Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And more time has passed….

Last week I ran a 5K. It was a busy race here, more of a “fun run” than anything but last minute a friend wanted to do it so I said yes. Once we were there I could feel I had something in me and was ready to do a hard run, but unfortunately this one of “those” races…you know, where the walkers feel they need to be in front. Anyway, first mile, due to dodging and trying to get running room was only 9 minutes…second and third managed to do a bit better and finished overall in 25:03 for a 3.25 5K according to Garmin (and yes, the dodging I’m sure added that distance!). After we chilled, had a beer and that was about it. I had a good week and managed to finish with 40 miles total, and a very decent 7 miler the night before and now knowing that I have better runs in me for 5K…

Last night I ran with friends and we did some pick ups and last one (all half milers) I hit in about 3:23 so that was pretty nice too. I think I’m deciding to really make a goal of hitting a hard run at Nike (provided I can get ahead of all the slower runners!). Had a slight change to my Nike plans happen though. My friend that I was going to stay with, and hang with, lost her job and is now in the process of moving cross country back to DC where she was before her move…sigh…I do have a friend that lives in LA that might be up for coming up and hanging out, and I have a few other people that I know are going to be out there for the race, so I have options of people to hang with, but on the other hand I’m not overly worried about it as I’m only there about 4 days anyway, I just have to find a hotel and get it booked…not wanting to spend a ton, but wanting something decent and in a good area, close to the start! I’ve done other trips solo that ended up great, I usually don’t have a problem managing to find people to talk with …and the touring and such I can do on my own…it’s kind of a prep run for myself too cause in December I think I’m going to take a trip someplace warm for 4-5 days on my own. I just have to decide where…so really people, provided I can find a trip for the $1000-1200 I’m willing to pay for the warmth for that time frame…any suggestions on where I can go and how I can do it for that or less? I’d love to see Grand Cayman, but not sure I can do it for that price. Aruba I hear is nice. Jamaica maybe. Thought about St Lucia or the Bahamas…my biggest thing though is I’d like adults only. I don’t want to go someplace to relax and have a bunch of kids running around…thoughts and suggestions would be awesome!

Ragnar now in 3 weeks…class finishes on Monday for a month…summer is finally going to start for me, just before it ends! Maybe one of these days I can catch up. Was talking with some people last night too…I might be doing the Berlin marathon next year!


Jean said...

Walkers suck. They never have a clue where they are supposed to be! :)

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and good luck preparing for Ragnar!

RunToFinish said...

ohh berlin that would be really exciting!!

hey i love walkers...just not at the front of the darn pack

Anonymous said...

I hate those races where you spend all your time dodging people! Common sense - if you're slow/walking - don't start in front!!

How exciting to be planning a fun vacation. Can't wait to hear what you decide on.

Also looking forward to hearing how Ragnar goes! :)