Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yasso 800s

The last kind of big workout pre-taper, although I'll do a tempo run tomorrow yet too, and a light tempo next week as well...but it's really and truly cutting down...met with the training group and did an easy 2 mile warm up before hitting the track at St Thomas for the 800s, 400 recovery...this is how they broke down (unfortunately I don't have the recovery time for each since I don't have a regular watch right now, just ordered one, and I didn't use the interval function on Garmin last night).

Yasso 1 - 3:31
Yasso 2 - 3:35
Yasso 3 - 3:27
Yasso 4 - 3:27
Yasso 5 - 3:25
Yasso 6 - 3:30
Yasso 7 - 3:31
Yasso 8 - 3:28
Yasso 9 - 3:28
Yasso 10 - 3:20

Thing is, they actually felt pretty easy...I could've done a few more and none of them, not even the last, really felt like I was pushing the pace.

We had dinner at a fun place nearby after and got out of there way too late, to bed way too late and up way too early...with class tonight it's going to be a really long day I think! Ah well.


Weebs said...

Great job on the 800's. You kept yourself very consistent. You do know that Yasso believes that your 800m intervals are the best predictor of marathon time. So you would be around 3:30 or better. :-)

Care to try for that BQ again? heehee

L said...

You're hard core. Me and my 4 head cold, snot-filled miles bow to you. ;)

Firefly's Running said...