Friday, May 25, 2007

One More Day

Well, today really most likely is my last "work" day. I'm here till about 1:30/2, home for a quick nap, then maybe a quick run, then down to my sister's to meet her for the drive to my home town. My cousin graduates from high school tonight and tomorrow is her grad party and I haven't been home since Christmas, so it's probably about time I get home. My grandma's miss me.

Anyway, this week has been crazy and still no time to update the blog. I really need to get back on this! Monday I worked at B&N, Tuesday I was off and vegged and tried to get stuff done at home and then Wednesday was my last night at B&N and at 7:40 that night the power went out and didn't come back on till about 8:50, by that time it wasn't worth trying to reopen as it takes too long to get things back online, so we cleaned a bit and then were sent home around 9:40...nice. Instead of going home and to bed though, a co-worker and I went to have a beer and got sucked into a trivia game (that we kicked butt first round on, but sucked the next 3!). It was midnight before I got home which was bad because Thursday night the same co-worker and I were planning to see Pirates 3, at World's End at the 9:00 showing which we knew would end up being later. He doesn't work till late today, but I had to work early so it's a rough day so far, but oh well. The movie was quite good. I definitely enjoyed it. Lots of funny scenes and who can not want to stare at Mr. Depp for 2 1/2 hours (OK, maybe some guys don't, but come on ladies, even in dreads and messed up teeth he looks good!), as kind of a joke, my friend even brought me a belated birthday present, a Jack Sparrow pillow case (mainly cause I had talked about dressing up for the movie, glad I didn't, no one in our theater was dressed up), so now Johnny is always in my bed...nice huh? After the movie, which got out around midnight, my friend and I were chatting, I was giving him advice on a woman he is into, but the big problem no matter what though is he is moving to Florida next Friday, so why he wants to get involved I don't know, but hey, to each their own right? She supposedly wants to come visit, but he's not sure if it's as more then friends or just a friend thing...I gave him my best thoughts, not knowing her, and we did leave with hopes that we'll meet up one more time before he heads out next Friday, but if not, hopefully I'll get out to visit him.
It's kind of funny as while he's a friend, at one point I felt something more for him, and there was a brief time where, if not for mixed signals and hurt and anger and all kinds of weird stuff, we might have been more, we did go out a couple of times, but I just think the timing was never right and we both figured out it wasn't going to happen and have just managed to be good friends. It's weird how things like that can happen. I can't exactly call him an ex, but of people I have been out with and/or had feelings for in that way, I think he's the only one that's still a friend. And that I can hang out with and actually joke about our past and not think anything of it. It's going to be sad to see him leave town and not be able to hang out on occasion after work. But life changes, we move on, and I'm no longer part of B&N and after Wednesday he won't be either...well, he will be, he's transferring stores for a time at least, but you know...all the changes, cycles and what not that we go through in life. The people that come and go, the ones that stay, the ones that are remembered fondly, and not so fondly...they all make us who we are though right? All this waxing nostalgic as I'm preparing to make my next big jump, and watching my cousin make her next big's just so weird.


Firefly's Running said...

Have fun this weekend.

Kurt said...

Change can be good and after all the fun the past two years I hope the change really works better for you.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Nicole said...

Good luck in the next chapter of your life.