Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What the F*#%??

I do have a pretty bad potty mouth sometimes, but I try to keep it fairly clean on my blog…you never know who might run across it! Heck, my mom has had access to it but I don’t think realizes it!!

Anyway, we sprang ahead in daylight savings time on Sunday. Moved us an hour closer to spring right? Today I got up, went outside, found it cold, knew it was supposed to be, but hadn’t checked temps…anyway…driving to the gym at 5:30 this morning it was -1. Air temp. No wind chill factor or anything. Put the gusting, cold icky wind made it -23. Yes, it’s March, March 11 in fact, almost halfway through the month, and IT WAS -23 THIS MORNING! Global warming? Yeah right. I’d say an ice age is definitely on the way.

I did get my butt out of bed, and to the gym, and did 5 miles on the track. A warm up mile, a cool down mile and 3 miles of some pick up…finished around 8:35 for the 5 and managed around 8 minute miles for the 3 faster paced…I’m doing a 10 mile race this weekend. Was kind of spur of the moment. I registered on Monday. I had been thinking about it off and on and finally opted to do it. I know it’s not going to be very good, I have no speed work, very little running that’s been quality…but it’ll be a PR, that’s important right? (I’ve never run a 10 mile race!) And there is beer for sale at the end…It’s not called the 100% Irish for a Day race for any other reason!! I have some friends doing the 5K as well so will meet up with them after. Wish the 10 mile started first. Seems dumb the 5K is first since my friends will be done almost before I start but oh well. I’ve been told they will wait for me at the finish and have a beer with me.

It’s only Wednesday but thinking about the weekend. I’m typing this at noon but by the time I post it (since I’m hitting the gym for a strength session after work before class) I’ll be done with class for the week. Tomorrow night get some cleaning done. Friday since I can’t drink due to the race the next day (although first and only other time I’ve run this race, I did the 5K and was out for beer the night before, had one more than I should’ve and ran my current PR so hmm….) and my friend has a few other reasons she can’t drink I suggested dinner or a movie so we are meeting up for that…and then Saturday I actually have a date, unless something comes up, we were supposed to go out last Saturday but he was not feeling well so we had to postpone…this is actually a second date, and the first one I did have a really good time so we’ll see what happens this time. I’m hoping to actually hit the Britney Spears (yes, I said Britney, she’s supposed to do a great show!) with him here in April…he has connections, ie FREE tickets (yes, I will spend a ton for NKOTB apparently but I wouldn’t spend the money for Britney, but I’d see her for free for sure!).


RunToFinish said...

date night, woooooah baby!!

seriously winter could be over like any second and i would be just fine. I think britney would be a fun concert, but again i won't pay for the tickets

Firefly's Running said...

Details....details...must have the details!