Friday, August 31, 2007


So mom and dad went out of town, they are on their way across Montana and other areas, getting to see one of my best friends on the trip too and it makes me jealous, but oh well, hopefully soon I'll be able to go see her myself. Anyway, Max is not a good traveler. He gets homesick. He would have to stay a lot in the truck (which honestly, he doesn't mind, he'll spend all day in that truck just waiting for it to go somewhere). But because it's kind of a pain, mom and dad asked me to watch him. I hemmed and hawed about it, wanted to have options to go out of town this weekend (I've had him a week actually already) but then realized well, L is out of town this weekend anyway, so I might as well have Max keep me company. This is how much of a helper he is. On Wednesday night I studied for the GMAT, took a break and watched an episode of Friends (I'm working my way through all 10 seasons which I purchased in May) then decided to review a bit more before going to sleep, while in bed...and this is how Max helped. He wouldn't even let me pull back the covers!

Last weekend he got to spend time with me at L's place downtown...he had a busy weekend. We went over and hung track lighting while drinking beer (L got a beermeister and had it filled with a yummy winter ale from a buddy of his that brews beer for distribution). Then Sunday we primered the walls in the area where he is doing construction...then ordered pizza and watched a movie. All this work tired Max out. It's hard to watch I'm sure.

I also have a pic of L with Max, but probably better not publish that without L's permission, since he does read this blog...Max told me it was OK to include him. He knows he's cute.

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Firefly's Running said...

He looks SO cute!!