Sunday, September 14, 2008


First of all, last hard, high mileage week complete. For my PR marathon in 2006 I had my highest mileage week ever then, of 63 miles. This morning I did 5 miles , and has been the case after every long run so far, ended up feeling really good and averaged an 8:41 pace. I tell you, Endurox R4 recovery drink works. I have had it after my long runs and feel good enough for a good run the next day. Even when the long runs are done harder!! Anyway, that 5 miles put my mileage for this week at 68. I ran everyday. And since I ran last Sunday, that's 8 days of running...I think my body is ready for a rest.

After my run yesterday I decided it was time for a quick stop at the farmers market because it's mid-September and my favorite apple had to be in season by now...Cortland's. A MN apple, the only thing I really look forward to in the fall...and no, they aren't quite ready. Maybe next weekend, but not even a guarantee on that. We did have a late spring after all. And when the person at the stand mentioned that, I remembered that too and was even more upset about the color changes we noticed in the leaves on our run today. Yes, we are experiencing normal conditions for this time of year in MN, but we had a cold winter last year, a crappy winter, and a very, very late spring...don't we deserve a bit longer summer??? Don't get me wrong, I don't want summer conditions marathon day, 3 weeks from today, but I don't want fall yet when we were cheated out of spring! But such is MN...and at least we are in football season right? And I was able to get a different apple, Zestar, a newly developed one, developed right here in MN at the University of Minnesota that are pretty it wasn't a total loss at the farmer's market.

Another sign of fall...homework time.


Anonymous said...

The apple's look yummy!
Good luck with the homework - I'm on a study break myself.
Enjoy your well deserved rest.

teacherwoman said...

Okay, your right. We had a crappy winter here in Fargo as well, that seemed to drag on forever. I don't ever remember having a spring. I hope this year isn't the same.

Nice job on the run and your mileage! 8 days of running in a row? you deserve a rest day!

Dori said...

I always dreaded fall, because it meant winter was coming. The farmer's markets here have apples already, and I was surprised because it hasn't felt like fall. The grapevines are changing color, though.

Enjoy your taper--you've earned it!

Amanda said...

Oh, I llllooove the Farmer's Market... it spoils me so that I am worse about eating my veggies in the winter. I'll have to learn to like stew or something.

I haven't ever really tried a recovery drink, but now I'm tempted.

JustRun said...

Homework rules! ha ha ha

Firefly's Running said...

Those apples really give me the craving for a trip to the orchard.

Jean said...

Ah yes, apple season will soon be upon us! I love those Cortland apples. Delicious!

Best wishes with your homework, Danielle!