Sunday, March 26, 2006

My First Post

OK, so no, if everyone else jumped off a bride, I would not be close to follow, but so many people I know are starting blogs and I like the idea, I've tried to journal, on paper and other spots on-line, we'll see how this one goes.

Today seemed like a perfect day to start it because it was a great day. I was out kind of late last night, went to a comedy show with friends, and then we ended up renting a movie (if you haven't seen Waiting, definitely worth the rental, defintiely teaches you to NEVER be a be-atch to the waiter/waitress and NEVER send food back!!), it's like Office Space for the waiters and waitresses of the world.

Anyway, so back to my day, I was up late, got out of bed around 9, made the ritual Sunday morning call to the parents, not a long one today as they were going for breakfast. Then I had my own breakfast around 10 (scrambled eggs with cheese, toast some juice and water and a banana a little later) I had the banana just before I went out to run, filled up my fuel belt, one of water and 2 of gatorade (unfortunately I'm missing the cap to one of them, I think my dishwasher ate it), put 2 clif shots and some cash (thought to do that for once) in my pockets and headed out the door.

It was probably around 11:20 or so when I left and I was planning 17 miles. I decided I would run over the rolling hills from home and head toward Lake Harriet, listening to John Sandford's Silent Prey while I was running. I was feeling great, didn't take anything to drink till mile 6, didn't feel a need for any gel, hit the lake and made my loop around it, after my first 3 miles just under 10 minutes I was hitting paces right around 9:10-9:15, with an accidental 8:55 in there around mile 9...It was nice enough that there were a lot of people out, which was good and bad, lots of cute dogs, but way too many people walking slowly and taking up the whole path that made it hard to maneuver sometimes.

I finished my loop and headed back toward home, was right near home with just a mile left, I thought about adding a few more miles, it was just feeling so easy and great, but I decided to go ahead and finish the run at 17, my pace was around 9:24, which is on par for what I'd like to be hitting...9:15-9:45 is my range for long runs...I'm a bit sore, got home, soaked in the tub, had my slim fast and am about to ice my knee that has been bothering me for a while, I've been ignoring it, but think I should try to do something this week, it's also a fall back week so hopefully I'll get some recovery going. I have 52 miles on the week, good interval run, good tempo run and very great long run...

Now I'm going to make something to eat and veg on the couch. Not nearly enough downtime this weekend, but at least I may have found a roommate to move in in April, means Maui is a real possibility...more on that later!!

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fivekbob said...

Hi Dani, Just wanted to let you know that I occasionally read these blogs. I enjoy hearing about your breakthrough training and life. Keep running happy.
Later, 5K