Thursday, January 08, 2009

Brr...and I'm Sore!

I'm freezing my arse off right now...and getting stiffer by the minute. So I had my first session with my personal trainer last night, and Darryl kicked my ass! Seriously, he's cute, but man he's mean!! Alright, not really. I'm in pain because I'm sore and sore is good, it means I worked. So what is sore you ask? Well, here's the workout. Walking high step lunges, then planks...held for 1 minute, 3 times...OK, that wasn't so bad. Walking lunges with shoulder press...then v-sit for 45 seconds...3 times...Walking lunges again, bicep curls and presses...then leg raises, held for 45 seconds...3 times...ouch!! And that wasn't enough. One more set of walking lunges with tricep curls, and 1 minute wall guessed it, 3 times. My legs, particularly hamstrings and glutes ache and best of all, he made my abs ache...that NEVER happens!! I also signed up for a VO2 max test next week. I'm excited to get that number. And Darryl is going to work my workouts around that then. Saw him tonight when I was at the gym, struggled through 5 of the 8 I had wanted to do (I was on the dreadmill and just couldn't go anymore) and then 30 on the bike and saw Darryl...he asked how I was and I told him. It made him smile that my abs were sore. He knows his stuff. Annette, do you get that same satisfaction?

Oh and one more bit of tickets to Boston are now booked. Mom, dad and I will be boarding a plane to Beantown at 6 am on April 16th and coming back at 7 am on April 21st. I figure I'll be hung over on the plane but oh well!


L said...

Woo hoo for booking your tickets and for sore abs!

RunToFinish said...

ewwww walking lunges, i hate those. Boston so exciting! man i am going to try to schedule a work trip that week so I can see the race, that would be awesome.

Annette said...

OK, that was just cruel with the millions of walking lunges! I guess since you're a runner he figured you could handle it.

Do I get the same satisfaction? Hmmm. . . I'd have to say I think I do. :) When a certain client of mine breaks out the "you suck", then I know I'm doing my job. ;)

Kinda nice that you have a cute trainer, huh? ;)

Jean said...

If you are cold now, then don't look at the weather forecast for next week! :)