Tuesday, January 22, 2008

9 Minutes

Apparently I’m good enough to get out of bed and be ready to go out the door in 9 minutes…well, OK, it might have been 11 by the time I was actually in the car…but I was forcing myself out of bed, but accidentally hit the snooze one more time, but I rolled out of the warmth of my bed, turned on the light, put in my contacts, used the bathroom, grabbed a Lean Cuisine pizza, apple and orange and threw them into my lunch bag, went back to my room, brushed my teeth, made my bed and got dressed in my workout clothes, put my hair in a pony tail and then realized the alarm hadn’t come back on. I have a 9 minute snooze. Just as I was ready to leave, the alarm went off. I threw the book I had been reading last night into my bag, turned the alarm off and reset it for tomorrow, put on my coat and was out there door. I think that’s pretty darn good, and fast, considering it was 5:15 am!! And I didn’t make coffee (usually only do that once or twice a week, don’t want to become caffeine dependent).

This put me in the gym about 5-10 minutes earlier than normal. So instead of the 6 or so miles I might have otherwise run, I did 7…yes, 7 miles in just over an hour. Although maybe I only get 5 of those, a guy I often see at the gym (and who had asked me one day how far I had gone) told me to keep moving as he wanted 2 of my miles today. I’m contemplating a bike ride after work. We’ll see how I feel when the day is over. Part of me wants to, part of me wants to just get home (or run a few errands). Nothing on TV tonight, and doubting I’ll feel up to doing much anyway, so maybe I should just get another workout. Yesterday I was up and did 3 miles and 30 minutes of strength with 45 minutes on the bike after work. I think I’m up to about 95% from my cold. Still some running nose, a little congestion and a slight cough, but I’m feeling better.

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