Thursday, March 30, 2006


Ah, h*ll week is over…OK, so it’s only Thursday, but see, I woke up Monday knowing that I would be at both jobs Monday and Tuesday till close and last night till 10, so knowing tonight I can go home after work and not to B&N is a happy thing!! OK, so I did bring it on myself, I picked up extra hours from a friend that needed someone to work on Tuesday night for her, but I wanted to help out since I could. This morning was again a struggle to get out of bed, the 5 hours of sleep on Monday and Tuesday each night was just not enough for a body that really demands as much as 9 hours a night. So I had every intention of getting up this morning and doing a good run and a strength session, but woke up exhausted, I almost decided to skip the morning entirely and just get my workout in this afternoon, but somehow convinced myself to get up and get a run in, I skipped the strength due to lack of time and instead did a little harder 5 mile tempo run at an 8:30 pace. It felt good and I’m glad I did get up. I plan to do 10-12 tonight, hopefully it won’t be raining like the threat (I mean forecast) says. Not that I don’t enjoy a run in the rain, but it’s still not quite at the temps I like to run in the rain, but oh well. I can run a semi covered path if it is coming down.

Not a whole lot else going on except I found out two bad things yesterday.

  1. The PTO (purchased time off) that I thought I had, an extra 5 days of vacation time that I pre-buy each year so I have enough for all the trips I like to take didn’t make it into the system and there is nothing they can do about it, so the 5 days I was going to go spend on Maui with Leesa, that I really can’t afford but that’s a moot point, can no longer happen due to some mess up…I’m so bummed. I haven’t gotten to spend quality time with her in so long and was looking so forward to it, but with Disneyland and Marine Corp, I just don’t have enough time left to go…wishing I had skipped AZ now…sigh
  2. Our new boss that is finally starting on April 11, now instead of sitting on the 6th floor right by us like he was supposed to, it has been decided that he’s going to sit on the 12th floor with the rest of legal, and my co-worker and I are still going to be on 6…so now anytime we need approvals and such, we will still have to trek to 12 and not only that but all of our files that we use probably more often than the attorneys do, are moving as well…so anytime I need to look through 20-30 files for something, I have to go up to 12 where there isn’t necessarily a space for it, and our great little space we got set up on 6 with a table and everything in the file area is going to now be empty…I sometimes wonder about those that are at high levels…what are they really thinking? The VP that made the decision (who for the record is a nice guy and I like him) had two people trying to talk him out of it, but he’s not budging on the having the manager sit up there (which is why the files will be up there)…ughh…I wanted to cry when I found that out.

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