Friday, July 11, 2008

Shoes for PF

Oh what a week. TGIF!!

So, I saw my chiropractor twice this week (I had a lot of tension in my shoulders that I wasn’t even noticing) and she also adjusted my foot/ankle and I had some massage and ultrasound done on my left foot/heel. It’s still sore, seems more sore this week, but then last week I put it through a very rigorous workout in anticipation of my relay (my team officially starts 2 weeks from today although I won’t be starting for a few hours yet, being runner 12). I’m prepared, or as prepared as I’m going to be for it. I’m just looking forward to the fun of meeting a bunch of new people and getting this experience!! Anyway, my chiro did get on my case about the shoes I was wearing, and I said I like barefoot and she said my foot won’t heal without proper care. She told me I should get some Chaco sandals…although on looking, I didn’t find many that were work appropriate. They had the sport/casual sandals, but nothing for work, or the ones that they used to have for work related have been discontinued and/or are only available in not so great colors. I did find a pair on Amazon I could live with though and ordered them (the blue pair). Set to arrive next week. On my second visit to the chiro this week I mentioned ordering the one pair but that they didn’t have good work shoes, she then told me about Dansko brand which I looked at and found a number that I like…and ordered the brown pair with the buckle to start and have these two I’m considering (I really like the brown but since I have the other style ordered in brown, I SHOULD just order the black and call 3 new shoes in a supportive style good for now…do I really need to spending this money?? No…especially when there are other things I want too!! But then this is for my foot, which I need to have healthy right?).

This weeks running. Ran with my running group on Tuesday and did 7 miles at an 8:34 pace. Not stellar but OK. Legs have been feeling kind of tired this week, and not sure why. I’ve been good about building up mileage slowly, but Tuesday’s wasn’t great, heel hurt but I ran an easy 4 on Wednesday and then Thursday got up for a tempo run that didn’t go nearly as well as last week’s. Last week I hit 7:55 pace for the 7 miles when that was supposed to be pace for the tempo miles. This week I did 8, managed 8:20 pace and only a 7:58 (due to a very close 8:30 pace for the 1st tempo mile). It also felt really difficult. I’m not sure if it’s because it was a morning run (haven’t been doing this and it could be I was sluggish and not ready for it), my legs were tired from the later night run the night before, or if there was some other factor…I think my eating was OK from the night before and I’ve done 10-12 before a meal before with no problem. Anyway, it’s something to think about (mainly I did the morning run because we were due to have storms and it was going to be warm and sticky last night, which it was, we had storms come through that had alarms going off in the building and we were supposed to go to sheltered areas, I was on a phone call that I couldn’t end because I needed some answers, a tree ended up going over on a couple of cars in the parking lot even, thankfully mine was not in that lot, it’s the executive/visitor’s lot). This morning I got up and did an easy paced 6 and will do the gym (strength and maybe bike) this afternoon due to more potential storms tonight. Tomorrow is a 14 or so miler with my running group. I have to be up early for it, but oh well. No real plans for the weekend which is good. I had almost forgotten a friend is on layover here for about an hour and a half tomorrow afternoon so I’m heading out to the airport to see him (have a few errands I can run around the area anyway so works nice) and have a coffee or something before he continues on. Then not sure about the rest of the day. I might keep the miles lower, even though I wanted to maintain same as last week (43) or more for this week…guess heel will dictate that. OK, the new shoes have to come soon!!


Anonymous said...

I love danskos. Hope your heel is doing better.

Jean said...

We had a couple of wild storms this week, didn't we? Glad to hear you didn't have anything damage your car. We had some trees down up here, too.

Continued success with your training!

Firefly's Running said...

I agree that the shoes make a huge difference. No more barefoot for me.

Molly said...

For fancy shoes (heels) I only wear Sofft shoes...they are great!
Hope that your heel continues to get better and that you are having a great weekend!
Take Care

JustRun said...

I have a pair of Choco flip flops that are just about the only pair of flip flops I can wear anymore. Sad, due to my ridiculous love of flip flops, but good because they're not flat! Which is a person with PF's dream, right? :)
Hope yours continues to improve.

Anonymous said...

Hope the shoes help! You're right - you have to spend money on some good shoes to help the foot heal!

Sounds like you've been running a lot. No wonder you've been feeling tired! Make sure you taper before the relay! :)

See you soon!

Runner Leana said...

Good luck with the new shoes! We put a lot of importance on getting the right running shoe, but really the shoes we wear all day have a pretty big impact as well. You definitely made the right decision to get some new shoes, and hopefully they do the trick!