Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

OK, I almost missed it, but here it is, my resolution, wrap up the year thing. I had to re-read what I resolved to do last year, and you know what, I actually made most of my goals. I never manage to keep new years resolutions, but this year something was different. I believe I wrote them out 12/31/07 if you want to read them. I'm not going to put the link. Main recaps though:

1. To tell friends and family I love them. It hasn't been super easy, but I have managed to get in the habit of telling mom and dad at least that I love them every time I say goodbye to them. That's an accomplishment.

2. Get to know more runners through a running group, which I did, and also QUALIFIED FOR BOSTON!!

3. I am in grad school...and even managed respectible grades. If you really want to know, A in Stats, A- in Law (go figure)

Work was another resolution, I don't think I've done as well at, but I'm going to work more on that this year.

I still can't believe the year is wrapping up. So much has happened and so much has stayed the same. I have gotten to know more running friends, but still not as many as I'd like!! I made two trips out to Boston and get to go again in April and I am helping a friend get ready for her wedding a month from today. My birthday wish even came true (with two options, wishing to qualify for Boston and getting into grad school, which do you think I wished for? Lucky for me both came true!)

For this year...well, I think I'll hold resolution post for tomorrow, but I also owed a response on an earlier post:

Write down your top 3-10 accomplishments done in 2008. Put this in your running log. It's important to reflect on what you did well this year.

My top 3-10 Accomplishments:
  1. I qualified for the Boston Marathon. On what was really only my first “real” attempt (I came close once before and was planning to attempt it at the next one but was somewhat injured) in not the best of conditions.
  2. I managed a fantastic 25K 4 weeks prior to my goal marathon and it felt really good. I was “in the zone” and remembered why I run.
  3. I ran a half marathon and managed a new PR (and according to Garmin time/distance at least managed my goal of sub 1:40, officially I did get a new PR at least).

Write down your top 3-10 things you thought could go better in 2008. Put this in your running log. Perhaps you did not get your best 10k, or you disliked the weather for this year's marathon. Make a note of that.

My top 3 things I could’ve done better

  1. I could’ve gotten a bit better in the qualify runs and stopping freaking myself out about my training
  2. I could’ve, even though weather was bad, run a better Twin Cities and gotten a better time. Factors were against me, but I did talk myself out of it a bit toward the end
  3. I could’ve dealt with the PF a little sooner instead of still be dealing with it now

Write down 3-5 goals you want to accomplish in 2009. Include at least one time goal and one new race you plan to enter

My 3-5 goals for 2009

  1. Finish Boston, possibly with a new PR
  2. Run a sub-1:37 half to get a guarantee into New York, probably for 2010
  3. Run a sub-6 mile
  4. Run a sub-21 5K (current PR 22)


Anonymous said...

happy new year. best wishes to a great 2009. can't wait to hear all about boston - congrats again

Anonymous said...

Those are some awesome goals you've set for '09! And, way to go with your 2008 goals. You had a good one. Happy 2009!

RunToFinish said...

Ambitious...and I'm scared!

You seemed to have a great year both with running and life, here's to another!

Runner Leana said...

Wow, awesome goals!

Nat said...

Happy 2009! Can't wait to read about Boston. How exciting!