Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ah the Weekends

I feel like I’ve been slacking…barely anything to post in the last week or so, but then again how do you top acceptance into grad school AND Sex & the City in the same post??

Last week I took myself off to see my ex…we still talk via text, we still email, but we hadn’t seen each other in the six or seven months since we had broken up. Now had I managed to get in to see him in April like I should’ve might have had the heel issue all cleared up…but no, I just never made the time. Last week he did work on it for me though. Then I got a chance to see the updates he’s made in his studio, the software he got that he’d been talking about forever and is now using for bike fits and might start using for running too. Stride analysis etc…Anyway, he worked my foot and the tight calf above it (talk about pain!) and then I took him out to dinner in exchange…thought it was fair. It’s nice to get caught up with people sometimes. No matter where you are in life, having people you can’t talk to, can’t see, don’t want to be around, particularly when they played a rather important role in your life at one point in time just seems silly. Life is too short to hate. It’s too short to hold grudges. It’s just plain too short for a lot of things. I’m not saying everyone is going to be your friend or that you are going to get along with everyone. Some people just rub you raw and you can only take in small doses…but even those can find a place in your life can’t they?

One thing I’ve been holding on…and a part of last weekend I think I’ll still hold on…but I’ve been wondering if I should fess up to my antics or not?? See last Friday was a happy hour. It had been planned at the wedding the week before. It meant starting at a brew pub and going…well, who knows?? Anyway, I met one friend and we drove together to the place we were meeting. Then met another friend at a bar and played some pool (I suck by the way, and I was playing against boys!). Another friend met us (another boy) and then a friend of one of others met us (yes that brings it to me and five boys). Well, other people that some knew were down the street so we went there…and yeah, not so much fun. Atmosphere was OK, it had a neat patio, but it’s a “happening” place…and in Minneapolis, those places still have the same people. It was $7 for a tap of Amstel light…yeah. This is Minneapolis folks. What was even more fun, after 9, when it started to get “happening” the price for that Amstel went up to over $8 (for the bottle, tap was the same we discovered when venturing downstairs to see if we could get it cheaper). Mixed drinks were $12 or more…yeah…and like I said, the crowd…just not the crowd I normally like. So we left. We went to the Irish pub up the road…it was a little cheaper and nice atmosphere, but it also happened to be next to another bar. By this point it was me and three boys…one of them suggests we should go next door. Next door is, well, they called it “cabaret”, a better name would be gentlemen’s club…yeah, we entered (I’ve been to them before) and ended up spending the money for a bottle and sitting VIP because it was pretty busy and was fastest way to get in (I wasn’t asked to chip in) it included dances or something so everyone was happy. Well, there weren’t any men dancing, but oh well. I still don’t understand those places, but it made for an interesting night. And it makes me cool in the eyes of the guys!! Oh yeah, I had also received my official letter of acceptance and filled in my intent to enroll. So they now know that I’m coming this fall, and that was cause for celebration. Little did I know that seeing naked women was part of that celebration. Too bad there weren’t some men dancing too!!


teacherwoman said...

Glad to hear you are officially in for the fall! Congrats!

"Life is too short to hate. It’s too short to hold grudges. It’s just plain too short for a lot of things." --> You couldn't have said it any better!

Molly said...

Friday sounds like a good time...don't stress about what anyone else thinks - as long as you are comfy that is all that is important!

Glad you got your heel worked on and were able to re-connect!

Take Care

Runner Leana said...

I hope your heel is feeling better! You bring up a good point about not wanting to hate your exes - you have such a sane, adult approach! I applaud you. Your celebration sounds like a good time. Yes, it does make the guys think you are cool!

Kurt said...

I think you will like a place I plan on taking you to called Four. Should be something you like.