Thursday, May 18, 2006

Happy Belated B-day

Not a great week runningwise…this kind of sucks, but oh well. I’ll deal with it, I’m down to 4 weeks out come Sunday, not end of the world to not get the workouts in that I would’ve liked this week, I can work a bit hard yet next week and then be ready for the taper.

Yesterday was one of those days…I had a really great weight day, although all that I ate yesterday caught up to me and I was up a bit today (and yes, I realize I shouldn't weigh everyday, but there have been as many goods as bads), but still safely below 135 which was a stepping stone for so long, still would love to safely be below 130 and hold there, but I’m sitting at least at my college weight right now (having graduated 6 years ago) so that’s good. I had wanted to run 13 miles, intervals of 1 mile with half mile recovery, but there was just no time in the morning as I had company that was trying to convince me sleeping in is a good thing. I finally said nope, you can sleep, I'm going's hard to explain to non-runners that running is better than pretty much everything else that can be suggested doing!! I had had a few drinks at midnight and got a ride home, so I ran to get my car. I was offered a ride to it, and had to explain that I don’t care that my car is 5 miles from me, I WANT to run and get it, literally…so I did…And had finally, finally, finally a nice run this week. Monday I started out on 12 tempo miles and the sugar I had eaten made me feel like crap and paces were off, and the hamstring was so tight I was worried I might be hurting myself continuing, so I cut it at 6.25 and a pace of about 8:45. Tuesday I got up for a run and made 5.75 miles as recovery, but it still was sore. Yesterday I started and it was only tight for a little bit, I managed to turn the 5 miles into 6 and temp ran at 8:15 pace, this was nice. Then I was going to go for a second run, but didn’t quite get that in before I was needed to go out to dinner…and even though I was out till midnight celebrating (I was told I look like Keri Russell of Felicity fame last night and apparently that has been said before, I just hadn’t ever heard it before, but hey, it was a nice compliment, guys think she’s hot) and then up at 5:30 to run, another 6 in the bag, 8:45 pace I think…not the best, but it could be worse. Haven’t eaten the best today and when tapering comes, I have a feeling weight is going to come…but tonight going to a friends for celebration number 2, grilling burgers, cupcakes from Byerly’s and then outlet shopping with a 2 ½ year old and 7 month old…this is called birth control!! My friends kids are sweet though…hope they are good tonight!! Tomorrow night I work (by choice as I switched so I could have Saturday off) and then Saturday will be celebration number 3…that sounds like a good amount of time to celebrate. I think after 30 you get more days cause it takes longer, you know more people, have to celebrate with them all right? And my sister is out of town so won’t celebrate with her till she gets back…so actually I think I get 2 ½ weeks this year!!

My present to myself, well, I’m getting myself an emerald ring as soon as I find one, but the big one was my entry to Marine Corp. I’m excited to get out there and see friends and run through DC in October…nothing like registration opening on the 17th…I knew it was fate that I was going to run that one when I saw that date!!


Kathy said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday to you!! ...tell me to shut up anytime...I really can't sing...I hope you had a wonderful day!

Running Rabbit said...

Hope you had a nice birthday!

Do you have to qualify for the Marine Corp Marathon?

Kurt said...

Hey DG, A most wonderful and happy b day to you. Your a great runner and an awesome person. You will do so well at the MCM!!

leslie said...

You will do so great at MCM. That is such a great present to yourself. Can't wait to read about your training.