Sunday, November 15, 2009

Still Around...Kind Of...

I meant to get an update on Friday…it would’ve been a month at that point since my last post, but I never quite got it typed up. I’m hanging in…a lot of weird stuff going on. I’ll get a race report typed up about Nike at some point…I might even get a picture posted of the pendant. Had a family weekend for my dad’s 65th birthday. There was good and bad to that. At least dad had his birthday with his family all there and that was what he wanted if he’d been asked. We took him where he’d often thought about going for a weekend and he had his kids all there…so like I said, it was good for him.

Some of the rest of the stuff…well...I don’t know that it is getting any better. In fact I think some might be getting worse. At least on one thing.

San Francisco was a bit of a turning point on my grief over grandma. I still desperately miss her, but I’m not crying everyday like I was, which is a step up I guess. I just wish I could talk to her one more time…the one dream I’ve managed to have with her in it, I was able to see her, but not talk to her and I wish I could just talk to her. But like I said, San Fran was a turning point getting away maybe helped. So maybe a trip coming up shortly might help just a little bit more.

So until I get a chance to update again at least know I’m still out here.


teacherwoman said...

Been thinking about you. Take care of yourself!

Runner Leana said...

I've been thinking about you too! Thanks for letting us know how you are doing. I'm still sending positive vibes your way and hoping things continue to turn the corner for you.

Annette said...

Glad you're doing better!

I bet your dad appreciated the b-day party! :) Happy b-day to him!

Have a great week!

Jhon devid said...

Very cool post. I just recently started following your blog, but I look forward to contributing more in the future