Monday, July 23, 2007

Twins Win!

I’m not a big fan of baseball, but my mom is, and she loves her Twins and through my work we have sets, so I was able to get 4 tickets and use them for the game on Saturday night. My dad hadn’t been to a Twins game since the old Met Stadium (for those not from MN that’s where the Mall of America, which most have heard of, now stands) so it’s been a long time. It also seemed to be about the time for L to meet my parents. He’s been in the picture a while, he’s becoming more and more important in my life and I thought, well, let’s make that step. It seemed to have gone well. Dad asked him when he was coming to my home town, so we’ll have to make a trip at some point. Not for a bit yet though, lots of family things over the next couple of weekends. Here are how good the seats were and a few neat shots I got.

I just found the Sepia setting on my camera...this turned out quite cool.

Home run for Tori.

Our side arm pitcher...quite interesting to watch!

With a tie of 2/2, and a count of 3/2 (only 1 out) Mauer hits an in field home run at the bottom of the 8th with 2 runners on.

And the Twins win!

Rest of the weekend wasn’t too bad. I ran 17 miles on Saturday morning and another 4 on Sunday I managed 40 miles for the week. I’d like to maintain that for the next few weeks (except maybe lighter next week if I run the half I’m considering) and just see where I get to. I maybe got a bit spoiled on that last long run, due to a miscommunication on Friday night (that was thankfully resolved well) L didn’t help me with the long run on Saturday and I missed having someone to look forward to seeing every few miles (not to mention someone with an icy bottle of water and some Powerade) and he told me he was actually bummed about it too as he had a lot of fun helping me on my run last time, so next one will hopefully be with aid! Sunday I had to drop L at the airport kind of early as he is out east for a bike race this week that the team he works for is participating in, he comes back on Monday and I should also be able to pick him up. Sunday I got to catch up with a friend though, and that was nice. We hadn’t see each other in about 2 ½ months I think and she’s been through some stuff and seems like things are coming around and she’s finding herself, which is awesome. I like to see my friends getting to happier places and figuring out their lives and things they need to help them get happy.

Looks like some steamy times coming up, but that’s fine…I can still run, even when it’s 90 degrees and 70% humidity (yes, these are the tropics!) I just might be getting up earlier this week and running before work…


JustRun said...

Nice! Nothing like a summer baseball game.

Good job on the 17 and all the mileage in general! Are you starting to feel better on the runs? I think I MIGHT be pulling out of my slump.

Firefly's Running said...

You are making SO homesick with those inside Metrodome shots. I am glad that things worked out with "the meeting".

Dori said...

I finally went to a Twins game--first time in 16 years of living here! Was hoping to see Tori make a spectacular catch, but he got injured and was taken out of the game. Twins lost. :-(

Kurt said...

The twins suck. No they bite also.

Go Mariners!