Sunday, June 15, 2008

Long Run Weekend

After having a fall back week two weeks ago, and then an even shorter week last week after having my foot worked on, this week I was just determined to get more running in. I wanted my mileage up, but, in particular, I was shooting for a better long run than I have had. Actually, a long run in general was necessary.

Friday I had intentions of just staying in. A few things had the potential to come up, but with no calls by 8:30 figured I was safe. Yet at 20 after 9 a friend called me. My best friend in fact…you know, the one that knows where all the skeletons are buried…anyway, seems her boyfriend finally got it all together and proposed (after 4 years) so I had to go meet them to have a glass or prosecco and celebrate, and the place they were at had really good prosecco. Anyway, still got home and to bed at a reasonable time (obviously they had to have a private celebration). I was tired this week though apparently as I wasn’t up as early as I would’ve liked to have been on Saturday, and by the time I ate and headed out for my run it was almost 10…and finally summer like weather is here…which meant it was warm. I had brought some Accelerade along though, but I know I didn’t drink enough nor did I stop for water on my route. My goal is to have long runs hit at about 8:45, with goal marathon pace of 8:00 that’s reasonable, although ideally I’d like to start doing the first half at about 9:15 and speed up to 8:30 or so by the end…Well, anyway, I started out the run a few too fast miles in there, but hitting about right…toward the end I was really slowing down, some bad hills (a bit of walking up some of them) but I managed 15 miles at 8:56 average pace. I figure based on the bad weeks recently, 2 short weeks in a row, no long run in 3 weeks, and the heel issue, I wasn’t sure what to expect anyway. Training might get back to normal eventually and I did survive it.

Also last week I managed to get my academic advisor assigned, a meeting set up with her for tomorrow, and registered for my first class for this fall. Other highlights of the weekend, I managed to get my deck washed and prepped for staining this week. I cleaned out and up my car, got some work done around the house (although not as much as I should’ve) and spent some time with a friend who is going through a hard time…Anyway, hopefully I can get some stuff together and get my act back on track toward my fall goal…no more distractions!


Kurt said...

Good running and your on track for a good marathon despite the PF.

What is a prosecco? I am coffee type challenged as I don't drink that (only diet cokes for my crutch drink)

JustRun said...

Woo woo! That's what I need to read about, more long runs.

Molly said...

yea...what is a prosecco!
Great run!
Sounds like you are ready for a marathon and an MBA!!!
Take Care