Friday, May 11, 2007

Results are in...

And it is good!

So, officially I'm giving notice at B&N during my shift on Sunday. I'm hoping the next schedule isn't up before then as I want to tell them I will just work out the schedule that is up and that will be it. I haven't asked for it off yet, but I need Friday and Saturday of Memorial weekend off for a cousin's graduation party anway. My thought is if you can't have schedules up with more advance notice, then too bad...I guess that would be kind of burning bridges, but some of the treatment I have been given there, I just don't feel like it's worth it anyway. I might go see if I can find a job at one of the running stores a few hours a month though, just for fun.

Anyway, I spent all Wednesday night feeling anxious, waiting for Thursday and the call. I went and saw a movie with my roommate and then had a bite to eat, then tried to go home and wasn't happening. I was at work till about noon, but I had a mattress being delivered and I had to go home to meet them and decided to take the afternoon off as well. I went down to Calhoun and tried to relax, but just had that anxious feeling all day. Around 3 my recruiter called and asked if I had heard anything yet and I told her my freak out, but she assured me an offer was coming. Then I went and bought some flowers to plant in my planters, stopped and bought a bottle of wine for my mom for mother's day and then finally on my way home I had the call...and when she told me the offer they were making me, I had to repeat it myself and have her repeat so I knew I was hearing right. There is an overnight package coming today or tomorrow for me to look over benefits and everything and I asked to have till Monday, but I honestly don't need that. I'm trying to negotiate a little more vacation time, but beyond that, even if they say no, I wouldn't turn it down. The offer is just too good. For one, I would actually be in a position with more clout/power. I won't be requested to bring files to people, to deal with all kinds of things that are tedious and something I wouldn't even need the college education for. There is a chance for some travel to other offices to give some training to people on things. And there are offices in cool places (Shanghai, UK). The company is smaller, but owned by a larger company trying to grow them. My hours are going to be going back to what I liked (the early leave time of 4 or so) and the commute is no further than where I currently am, although can be worse if weather conditions are bad cause not as many backroads (but I can learn the few that are there). There aren't as many things around for running errands and one of my best friends doesn't work there, and I do really like my current boss and hate leaving him, but still...the offer...and the options...too good to pass up. When I had my thought of what they would offer, and that would be enough to quit B&N easily, that was good. I thought a little above that would be nice, then I thought, wow, this figure would be awesome (this was Wednesday before trying to sleep) and then they came back above the last figure...can't really pass that up can I? Not when all other things are coming back higher too.

OK, now the big tricky part. Quitting B&N will not be a big deal to me. But quitting my real job, that's going to be hard. I'm giving notice on Monday, as soon as I sign and fax the acceptance offer...but how do I do that...I feel bad about it. I know, I know, I shouldn't...but I do...


JustRun said...

Congratulations! That's really great.

Resignations are tough, but just write the letter first and then you'll know what you're going to say when you tell your boss. Keep it simple.

Kurt said...

Congrats DG!

Now the hard part is to remember it is just work and it is a business transaction. They make try to counter but I recommend not to do that. Never works in the long term.

Just a short 2 liner, I am resigning on such and such day. Keep it short, professional and whatever you do, don't complain about what was wrong etc. Just let them know that you had a situation come up that was more appropriate for you and your skill sets.

Good luck, let me know how it goes.

Oh does this mean you are taking trips now?

Firefly's Running said...

Keep it professional. Thank them for your time at the present job. End it on a positive note. I really looked forward to writing mine that I was able to write it in 5 minutes.

CONGRADS! We HAVE to celebrate when Josh and I are in town next Friday.