Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Without Limits

I’m out of it I guess. Or very far behind (which yes, I know I am as when some friends mention movies I’ve never seen they about fall over) but I had never seen the movie “Without Limits”. If you haven’t seen it, rent it, or better yet, just go buy it because it is such an excellent movie. I just recently signed up to try out Netflix (I never rent movies and never watch the movies I have so figured what’s the point in spending that money each month?) for a month free and added Prefontaine and Without Limits to my list. Prefontaine should be delivered today and Without Limits I could watch online, so that’s what I did last night. And knowing of Steve Prefontaine, I knew what to expect, to a degree, but there was a lot of it that I didn’t now. The acting was fantastic and the historical stuff, along with actual footage of some races was just really cool to see. I got teary eyed at a few things, but of course at the end, when I realized that the end was coming, I was bawling like a baby. There were a lot of funny bits, and some of the quotes from it, which you know are his, were just something that got to you…at least as a runner it got to me…I’ve decided this is a movie I need to own and watch before big races. So motivational and inspirational so if you are behind, like me, I definitely recommend it!
These two quotes stood out for me:

“I'm going to work so that it's a pure guts race at the end, and if it is, I am the only one who can win it." – Pre

"A race is a work of art that people can look at and be affected in as many ways they’re capable of understanding." – Pre

As for my running…well, I had 5 days totally off last week and then started up on Monday. Ran a 4 miler easy on Monday and got up early and ran a cruise interval planned workout on Tuesday morning. I was feeling sluggish though. Not sure what was wrong but it just wasn’t there. First mile was 9 minute (easy miles have been hitting 8:40-8:50 lately) and first interval was 7:37, next interval was 8:16 and final was 7:40. I had hoped to hit 8 minutes. We can see the problem with my pacing right? Anyway, overall average for 7 miles was 8:30, so not a total loss, but still shows me I have a LONG way to go to be ready for Twin Cities. This heel issue has really set me back…and I think a lack of some motivation or something.


JustRun said...

I've never seen Without Limits-- must add to the queue!

I hear you on the motivation and set backs. It'll come, just keep going. (That's what you tell me, right?) :)

Jean said...

Except for Wednesday, this was actually a fairly decent week weather wise! Made for some nice running, and it almost makes me feel like summer is finally arriving! :)

Kurt said...

I have Without limits in my blockbuster queue but it is on a long wait. Hopefully I see it soon.