Thursday, January 10, 2008

Advil PM Rocks!

I have taken it before, but I just had to say that yet again. It helps you sleep, you wake up rested (not feeling like you were drugged like somet things can make you), I know I won't have a problem with an addiction to it as it only works for a couple of nights befoer I'm immune and need to not take it for a time again, and it just feels so nice to sleep that good sometimes. Long ago, before Advil PM there was Tylenol PM and both are good, I just now prefer Advil because Ibuprophen works so much better for me than acetaminophen…not that I take it for the pain, but for the sleep part of it anyway. After my bad nights sleep on Tuesday though, I really felt like I needed a good one last night, and while I was feeling tired, I wanted that guarantee…so I took 1 Advil PM just before 8 (dosage is 2) and laid in bed watching TV for a bit, but then turned off the TV to go to sleep around 8:15 (8:30 on my clock, went from 10 minutes fast to 15 minutes fast for some reason, not sure why I did that, but it was intentional) and was out within 15-20 minutes (I’m NOT one of the supposed average that falls asleep in 7 minutes) and slept solid till 2, woke up just briefly and was back to sleep shortly after that and didn’t wake up till 5:30…problem was, I was going to get up at 5 and go to the gym…then I remembered when I set my alarm I set it for 5:57, not 4:57…and while I could’ve rushed and gotten there, I decided to just rest a bit more and go after work instead. I can’t do much of a run tonight anyway since I already have 10 miles in on the week and I want to run today and tomorrow and a run on the weekend of 10 miles and should NOT go much over 25 miles…kind of difficult since typically I run at least 4 miles in a run…Anyway, I was wide awake, but laid in bed for another hour, just relaxing, then, of course, was running a bit late cause I was distracted trying to find some documents to send to my financial planner (was supposed to send them Monday and still haven’t managed to get them together and sent) but didn’t quite find everything I need anyway…so need to do that tonight after my workout!!

I did manage a workout last night, even though I was tired and so ready to bag it and/or at least cut it short. I didn’t strength train, but I biked for 45 minutes and that was good. I still need to get an appointment made and get back to my chiro. Things have been feeling good for the most part on runs, not the tightness that I have had, but I still am concerned and really do want to be sure to keep things good. If I’m on the road to recovery, I don’t want a set back by NOT having an adjustment when I should…even if a friend is trying to tell me that chiros are bad…I had to explain to him well, a doctor was unable to help, PT was unable, so what, I just deal with it?? When your sacrum is out of alignment and causing issues, who else do you see? I certainly don’t need surgery or something for it if someone can adjust and get it back in place…particularly someone who is herself a runner!!

Hmm…I so want some chocolate right now…

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Anonymous said...

You crack me up! A post about Advil PM? They should pay you for that ad. :)

You know what's best for your body. If the chiro is working, then perhaps that's what you need. Unfortunately, I've found that a chiro's work is usually temporary. Until you strengthen the muscles around that weak area you will probably continue to have the same issues. But, your chiro gave you exercises to do, too - didn't she?

Well, take care and sleep well. :)