Tuesday, July 03, 2007

4th of July

Well a few minutes to kill before I head out for the day. I’ve got some thoughts I was going to post about, but not sure I have the time to get into them right now so I guess I’ll just share a few basics for catch up purposes. The weekend was good, but quite busy. Friday night I went to the band shell for the music. It was good and quite enjoyable to sit outside on the lawn and just listen and chat. We got Sebastien Joe’s ice cream after for a snack and then I went to my “friend’s” and crashed, although I was unable to sleep, feel really bad for him on that since he had to be up early and work the next day, I just had to hang out. I spent Saturday morning at a Triathlon though, sprint tri, and it was quite enjoyable. My friend and a person who contract’s through is studio were doing the massages for those at the end of the race and I spent the morning signing people up and keeping things moving. It was nice to chat with athletes and watch the race. I even figured I could’ve probably handled doing that one pretty easily. (no, no thoughts on doing a tri!) After we were done, my “friend” and I went for lunch and then a long nap at his place. Ended up watching a movie and then I headed home to clean up and head out to watch a band play with some co-workers. It was an enjoyable night and I made a pinky swear with someone for studying for and taking the GMAT this summer…we’ll see if that holds up! Sunday I cooked ribs…I slow cooked them…they were so good…my “friend” was over to eat them as well and we ended up renting the British version of The Office and watching some of that before crashing early.

For this week, I’m heading to my “friend’s” place tonight to maybe see a movie and go out for drinks, tomorrow evening we plan to watch the fireworks from his place, we are going up on the roof of the building to watch them, it’s a 4th story of a building in downtown Minneapolis and should give us a nice view of the ones over the river so that should be a nice evening. Other than that, just hanging out and who knows what tomorrow. Everyone have a fun and safe 4th of July and I’ll hopefully get some pictures from the 4th and also from the tri last weekend up later this week.


Firefly's Running said...

Enjoy your 4th of July.

Nat said...

Hope you have a great 4th - sounds like you have some fun plans!

JustRun said...

Happy [belated] 4th!

Kurt said...

Hmm, you wild critter you! Hope you had a good time and enjoyed the fireworks!

I need to know your race schedule for the fall when you get it. Going to be traveling some this fall.