Thursday, November 08, 2007

Running and Eventually Swimming!

Another day, another chiro visit and another run. Hopefully I can keep the rants to a minimum now…I have a few things I could comment on, but will try to not say anything if I can’t say anything nice!! One of my friends I mentioned in the post yesterday was very concerned that I thought she was ignoring me and I hope I’ve reassured her that that is definitely not the case. She has a very busy schedule and a lot going on in her own life and we’ve been there for each other as much as we can and I know if I really needed it, she’d be there, but the unfortunate thing is money and time are not on her side to be able to get together that often…which is too bad as I know she needs to get out more herself.

Yesterday it was dark and cold by the time I got done at the chiro so I chose to run at the gym. My plan was speedwork…nothing major, just a couple of faster mile runs with a recovery in between…I had run off a tentative training schedule for the Breast Cancer Marathon in Jacksonville, FL in February and am tentatively following it (I put it together off Runner’s World’s training program) but made some adjustments since the time I put in is much faster than I plan to run this one in. Anyway, I decided the miles at 8:30 pace would be good and I used the indoor track and managed to do a mile warm up, 1 mile at 8:20, a recovery half around 4:30 and then a second mile at 8:16 with a recovery again around 4:30 and decided to do one more fast half, 3:50 and finish with an easy 4:30 half…Total run for 5 miles was 43: and some odd seconds so not too bad. Fastest I’ve done in a really long time and it felt fine. I think I’m still a little tight on one side though and forgot to do some of my exercises this morning. Wanted to get to work…I can do the upper ones but kind of hard to do the others at work. I plan to either lightly run or elliptical train tonight after drinks with friends for a birthday celebration…then to bed since I just didn’t get enough sleep last night for whatever reason. I couldn’t sleep, woke up too early this morning.

One other thing I decided though is even though a tri next year is probably out, there is no reason why I can’t get my butt into the pool since it would be a good cross training for me. So this weekend I intend on getting out to Dick’s or someplace to get some goggles…and I’m looking into a new swim suit, a nice lap swim one…was looking for clearance Speedo online but if anyone has any recommendations on other suits I’m open to listening. I just figure Speedo since it’s a name I know and I found a few for under $50 shipped which isn’t too bad. I have a couple of suits I can use till I get the new one too. Only problem I’m running into is sizing…32, 34, 36…is that waist hips or bust? Couldn’t find anything to explain and I’m used to small, medium, large!!

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Anonymous said...

Go speedy go. good luck with training. I considered doing the breast cancer marathon - it just couldn't fit into my schedule. So best of luck