Friday, April 20, 2007

Savannah Girls Week

Savannah was a really nice trip. We had some issues getting there (FYI Northwest SUCKS!!) OK, that said, we’ll get on to the nice. We were supposed to get to Savannah by noonish on Saturday, we didn’t get there till 5:30, our luggage didn’t get there till 1:30 pm on Sunday but that’s again, another story…we got to our hotel, relaxed a little bit, went to a mall nearby to purchase a few things so we could shower and while I didn’t have my contacts with me, and no makeup or anything, we still opted to go out. And we had quite a nice time down on River Street, right on the River in Savannah. Just an FYI, if you ever hit Wet Willie’s there, the Call a Cab is good, but you will be doing just that after drinking one, especially if the nice bouncer buys you a jello shot as well! (OK, so we had a few others before that, but who’s counting??).

Sunday we were waiting on our luggage, which again, didn’t show up till later, but after some recovery was done (I was fine, two others were not) we went into town, got a bite to eat, had a call that our luggage had arrived and Perry, the nice front desk clerk at our hotel, La Quinta Inn Midtown, which I would highly recommend for excellent service, decent rooms, moderate price and a GREAT breakfast (and it’s on the city bus route into downtown…there in 15 minutes and only $1, cabs ran about $16 with tip), then we wandered around Savannah. The weather was cool and we just hung out a bit. Later we went back to the hotel, napped, cleaned up and put on clean clothes and then went back down for dinner and drinks. We ended up at a bar called Bernie’s, where I got to know the bartender as well as all of us talked to a nice young (23) southern gentleman who offered us ideas for best day to go to the beach and even gave us a ride to our hotel as it was right on his way home. He then agreed to drive us to the beach as we told him we would buy lunch and pay for gas. This was too late of a night for mom, but oh well.

Monday we went on a trolley tour of the city and had an excellent guide. We did some shopping, wandered a bit and then ended up deciding to go on our haunted tour that evening. Timingwise it worked to go on the Haunted Pub tour and we had drinks on the tour and in taking some pictures, I had a few “orbs” show up in them…are they really ghostly forms? Who knows, but it’s kind of cool and a bit unexplainable.

Tuesday our ventures took us to Tybee Island which was very fun. Our tour guide took us to Tybee Beach where there is a pier and then to north beach where we ate a nice meal and went flying a kite on a beach and watched some big ships go in and out of the area. Later that evening we had a nice dinner (mom, sis and I) and then just vegged at the hotel and had an early evening so we’d be rested for our last day.

Wednesday was our last day in Savannah and we wandered around and shopped. That evening we went out on the town, talked with my bartender from the night before, had our tour guide out again, and met a few new people at some other bars as well. We were out till 3, slept till 6 and were up for our flight to the airport in plenty of time and no problems getting home (why is that?). I got home, took a nice nap and tried to recovery from the cold I had developed prior to leaving. I didn’t run on Thursday due to the cold and came into work late on Friday as I needed to rest and hope it would go away. It’s still here…oh well.

That was the trip and it was just the right amount of time I think and we managed to only get a little irritated with each other (mostly my sister and I, I don’t think anyone got mad at mom, although I swear she was taking my sister’s side on things mostly). Ah well…what do you do?


JustRun said...

"Timingwise it worked to go on the Haunted Pub tour..."

Imagine that! :)

Glad you had a good time... I've always wanted to go there!

Firefly's Running said...

Great pictures, Dani!

Kurt said...

Excellent pictures and glad you had fun. Tybee is a fun place I remember it well.

How is the adjustment back into one of the dreaded M states going?

Dori said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip and I'm sure your mom appreciated it.

Too bad about the lost luggage (and late arrival.) You did leave on Friday the 13th, didn't you?

Ginger Breadman said...

I know nothing about Savannah, so it was great to hear your story and see your pictures. Sounds like tons of fun!