Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Change is Good?

Change is what keeps us moving forward. Change is what brings us to a new level in anything and everything we do. If we stay where we are, if we don't explore new opportunities, if we don't try new things, change will not happen and we will become stagnant. Be that in fitness, a career or anything in life. You have to push the boundaries or you won't find out what you can truly become right?

Well, I gave my notice, all went well with that, which I knew it would. My boss is great. I'm really going to miss him and I told him that. He told the other two attorney's I work with and I told my co-workers and my official last day is June 1, although I technically most likely will be done on May 25th, I'm taking vacation just to push out my benefits and such since I won't have the new ones start for 30 days from my hire date, which really isn't a big deal anyway since I have all my doctors appointments and such lined up to be done before I leave here anyway. We went to lunch for someone's birthday after I had told everyone. We sat, and we talked and we had a nice lunch and I thought "wow, I'm going to miss all this." There were discussions of the move (we are supposed to move floors in the building), upcoming events, etc, and I felt a little sad knowing I'm not going to be part of them. It was nice at lunch, it was comfortable, and when I came to that word, I realized, you know, this is why it's good I'm moving. Comfort is a nice thing. Comfort is something we need sometimes, but if you want to test yourself, you need to get out of your comfort level. It's been a long time since I've left a job that I really honestly like and enjoy and have not been really hard core looking for something else cause I hated it. I am not miserable here like some jobs in the past. I don't dread getting up and going to work (yes, I don't like getting up cause I'm tired, but that is the only reason I don't want to get up), sure some tasks are better than others, but for the most part, I have only a few complaints about things here. I love the location, I love my breakfast of eggbeaters and toast every morning, I love the people I work with, I love that one of my best friends in the world works only 3 floors above me and I can stop and say hi whenever I want (not that I do that often, but it's nice to know she's there)...but with all that comfort, it has really shown me that yes, it is time to move on. I'm not just in a job, I'm working on a career and it's time to push the boundaries. It's time for a change and that change is coming. I had an email from my soon to be boss in response to my email that I was accepting the offer. He asked if the salary was something to make me happy as he had really pushed for it...that makes me quite excited cause if he worked hard to get me something to get me there, that means if I work hard, I would imagine he'll work hard to get me raises to keep me there...he did say that the company rewards star employees...so I need to focus and become a "start employee"...this is my career after all!

So to commemorate the change, today I finally get my tattoo. I mentioned it yesterday. It's something I've wanted for a really long time. Considering I've had the design for about 2-3 years now (my art on my body) I don't know what prompted me to finally push to get it, but I found the artist, and I had a goal of having it before my birthday. The design is of a dolphin, because they are my favorite animal, I have swam with them twice, once when in Cancun and I paid for it, beautiful experience, but then in Hawaii I was able to swim from shore and just snorkel in and amongst a wild dolphin pod...it was a fantastic experience. I also am incorporating the Chinese symbol for Taurus into the design as it's my horoscope sign and I do feel it really does describe me. The artist I'm having do it specializes in wildlife art and also is an oil painter, a friend recommended him so today at 5 I will be meeting with Tony at Serious Ink and finally getting the work. My poor parents, I'm the last of their children not to have one...a friend is coming with me and I have my camera with, so I plan to post pictures tomorrow. Wish me luck. I'm a bit nervous!


JustRun said...

That's cool about the changes! I agree, comfort is not always good! Way to push yourself.

Also, good luck with the tattoo. All I can say is it will hurt for about the first 5 minutes and then, it's better. More annoying than pain, I'd say.

Firefly's Running said...

Lots of pictures! Lots of pictures! Can not wait to see the end result.

Kurt said...

You should have got a sloth or a slow moving turtle in memory of me.

The change will be good, yes you will miss some of what you had but think of all the great stuff coming up with the new position.