Friday, June 29, 2007

The Week in Recap

I have been meaning to and trying to update this all week, but didn’t have the pictures wanted to include them in the first post…so hence, a wait, but they might be worth it!

Last Friday I was down at the 3rd (well 4th if you could the time trial that had happened that morning) stage of the Nature Valley race series. Big bike race around the mid-Western region of Minnesota. It started with a speed trial in downtown St. Paul last Wednesday, a road race in Canon Falls on Thursday, time trial and then speed race in downtown Minneapolis on Friday night, another road race on Saturday in Mankato and finishing with I think another speed race on Sunday in Stillwater. I saw the race on Wednesday night and then went with a couple of friends to the race on Friday night. It was quite cool seeing the bikes going through (top speeds of 39 mph) on the roads of downtown Minneapolis. The team my friend works with were there and I managed to get this cool picture, totally on a fluke, of one of the members of his team (I just put my camera out and snapped a picture, had no idea who or what it might take a picture of). The other picture is getting into some of the last few laps of the race and while the bikers were more toward the far side of the lane for most of it, this last part they spread out and we could’ve almost touched some of them! After the race we headed (myself and my two friends) to our local hangout and had a few drinks. Then it was home as we were all kind of exhausted after long days.

Saturday I got up and actually went for a long run. In fact the run was 13.25 miles in length…longest I’ve done in quite some time and it felt good. I averaged a 9:21 pace which wasn’t bad considering it was a bit warmer out by the end of it (I didn’t get running till 11). My parents were in town and I met up with them for a drink at my uncle’s legion for a street dance and fireworks later that evening and then called it an early night.

My plan on Sunday was the Pride parade and then a work happy hour/meet and greet of the international sales team and then the end of the race series party my friend was having, which was convenient since all events were in downtown Minneapolis. Unfortunately last minute had back outs of people going to the parade so I didn’t make it to that, instead I had a run, did some cleaning and just relaxed for part of the afternoon at Lake Calhoun before going home, getting cleaned up and heading to Brit’s for the party. It was nice to get to meet some of the people there, and we ended up doing some Lawn Bowling and then I said I was going to the party and others wanted to join me, so we walked over and had some beer. It was a nice night, but I was again quite exhausted so ended up home in bed by 1.

This week so far my running is way off. I had 42 miles last week but this week I’m only at 15 and it’s Friday. I’m planning between 6 and 8 tonight, but don’t know when or if I’ll get a run in the rest of the weekend as it’s kind of packed. I’m meeting a friend at my place after she’s done with work and going to Lake Harriet band shell for music tonight, then it’s another friends birthday so I’ll probably meet her for a drink, my “friend” is meeting us maybe at the band shell and then I’ll be crashing at his place tonight as he sponsor’s a triathlon every year and goes down and does massage at it and asked me if I wanted to come along. I’ll be there helping get people signed up for massage etc…this will go to early afternoon I’m sure, then maybe a nap by Calhoun and/or stopping to see some friends since we are up close to their place for the tri…tomorrow night the people still in town for the meeting are planning an outing to see a band play and I said I’d be joining them, so most likely I’ll be heading out for that and maybe staying at my sister’s place if I opt to have a few drinks…we’ll see how tired I am though! Sunday I think I need to relax! I might grill up some ribs and hopefully will find time for a run then, since tomorrow I might not get one. It was kind of nice this week though, on Wednesday I was downtown to see a band play and met up with my “friend” there and then he and I went for a run. I haven’t run with someone in so long and it was kind of fun doing that again. And I have never really run with someone that I’m actually dating…so that was even more fun actually. We’ll see how things continue to play out.

Still no buyer’s for my condo. There is a good and bad to that. On the good, I have more money to throw at bills and things for right now (but maybe I should be saving up for more toward a downpayment), and there are plenty of things on the market I like and would consider buying, so hopefully it stays that way, mine sells (I’d love it if I could have a sale to close maybe October, move end of October/early November, but you can’t ever guarantee something like that). I know it will eventually sell, and I’m sure I’ll find something I deem perfect for me at the time, but the unknown is kind of a pain. I’d almost take it off the market and just stay where I am, but I just have so many “wants” that I need more space for (like my exercise room, I’ve determined I’m buying some bowflex changeable weights ones I have space to have that kind of stuff)!


Firefly's Running said...

Have a good time this weekend, Dani.

Kurt said...

DG, loved the pics. You look so good and relaxed!

The condo will sell, just be patient.

JustRun said...

Phew! what a week!
I hear ya on the house selling stuff. No good timing in this market right now, I'm afraid. But people keep telling me "it will happen at the right time." I guess I should believe them as I really don't have any other choice. Not that my house is on the market, but it could be. :)