Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rules and Laws

OK, there are some dumb ones out there, we all know that. There are even some dumb new ones and I swear they are dumbing down American more and more with some of them…but some of them are there for a reason and a problem with kids today, parents aren’t teaching them the rules and laws and that they need to follow them!! This hit me today when I ran into a situation of this exact problem. I was driving to the gym at lunch…I drive on some really busy roads. There is one spot that has another major road (both have bike paths on them) so there is a stoplight. There were some adults with a group of kids, probably ages 5-12, all on bikes…was guessing a daycare out on an outing…there were probably 30 or so kids…(and only two adults which I believe should not have been happening!!) The light had been green for them, and they started across the road. One adult at the front, one at the back, and they had the kids walking their bike across, which is good to teach. The problem…the light changed to green for the cars going the other direction BEFORE the kids were all across. So for another 2-3 minutes, when the lights were green, the cars on both sides remained stopped as the kids crossed, but what if someone had been in a hurry, was watching the lights and just gunned it? The person at the back should’ve come up and stopped the half of the group that wasn’t going to make it across (the lights give plenty of warning with the walk sign flashing to let you know it’s no longer safe to walk) and waited with them, sending the rest over when the light changed. What are these kids going to think if they are at a light on their own sometime?? Why should they think they have to stop, cars will wait for them even if they are crossing illegally right? And only having two adults with that many kids on bikes, when the ages were that variant, was probably not a good idea either…but I’m sorry, I’m a big one on teaching kids properly…when they are young is when they are impressionable! And this is a LAW, not like it’s just an etiquette rule or something.

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Anonymous said...

Scary! Glad they all made it across. But, I agree. The adult at the back should've stopped them. That's a lot of kids on bikes to be responsible for!