Monday, July 07, 2008

4th of July

Well, here is another week come and gone and very little blogging. I don’t know what’s wrong with me other than just not having the energy after a long day of work, workouts and what not to sit down and actually type something up. I’m also very, very far behind on people’s blogs…I think so as not to overwhelm myself, I might need to just start doing a read two people’s a night kind of thing and keep it at that…and get back to the doing the blog in the morning and pasting it at night when I can get online…I really hate that I can’t read them anymore during the work day!! I’m sorry, but is there anything wrong with taking a break and/or using my lunch (considering by law I’m technically allowed 2 15 minutes and a half!!) to read about my friends from around the country? It’s not like I’m surfing porn or something!!

Anyway, I think my last post was after my running group last Tuesday…the rest of the week went something like this:

Nothing much. Trip to Trader Joe’s, which I love, and then relaxing that evening. I had worked out in the morning and it was a rest day from running.

Confusion could describe this one. It was warm but not too bad…I was doing the run in the evening and planned 7 miles with 5 at tempo. That meant, for tonight, 7:55 pace. Well the overall run was 7:55 pace. I started with a warmup of around 9 minutes and then the first tempo mile was 7:30 or so. A bit fast and during it I decided I wanted to do cruise intervals instead…then realized during the second mile, which would’ve been recovery for cruise intervals, that that was a copout and I should stick to the plan, so I picked it up and salvaged it a bit at 8:34 or so, not great if it was tempo mind you, but alright, next 3 miles were something like 7:33, 7:30 and I know last was 7:20…well, a bit better than the 7:55 so I guess I’m short changing on the tempos right now. Might need to rethink that!! After the run I cooked up my lasagna and had dinner and then was vegging and ready to go to sleep but roused myself and headed to my fav bar since I hadn’t been there and seen some friends in forever…caught up with them and had a nice evening.

Ended up having one more beer than planned on Thursday so crashed at a friends instead of going home and ended up with a later start than planned due to a stop for coffee and a few errands on the way home, but that was OK. I got home, ran 5 miles (in anticipation of trying for a 3 in 24 to practice for my upcoming relay) and then got myself ready and headed to a friends parents for 4th of July fun. Got there and an hour later we were on the pontoon on a small lake, cruising and swimming. There was another girl that is a marathon runner so we had good conversation and before we knew it, it was time to go back and have food…good grill out and chips and fun stuff and then we sat on the dock while others were on the pontoon…they came back, some left and the few of us remaining ended up going back on the lake to watch fireworks around the city. Nice evening and I was home at a reasonable hour, but was so tired I opted to sleep in and run later the next day.

We had the most perfect day too. 80 degrees, sun, very low humidity and no wind…we don’t get many of those in MN at all, and even less of them during the 4th (usually too hot or too cold) so it was awesome to have for once.

Skipped morning run and started around 11…not a great idea since I was running during more heat and humidity than I’ve been exposed to so far this year. I ran 12, figuring I could quit a bit earlier if I needed to but toughed it out. There was walking…I didn’t bring water (I know, dumb) or my electrolyte tablets but I managed to struggle through at a 9 minute pace…all things considered I guess I should be happy with that. Had a lazy day and relaxed after that, got nothing done I had wanted to, but oh well…ran another 3 later that evening and called it a day (this was the real plan to get the 3 in 24, the 1 pm finish, 7:45 pm start and then a Sunday morning run). Watched some TV and went to bed.

Got up and did a quick 4 miler, wore my Garmin and ended up with an 8:40 pace which isn’t bad considering I did 12 and 3 the day before…I guess I’m OK for the relay.
Later in the day met with a friend to go to a Shakespeare show at a local British Pub that was fun. I had the time off though, it was at 6 pm the last 2 Sundays and then yesterday and next week it’s at 3:30 for another thing going on that day too. So we were there early and ended up going to do mini golf that is at the city modern art museum and sculpture garden. The famous Cherry on the Spoon is housed here so I had to finally snap a pic of it on our way back for the Shakespeare thing.

Over burgers and chips (fries, we were at a British pub remember) and a srongbow cider for me and stella for my friend, we watched Shakespeare’s work, all 37 plays, done in 97 minutes (abridged of course) by 3 men in tights…needless to say it was quite humerous. Started with Romeo and Juliet, then a very quick run through the comedies, basically calling them all the same, then the histories which were done as a football game and finally ending with Hamlet…the pub we were at has a lawn bowling area on the roof, and the play was done in a corner and people were set up on blankets to watch. This same pub does movies on Mondays in August (British themed of course) and all for free…it was definitely a fun time and I might end up going again next week with different friends. But since they improv some of it it’s bound to have different parts to it and be just as fun again.

So that’s the recap/week in review. I had other things I was contemplating writing on, but they will have to hold till another time. This is long enough as it is. Had 2 30 minute strength sessions last week, 2 bike rides (at the gym) and managed 43 miles…seeing my chiro today!!


teacherwoman said...

British Pub? Are you talking about Brits Pub in downtown MPLS?

Molly said...

You are a busy girl...lots of activities and workouts and some pub fun...hard to beat!
Take Care!

Runner Leana said...

That British pub sounds terrific. I wish we had something like that here. I'd be frustrated if our internet access was really restricted as well. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen anytime soon...!