Friday, January 02, 2009

Starting the New Year Right

So yesterday I was a little hung over...well, maybe a lot hung over. On Wednesday I went to dinner with friends, we had drinks, then we went to a bar, we had drinks and one thing led to another and all day yesterday I recovered. Hey, I wasn't as bad as my friend that crashed out at my place pretty much sleeping till about 2:30 and it was after 3 before he was OK for us to drive to his car! :) Once in the car though, I realized I wasn't feeling well. I came home, had something to eat finally and took a nap. Around 6 I was finally feeling human and I went to the gym. I strength trained and ran a 1 mile run before biking for 30 minutes. The run was kept short intentionally. I saw my podiatrist on Tuesday and he did an adjustment to my insterts and warned that the adjustment doesn't work well for some so he didn't want me going out for a long run in them to start. 1 mile felt fine in them. I'm going to head out for 2-3 in the gym tomorrow in them again and see.

Today I managed to get up and get a 14 mile run in eventually. It was ugly toward the end. My hip is really bothering today so might be back to see my chiro on Monday! Ughh...hopefully eventually all will be good!! I was feeling so thirsty by the end (and hadn't brought water with me) that I cut the planned 15 to the 14 that I finished. It was a bit slow, but oh well. At least I'm getting back on track.

Tomorrow I'll be doing a strength session again and some crosstraining. Only 2 more days of vacation. I'm not sure if I'm ready to go back to the office or not, but I do have some major goals on things I need to accomplish and get my stuff back on track at work.

So I haven't declared resolutions yet either. One thing I'd like to do this year is a race a month. I'm not a big racer, so we'll see. I'm tentatively looking at this though:

Heart of Winter 12K - Jan 10 (so soon not sure it will happen)
7 on the 7th - Virtual race on Feb 7 that I was just reading about
Irish for a Day 5K - March
Boston Marathon - April 20
Bay to Breakers 12K - May 17
Minneapolis Marathon - May - this one I'm not sure about
June - Not sure yet
Raspberry Days 4 Mile - July
Ragnar Relay - August
City of Lakes 25K - September
Nike Women's Marathon - October
November - Not sure yet
December - Not sure yet


Runner Leana said...

Great job getting in that run after the hangover! Glad you had a good New Years! It looks like you have some good plans for 2009. I can't wait to read how Boston goes for you, and you'll have to let me know if you make it in for the Nike Marathon. I'm hoping to be there too!

Firefly's Running said...

Minneapolis Marathon?! Really? I will definitely need to get better enough to try that one...maybe.

Nicole said...

Happy New Year. Best of luck on all the races.

Jean said...

Way to start the year off right with a long run, Danielle!

I just got an e-mail about that inaugural Minneapolis Marathon at the end of May. I wonder how that one will do, given there are so many Midwest marathons around the same time?

Good luck with your training this year!

L said...

Happy New Year! I think having some little stuff planned in between the "big" (and "HUGE") stuff is a great plan. Good luck and take care of that hip!

RunToFinish said...

I always hear about Ragnar since my hub is from Iowa, but I'm no biker, I admire you.

Do you do any exercises for your hip? I am trying to stretch mine religiously to help out.

Annette said...

Sounds like a good start to 2009! The race plan looks good. Good luck with your plan and take care of that hip, foot, etc.