Monday, March 27, 2006

The Start of a Busy Week...

OK, just a little write up maybe for just myself…the next 3 days are going to be H*LL though!! This morning was tough getting up, I was tired even though I went to bed at 9 last night, early for a Sunday since I normally watch Gray’s Anatomy, but since it was a rerun, I went to sleep…was out the door 15 minutes later than normal (6:15 vs. my always hoped for 6 am leaving), I jumped on the treadmill for an easy 3, and it wasn’t so easy till about 1.5 in. I averaged about a 9:10 pace for it, but my knees were really sore and took time to loosen up from yesterdays run, good thing it’s an “easy” week this week, I think I’m going to need that. I got my strength training in too, even though suddenly the fitness center is getting busy at my time…it used to be there was just one older guy on the elliptical that left about 7, another girl that walks on the t-mill till about 7 and myself and another girl that workout till about 7 and then strength train (she does everyday, me it’s just 3 days a week) and one other guy that comes in later and walks and does a little strength, but now lately a few other have been around and it disrupts things!! Particularly when another girl shows up to shower and get ready the same time me and the other person does (I should find out her name!!) which has happened to us a few times…ther are only two sinks and two sets of outlets for drying hair and such.

So, tonight and tomorrow night I’m going to be working from 5-11:30 (besides the 7:30/8 to 4/4:30 that I work during the day. Then Wednesday I work 5-10. Normally I don’t work two closes in a row, and normally not 3 days a week anymore, but I took a shift for someone (kind of need the extra money and it’s good to help people out if you can cause who knows when you might need it yourself). I’m looking forward to Thursday already though, that will be a longer run of 10-12 miles, but only working the one job, then for the weekend I will be going out of town to Madison and Milwaukee…Can you say road trip/girls weekend?? Should be fun, I can use the get away and I know my friend, much as she loves her son, is looking forward to a kid free weekend!!

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Kurt said...

DG, welcome to blog land! I really enjoyed reading about what is going on with you. Keep running, your a great runner.

Enjoy your blog and your day!