any help during this transition, please let me know.


I gave a similar notice to Barnes & Noble last night. Yes, officially on May 24, 2007, I will no longer be employed by Barnes & Noble. Am I happy, yes, for the most part. A few things I might miss (like the being able to read hard cover books for free, the 50% off in the cafe and discounts on books) but for the most part, I'm so happy to be leaving as I hate giving up my free time when it's nice out. The discussion with my boss here is going to be hard, but I just officially accepted the position and faxed over my letter. There is the little detail of my going for the drug test, but that has no concerns for me. I'm scared but excited to be moving ahead in my career. This move I know is going to be a good one, and it's not just because of the money. It's a smaller company, more opportunity and less tied to structure that some places have. I know I have to treat it like they would treat me if the situation was reversed. I mean if there was a situation where it was better for them to not have me, there wouldn't be second thoughts about terminating me. We all have to look out for ourselves as much as possible and do what is going to be the most benefit to us and trying not to hurt others along the way right?

This is going to be a really big week though. Last night I quit B&N, today I quit my "real" job, tomorrow I'm getting a tattoo and later this week I'm turning don't know how I can handle all the change! (I always thought I was good with change, but maybe it's only with certain levels of change)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Results are in...

And it is good!

So, officially I'm giving notice at B&N during my shift on Sunday. I'm hoping the next schedule isn't up before then as I want to tell them I will just work out the schedule that is up and that will be it. I haven't asked for it off yet, but I need Friday and Saturday of Memorial weekend off for a cousin's graduation party anway. My thought is if you can't have schedules up with more advance notice, then too bad...I guess that would be kind of burning bridges, but some of the treatment I have been given there, I just don't feel like it's worth it anyway. I might go see if I can find a job at one of the running stores a few hours a month though, just for fun.

Anyway, I spent all Wednesday night feeling anxious, waiting for Thursday and the call. I went and saw a movie with my roommate and then had a bite to eat, then tried to go home and wasn't happening. I was at work till about noon, but I had a mattress being delivered and I had to go home to meet them and decided to take the afternoon off as well. I went down to Calhoun and tried to relax, but just had that anxious feeling all day. Around 3 my recruiter called and asked if I had heard anything yet and I told her my freak out, but she assured me an offer was coming. Then I went and bought some flowers to plant in my planters, stopped and bought a bottle of wine for my mom for mother's day and then finally on my way home I had the call...and when she told me the offer they were making me, I had to repeat it myself and have her repeat so I knew I was hearing right. There is an overnight package coming today or tomorrow for me to look over benefits and everything and I asked to have till Monday, but I honestly don't need that. I'm trying to negotiate a little more vacation time, but beyond that, even if they say no, I wouldn't turn it down. The offer is just too good. For one, I would actually be in a position with more clout/power. I won't be requested to bring files to people, to deal with all kinds of things that are tedious and something I wouldn't even need the college education for. There is a chance for some travel to other offices to give some training to people on things. And there are offices in cool places (Shanghai, UK). The company is smaller, but owned by a larger company trying to grow them. My hours are going to be going back to what I liked (the early leave time of 4 or so) and the commute is no further than where I currently am, although can be worse if weather conditions are bad cause not as many backroads (but I can learn the few that are there). There aren't as many things around for running errands and one of my best friends doesn't work there, and I do really like my current boss and hate leaving him, but still...the offer...and the options...too good to pass up. When I had my thought of what they would offer, and that would be enough to quit B&N easily, that was good. I thought a little above that would be nice, then I thought, wow, this figure would be awesome (this was Wednesday before trying to sleep) and then they came back above the last figure...can't really pass that up can I? Not when all other things are coming back higher too.

OK, now the big tricky part. Quitting B&N will not be a big deal to me. But quitting my real job, that's going to be hard. I'm giving notice on Monday, as soon as I sign and fax the acceptance offer...but how do I do that...I feel bad about it. I know, I know, I shouldn't...but I do...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Smells of Spring

I’m lucky in that I don’t have allergies this time of year (unless some are developing which would really tick me off) as I just love this time of year…it’s great to be out walking, running, windows down, sitting, whatever, because it smells to beautiful. The lilac bushes are blooming, all the flowering trees are in full bloom and things just smell like spring. Just last night I went on a gorgeous run (well the run itself was kind of ugly as I was just exhausted feeling and my body didn’t want to move that well, but it was gorgeous weatherwise). It was low 70s, sunny, no wind and everywhere I ran I could smell something nice. The beautiful flowering trees in some of the neighborhoods, or the fresh cut grass as I walked past and saw one of the first lawns in the process of being mowed. It’s that time of year…and I love it. Have I ever mentioned what my favorite season is?? Spring has everything else beat. It’s a time of rebirth. The buds growing into leaves, flowers peeking out (I have to get a picture of a yard with all kinds of tulips in it that just looks beautiful), the sun coming out and warming things. More people out waking, running, biking, just enjoying. People are friendlier this time of year too. Sure as we get into the heat of summer, people don’t like that and get cranky, but in spring, when it’s not so terribly hot, everyone is happy, commenting about the nice weather, they are out, so you can actually see that you don’t live in a lonely world of just cars, you actually see others people, you can communicate with them if you choose to, and they might even communicate back. Everything that is good to me, comes in spring and it’s not just because I was born in this season. It’s just that time of year. When you first start to shed the winter clothes, when you get to start sleeping with the windows open, when the first thunderstorms start sweeping through (we even had power go out for a bit last night, that was fun, particularly at bedtime!). You just can’t beat spring in my mind. I am always so much happier, hopeful and ready to take on the world…probably some of the reasons for some of the decisions I’ve been making lately.

Wow, OK, and just on a side note...something I've been going to blog about...but have been holding in, has apparently just happened. I won't know full details till tomorrow, but I have interviewed for and sounds like I am going to be receiving a job offer tomorrow. Well, I know I will be getting the offer. The recruiter I am working with just gave me the news that the company plans to call me direct, most likely tomorrow morning, with an offer that they are in the process of putting together now. The pay range that was told to them that I am looking for, is going to be a nice jump from what I'm currently at, the benefits look similar, although vacation time I might want to see if they can't do something with (I'm about to be at 3 weeks and they only have 2 for the first 5 years...), the industry isn't as exciting, and there are pluses and minuses...things I'd miss, and things I'll be glad to get rid is the first to know this. So far only my roommate and two other friends know that I was even interviewing. I suppose I'll need to call mom and dad quick tonight and give them a heads up.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My ABC's

OK, I haven't had time to do any updates for the weekend (nor on a lot of things for that matter) but here is a bit about me...

A- Attached or Single? Single – and love it!
B- Best Friend: Probably Leesa…her and I just get each other, but I have a few others that are close
C- Cake or Pie: Cake, particularly chocolate with white frosting from Byerly’s, or Cold Stone Ice Cream cake
D- Drink of Choice: Pineapple daiquiris (the ones I make!), raspberry stoli and 7 up
E- Essential Item: Running shoes? OK, it has come to the point where I feel freaked out without my cell phone
F- Favorite Color: Emerald Green
G- Gummi Bears or Worms? I think I like the neon worms the best
H- Hometown: Heron Lake, MN
I- Indulgence: Cold Stone after a nice long run…
J- January or February: February, if I have to pick one, it's short and closer to spring
K- Kids: None and don’t really plan to have any
L- Life is incomplete without: Chocolate? Probably my friends and family and the ability to run
M- Marriage Date: No plans for it…no way…tied down…one person…yikes!
N- Number of Siblings: Oldest of 3, younger sister and brother
O- Oranges or Apples? Oranges, unless it’s Courtland Apples
P- Phobias/Fears: Anything creepy crawly, snakes if they surprise me
Q- Favorite Quote: “Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be” and “There are those of us who are always about to live. We are waiting until things change, until there is more time, until we are less tired, until we get a promotion, until we settle down / until, until, until. It always seems as if there is some major event that must occur in our lives before we begin living.” George Sheehan
R- Reasons to smile: Warm spring days, a good run, the smell of spring in the air, friends, family, vacation, beaches, the ocean…
S- Season: Spring, end of story, there is no other season as far as I’m concerned….flowers, warm days (but not too warm), light rainy days great running weather…and only more warm to come
T- Tag Three: Anyone who wants to
U- Unknown Fact About Me: I’m kind of an open book…I had to get 7 stiches on Mother's day after my cousin hit me in the head with a croquet mallet (OK, yes I realize I'm leaving things open there!) and the stiches were removed on my birthday, a week later....
V-Vegetarian or Not: No way, no how…I’m a good midwestern meat and potatoes girl
W- Worst Habit: Worrying too much about what others think
X – X-rays or Ultrasounds? Depends on what it’s for!
Y- Your Favorite Foods: Pizza, Vescio’s baked rigatoni, ice cream, cake
Z- Zodiac: Taurus

Friday, May 04, 2007

Official Results

I should've waited!

Overall Place: 262/1390
Age Group: 9/130
Female: 40/693
Official Time: 6:19

TC 1 Mile

Why did I ever think a 1 mile race would be fun?? I apparently forgot in the 15 years (wow, has it really been that long?) since I graduated from high school about that pain that is the 1 mile that I used to run (well, OK 1600) at least twice a week during high school.

Anyway, this is the kick off race for the registration for Twin Cities Marathon. If you go down that evening, you are guaranteed entry into the marathon (registration officially opened today) and you can run a 1 mile race. There were different divisions, mass run, then age groups 50-59, 40-49, 30-39 and 29 and under and then a Championship women's (where I think you had to run at least a 5:20) and a Championship men's (where I think you had to run at least a 4:30). The weather was a bit windy, but not too bad and upper 60s/low 70s and by the time we ran it wasn't bad. Kind of like a track night in fact.

My roommate and I went down to get race packet and then just hung out for a while before I had to warm up. I was doing the age group (so glad I did that as it was much less crowded) which was supposed to start around 7:25, so at 6:45 I couldn't wait anymore and did a 10 minute run to warm up and did some stretching. After the mass start went, I decided it was time to head up to the start chute and my roommate came with and headed down to the finish where she was going to watch. I did a few strides at the start chute area to keep warm and found my hamstring and IT band are still aching a bit when I try to stride out and run fast, this has been a problem for a while and I need it worked out before I do any real speed work. Originally when I had planned to run this race, I had high hopes of heavy training and getting a fast time, well, no speed work, tight leg and let's see, yeah, I ran 45 miles last week and was at 27 before the warm up and run last night (now I'm at 30 with warm up, race and a bit of cool down), including a 6 mile run during lunch yesterday (OK, so I forgot to taper). Anyway, wasn't sure what I could do, but I thought for sure a sub 7:00 mile would be doable and maybe even getting to a 6:30 or so, I ran the first mile of my 5K in a 6:38 back in March, so figured a 1 mile I should at least be able to do that. McMillian's predicted a 6:21 so figured I'd see.

Start happened a bit late, and at the first quarter I'm assuming they were calling off splits and I think I was around 1:30, and I remembered, oh yeah, this race hurts worse than that darn 5K! I remembered the feeling of the mile though, even though I wasn't running 4 laps around a track, but I remembered it, the focus and feeling of nothing being around me but what was right in front of me, the saying in my head "why did I think this would be fun, why am I running this?", over and over, all remeberances of track. Half point was a 3:10. Then it was just straight shot down Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis to the finish. I was running in a pack with one girl around me and a bunch of guys...I saw Brit's Pub which I knew was about 2 blocks from the finish, a block later was The Local, the bar I had figured was the point to really bear down, the girl in front of me I had kind of tried to catch but didn't feel I had it in me, but right at The Local I was able to see the finish line just over a block ahead too and I remembered my kick and how much fun it is to really I pushed everything I had and passed her and a few others and hit the mats in about 6:19/6:20. No official results yet but right after crossing, I saw IE and first thing I said was "this was not fun, why did I think this would be fun?" I got my chip removed, got out of the chute, grabbed a water and we headed to the car so she could get her coat and then went for a beer at both The Local and Brit's (not a good idea on an empty stomach, they hit FAST!).

Typically, in track, the first meet or two I would have in the 6:10-6:20 range and improve my time over the might have a faster in me. Consider my PR was a 5:40 probably when I was 15, 18 years later (oh my, am I really THAT old??) I was only 40 seconds of my PR without any speedwork...hmm...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Another Quick Update - 1 Mile?

OK, so tonight is the Twin Cities Marathon kick off signup. I'm registered for the 1 mile and was supposed to work, but alas, I had a migrane/nausea or something, but somehow I managed to overcome it and am feeling better...but since I'm off the schedule...

Anyway, I haen't run a 1 mile race since high school...OK, maybe even junior high since everything was 1600 for the most part. I haven't trained for it, other than running lots and lots of miles. NO speedwork all year so far as my hamstring/IT band area yelps at me when I try to run harder, so I have no idea what to expect, but it's a nice day, my roommate is coming with and we'll go for a drink/food or something after at one of the outdoor areas in downtown...all is good. Will try to get a better update and more about the race and maybe some pictures tomorrow.