Thursday, May 03, 2007

Another Quick Update - 1 Mile?

OK, so tonight is the Twin Cities Marathon kick off signup. I'm registered for the 1 mile and was supposed to work, but alas, I had a migrane/nausea or something, but somehow I managed to overcome it and am feeling better...but since I'm off the schedule...

Anyway, I haen't run a 1 mile race since high school...OK, maybe even junior high since everything was 1600 for the most part. I haven't trained for it, other than running lots and lots of miles. NO speedwork all year so far as my hamstring/IT band area yelps at me when I try to run harder, so I have no idea what to expect, but it's a nice day, my roommate is coming with and we'll go for a drink/food or something after at one of the outdoor areas in downtown...all is good. Will try to get a better update and more about the race and maybe some pictures tomorrow.

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Firefly's Running said...

Have fun tonight and GOOD luck! I will looking for a race report tomorrow.