Thursday, September 06, 2007

Roses and Puppies

I’ve been trying all week to do an update and now almost a week has gone by and none of the great things I’ve been wanting to write about have managed to hit my blog. Sigh…work has been hectic, which is a good thing. I like my job and I like being busy and having lots of things to work on and being able to go new places and try new things and I have all these other things I want to do eventually with this position…it’s a position I control. I can make it go where I want it to because it’s a new position. I’m the first one in it…it’s kind of cool…but also keeps things busy!! (Roses from my balcony)

I got my race number this week. Yep, that’s right, I’m running a 25K on Sunday that I’m really not ready for. Can I go the distance? Of course. Even though I only ran 8 miles total last week (yeah, think I took taper a bit far!), but I did run a 17 miler 2 weeks ago, so yes, 15.5 is nothing. I’ll probably shoot for a 1.5 mile warm up before the race and get an even 17 for the day too. Seems to be the way I’ve been going. A longer run of 15-17 miles about every other week and I guess that’s fine. I might do a 10 mile race with some college friends that I haven’t seen in forever the end of October, unless I end up visiting friends in Idaho…I’m still looking for tickets to see them.

The weekend was nice. I like long weekends. It gives time to relax. And with L out of town (whom I do miss, didn’t expect to miss him quite this much, but thankfully he’s been able to call me the last couple of days and he does get home Monday and I’ll see him Tuesday) it gave me plenty of time to focus on stuff I need to get done. I cleaned the house Saturday, and I got it nice and clean. I found two skirts that had been lost in my closet, made things sparkly, thoroughly cleaned my bathroom and kitchen, even started in my garage, although that needs more work. I managed to study some for that test and have this weekend yet to cram, and I went to visit friends I hadn’t seen in a while on Monday. All in all a nicely relaxed weekend. Sunday I made a fantastic dinner of grilled chicken breast (bone in with skin) on the grill with rosemary stuffed in the skin (fresh rosemary I have growing on my patio) that came out so excellent…nice and golden brown, so juicy and good and the leftovers will make a fantastic chicken salad tonight. I also made some parmesan oregano and parmesan basil potato wedges…both so yummy. Yes, I’m proud of my food from Sunday night! I also had a glass of good wine with them, that turned into 2, and then I was watching Marie Antoinette and suddenly the bottle was gone…ooops…not something I do often so that’s OK. I have wine that has been in my house for 2 years almost that I haven’t drank so obviously I’m not that bad that often! Was having a dream that night that I had a headache though and then Max barked at a someone walking their dog (at 4 am!) and woke me up (but he's just so cute) and lo and behold I had a headache…oh well…the screaming, squealing 1 year old outside my windows at at 7:30 am didn’t make me too happy either, but I survived…

My week…not much for running. So far 4 on Tuesday, a 2.5 mile walk last night will shoot for 6 tonight if it’s not too terribly hot for Max and then tomorrow off, Saturday an easy one and the race on Sunday…other than that, I’m studying. That’s it. I get home and put in 2-3 hours going over stuff. Tonight I’m taking a practice test (computer one) then I have one more paper and one more computer one to do over the weekend and test is Monday afternoon…hopefully it goes well.

(Max at Lake Calhoun getting a drink, he's not dainty about it)


teacherwoman said...

You say you are not ready for your 25K? I bet you will do just fine! Remember, MIND OVER MATTER!

Max is adorable! :)

Firefly's Running said...

Oh come on, Dani. You know you are READY!