Friday, July 18, 2008

Running, Weekends and Vacation

After a day to reflect…still not sure what the problem was yesterday (and last Thursday for that matter). I used to do all my hard workouts in the morning. I don’t know if it’s a matter of needing to be up earlier to be more awake, if it’s more humid and I’m not used to that right now (it has been a fairly mild summer so far and the humidity hasn’t been as up as it tends to be, but Tuesday I dealt with it and managed respectable times, although yeah, those do have quick water stops every 2 miles or so…)
My heel, still sore after, but I don’t think that actually is affecting my running. My right hamstring/glute is bothering and/or tight, but again, not something I think is the problem. 2 weeks ago I did this run in the afternoon, and it went really well. I don’t think the morning should be affecting it, but maybe it is. I had tentative plans today and last week too after work so had to do the morning thing. After next week, which is a recovery/race week so I’ll have less mileage and see if that makes a difference for the next week. I have one more week that’s technically “endurance” training anyway, and then I move into more speed work.
In the meantime, I should order and re-read and update myself on the diet I should be focusing on (based on a nutrition book I read a while back) and trying to get the crap out of my diet…that said I still managed to eat 2 cupcakes today (wish I was running this afternoon actually as I have tended to have good runs after cupcakes and/or cake!). My work is bad…we have treats once a month for the all company meeting. Sigh…this was the first cupcakes they had and they were good, although I have had better. Then lunch was provided for something else, but I ended up going to my standby meal of peanut butter sandwich (something I keep on hand) because they had subs and all the subs had mayo or a dressing of some sort and I don’t like mayo!! At all…it makes me sick!! Bad experience long ago and I avoid it now!
OK, I have to say, maybe the shoes are magic and if so I need to get more. I got my Danskos on Tuesday night (and wore them Wednesday) and my Chaco’s on Wednesday and wore them Thursday and today. I woke up last night and went to the bathroom and I didn’t seem to feel heel pain as much as I normally do when I get up and start walking (and no, unlike what I’ve heard about PF that it’s excruciating when you first start walking and it loosens up, mine pretty much stays the same all day, anytime I get up to walk). So I’m hopeful that wearing these and continuing icing regularly will help.
I wasn’t able to get up for my run this morning. Which I know I’m going to regret. I decided maybe I’ll go to the gym at lunch and strength train and then go home and run 4 miles vs the 6 I was planning and then maybe have a bike ride (or maybe I’ll keep from the bike ride since I am running 16 with my group tomorrow). I definitely need an early night tonight as I’m exhausted and didn’t want to get up this morning and I have a very full day tomorrow. Meeting the group for a 16 miler at 7 am, then heading straight to a friends to shower and prep for the day before going wedding dress shopping with her, her mom, sister and soon to be mother-in-law. She has an appointment at 11 am at one place not far from her and then plan is for lunch someplace fun and then to another shop for a 4:30 appointment, although that one I’ll be leaving early as I have tickets for the Twins tomorrow. Meeting up with a couple of friends and the friend I’m dress shopping with will be coming to the game too as soon as she’s done at the second shop. We'll be enjoying baseball, in good seats, mainly I’m there for the beer cause I’m not a big fan of baseball, but I’m going with people who all like it, which is why I got the tickets anyway, and I'm a fan of my Twins no matter what. Probably go out someplace after as well. And Sunday I have plans for a brunch and drinks with a friend on a patio…should be fun!!

At some point over this time I HAVE to get some packing done. I leave on Wednesday. I have to decide on transport to the airport…do I take Supershuttle, Cab or drive…and/or some combination of those…haven’t decided yet. But the packing is something that I am freaking that I haven’t done yet…I mean it’s a short trip, and I don’t care about re-wearing and/or wearing the shirt from the race that night or something, but do need the right running stuff…weather looks to be good for it though. Highs in 60s, lows in 50s…sun, although most of my running will be later and/or at night!! Getting excited about the relay.
And one more add on...OK...I ran after work, 6 miles, not that fast, was supposed to be recovery, but it was 8:35 pace...what's up with that?


Molly said...

Easy mor erunning on Thursdays!
I used to supervise volunteers and they always brought me food...and I felt like I HAD to eat food is a hard situatioon.
I am leaving on vaca Wednesday's to our safe travels!
Take Care

Anonymous said...

Busy girl! :) Take care of those little aches and pains. How about taking it a little easier this week - huh? ;) (Yea, I know, I'm one to talk.)

Looking forward to meeting you in real life!

Jean said...

My work is bad about sweets and treats, too. There is a big bowl of M&M's that are in the reception area, and the break room is always filled with cake, cookies, or bagels, so it seems...Temptation! :)

Good luck with your upcoming relay!