Thursday, July 31, 2008

I HATE Tempo Runs

Another sucky one bites the dust...this one was total crap though. Even worse than any of the previous two weeks (last week I didn't do one due to the relay, but if you recall the two previous ones were not nearly what I had wanted, although the one before that was perfect, difference, last 3 were in the morning the other was in the afternoon). Today was not even a single mile under 8 minutes...and I wanted at least 5 at 7:30...I did it last weekend at the race...what is wrong with me? OK, morning is different, and no, I don't eat before I go out, BUT, I'm used to going up to even 12 miles without breakfast...what's wrong now? I did the relay, but mileage last week was only in the 20s. This week on Tuesday (I didn't run Sunday or Monday being tired from the trip) the group ran hills at Hyland Park and it was hot and humid and a tough workout, 7.65 miles at right around 8:30 pace...I ran last night 6.35 miles (I can't have odd miles on my log!) easy and then this morning the 9 was a second per mile slower than last nights...I was all over the board and had to walk. My legs feel like jelly and I'm exhausted feeling...still....this is hours after that run. (stupid computer restarted on me before I got this posted) I was at a movie (The Dark Night Rocks!!) and ran out to my car for something and my legs didn't want to cooperate...easy run tomorrow might have to wait.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the trip may have taken more of a toll on you than you thought. Maybe a little rest is due before you hit it hard again. Hope you recover soon!

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Tough workouts like that will help you this October.  Good job for doing the hard work!