Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Fitness Challenge

So, yesterday I was emailing with a friend and after running her first marathon last weekend she decided she needs to get in shape and really focus cause she wants to kick it down on her next one (she got caught in the heat of Grandma's last weekend and didn't quite meet her guilt) and wants to get more fit before then. I really want to get fit for running and a few other reasons of which I might or might not share at some point...Anyway she tells me yesterday that "today is go day" and I said you know, I am focused and need to do something too. So I suggest how about we both set some goals and do a challenge of sorts...we are running the Ragnar Relay in that set a good deadline for start of goals anyway. So yesterday we set 6 goals each, and they have money penalties to Ragnar we each hand over an envelope to the other for anything we miss! I figured posting here might keep me even better so here are my goals:

1) No eating after 8 pm with the exception of Monday night since I have class, and allowed one other for special circumstances - If I cheat, it's $1 per time
2) Work out at least 6 days a week, and a workout consists of at least 30 minutes, also need to have 2 strength sessions in there - If I miss, again it's $1 per time
3) Yoga workouts, 20 minutes twice a week, or 1 class a week - If I miss, $1 per time
4) Calorie limits, 2200 or less on days I work out, 1800 or less on days I don't, with the exception of days of heavy workouts - Over and it's $1
5) Weigh in each week, even if overall I meet my weight goal - If I go over in a week $1
6) Weight goal, 128 pounds by Ragnar - Over that and I owe $5

My goal NOT to owe anything!

So today I weighed in, after a sweaty run in a heat index around 100...hill workout. I went up and over and back up and down, 4 times...about .5 mile up on one side, a bit steeper and shorter on the other. I did a total of 7 miles. I also got a yoga session in.

Then I got up this morning and ran 4 miles in some humidity...and did a strength session for 35 minutes (this was my second of the week too with one more planned strength on Friday before my trip to Chicago). Went to work, and then after work, I ran 6 miles from the gym and managed 45 minutes on the bike...that equals out to about 2 1/2 hours of workouts today.


Anonymous said...

I like that challenge! I need to do something like that with a friend. Great idea. :) Good luck with your goals!!!
BTW - I'm glad to see you are being smart about your calories! So many people think the 2000 range is way too much, but we runners know differently.

Runner Leana said...

Good luck with the challenge!!

Firefly's Running said...

Oh sh**! I don't know if I am going to help with the challenge especially what I have planned for you on Friday night and Saturday (especially that night!). I think you are going to need to kick Josh's butt with some running on Saturday - if he can handle it.

RunToFinish said...

wow right on.. I really need to figure out a specific challenge for myself so I can get off these last few pounds

U.M.P. said...

I eat half of what I used to and don't eat candy , breads, fries. That helped me lose 30 lbs once.