Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dealing with Stupidity

This time my own. I ruined what was supposed to be a great week. I was going to be on the beach in Puerto Vallarta...sipping cocktails and Mexican beer, enjoying 80 degree temps, running on the beach, and spending a New Years Eve outside of the country, heck, outside of Minnesota. I was going on my own, but fully expected to get to know people while I was there and have a good time. Mainly it was the beach, the ocean, and sun that I was looking forward to, after what was a rough Christmas...not quite as bad as I expected it to be, but still sad and lonely with that person missing from the table. Unfortunately I was stupid. When I booked the trip, and at other times during the time leading it up to it I thought, hmm....I should double check that lockbox and make sure my passport is where it is supposed to be. I had had it out in August for something (misplaced driver's license) but was sure it had been put away....Last night, 5 pm, I went to get it and stick it with the rest of my passport. I ripped apart my room and then the rest of the house and could not find it. Unfortunately doing this at 5 pm on a Saturday when you are flying at 7:30 am on Sunday there is nothing you can do to replace it. My birth certificate was there, but of course that doesn't help anymore going to Mexico. So instead of being on a flight right now, heading to warmth, I'm stuck in MN...had to change the ticket, which was non-refundable so while I'll get some of it back, I won't get all of it. And it was late for cancelling the hotel too, so a charge for that...but none of that is even what matters...I didn't care about that, I care about the fact that I'm an idiot and ruined what was going to be a nice relaxing time. It doesn't surprise me though. Karma can be a bitch and I probably deserve it for things I've done...I wish I was a better person, but I think this proves I'm not. When I booked the trip too, I intentionally booked it for new years because I get tired of always being the one that has to plan and work hard to get people together for it...this year I wasn't going to be here so no worries. Now I most likely will just sit home and be upset with myself for screwing up this trip.


teacherwoman said...

Oh hun.. .I am so sorry to hear this. how frustrating.

Jhon devid said...

Very helpful blog. Many thanks.