Monday, April 09, 2007

The Weekend in Recap

So much to do at work but so lacking the motivation so here is an update.

Friday we were lucky enough to get to leave work early. I found this out right after my workout, I had done 5 on the treadmill because it’s too freaking cold to go outside (yes, it is April, but it was so cold and windy I just couldn’t tolerate it) I got back to my desk around 1:30 and we got to leave at 2…that was awesome. Gave me time to stop at Super Target on the way home and get the few things I needed for my dessert for Easter dinner and then head home for nap, which I did manage. I got up about 2 hours later and checked email and the friend I was unsure about was coming with, she tried to call me too however and left a message that she was up for going for a little while, but not necessarily late. OK, well, whatever she was coming out. Made plans to meet up a bit early so we could go to a place she would find a drink she liked and still get to the regular place by happy hour. Well, the place we were going isn’t the place any of us likes for a hang out, but they have her drink…personally I think she’s too fussy as she likes margaritas, OK, fine, but they can make them anywhere as she wasn’t getting them blended at the bar we were at and if she asks the bartender at the other place he will make drinks the way she wants them, I think she just kind of needs something to complain about and after the antics this weekend, I'm not going to be too anxious to go out with her again.

So anyway, there was a really, really cute waiter I was staring at and I got a bit of a buzz before we went to where I might see C…so I guess the early stop was fine. We got there, my dive, my local hangout, my Cheers, and had a shot right away. No idea why…but oh well. The evening progressed and I was talking to a guy I had met earlier in the week and another guy, then ran into someone else that I knew but hadn’t seen in a long time, he didn’t remember me but I know people he knows and reminded him where I knew him from...later he was hitting on my roomie and she was not appreciating his come on lines…mainly talking about how much money he makes, what kind of car he drives, etc. She wasn’t impressed. She did like another guy that we had been talking with though, and got his number and has chatted with him a bit. She has some things going on, he has some things going on, so neither are really probably right for much, but a friendship is cool. So the reason was upset with the one friend...we were going to go for pizza after the bar, it sounded so good and there is a place open late, there was someone else that was going to come with us too…a new potential crush of mine if you will, and my friend wasn’t game. She was absolutely insistent that she was going home and was not going for pizza…ummm…yeah…OK, you aren’t driving, isn’t it friend rule/etiquette to help another friend out with a guy and if that means staying out a little longer when you can SLEEP IN THE NEXT DAY ANYWAY and don’t have plans to do anything but watch movies at home on Saturday night anyway. Sigh…we were going to come back and have pizza anyway and told him to ride along but last minute he turned off to go home (he lives around the corner, oh and no, I don't have a thing for Leo DiCaprio, BUT the crush kind of resembles him in this movie...kind of strange, I've never been attracted to Leo but found him sexy in The Departed and then meet a guy that looks like him...) and said he’d see me around at "the place"…he did give me a hug, but he didn’t ask for my number, he didn’t ask me for an actual meet up time and place…a guy friend suggested it's hard to know when to ask and not be pushy, etc and another friend suggested he might be shy...guess we'll see. Darn friends that won't heed etiquette...thing is, roomie wasn't drinking and has less sleep, weird hours and what not and had had the bad man experience as well, but SHE was still fine to go. My roomie is awesome. She's also a good friend and she was trying to get to know the interest as well, feel out what he was like, but the other friend was down at the other end of the bar talking to people she apparently knew, but wasn't even trying to talk to any of us (I had made trips back and forth to talk to the groups I knew)...she has her very set, I need to be talking to a guy I'm interested in (even though I've been known to chat with her and whatever guy she was interested in) or I don't want to be out kind of mindset and it gets annoying. OK, so maybe I was being rude toward the end only talking to the interest, but it wasn't my WHOLE night (and I've never taken off on her to go to a guys house).

Saturday I got up feeling fine but a bit tired and wanted to run. It was 16. That didn’t include the windchill. April sucks. I opted out of the run and was going to go later, but roomie and I went for food then a bit of shopping and finally home for naps. I ended up sleeping about 3 hours. Off and on. I haven’t slept good in so long I really need to catch up anyway so I did that and then got stuff ready for Sunday and then had to work at 6:30. Ended up meeting a friend out for a snack after (he had beer, I drop and ate) and then home to bed late again. And again no real great sleep. Up Sunday, got a quick light run (had a really good start to the week with 25 miles in by Thursday and then only got another 9 after that) and then to my sister’s for dinner and then to B&N to work. So annoying. I realized I 1) can’t work there two days in a row and 2) can’t work 8 days in a row, and by the time Saturday comes and I have a day off again, it will be 14 days in a row that I’ve worked and not had a day off. I need at least one full day to do what I want or I just freak out. I was in a great mood on Saturday night, have been managing to fake it at least and give off good vibe while working, well, that doesn’t work two days in a row…sigh…After work on Sunday roomie and I went to see her new friend as he was working (he's a bartender at a bar near our house) and had a bite to eat.

My eating was awful too. I’m up about 2 pounds from where I have been…and I’m going on vacation and might need to wear a swim suit while gone on Saturday. Sigh…hopefully I can run off this crap and not eat for the next 5 days and be back down at least the 2 pounds, and maybe more solidly the 3 that I thought I had lost. But I am meeting a friend for dinner tomorrow, have to be careful on what I order…the rest of the week I should be able to be good though - OK, this was written yesterday, thankfully after a double day (7 at lunch and 10 after work) I am back down to reasonable places. I'm hoping for another 7 at lunch today and another double tomorrow and possibly Friday before I'm out of town for so long!

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