Monday, May 21, 2007

Life Changes

I should've done an update, or at least some insights last Thursday, but oh well. I celebrated another year of life last week. Hence, being away from updating for a bit as I was off enjoying the nice weather we had. Love being off work. And now the countdown is continuing. My official last day is set for May 29th. I have my exit interview at 11 am that day and most likely will say goodbyes to people and leave sometime around lunch that day then. It will be a sad and happy day. I'm happy to get away from some of the duties I have, but I'll be sad to be leaving the people I have worked with. I'll get more to that in a later blog.

On Wednesday I had wanted to go see a band that I like play, but unfortunately no one really was game to go, so instead I stayed in, chatted online to a few people, talked to a friend on the phone that was a little bummed he couldn't be with me on Thursday, he had said if he wasn't out of the country (trip to Ireland, although work related, he was still in Ireland so hey...) he would've taken me out and made it special in some way, but alas, he was gone but that was OK. Instead I went out for a beer, and rang in midnight, had one and then went home. On the way I found I had a voicemail from my friend, he wasn't quite in Irleand yet, so he called to wish me a happy birthday. I got home and had a slice of the cake that my boss had bought for me on Wednesday for us to all share at work, put a candle on it and made a wish for the next year of my life. Then I got off the phone with my friend and went to read a bit before going to bed when a couple of txts came in as well wishing me a happy day. I had a couple more txts when I woke up and then of course the roses. I did a few things then went for a nice 10 miler on Thursday, came home, grabbed stuff and went to my "happy place" at Lake Calhoun. My roommate joined me and we relaxed in the sun. Then I went and did a bit of shopping and found these shoes I just had to have...then I met my roommate for dinner at my favorite restaurant where I had good food and wine then we went for a drink at our hang out where another friend joined us. Just low key and nothing big.

Friday I relaxed more, had lunch with my parents and aunt and uncle, I relaxed more of the afternoon with a nap, then a group of us got together to go out. We went to some outdoor places, then found our local hangout closed due to a power outage, so we went to another place, then to watch a band play. It was a late night but fun, although I had a few weird things go on and remember, C, the bad for me guy...well, he's now totally out of the picture due to a conversation he had with my sister (found out from her one evening he had actually tried to take her home with him...and he knows she's my sister...the guy is a loser, yes, I know, I realize and it's done as he's also a child...really long story!) and then with me where I pointed out she was right to a degree and he just became and ass...but whatever. Moving on...Saturday dawned nice weather again, ended up down at Calhoun again then a nap after Dariy Queen with my roommate...Kit Kat Blizzard rocks!! Met up with a friend after a while on Saturday and went to a bar where we know the bartender and he got me feeling good with a few drinks he concocted...yummy though! I was much more tipsy on Saturday than I intended and realized I think I kind of miss the friend in Ireland so sent him a txt saying that...

Sunday I just vegged. I should've cleaned, but I really didn't...didn't do much of anything. Oh well...I work tonight, but tomorrow I will be cleaning!! I really need to!


Kurt said...

Well that sucks that C did that with your sister. That is just low.

Happy belated B day by the way.

Hope your not sore from the tat!

Firefly's Running said...

OMG! What an ass! Go for you for giving him the heave-ho!